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Base your answer to the following question on the weather map below, which shows a high-pressure center
(H) and a low-pressure center (Ly, with two fronts extending fi'orn the low-pressure center. Points X and Y
are locations on the map connected by a reference line.

\Vrnch type of front is located between Buffalo and Detroit?

(1) stationary (2) warm (3) occluded (4) cold

Which two climate factors are most directly 64. 'Which statement best describes the major heat
responsible for the amount of snowfall normally flow associated with an iceberg as it drifts south
received in Newport, Vermont? from the luctic Ocean into warmer water?
(1) ocean currents and storm tracks (1) Heat flows from the water into the ice.
(2) mountain barriers and average temperatures (2) Heat flows from the ice into the \vater.
(3) elevation and potential evapotranspiration (3) A state of equilibrium exists, "'lith neither ice
(4) prevailing wind direction and nearness to a nor water gaining or losing energy.
~ bodv of water
,; (4) Heat flows equally from the ice and the
water into the surrounding air.
63. How does the amOLLTlt of heat energy reflected
by a smooth, dark-colored concrete surface 65. Pillice cube is placed in a glass of water at room
compare vvith the amount of heat energy temperature. VVhich heat exchange occurs
reflected by a smooth, light-colored concrete betvveen the ice and the water within the first
surface? minute?
(1) The dark-colored surface will reflect less (1) The ice cube gains heat and the water loses
heat energy. heat.
(2) The dark~colored surface will reflect more cube loses heat and the water gains
heat energy. heat.
(3) The dark-colored surface will reflect the Both the ice cube a11d the water gain heat.
same amount of heat energy. Both the ice cube a.'1d the water lose heat.

April Review 2009