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SACE Vogtle Nuclear Loan Guarantee Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Litigation Correspondence

I. FOIA Timeline and Requests FOIA Timeline 3-25-10 FOIA Request to DOE 7-19-10 FOIA Request to DOE 11-10-10 FOIA Requests to DOE 2-9-11 FOIA Request to OMB 3-3-11 Revised FOIA Request to Treasury 4-27-2012 FOIA Request to DOE 5-31-2012 FOIA Request to OMB II. 3/25/2010 FOIA Request to DOE Application Documents o Summary o List of Application Documents Nuclear Application Criteria Environmental Critique GA Power Application Part 1 GA Power Application Part 2 MEAG Application Oglethorpe Application Oglethorpe Application Appendix A Oglethorpe Application Appendix C Oglethorpe Application Appendix F Credit Review Board Documents o Summary o List of CRB Documents GA Power Presentation GA Power Request for Loan Approval GA Power Attachments MEAG Presentation MEAG Request for Loan Approval MEAG Attachments Oglethorpe Presentation Oglethorpe Request for Loan Approval Oglethorpe Attachments CRB Meeting Minutes IER Executive Summary MPR Independent Engineer Rpt NERA Independent Market Expert Rpt GA Power Correspondence o Summary o Examples of Egregious Withholding Cestari 194-195 Frantz 7-9

Frantz 15-16 Whitcombe 288-291 Whitcombe 434-436 Whitcombe 540 Whitcombe 584-588 Whitcombe 743 Whitcombe 813-814 o All GA Power Correspondence Amended Release Barsy Correspondence Cestari Correspondence Cestari Correspondence Revised 140 Colyar Correspondence Davis Correspondence Frantz Correspondence Hulihan Correspondence Hulihan Correspondence Revised 39 Inter-agency Correspondence Kim Correspondence McMillen Correspondence OConnor Correspondence OMB Correspondence Popa Correspondence Reyes Correspondence Reyes Correspondence Revised 19-20 Reyes Correspondence Revised 103-104 Richardson Correspondence Richardson Correspondence Revised 67 Richardson Correspondence Revised 189 Richardson Correspondence 205-206 Richardson Correspondence Revised 281 Shin Correspondence Shin Correspondence Revised 27 Silver Correspondence Silver Correspondence Revised 10-11 Silver Correspondence Revised 112 Stucky Correspondence Trebules Correspondence Various Email Attachments1 Various Email Attachments2 Various Email Attachments3 Whitcombe Attachments Whitcombe Correspondence Whitcombe Correspondence Revised 50-56 Whitcombe Correspondence Revised 783-787 Whitcombe Correspondence Revised 812-813 Term Sheets o Summary

List of Term Sheets GA Power Term Sheet MEAG Term Sheet Oglethorpe Term Sheet Credit Subsidy Fee Summary Credit Subsidy Fee Letters o Credit Subsidy Fee Email: Ga Power o Credit Subsidy Fee: Ga Power o Credit Subsidy Fee: MEAG o Credit Subsidy Fee: Oglethorpe Whitcombe 813-814 Frantz 55-56 Litigation Partial Motion for Summary Judgment o SACE Motion o DOE Cross-Motion o SACE Response and Reply o DOE Reply Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment o DOE Motion o SACE Cross-Motion o DOE Response and Reply o SACE Reply o Statement of Material Facts Reply o Reply in Support of SACEs Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment March 2012 Decision and Order o Decision Requiring Release of Credit Subsidy Fee o Order Settlement Order and Dismissal

III. 11/10/2010 FOIA Request to DOE January 2011 Partial Response o Loan Guarantee Technical Evaluations Bell Bend Callaway Calvert Cliffs Comanche Peak Grand Gulf Lee Levy North Anna Nine Mile Point River Bend South Texas Project



Summer Victoria o Cover Note Tech Ranking Part 1 Part 2 o Evaluation Form o Latest Rankings o Loan Guarantee Applications o License Application Status o New Reactor Status and Benefits o Project Ranking Summary o Nuclear Book for Credit Review Board o Nuclear Power Credit Review Board Memo o Nuclear Power Project Fact Sheets NINA/CPS Dominion Unistar o Part II Summary Change Form o Projects o Ranking Sheet 1 o Technical Evaluation Outline o Technical Ratings o Technical Review December 2011 Partial Response o Change Tracking Sheet o Electricity Markets Overview o Evaluation Form o Fact Sheet o Note in Support o Press Release 100208 o Solicitation Criteria 1 o Solicitation Criteria 2 o Solicitation Criteria 3 o Technical Evaluation Part 1 May 2012 Partial Response o Frantz correspondence August 2012 Partial Response o Whitcombe correspondence January 2013 Partial Response McCrea Correspondence 3/11/2011 FOIA Request to DOE o Final Response 1/9/13 Enclosed Correspondence Documents 4/27/2012 FOIA Request to DOE o DOE Final Response October 2012 DOE Draft Open Issues List re: GPC July 2012 Draft Loan Guarantee Agreement GPC January 2012 o Administrative Appeal

Attachment A Attachment B Attachment C Attachment D Attachment E Attachment F Attachment G-1 Attachment G-2 Attachment G-3 Attachment H-1 Attachment H-2 o DOE Decision and Order o DOE Revised Response April 2013 MEAG Draft Loan Guarantee Agreement Oglethorpe Draft Loan Agreement Oglethorpe Open Issues List Georgia Power Draft Loan Guarantee Agreement Georgia Power Open Issues List (2) o Litigation Complaint VI. 5/31/2012 FOIA Request to OMB o OMB Response to May 2012 Request o SACE Appeal to Final Determination re: Request 12-131 o OMB Final Response Jan 2013

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