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FLOYD EARTH DAY EVENT SATURDAY Agends gan 4:30PM 9:30- Woody Crenshaw: Floyd Sustainability Initiative 10:00- Bo Abernathy: Passive Haus Design 10:30- Mike Burton: Farms to Schools, Organic Food Production 11:00- Jerry Moles: Sustainable Woodland Farming 41:30- Billy Weitzenfeld: Weatherization 12:00-1:00- Lunch / Vendors 10 :00-2:00- Key Note Speaker, Catherine Austin Fitts: Financial Permaculture, Floyd Sustainability initiative 2:00-4:30- Discussion Groups - Creating a Local Food System (CSA, Farmer's Market, Local Meat and Dairy, Processing & Marketing); - Sustainably Logged Wood Products (L.ocal processed, finished, and direct marketed) - Local Renewable Energy Devices (Solar Water Heating Panels, Pellet Furnaces, Small ‘Scale Methane Digesters, Ethanol Plants, Biodiesel Plants and others); - Asset Based Development (Covers a range of issues related to development of Floyd unty’s traditional assets); ~ Local Industrial Bonds (Vor investment by locals and others into local industries); ~ Recycling Groups (Research and implement technologies to convert our trash into useful procticts and energy) ~ Renewable Energy Group (Research and implement technologies to convert low, impact erops and ageculture or forestry wastes fo fules and other types of enemy. Includes community scale pelletizer, larger methane digesters for dairy farms.) FLOYD POWER relocalizing our economye ! Sponsored by: Partnership for Floyd