Worked Independently : Though this is the first time i worked on ADF , I learned the Technology and developed the

Application while learning on the way and made sure the quality of the work was never compromised. Builds and Shares Knowledge: Will be part of the Trainings to be held to share t he knowledge that we gathered while working on the Application to other people o n the Floor. Solves Problems: Being a new Technology and not much material available online, a lot of research work went into figuring out how to achieve the functionality that was desired. ADF Mobile Framework was launched by Oracle towards the end of 2012. The Idea was to insert, update, display data in a user friendly format on Mobile Phones. The front-end UI and functionality had to be developed using ADF Mobile technolo gy as it allows the amx pages to be rendered on different devices Android / Ipho ne with a consistent look-and-feel of the application. 1) Developed functionality using ADF Mobile technology : This is the first proje ct where I worked on ADF. I developed the functionality to query, insert and update the valid data from f ront-end amx pages as per the requirements. 2) Designed UI : The webpages had to mimic the look-and-feel of the existing cli ent application. I developed the UI of the webpages to give the same look-and-fe el to entire application as per the requirements.

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