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45. The diagram below shows weather instruments A and B.

'vVhich table correctly indicates the name of the weather instrument and the weather variable that it measures?


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46. A weather station model is shown below. 47. The base ofa cumulus cloud vyras determined to
be 500 meters above the Earth's surface. This is
the altitude at which
(1) cumulus clouds always £ann
(2) no dust is present in the air
(3) the air temperature drops below oDe
the air temperature equals the dew-point
What is the barometric pressure indicated by this ,I temperature
station model?
(1) 0.029 mb (3) 1002.9 mn 48. \Vhich of the sources of energy listed below is
(2) 902.9 mb 1029.0 rno most nearly pollution free?
(1) l1uclear (3)

solar riaulral gas