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OUT OF OUR HEADS Why You Are Not Your Brain, and Other Lessons from the Biology of Consciousness ALVA NOE Wain and wang A division of Farrar, Straus and Giroux New York A divisior 8 West Distributed in Hill and W of Farrar, Straus and Giroux Sth Street, New York 1001 a Nod All rights reserved ada by Douglas & McIntyre Ltd the United States of America First edition, 2009 1d for permission to reprint the fllowing isco Varel’s translation of Antonio Machado's boem “Laying Down a Path in Walking,” originally published in Gata, A Way of Know William Irwin Thompson (Hudson, NY: Lindisfame Press, 1987), pp. 45-64. Reprinted by permission of Amy Cohen Varela and William Irwin Thompson. Library of Congress Catalo ISBN-13: 975-0-8000 ISBN-10: 0-5090-7465-6 » Publication Data Alva Ne 5.5 thardeover: alk. paper ardcover; alk. paper 1. Consciousness. 1. Title (QP411.N599 2000 Designed by Jonathan D. Lippincott -wonsefoghooks com To the memory of Susan L. Hurley I no more wrote than read that book which is the self am Delmore Schwartz,