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13. Carbon-l 4, an isotope used to date recent 18. Which diagram represents a la.

'1dscape where
organic remains, would most likely be useful in fine-grained igneous bedrock is most likely to be
determining the age of a fossil found?
(1) trilobite (3) armored fish (1)
(2) Coelophysis (4) Beluga whale

14. Studies of the fossil record found in Utah

indicate that
(1) variations within a species can be observed,
measured, and described (2)
(2) variations within a species have had little
effect upon the survival ofthe species
, J few of the species of plants and ilil'limalsthat
existed have become extinct
(4) there is no evidence for evolutionary
development among the different fossil

15. What do most igneous, sedimentary, and

metamorphic rocks have in common?
(1) They are formed from molten material. (4)
(2) They are produced by heat and pressure.
(3) TIley are composed of minerals.
(4) They exhibit crystals, banding, and distinct

16. How are the minerals biotite mica and 19. Most N ew York State sandstone bedrock was
muscovite mica different? formed
(1) Biotite mica is colorless, but muscovite mica (1) in Earth's interior where temperatures
is not, . , exceeded the melting point of quartz
(2) Biotite mica contains iron and/or (2) on Earth's surface from the cooling of
magnesium, but muscovite mica does not. molten lava
, Muscovite mica scratches quartz, but biotite
(3)/ in a delta from sand grains deposited, buried,
mica does not. and cemented together by minerals
(4) Muscovite mica cleaves into thin sheets, but in a desert when heat and metamorphic
biotite mica does not. pressure caused quartz crystals to fuse
17. Which sedimenta.ry rocks are formed by
chemical precipitation from seawater? 20. One cha...racteristicused to classifY landscape
) gypsum a.'1dlimestone regions as plains, plateaus, or mountains is
(2) fossil limestone and shale (l) type or soil
(3) sandstone a.l'ldsiltstone (2) ammult of stream discharge
conglomerate and dolostone (3) \veathering rate
underlying bedrock structure

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