values.Culture  The sum total of learned beliefs. and customs that serve to regulate the consumer behavior of members of a particular society. .

Characteristics of culture  Culture is learned  Culture is shared  Culture satisfied needs .

informal and technical  Enculturation and acculturation  Enculturation  Language and symbols  The learning of one’s  Ritual own culture  Acculturation  The learning of a new or foreign culture .Culture Is Learned :.formal.

Impact of culture on product acceptance  Kellogg  Maggi .

Family culture in India .

Culture based emotions in India  Titan wedding collections  Vicco Turmeric vanishing cream .

Emergence of new consumer culture  Eating out grows in urban India  Cosmetics for men  Women gain confidence with colours  Films dictate fashions  Pc games attracting the younger generation .

Impact of western culture  Food industry  Fashion industry .

Culture diversity Delhite Gujarati Malayalee .

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