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Hi-Res Machinist's Digital Caliper

This Caliper provides an extra high resolution of 0.005mm for higher precision use. The clear LCD makes it
easy to read. All these Calipers also include an output port for RS equipped devices. This type of digital
caliper is a tool for the most experienced toolmakers and machinists when the higher resolution is needed.

Hi-Res Digital Caliper, whose resolution is 0.005mm or 0.00019 inch, is finer than those regular ones, whose
resolution is only 0.01mm or 0.005inch, in the aspect of accuracy. Especially when Micrometering is applied,
its measuring accuracy will turn out much higher. Its permissible error, which is nearly half of that of regular
ones within the same measuring range, makes the measuring more accurate.


 Resolution: 0.005mm or 0.0002 inch;

 This caliper is designed especially for high precision mould makers to measure and check finished
parts and the like to a higher accuracy!
 Made of stainless steel and hardened;
 Nicely ground body and measuring jaws;
 Four ways of measuring: ID, OD, Step and Depth;
 Measuring speed: ≤1.5m/s;
 Working conditions: Temperature 0~+40℃; Humidity <80%;
 Storage Temperature: -10℃~+60℃;
 Power: 1.5V Cell SR44;


 Inch/mm: measuring system conversion between Metric and English;

 On/Off/0: to turn on/off the power or set "0" at any position;
 ABS: conversion between Absolute and Incremental measurings;

Technical Data:
Website: Amistamos Inc. China.