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System Administrator

System Administrator

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Published by: lushcheese on Apr 12, 2009
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UCAS Code 3-Year Degree G530 BSc/CSA UCAS Code 4-Year Degree with a placement year G531


BSc Computer Systems Administration
3/4-Year Honours Degree

All computer systems need to be administered. They are complex, with numerous functions, challenges and security issues, and people must be able to use them effectively. This makes computer system administration an essential element of managing industry. These powerful computer and networking technologies are expanding rapidly, driving every modern successful business. Throughout the industrialised and developing world, there is a growing demand for managers and specialists with the skills needed to play an active role in developing and running the technical computing infrastructure of companies, public organisations and governments. These skills include system and network planning, security, data integrity, capacity, availability, technical support and disaster recovery. Our BSc Computer Systems Administration course provides the high level of practical skills, experience and knowledge demanded by industry today. On our course you will cover essential subjects, including the management and administration of computer network systems, managing users and networks, security and encryption, hardware, operating systems, software management, and developing administration policy. With the emphasis on practicality and academic learning, you will not only gain the skills needed for business today, but also be trained to cope with the demands of industry in the future. Graduates have gone on to rewarding careers in systems administration in areas such as IT support engineering, network support and IT implementation. Alternatively, you may want to continue your studies on one of our Master’s-level taught courses or research programmes.

Year 1 Computer architecture and systems software Relational databases Fundamentals of information communication technologies Foundations of human-computer interaction Introduction to Web technologies Software development Year 2 Systems administration 1 Unix programming 1 & 2 Computer communications and networks SQL programming and administration Options choices from: Network business and distributed information management Cyberpsychology How to run an SME Computer architecture and systems software 2 Year 3 Final-year project Systems administration 2 Options Choose two from: Security, privacy and data protection Deploying Web technologies Information engineering Choose one from: Human-computer interaction (design and development) Real-time systems



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