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21, Base your answer to the following question on the cross sections below, which represent nvo bedrock outcrops 15 kilometers apart. The rock layers have been numbered for identification and some contain the index fussil remains shown.

to SC2I!e}

Both organisms that formed the fossils found

in rock layers 3 and 4



during the same period of geologic

(3) are members of the same group of organisms



in polar regions

are still alive today

22. The Mohawk River and the Hudson River both flow primarily over a landscape region classified as


(3) higWands

(2) mountains

(4) plateaus

  • 25. Wnat is the best explanation for the shape of the cliff in the diagram?

Chemical weathering vviHoccur most rapidly when rocks are exposed to the

(1) hydrosphere and lithosphere (2) mesosphere and thermosphere (3) hydrosphere Ch'1datmosphere (4) lithosphere and atmosphere

As warm, moist air moves into a region, barometric pressure readings in the region will


(1) decrease

(3) remain the same


( 1) Rocks A and C are made or larger particles than rock B.


The particles in rocks A and C are more fmnly cemented than those in rock B., The minerals in rocks A and C erode faster

them those in rock Bo

(4) Rocks A and C have not been exposed to

weathering as long as


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