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Independence - Political Option for the Bangsamoro

Independence - Political Option for the Bangsamoro

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Published by: kaka alih on Apr 12, 2009
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Abhoud Syed M. Lingga
Institute of Bangsamoro Studies

Political Option for the Bangsamoro

Round Table Discussion on “Political and Governance Options for the Bangalore: Autonomy, Federalism, and Independence”
National College of Public Administration and Governance, UP, Diliman, Quezon City 28 July 2006

The Problem

Contrasting positions of the Bangsamoro people and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines on the former political status. The assertion of the Bangsamoro people for their right to reestablish their independent state is being denied by the GRP, not only politically but by the use of force, thus triggering violent conflict.

Why independence?

Historical experience in state formation and governance Human security of the Bangsamoro people

Historical experience

Before colonial period, the Bangsamoro have their own government with trade and diplomatic relations with other countries. The colonial powers entered into treaty relations with the sultanates. During American occupation the Bangsamoro homeland was administered separately from the Philippines.

To ensure human security

    

Economic Health Environment Security of person and properties Political

 

Welfare Identity

Experiences under the Philippine Republic

 

Strong biases and prejudices of the Christian majority They lost their lands to the Christian majority They become minority in their own homeland They remain poor They are not secured in their person and property Violations of human rights

What do we gain?
 

Justice to the Bangsamoro people To the Filipinos,

 

More money for education, infrastructure, health and other social services More business opportunities Spur development of the country An independent Bangsamoro state will be reliable partner in the war against terrorism

To our regional neighbors

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