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the model

aka the theory of everything

why its so great

• everything is true
• something is false
• nothing is new


main ideas

• the space is a void in perfect equilibrium

• inside the vacuum the vectors of time act
• all the rules are available in their own place
what is space
• empty
• infinite
• multidimensional
• nothing is gained
• nothing is lost
• everywhere and uniform
what is time

• a wave with finite range (loop)

• many looping waves morphing space
• measured as a particle
• very complicated
• somewhere and non uniform
what is time-space

• the fabric of the universe

• infinite
• supports mass
• relative
so what’s new

• Classical mechanics checks out as a

description of space
• General relativity checks out as a
description of timespace
• Quantum mechanics theory checks out as a
description of time
classical mechanics

general relativity

quantum mechanics
the theory of

• Space is a void in perfect equilibrium in

which looping waves of time act and
produce an infinite and relative fabric
known as time-space.
• gravity is nothing but a long looping time
wave that has the sinking effect in time-
space known from general relativity
• mass is an effect of time acting in the void
• light is the longest time wave (known) and
hence the slowest thing in the universe
• speed means moving from one time wave
to another
• why the calculus of string theories fits so
good: the strings are the looping time
• why gravity is so weak at atomic level: the
time loop is so large (planetary
circumference) that is almost zero at such
small scales

• this theory needs math

• this theory needs backup
• this theory needs experimental tryouts