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New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Di ision of Environmental Permits, Region 4 1150 North Westcott Road, Schenectady, New York 12306-2014 Phone: (518) 357-2088 + FAX: (518) 357-2460 Websit www dec. state, ny.Us September 29, 2004 Paul Tazbir, Supervisor ‘Town of North Greenbush 2 Dougias Street Wynaniskill, NY 72198 Re: Permit #3632.00120/00001 WSA # 10,684, Water District #14 North Greenbush, Rensselaer County Dear Supervisor Tazbir: Erin Coonmis The permit you applied for fs enclosed. Please read it carefully and note the special conditions that are included in it, The permit is vatid for only those activities expressly authorized therein, Work beyond the scope of the permit and the approved project plans may be considered a violation of the law and be subject to appropriate enforcement action. Should you object to the permit as issued and are unable to resolve such objections with this office, you may, within 30 calendar days of this transmittal, send a written request for @ hearing to the attention of the Regionat Permit Administrator. Please note the expiration date of the permit. Ifyou need additional time to complete your project, you must submit your request, in writing, prior to expiration of the permit. Provide an explanation of why additional time is needed and how much additional time you are requesting. Applications for the permit renewal must be made in advance of the expiration date. Please refer to the generai conditions listed in the permit for specific instructions. The number(s) listed abave pertain(s) to this permit and should be referenced on all correspondence related to this associated with this facility or project. permit and any future applications for permits Ifyou have any questions on the extent of the work authorized or your obligations under the permit, please feel free to contact me Sincerely, vem Nanecy/M, Adam Deputy Regional Permit Administrator Region 4 Enclosurets) Division of Water ‘Thomas Musley, Town Engineer, 2 Douglas Street, Wynantskil, NY 12138 ‘Michael Fishman, Stearns & Whelet, 1 Remington Patk Drive, Cazenovia, NY 13035 Rensselaer County Health Deparment File NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION, rch WOME 4-8832-00119/00001 [ROIUTUPROGALNA NUMBER|S; NSA#10,644 TIRE OF PERT (GoeeK AN prepa Boe EFFECTIVE DATE PERMIT Under the Environmental ‘Conservation Law (ECL) EXARATION DATEIE) SDIFW: September 30, 2006 WS: none Brew Crevewn __B wonmcanion _@ renin Toconsraucr 1 PERMITTO OPERATE © | ARTICLE 19, TITLE 5: ARTICLE 17, TITLES 7, 8: ARTIGLE 27, TITLE 8; BNYCAR 373; PROTECTION OF WATER SPDES HAZARDOUS WASTE MGMT. ARTICLE 18, TITLE 16: ARTICLE 18: ARTICLE 34: COASTAL WATER SUPPLY AIR POLLUTION CONTROL EROSION MANAGEMENT ARTICLE 16, TLE 18: ARTICLE 23, TITLE 27: ARTICLE 36: WATER TRANSPORT MINED LAND RECLAMATION FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT ST) ARTICLE 15, TITLE 15: x | ARTICLE 24: ARTICLES 1,3, 17, 19,27, {LONG ISLAND WELLS FRESHWATER WETLANDS BNYORR 380. RADIATION CONTROL ARTICLE 15, TITLE 27: WILD. ARTICLE 25: ARTICLE 27, TITLE 3, BNYCRR 364: SCENIC 8 RECREATIONAL RIVERS, TIDAL WETLANDS WASTE TRANSPORTER SNYORR 608: ARTICLE 27, TITLE 7: BNYCAR 260: OTHER: __] WATER QUALITY CERTIFICATION SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT eur wsue0 10 TELEFON UNBER Town of North Greenbush W.D. 14 (518) 283-2714 “DORESS OF PERWITIEE Town Hall, 2 Douglas Street (ONTAGT PERSN FOR PERNTTED WORK TELEPHONE wane Thomas M. Mutiey. P.E., Town Engineer (518) 283-2714 tte an ADDRESS OF PROICETIFACLITY DeATION OF PROUEGTIPAGLITY astern part of the Town of North Greenbush ‘ure Tuner ae WATERCOURGEAMETAND NG nya cocnowetes Reneseiger Wynantski E:613332_N:472658% DESCRIPTION OF AUTHORED ACTIN: nstallation of a complete water supply and distribution system to serve this newly created district and the taking of a supply of water in amounts up to°355,000 galions per day from the City of Troy whose source of supply is the fomhannock Reservoir, By acceptance of this permit, the permittee agrees that the permit is contingent upon strict compliance with the ECL, all applicable regulations, the General Conditions specified (see page 2) and any Special Com included as part of this permit, TEPUTY PERMIT ADKENISPRATOR: Nancy M Adams sooress NYS DEC, Region 4 Headquarters 1150 North Westcott Road, Schenectady, NY 12305. "9 fa so? Rage tof 4 New voR« STATE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CCNGERVATION Special Conditions FOR ARTIGUE 18 & 24 leonditions for Article 18 & 24 {4 The Wynantskill shall be crossed ulilizing directional driling. If any problem is encourterea during the diillng wroreby the bed and/or banks of the Wynartskill are disturbed, the contractor staltcoatact the apartment immediately, 42. fi stream cross ngs shall be @ minimum of four feet helow the existing stream bed slevution 43. Instrear: or stream bank work stall be accomplished enly :tom June 18 thrazga September 3C of any year ‘hat the permi: is offect. 14, Eouipment gparation in the water is protibited. 12 stwarn flow shall be divarted lo isolate the work area “8, Ifnacossary, any waters aevctnulated in the soleted work area shall be discharged to-anupland seltiing sasis. field or wooded area ‘6 provide for setting and fiteriny of evlids and sediments before water is ratursed to the siream, Return of wacars must be as clear a6 “ne flowing water upstream from the werk ; area 17. Ary exposed sail chall be shaped, seeded and mulehed upan complstinn of the project. 48. Verioles working in wettaxds and adjacent areas with lnosestrife and phragmites oresent, rust be was7ed betare maving to cther wetland areas, seenen70900a1 j ' Facunvig none Pi "Wa # 1a