PrimaVision Lab One

pan and scroll . Knit module. 256 colour and Million colour 2. Assistant mode  Colour. Weave module and Yarn module and draping module 3.Prima Sketch 1. Sketch module.

122.122.htm .156/knit  Demos on PrimaVision can be found at http://158.156/knit/cad%20 notes.132.CAD for Fashion and Textiles  All teaching materials can be found at http://158.132.

Jimmy Lam Location:QT718 Tel:2766-6439  Assessments  Lab reports (Prima Vision)  Test/presentations  Projects .CAD for Fashion and Textiles  You can contact me at:     Name: Dr.polyu.

colour change . fill mode. move. Window definition 2. Copy. Drawing tools.Prima Sketch (II) 1. transform and repeat 3.

Make a colour combo with your design . Try three different module (knit/weave/sketch) 2.Exercise 1. transform 3. Draw any design and experiment with copy. Colour change with your design 4. repeat. move.

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