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Quick Start

Quick Start

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Published by Sathyan Chandran

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Published by: Sathyan Chandran on May 14, 2013
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HOW TO USE..................

WELCOME TO ARM KIT,INSTALL THE SOFTWARES GIVEN BELOW install philips flash utility install keiluve3 install Hjtag FOLLOW THe STEPS TO USE PHILIPS FLASH UTILITY 1 . Connect the ARM kit to UART0/ISP 2 . Open the Philips Flash Utility 3 . Enable Use DTR/RTS & Execute Code , Select Com Port, Baud rate - 960 0 , Timeout sec -2 4 . Click on READ DEVICE ID , If communication is Ok, Then you will get " Device ID Read Sucessfully" in Task Bar 5 . Then Open Example Program Blinky.hex From File Name 2 . Then Click on Upload to Flash 3 . Reset your board(refer to schematic) leds start blinking for 1 sec. ******************************************************************************** ***************************************************** NOTE IF U ARE GETTING ERROR MESSAGE WHILE USING KEIL - KEIL VERSION EXPIRED - CH ANGE THE YEAR TO 2007 FOR EVERY 3 MONTHS KEIL EVALUTION VERSION WILL EXPIRE - U CAN DOWNLOAD KEIL FR OM KEIL .COM

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