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Do It Yourself Email Security

Do It Yourself Email Security

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How-to-guide: Do it yourself Email Security
How-to-guide: Do it yourself Email Security

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Published by: jhaque on Apr 11, 2009
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Do It Yourself Email Security

How secure is your email?
Information you need to know before sending confidential or sensitive information by email.

Do It Yourself Email Security
Let me start with the question: How secure is your email? Internet is a public networks. Nobody owns it, It belongs to everybody around the world. Everybody’s computer and networks makes a part of it. So it the largest world wide computer networks ever built. Email messages you send travel long distances over many Internet servers and networks. Some of them are secure and others are insecure. Some of them are monitored while others are unmonitored. While passing through many different servers, emails make copies of themselves on servers all over the Internet. Anyone who has access to those servers or sniffing packets anywhere along the way, can read your email messages sent in plain text.

Fig.1. Sniffing your email in different Internet servers sent in plain text.

Fig.2 Can read your email in different Internet servers sent in plain text.

So what do you do? Will you stop sending email? No way, technology is available to protect your security. Do it yourself, encrypt your email text before sending any confidential information, why rely on others like secure socket layer (SSL) [Your email still needs to travel through many different servers in the Internet. I don’t know what happens there]. You can encrypt your email text with a password. Nobody will be able to read your email unless you intentionally give your encryption password. There are many encryption software available, for example, you can download SafeEmail from sydneyclassified.com.au. Only your nominated person with the password and SafeEmail, will be able to decrypt your email text and read it.

Do It Yourself Email Security
SafeEmail not only encrypt your email text, but also many types of files which you can send as attachment. Many types of files like .pdf, picture files (gif, jpg, bmp), doc, txt, video (mpeg, avi), and also many types. All encrypted files are also password protected. Even some one have access to your person computer, they will not be able to view them without password and decryption. Anyone looking at your email text on any Internet server, the message will look something like this.

Fig. 3 Encrypted email text

Nobody will ever understand the actual text without decryption with proper password key. You write your email text, encrypt it and then sent. On the receiving end, the receiver should know your password key. With password key, the receiver will be able to decrypt it with help of a decryption software program and read your email.

Do It Yourself Email Security

Fig.4 Locking email text analogy

Sending Encrypted email text is just like locking email text with a key. Nobody else will ever be able to read the email unless she/he has the key and decryption software.

Fig.5 Proper key must be entered to decrypt

During decryption, exact key must be entered. If you forget your key; you will never ever be able to decrypt the encrypted text or file. Even if you make a slide typo mistake, all you will see is garbage. You may have many different keys for many different emails and files. So key management is an issue in the world of encryption. With the advent of Internet, email became essential part of our daily communication life. Email is one of the most widely used services offered by Internet. It is also most vulnerable service offered by Internet. Many of us have been sending sensitive or confidential information without thinking its security. The technology is now available to protect our privacy. So we should use it. Do it yourself. Why rely on others (SSL) to do for you while you can do it yourself.
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