module : 1 total time : 1h &10min VSA type Question 1. If a particle of mass m is moving with a velocity of v m/s if the particle performs a pure elastic collision with a wall making an angle 90° then calculate the impulse on particle. total marks : 50

2. Show that if we throws five ball each of with different mass and velocity horizontally, then all are reaches the ground simultaneously 3. Why during an interstellar journey a spacecraft not requires a continuos fuel supply ?

4. Why kinetic friction is always smaller than static friction? 5. If we lift a stone from a tower then comment on the variation of its momentum. SA type question 6. Explain the basic cause behind the origin of friction.

7. What did you meant by linear momentum conservation principle ?
8. Find out dimension for a quantity called as 'action ' (where a common relation for action is S = {pdx } 9. Explain pseudo or inertial force why it is necessary that an observer must reside inside a non- inertial frame to observe a pseudo force

10. Why concept of absolute motion is basically meaningless? Explain this notion with your examples. LA Type question 11. Derive an expression for the banking of a road around a corner use arbitrary symbols as you like

Mathematically show why the trajectory of a projectile is parabolic? . horizontal range & maximum vertical height of a projectile.12. Derive an expression for time of flight.

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