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LESSON PLAN - focus on what the learner is doing


Date Friday 20th March 2009 Period 3

Subject Year/ class Number of Number of Number of Number of

students students students on students
with IEP’s/ A+T EAL
Learning register.

French 8x3 26 9 2
Context: Lesson 2 of the topic food
Lesson objective
To learn different types of restaurants and food in French.
To design a menu in French.
In the left hand column put what the In the right hand column put what the pupil
teacher is doing is doing
Entry to the Room and Register. Students are Students copy the date and the objective in
split into teams of 4-5 (able students works French on the board. Students go in their
with less able ones). teams.

Starter Starter
I explain the task to students in French. We Students assign each member of their teams a
look at the different types of restaurants role. Students look at different types of
(words) and explain what they are. restaurant. They decide which type of
At the end of the task, I go through the restaurant they are and write it in their books.
answers. Discussion about different
Main part of lesson Main part of lesson

Reading and Speaking: All students look at different pictures of food

Students are given a sheet to fill out and the and match them with the different restaurants.
task is explained to them. More able students give their opinion about the
At the end of the task, the answers are given. food.
Discussion and opinions are given about the

Reading and Speaking: All students sort the food into 3 categories:
Students are given a grid to fill in. starters, main courses, deserts. They work as a
At the end of the task, the answers are given. team.

Writing and Speaking: They have to choose a type of restaurant and

Students are given coloured paper and the task design a menu in French. Each student is
is explained to them. assigned a task to do. Less able students can
design the menu whilst more able write the
different food.
Plenary Plenary
Peer assessment: one student in each team is Each team is assessed. Students have to justify
given Buddy evaluation sheet to assess one the type of restaurant and food they have
team. chosen in French.

Homework Date due in