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38. The cross section below shows layers of soil.

l> Dark brown to black soil
I with a high organic content

l,> Tan to orange soil with

a high clay content,
f some rock fragments

lLight gray to black soil,

] coarse rock fragments

\Vhich two processes produced the layer of dark brown to black soil?
(1) melting and solidification of magma (3) weathering fu'1d biologic activity
(2) erosion and uplifting (4) compaction and cementation

39. The map below shows high-pressure and low- 40. Base your answer to the following question on
pressure weather systems in the United States. the diagram below of a weather instrument.

~ ~acuum

Mercury i


@ High pressure
CD Low pressure
W11ichweather variable is this instrument
designed to measure?
Which two lettered positions on the map are (1) visibility
most likely receiving precipitation? (2) relative humidity
(1) A and B (3) C and E (3) dewpoint temperature
Band (4) A and alr pressure

April Review 2009