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Up dwn lef rite lef rite lef

watch mi bring it dwn
im da jungle man

i was jungle skankin in my room n was jus bout 2 get 2 da gd part wid da bear n
ting, until sum1 was bang bang bangin on mi door lyk dere was no tomorrow.
i went n opned mi door 2 c mi older bruva standin dere. "wat Odane?" "mummi wnts
u" "so y u bangin so fuckin ard on mi door" "coz i wnted 2".
kmt "dickead". he turned around 2 walk away den he turned bk n told me "oh yh. im
gone yh"
"y u tellin me" i sed as i walked past him n started lukin 4 mi mum. odane was
walkin behind me headin 4 da door,
his bestie jason was bi da door waitn 4 him n his was peng.
"y u jus waitin at da door lyk u anit comfortable".
i wnted 2 knw yh coz he was always round my house jus jammin. dis was lyk his 2nd
hme.he was da same age as my bruva which was 18 buh he acted his age, my bruva
acted his fuckin shoe size. mi otha bruva jermanie hu was 20 acted his age mayb
coz he didnt still live wid my mum, buh still i dnt knw y he cnt punch sum sense n
maturity inna dis fool.
"coz i jus came now n ur bruva leavin init so deres no point".
"skn, bi den"
"oh, so u say bi 2 him buh not me?"
"yep". den i walked away, n i heard him kiss his dutty teeth, so i stuck mi middle
finger up at him without turnin round.
i walked in da kitchen coz mi mum is always dere at dis time of day which was roun
6.n suprise suprise she was in dere.
"yh mummi"
"cook sum food"
kmt"wat. y ur standin rite dere. u anit doin nuttin y cnt u do it"
she gave me 1 of dem excuse me luks "jus dnt ask me no questions n do wat i tell u
2 do, rite". all pointin her finger in my face n every ting, den she kissed her
teeth n walked out.
i stood dere lukin round finkin of wat 2 cook. i culdnt decide so i decied 2 kled
my bestie diamond n asked her. i took out my fone n luked 4 her numba den kled it.
"kl d?"
"yh. wats up?"
"my mum made me cook yh so wat shuld i make?"
"chicken, rice. macar-
"wat do u fink dis is man. i anit makin no long shit"
"lol. a'ite den make, spaghetti bol-"
"nah. dats 2 long aswell"
"ur so fuckin picky man"
"i anit"
"yh sure. k den jus make pasta"
"k den. tnx yh."
"im cumin over yh coz i wanna ave sum."
"k den. by da time u get ere im ganna b finshed init"
"ill b dere soon yh coz i ave 2 eat 1st"
"kmt. ur so fuckin greedy man"
"alie, ull do da same ting doe."
i culdnt lie"true. ite den bi". den i locked off n started cookin. it didnt take
long 4 da pasta 2 boil, so b4 i knw it i was add da spices 2 mi pasta. den my mum
walked in da kitchen n i knw its coz she culd smell da nice smell 4rm all da way
in da living room were she was lazin bout.
she walked up 2 da pot n stuck her head over it 2 c wat i was cookin. i hate it
wen she doesd dat.
den my fne went off.
ben ova ben ova ben ova
i look at it 2 c hu it was my man dameon. he was in yr 10 da sme yr as me,
buh we were different forms init. buh he was so peng. he always had a nyc shape
up, he werent 1 of dem long hair types, had sum sexy green eyes dat luk so peng on
him, a body dat was gettin dere, sum big ass hands n sum sexy deep voice dat will
make u weak.
i picked up da fne
"im cookin init"
n 4 sum reason mi mum jus switched on me n started shoutin at me lyk wdf
"dats rite u r cookin so u shouldnt be on no bludclart fone!"
dameon started laughin"oops soz, ill go yh bi" den he locked off.
"hang up da fone now!" "alrite i am" "dnt i am me, jus do it!" "i did" "u knw wat.
pass me da phone" my mouth jus dropped open. "alrite, alrite im soz" "pass me da
fone!" "no mummi, please" i begged. "did dis girl not hear me or am i talkin 2 da
walls!" "yh yh! i didnt hear u so u can go now" i sed as i tryed 2 stuff da fone
down mi pocket buh b4 i culd do it she snatched da fone out mi hand wid sum strong
grip. she even stratched me in da process. kmt
"bout u didnt hear me. listen child dnt get rude n jus finish wat ur doin! kmt"
argh!!!! shes so fuckin annoyin she neva wnts me 2 jus enjoy my lyf. i put da
chesse in den stir it 4 a while til it was done.den i dished out my plate n went 2
go 2 mi room. i walk past da livin room where mi mum was n didnt wnt 2 tel her dat
i was finished so i tried 2 walk past quick so she dnt c me. buh it didnt wrk.
"where u goin?" she asked me "2 my room" "r u finished?" "yh" "alrite den. u betta
b. gwan now". so i wnt. i got 2 my room n i turned on mi tv buh mi mum werent rich
so in mi roomi only had channels 1-5 no boxes. so i put in a dvd den sat on my bed
n ate. bout 5 mins into my movie i finished eatin. 5 mins after dat mi door bell
rang. i stayed in mi room hopin mi mum would answer da door buh after a while she
kled me 2 cum open it. shes so fuckin lazy man, she closer 2 da door buh she wnts
me 2 go n get it, kmt. Bitch. i paused my movie n wnt 2 open da door n jus as i
was bout 2 open it da door bell rang agen. den i open it n diamond was standin
dere lukin so impatient. "wat took u so long" " shutup yh, coz dun knw if my mum
opened da door u wont ave nuffin 2 say" she laughed n so did i. she wnt into da
livin room n sed hi 2 my mum den followed me 2 da kitchen 2 get sum food she asked
me " is ur bruva hme" "no y?" "coz hes peng man" i didnt even wnt 2 fink bout dat
so i lef it. den we wnt 2 mi room n i pressed play on my movie.
"ar yh! u got served. i love dis movie. n omarian luks so sexy in dis. claire 4rm
my wife n kids shuld ave been me man kmt" Diamond sed all hype. "y u beggin 4. its
all bout j boog man he luks peng. its so sad wen hes crys doe dnt lyk my babi
cryin." i fought bk. we jus kept arugin bout hu was da pengest until it got 2 da
last dance den we was jus quiet coz we was proper into it even doe we seen it lyk
100 times. den wen it finished her mum foned her n she had 2 go coz she was proper
shoutin dwn da fone bout sumting. "ill kl u yh" d sed as she was leavin "kl". den
i memberd "oh no u cnt" "y?" "coz my mum took my fone coz i was talkin 2 dameon
while i was cookin" "lol. shame. gd yh coz u 2 r 2 atacthed" "buh wen ur wid ur
man, wats his face. Reco u dnt hear me say nuttin" " dats coz we anit always
2getha" "skn" "i gone. bi" "bi" den she turned opened my door den lefted. den i
wnt to my room. i was at da door of my room n was bout 2 open da door buh den my
mum kled me. kmt. i wnt to her still in da living room watchin tv."yes mummier"
"tak mi plate 2 da kitchen den tidy da kitchen" r u serious! nah dis woman is jus
piss takin now. buh i knw not 2 say nuttin coz if i did boi. lords knws wat she
wuld ave dne.
While i was washin up da dishes Odane and Jason walk in da kitchen. "wats for
dinner?" odane asked i jus ingnore him coz i was ova pissed. so him n jason jus
started lukin in da pot. "low da pasta man" odane sed. den jason came i "yh man
dun knw. man neds a big dinner wid chicken n dat init" y dey beggin i bet my mum
told dem i cooked so i told dem "well we dnt ned 2 worry den coz anit no man in
dis hse init" "ar par" jason sed as he covered his mouth wid his hand. odane tried
it " u anit no woman either den" "buh did i say i was ur da wuns dat cum up in ere
talkin bout hw u wnt sum big dinner lyk ur a man" den i fought " actually yh, mayb
u do ned a lot of food 2 fill out dem chicken chests u both ave". den i started
creasin on my own, buh i culdnt stop coz da joke was 2 funni. so dey took dere
food n wnt buh i was still creasin after they wnt. buh den i had 2 force myself 2
stop coz my belly started hurtin. i finished washin up den i was tyred so i
brushed my teeth n got ready 4 bed. jason was still ere so he must b stayin ova. i
was avin sum nice dream, den all of a sudden yh i felt sum big hefty ting jus land
on me n it was squashin me which made my eyes pop open. den it stoped, so i sat up
n i c jason standin rite by da side of my bed. "wdf r u doin" "dats wat u get.
bout i anit no man" "r u serious, u woke me out my sleep 4 dat" "yh corse"
"dickead". den all of a sudden he jumped on me, dragged me outta my beg made me
lye on my belly n he stood on my back. "wat was u sayin" "nuttin!!" say sorry
"sorry" den my bruva cum in n stood on my legs. "now wat r we" odane sed. i didnt
answer. jason told me "say it or ill jump" "no!!!" "den wat r we" "manz" den dey
both got off n ran in odane room. i werent goin after dem yet coz wun i was tyred
two i was in pain n three yh it would b 2 against 1 n i didnt n e more pain, so
jus went bk 2 sleep.

i woke up early 2 get ready 4 skl. i went in da shower brushed my teeth. den wnt 2
eat my breakfast while i watched tv buh dere was nuffin 2 watch coz dey got rid of
troule, fuckrie man. i was ganna leave my hse at 8:30 buh i neded 2 get revenge
1st. so i went in da bathroom picked up da toothpaste n wnt 2 odane's room. him n
jason was still sleepin so i went n put toothpaste on dere eyelids n on dere hands
incase dey tried 2 wipe it off wid dere hands. den i snuck out da room put da
toothpaste bk n lef my hse. i gt 2 da bus stop n da bus cme quick.buh i didnt get
on it coz i didnt wanna go skl go early. den i got on da nxt wun n gt 2 skl jus in

da 1st person i saw wen i gt in skl was nathan. he lyked me i werent feelin him on
dem levels init. "wag1 sexy" "kl" "u luk nice 2dai, buh u always do init." "fnks"
"u wnt me 2 walk ur big batty 2 regirastion" i stopped walkin den so did he, n i
luked at him. "u knw i gt a man rite" "yh, i knw every ting bout u init. buh he
anit da man 4 u. i am". den i jus walk away n lef him. i got 2 my form room n
Diamond was already dere. so i went 2 sit in my seat nxt 2 her. "oi guess wat yh"
"wat?" "u knw hw my mum was shoutin at me on da fone yh" "i gt hme n it was coz
she found out i had sex b4" "chat shit" " nah man" "hw did she find out" "adrian
told her" Adrian is Diamonds likkle 12 yr old sista. "y did she tell ur mum dat"
"coz yh my mum musta found out dat she has a man init, so she was lyk at least im
not avin sex with dem lyk Diamond. dickead" she took a breath "wat yh i anit tell
dat gal nuttin agen. i anit speakin 2 her 2" "rah boi. wat did adrian say wen she
knw dat u knw dat she told ur mum" "she was jus lyk im soz it jus cum out.
kmft"."wat u ganna do den?" "nuffin it dnt matta ill still find a way 2 ave sex".
den we jus both larfed.
da 1st 2 lessons went quick. i had ehglish 1st all we had 2 do was finsh da wrk
4rm yesterdai. den i had maths wid sum dumb teacher. buh i dnt even listenn 2 her
n e wai. at break i met up wid my frends n we was jus jammin. den i saw dameon
cumin so i went 2 go met him. i hugged him "soz bout dat makin ur mum shout at u
last nite" "nah its kl my mum was jus bein a bitch" he larfted i didnt. "she tok
mi fone u knw". "isit. oh. i was klin ur fone after n u wasnt answerin so i snt u
a txt n u still sisnt answer. i fought u was angry at me 4 makin ur mum shout at
u". dis time i larfed aswell as him. "ill kl u 2nite if i get my fone bk yh" "kl".
den we hugged and we kissed sum nice kiss buh it only lasted a hot minute coz sum
dutty teachers cum put her stinkin hands on me n pulled me off. "dnt touch me wid
ur dutty hands bruv. proper tryanna infect me n give me sum lyf tim illness lyk,
coz i dnt knw where her nasty hands ave been kmt." den da teacher walk away me n
dameon sed bi n den i wnt bk 2 join my frends n we jus jammed till da bell wnt.
skl was quick 2dai n i was happy bout dat, buh den agen i werent coz odane and
jason might b at hme wait 4 me 2 get revenge.

wen i got got hme it was so slien. so i wnt round 2 every room 2 check if n e wun
was at hme. nop. i wnt in mi room n as i was walkin in i was jus shocked at wat i
saw. my fone was lyin on my bed. YH! i ran 2 it n kled dameon.
he answered"hello"
"r u at hme yet"
"nah almost"
"cum 2 my hse init no wuns ere buh me"
"dnt lie"
"k im cum yh" den he locked off.

in bout 15 mins he was at my door. as soon as i opened it we started kissin. he

pushed me in n shut da door behind him. we walked 2 my room n was still kissin. n
as soon as my bedroom door closed he started fightin me clothes off me. i pull his
jumper ova his head, buh den we both had 2 ave a break 2 undo ur shirt buttons coz
it was skl uniform dey anit cheap. so after we got our shirts off we started
kissin agen. he pulled my skirk down at da same time as my tights n panties. i
unbulcked his belt den undone his trousers button n zip den pulled dwn his
trousers da sme time as his boxers. den we got on da bed n at 1st he started
teasing me, coz he was jus fingerin me while i put da condom on his dick which was
already hard. he was using 2 fingers jus goin in n out my pussy n it felt so
fucking gd. den he moved his head dwn dere n started lickin me dry. he was so gd
his tougne was goin every where dwn dere. he was eatin me out 4 bout 5 mins, den
he cme up n started kissin me, i culd taste myself n i anit ganna lie it was nice.
den i put his ard dick inside me n started moving up n dwn in slow motion, den he
got faster n faster, n he was goin so deep he was rippin mi insdes apart. i
started kl his name lyk dere was no 2moz until i came. den he switched it up. now
i was on top i started ridin him slow too, den faster had him screamin out my name
till he came den i stopped. den i got off him. he got 2 get dressed den we heard
da door close. oh shit. the way i jumped out my bed n started throwin m clothes
on. den dameon bumped hard into da corner of my bed wen he tryed 2 get hi top
"shit!!!" i jus uks at him lyk y did fuck? den i heard odane say "shavon!" oh shit
nows hes cumin. all i ad 2 do was button up n put my jumper on buh den i fought
fuck let me jus put my jumper on. den i luk ova at dameon n he had his shirt on
unbutton his jumper ova his shoulda n he was tryin do up his belt. dickead "jus
leave it n hide" i whispered. den i was pushing him under da bed wen my bruva jus
flings my door open. he had a wdf expression on his face n his mouth dropped open
coz he clocked wat we was jus doin. me n dameon jus stayed still luk at him. den
odane started chasin dwn dameon, as soon as odane started runni all i c is dameon
dash ova da bed. he started runnin round my room lyk nuffin else. i tried 2 get
Odane 2 stop chasin him buh, hey wat can i do all i can do is shout. den odane
managed 2 floor dameon n he started kickin him. so went n pushed odane my ardest n
he staggered. wow hu knw i had so much strenght. den dameon got up n dashed out my
hse n i block odanes way so no couldnt run owt my room n i knw he wnt push me dwn.
k i dnt buh i im takin a risk. n he didnt.

so we was standin dere in my room jus starin at each otha 4 a hot mintue. den i
wnt 2 go clean up my room. i went n pickd up da condom off da floor den opened my
window n dashed it owt. den i started takin my bed sheets off my bed. i luk ova at
my door n my bruva was still standin dere starin at me. he luked pisssssed so i
didnt wnt 2 talk 2 him. den he spoke " wdf was u jus doin?" i smiled "im soz yh
buh if u dnt knw dat already u ned 2 talk 2 mummi or a science teacher coz i anit
telin u dat" "u fink im larfin yh?" "hu sed i did?" " y da fuck r u lashin von?"
"y r u dane?" "dats different" "hw?" "coz ur 15" "wen did u start fuckin?" "ite
den. buh ur a gal" "n?" "wat if he tries 2 lash n dash u. n leave u pregant?" "we
already pastd dat lash n dash stage. n i wont get pregant coz use protection" den
i went bk 2 putin my new set of sheets on my bed. den i clocked wat i jus sed. i
luked at odane n he was jus starin at in shock. all i culd say was "oops" "wat do
u mean 'oops' n hw much times ave u had sex?" here we go. "luk odane. dats nun of
ur business coz dun knw u wont answer dat question if i asked it" " ite den it nun
of my business" den he turned 2 walk out my room n sed "but its ganna b mummi
buisness wen i tell her". i dnt believe dis nigga. i ran 2 me door 2 stop him 4rm
leavin. "y u ganna tel mummi 4? u dnt ned 2 tel her. please dnt tell her". i was
panikin. "nah coz if i dnt dat likkle boi is ganna cum bk, n if mummi knws he wont
init" "r u serious?" "yep" "its den tel her n ill tel her dat u fuck 2" "buh she
might fink ur lyin" "she might fink ur lyin" i told him wid sum big grin all cross
my face. he gave in "ite den fyn, buh if i c him wid u agen yh he bes run" "wot u
ganna stop us yh" "already did init. trus he anit cumin bk" den he indicated dat
he wnted 2 get owt my room so i moved 4rm da door den he lef. argh!!! i didnt
wanna stay in dis hse wid him ere. i kled diamond 2 ask her if i culd stay ova buh
she didnt pick up her fone. so i kled dameon 2 ask if he was ok, buh he didnt
picked he fone 2. wdf. so i kled jermaine 2 ask if i culd stay ova, n he pickd up
"can i stay ova ur hse"
"skeen its lyk dat den. i c yh"
"no u can i was jus askin y"
"o."i larfed den stoped"coz odane is being a prick kmt"
"wad he do?"
"i dnt evn wanna talk bout it yh"
"k den."
"k. i cumin now yh"
"k. den"
"bi" den i locked off.
i wnt on da bath den i got ready den after i started packin my clothes. wrote my
mum a note den lef.

i woz sitin on da bus goin 2 jermaines hse wid my headfones in my ears. den sum1
tapped me so i turned 2 c hu da fuck was touchin me. it was sum peng light skin
boi. i took owt my fones. "kl sexy" wen he sed dat boi his voice sounded so sexy.
"yh" "my names tyran" "shavontte" " dats a nyc name" "fnks" "im 17. u?" "15" "kl"
den he sat dwn nxt 2 me. "manz was watchin u 4rm da time u steped on da bus yh, n
wen u walk of i dnt wnt u 2 walk owt my lyf coz ur jus 2 peng, so can manz ave ur
numba" i smiled he was 2 peng so i gave it 2 him, n he gave me his. den my stop
cme so i got off da bus. i walked dwn 2 jermaines hse. got 2 da hse den pressed da
door bell. his gal opened da door. she lives wid him n she hates me stayin ova,
mayb coz she anit ganna get no dick. lol. i werent even broverd 2 ave n e convo
wid no wun. so i went n told jermaine hi. den went back downstairs 2 da living
room n watch t v till i fell asleep.

jermaine woke me up in da mornin askin me if i wnt him 2 drop me 2 skl coz he had
2 leave 4 wrk, so i sed yh. i got up brushed my teeth den had a shower n changed
in da bathroom. went downstairts n found sum frosties n i took a big n poured sum
in. half way fru muchin it i wish i didnt tak so much buh i couldnt throw it away
coz jermaine was in da kitchen n he didn't wnt me 2 watse his food. so i stuffed
it dwn, i felt lyk i was ganna throw up buh i didnt.

in da car we was listen 2 choice fm n take me bk remix was playin. i was vibin 2
it 2. it was played owt buh still a nyc tune. den jermain interupted da song "kled
odane after u asked 2 stay ova" shit. i shuld of sed n e ting bout odane. i knw
were he was gwanin wid dis buh i didnt wanna talk bout it "isit dats nyc". "i knw
u dnt wanna talk bout it yh buh-" "no i dnt, so stop den init". he was pissin me
off already. "i cnt. coz ur my likkle sis n i ave 2 luk owt 4 u init" "i can luk
owt 4 myself" "yh on sum tings buh not on bois coz u dnt knw hw bois r" "realli.
den wat u must b finkin i been doin must b sumting else" "nt lyk dat. i mean hw
dey fink" kmt."gwan den inlighten me. oh wait wait wait. i knw. all bois fink u do
is fuck me den leave me n im goin b sittin dere pregant cryin 2 myself. rite?"
"wel basicly yh." den he started larfin wid his wun man jke. " im jkin" "kmt" den
we got 2 my skl n he parked outside. den he started openin his mouth agen "nah buh
serious shavon b careful yh coz i dnt wanna c u get hurt coz den im ganna kill hu
eva hurt u den da poilce is ganna ave 2 put me in pen init. so bascily im lukin
owt 4 myself" den he started larfed by himself agen. "luk jermaine all da boi i
link knw dat i gt 2 ova protective bruvas yh. so dey knw nt 2 try n e ting smart."
den we both started larfin den i luked fru his side window n i saw dameon bout 2
go into skl den he saw me n we had eye contact den i slowly stoped larfin we both
stared at each otha wit no expressions on r faces. jermaine clocked sumtin was
happenin den turned 2 c wat i was lukin at n he saw dameon. n dameon saw him den
dameon got shook n started power walkin into da skl. jermaine was bout 2 cum owt
da car till i held his arm 2 stop him, den he turned round 2 face me "dat was him
init?" "no" i lied "umm hmm. luk u dnt ave 2 worri i anit ganna do n e ting odane
dne enuf". "corse u werent" den i came owt da car n walked into skl. didnt c
dameon. he musta been walkin a likkle 2 fast. den i wnt into my registration buh
diamond wasnt dere yet. so i sat dwn in my seat ne waited 4 her 2 cum. 5 mins
pasted until she walked into da room n sat dwn nxt 2 me. den she sed "sorri i
culdnt pick up ur kl buh i was busy wid Reco" den she winked at me n larfed. i jus
smiled." wat was u klin me 4" den i told her evry ting evn jus wat happen wid
jermaine. "rah boi. ur bruva arnt rampin. buh dats sweet doe still. i wish i had
an older bruva" "ah na u dnt".

for da rest of a skl da i kept c in Dameo n i wuld luk at him den he wuld c me den
walk away, lyk he was tryin 2 avoid me. kmt. so at lunch i decied 2 link wid
nathan 2 get him jealous buh he jus luked releaved. buh evn doe i my plan didnt
wrk i didnt lock it wid nathan yet coz he lyked me n i didnt wnt 2 hurt his
feeling by makin him find owt i was usin him. a while afta skl finshed i gt a kl
4rm sum unknw numba buh i picked it up n e wai.
"wag1 sexi"
"huz dis"
"tyran, 4rm da bus memba."
"oh yh. soz"
"so u 4ft my voice already yh?"
"nah its kl. so wat u doin 2dai?"
"kl. so can u cum 2 a shobz 2nite?"
"yh. can i bring sum1"
"yh. buh it cnt b a boi"
"nah its nt"
"kl den". den he gave all da information bout da shobz were it was at n all dat.
den i locked off. i ofund diamond in skl n told her n she was dwn, so i was ganna
meet her at her hse 2 go dere.

wen i got hme my dickead bruva odane was dere coz i culd hear him 2 talkin 2 sum1.
my mum was stil at work. i wnt upstairs n turned on my computa. dere was no ned 4
me 2 change coz i was ganna change agen soon n e wai. i was on youtube watchin da
tyra show den sum 1 pulled my seat n i went fallin boi. i hit da ground so are dat
i scream owt "arr shit man" den i turned round 2 c hu da fuck dne pulled my seat
coz i was bout da switch on dem. den i saw Jason standin dere. "oh shit" i bk
round n turned 2 gt up den den he pulled my legs so my forehead smacked da floor.
den he put 1 foot on my bk. i screamed owt "no dnt plz im soz!!" "dat toothpaste
shit werent funni dat almost burned out my eyes man!!" "ite im soz jus dnt stnd of
me plz!!". den he got off. "u didnt ned 2 drag me bk lyk dat" "well i neded 2
teach u a lesson init. at least i didnt stnd on u dis time". "yh i knw coz last
time dat hurtmy tits man". den he eyes jus went straite 2 breast. so lowered my
head to his gaze "hello my eyes r here not on my niples" den he started lickin his
lips. "stop lickin ur lips man. actually continue coz dey were crackin n i dnt
wanna c dat". den he got up n started walkin 2wards me smilin. "oh so its ganna b
lyk dat now init?" den i fought 4 a while. my bruva in da hse he made dameon nt
wanna evn luk at me n e more n dis culd b nyc revenge. so i answered "dnt ave 2 b.
it culd be lyk dis". den i kissed him. lyk proper lipisn. n he was a gd kisser, so
damn gd. my breathin started to get thicker n shorter.he was holdin round my waist
den moved his big hands dwn 2 my bum. den his hands started goin everwhere. it
felt so fuckin gd. we was lispin 4 bout 5 gd mins tell i felt sum wun pull me off
buh i wish dey hadent doe coz dat was 2 nyc. it was odane. jason walked past him n
walked owt my room den turned bk n winked at me. whoa. "wdf r u doin" "sumting" "i
knw wat ur tryin yh n it anit workin so u can stop" "fuck off man, jus leave me
alone!!" den i dashed past grab my stuff 2 go n change at diamonds hse.

i didnt bover klin diamond coz i only had a likkle bit of credit lef. i rang her
doorbell. no 1 answered den i rang agen. i had 2 wait alwhile b4 she cme n opened
da door. she luked pissed. "was dis a bad time?" i asked her "y did u cum so
early?" "odane was pissin me off, so i wnted 2 cum n get ready at ur yard" "fyn
cum in. Reco ere buh now dat ur here dat jus renuied everyting" "fnks 4 makin me
feel welcme init" "no im soz. cumin yh Reco can cum ova a different day". she
moved owt day way so i can get in. den i went straight 2 her room. wen i opened da
door Reco was dere sittin on her bed. "hi shavontte" "kl". den diamound walked in
she still luk pissed. buh hey, i was happy. so boi. we all sat n watch a movie 4 a
while den diamond gt up n sed she neded 2 use da toilet. as soon as diamond went
reco jus moved ova nxt 2 where i was sittin on da bed. "do u mind?" i asked him
"yh i do coz i cnt b wid u" i mouth jus dropped open. "r u serious? Diamoind id my
bestie lyk" " i knw". is dis boi serious, for real? "r u serious or r u bussin sum
jke coz dis shit anit funni" "i anit larfin, dis shit is for real. i lyk u. a lot.
ave 4 a lng time" "skn". den i gt up 2 move away buh he pulled my arm n draged me
bk dwn. is he serious touchin me lyk dat. i turned 2 shout at him buh den he jus
forced him lips on mine. i was so shocked. i was jus bout 2 push him off me buh
den da door opened. n diaomond was standin dere wid sum skock expression on her
face, wfd.


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