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Multi Variable Calculus Project

Multi Variable Calculus Project

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Published by: samjshah on Apr 11, 2009
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End of Year Multivariable Calculus Project

INTRODUCTION: Your fourth quarter in Multivariable Calculus is going to be largely of your own making. Although we will be forging forward in the book – learning the final and important last chapter of our book – you will be individually be working on projects of your own design. Caveat: I know senioritis has taken hold of many, but I want to warn you that I don’t lower my expectations of seniors in the fourth quarter. Although you all have done quite well to this point, that history won’t prevent me from giving you the grades you earn. To be proactive about this, each of you will have to schedule a 10 minute meeting with me every Friday to show me the progress you have made on your topic. GOAL: The goal of this fourth quarter is for you to have fun! I want you to explore something you’re interested in – for this not to seem like work. I want you to know what it’s like to work on one focused mathematical idea for a long time. I want you to gain the sense of accomplishment that can come from dedication, and for you to recognize that you can produce something that is your own! IDEAS FOR YOUR PROJECT: I’ve listed a number of possible projects for you to work on, or to inspire you, here: http://multivariablecalculus.wordpress.com/4th-quarter-projects/ GRADE: Since your fourth quarter will not have any problem sets, your quarter grade will be based on daily homework (25%), focused and serious classroom engagement (15%), and your project. (60%). Your grade for your project will be based on two factors: (1) SELF EVALUATION : You will create a prospectus and rubric for your own project early in the quarter. This will be explained below. (2) MY EVALUATION: I will grade your project also. I cannot give you a rubric here, because each project will be different. However, in general, I will be looking for the following: • Is it clear that a minimum of 10-15 hours of hard work has been put into this project? • You followed the timeline and made progress each week. • Are you using proper mathematical terminology and clear explanations in your project? • Does this project force you to engage with the material we’ve learned in a deeper – or at least in a new – way?

TIMELINE: ________ Friday, April 17: You should have a prospectus for your project written up and handed in (minimum of 2 hours of work) ________ Friday, April 24: You should hand in your rubric and have completed an additional 2 hours of work (minimum) on your project ________ Friday, May 1: You should have completed an additional 2 hours of work (minimum) on your project ________ Friday, May 8: You should have completed an additional 2 hours of work (minimum) on your project ________ Friday, May 15: You should have completed an additional 2 hours of work (minimum) on your project ________ Monday, May 18: Your project – with your self-evaluation – is due at the beginning of class. PROSPECTUS & RUBRIC: Your prospectus is an initial, explicit, clear explanation of exactly (a) what your project is, (b) how you plan to accomplish it, (c) what the product of your project is (e.g. website, video, paper, teaching tool, computer program, poster, powerpoint presentation), and (d) your approximate timeline (what should be done in your project by when). Your prospectus should be at minimum of 1 page (single spaced, typed, 12pt font), but I anticipate for most of you, it will be longer. Advice: You should write the prospectus as if someone who is a little less capable than yourself is going to be reading it. Be explicit and clear, spelling everything out. You want to be extraordinarily detailed – err on the side of being more detailed than less detailed. Lastly, you should recognize that the prospectus is an initial plan. You might plan to, say, work on writing a paper (like our Kepler paper) which explains all four of Maxwell’s Equations. However, you might realize that you bit off more than you could chew, and can only write on two of them. That’s okay. The prospectus is simply to give you clear direction. Your rubric is a breakdown of how your grade should be calculated at the end of the project. When you complete the project, you should honestly evaluate your project based on the rubric you created. SELF-EVALUATION: Your self-evaluation consists of two things: (1) Your rubric, filled out by yourself. (2) A frank and honest write up with (a) one paragraph saying the what you got out of this project (if anything), and (b) one paragraph honestly explaining whether you think what you got out of the project was worth the effort you put into it or not. THIS IS FOR MY OWN EDIFICATION, SO BE HONEST. I WILL NOT FACTOR THIS INTO YOUR FINAL GRADE.

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