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ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA ireactian Delbiel10 UOL Py Shri Babubhai Vaghela, 202, Sarap, Opp Navfivan Press Off Ashram Road, Ahmedabad 380014. Right to Information Act, 2005-regarding, With reference 10 your applieation doted 21.04.2008, received by the tunceasigned on 24.04.2008 on the subject cited, Tam to state that your ewe Teuers dated (04.12.2007 ond dated 04.04.2008 are not traceable in the Commission. However, as regards the suggestion made in your e-mail referred to in the ebovessid apolication, it is informed that thers ore qualifications and disqualifications provided under the Lasw for candidates to contest election. You may refer to Arts. 173, 195 of the Constitation, Sections 310 5, and 8 to 10 A of Representation of People Act, 1851. Kt would be seen UUiat making of unrealistic provisions in the manifesio by Political Pasties, is not a ground for rejection of nomination paper of the candidates set up by the Political Party. The Commission is not concerned with the poll promisesimanifesto msde by the political panies, ‘Yours faithfully, SCRPTARY & Redd on 27/osfoe a 27 ofr