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7. The diagram below represents a cross section of II 9.

The diagram below represents a geologic cross

a pOliion of the Earth's crust. section of a portion of Earth's crust.

Oceanic Continental
crust crust
Ocean (basalt) (granite)


( Not drawn to scaie )

Folding and erosion occurred after the fOlmation
of the
¥lmch statement about the Earth's crust is best
supported by the diagram? (1) Gayle shale
(2) Freeport sandstone
(1) The oceanic crust is thicker than the mantle.
(3) Erie coal, but before formation of Freeport
(2) The continental crust is thicker than the
oceanic crust.
(4) Dunbar limestone, but before formation or
(3) The continental crust is composed primarily
Erie coal
of sedimentary rock.
(4) The crust is composed of denser rock than
10. Which geologic event occurred most recently in
the mantle is.
New York State?
8. The diagram below represents cross sections of (1) A continental glacier covered most of the
three rock outcrops approximately 100 State.
kilometers apart. \\That would be the best (2) The entire State was uplifted below sea
method or correlating the rock layers of each leveL
outcrop? (3) The Palisades Sill intruded.
(4) The Taconic Mountains formed.
1..'.. 1J... The characteristic of the radioactive isotope
uraruum-238 that ma.kes this isotope useful for
accurately dating the age of a rock is the
(1) organic origin
(2) constant half-life
(3) common OCCUITencein sediments
'1 ' ~
(4) resistance to \veat1J,cring a.nd erosion
',l c,v",n8111'lO
-,---, ..•..i .•.tJ. "o"k
;:,.;;. "'...~tynes
.....t-' ...
/"" comparmg
.. mmera 1 composItIOn
' .
temperature of 73° Fahrenheit is
) comparing index fossils appr()Xirllatel~veq'ual to a temperature of
(4'1 ro,rnpc""l'nn l'h;~'i,.",,,,s'" ,,+
'- ,) ."" l./.. .•. {..w. l....I.b 11..>.\..A'L.d..\.. ••.' C'..l...
(I 17° Celsi"us 26° Celsius
23° eelsiv.s 1620 C=elsius

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