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Secret to Success!: “Making Your Dreams Come True”

Secret to Success!: “Making Your Dreams Come True”

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Secrets to Success for All Students is a “Must Read!” In this easy read book written by Author & Peak Performance Coach Lawson Pilgrim,
your students will receive Success Fundamentals with tools which will positively and profoundly impact their personal life, their classroom focus,
their Relationships, and unlock their success potential! Secrets to Success for All Students – translates the incomprehensible into the actionable.
Its intention is to provide All Students with that inspiration and application…which will position them to…”Raise their Game in and outside of the classroom!”
Please Note: This Book was specifically written for those students who refuse to live an average life. For those whose goal is to experience the Best Life has to offer!
Secrets to Success for All Students is a “Must Read!” In this easy read book written by Author & Peak Performance Coach Lawson Pilgrim,
your students will receive Success Fundamentals with tools which will positively and profoundly impact their personal life, their classroom focus,
their Relationships, and unlock their success potential! Secrets to Success for All Students – translates the incomprehensible into the actionable.
Its intention is to provide All Students with that inspiration and application…which will position them to…”Raise their Game in and outside of the classroom!”
Please Note: This Book was specifically written for those students who refuse to live an average life. For those whose goal is to experience the Best Life has to offer!

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“Making Your Dreams Come T rue”

LAWSON PILGRIM’S Secrets to Success for Students Making Your Dreams Come True .

and the publisher hereby disclaims any responsibility for them.authorhouse. or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author. Because of the dynamic nature of the Internet. The views expressed in this work are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher.com Phone: 1-800-839-8640 © 2013 by Lawson Pilgrim. stored in a retrieval system. Published by AuthorHouse  05/03/2013 ISBN: 978-1-4817-5052-3 (sc) ISBN: 978-1-4817-5051-6 (e) Any people depicted in stock imagery provided by Thinkstock are models. Certain stock imagery © Thinkstock.AuthorHouse™ 1663 Liberty Drive Bloomington. . No part of this book may be reproduced. All rights reserved. IN 47403 www. and such images are being used for illustrative purposes only. This book is printed on acid-free paper. any web addresses or links contained in this book may have changed since publication and may no longer be valid.

 . . . To my precious twin grandsons. Colten and Gabe Clyburn. Jesus said. . Matthew 19:14 (NIV Bible) .This book is dedicated . I’m passionately inspired and reminded just how truly blessed I am. and do not hinder them . “Let the children come to me. When thinking of them. and To all the students throughout the world who have hopes that someday their dreams will come true.


........................ Think Positively..... 7 3.. 55 .............. Set Realistic Goals......... See Change as Opportunity..... Respect Your Own Needs.......................... 49 10............................................ 13 4. Motivate Yourself............... 1 2........ 31 7....... Develop Your Amazing Potential......................LAWSON PILGRIM’S Secrets to Success for Students Making Your Dreams Come True Table of Contents 1................................ 19 5..... Adopt A Great Attitude...................................... 25 6............... Leave a Lasting Legacy.......... Regardless of the Situation................................................ Cultivate Supportive Relationships.................................. Keep On Smiling...... 37 8......... . 43 9......


People often live and work below their potential because they haven’t taken the time to evaluate what is important to them and examine their perspective about the world and people and things around them.Introduction Today’s school and work environments require more team-work than ever. People are asked to work in teams and collaborate across groups to achieve common goals. I hope you’ll find that this little book holds some funda-mental secrets to help you succeed in making your dreams come true. Being an effective team leader—or even a productive contributor—requires selfconfidence. you first need to know yourself and be secure in your own values and priorities. rise to each challenge and make an impression that inspires others. Best of luck and keep smiling! Lawson Pilgrim . flexibility and the willingness to be open and straightforward with others. Perhaps they will inspire you to reach higher. do more. I believe that to achieve success.


Secret 1 Develop Your Amazing Potential. 1 .

 .Inspiration The will to win. 2 . the urge to reach your full potential . We all do. you can be better because you have amazing potential. Scientists tell us that we use only a limited percentage of our brains. Great things are accomplished by those who are willing to stretch closer to their potential. . the desire to succeed. Here are some clues to help you get there. —Confucius Whether you are currently at one of life’s lows or highs. these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

you can find ways to include it in your life as a hobby or recreation that gives the rest of your life more meaning. Perhaps not everyone can be a camping guide or play volleyball or computer games for a living.Clue 1 Discover what you love to do. The challenge in growing up is to discover activities you can participate in with that same kind of adolescent enthusiasm. You have to do your homework But no one has to force you to play video games. The one true motivator is doing what you love to do. you may have to clean your room. As a part of a family. wash the dishes or help with laundry. shoot hoops with your friends or go to dance class. Other people don’t motivate us. We have a built-in enthusiasm for things we like to do—and we stretch ourselves to our potential capacity to do them better because we want to. 3 . Let’s face it. The ultimate goal is to be able to make a living at it. Some do! But even if you cannot make a career out of your passion. Boredom doesn’t motivate us. Drudgery doesn’t motivate us.

If you know what you want to do. masters taught people to carry on the craft. Aspiring attorneys “read law” in the offices of attorneys and judges. people learned particular skills by being apprenticed for years to craftsmen who were already practicing the trade. some people change their minds. 4 . from tailors to potters. find people who are already doing it. Experiences may confirm or deflate a person’s ambitions. From blacksmiths to printers. internships may give young people a taste of careers they think they want to pursue. Once the rose-colored glasses are off and the real day-to-day practice of a career comes to light. talk to them about what they do. Today. watch them and become a modern-day apprentice. Back before the 20th century brought widespread vocational and professional education.Clue 2 Hang around people who are doing it. knowing all the negative as well as positive aspects of the work. Other interns enthusiastically embrace their choices. Physicians passed their knowledge on to those who wanted to become doctors. mentoring is another way experienced people share their knowledge with people who are interested in what they do. More personal and often less formal than internships.

you’ll need to practice. “If you keep doing what you’re doing. whether it’s timing in a golf swing or over-mixing your muffin batter. things in your personal life or your study habits. but we still realize our greatest potential through practicing. The old adage of a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step is a good philosophy to remember. practice. Phil” McGraw is. 5 . An expression popularized by “Dr. How do you become a writer? You write something every day. that usually what we love to do is what we are good at? Some of us are blessed with natural talents. Coaches will tell you that practice is good but good practice is better. practice. you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. How do you become a sculptor. If you want to come closer to your amazing potential.Clue 3 Practice.” Whether you’re trying to change your attitude. practice! Amazing. you’ll have to practice good behaviors and maybe change bad ones to accomplish your goals. you just keep chipping away. You can practice wrong habits and have to unlearn them before you can improve. practice. isn’t it.


Secret 2 Adopt A Great Attitude. 7 .

Inspiration The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes. 8 . Often there is nothing you can do about what life hands you. your family and everyone around you. —William James Your attitude is not determined by your circumstances. but by how you respond to circumstances reflects your attitude. But yourapproach to whatever happens can make a difference to you.

the advantage goes to the individual who has the better attitude. You don’t have to be smart to treat people well. “I just want a chance. Yes. he said the most overrated secret to success is intelligence. And it’s good to let them so they’ll learn.” Some employers believe that people can be trained in the skills they need if they have the right attitude. and somebody who states. opening things or figuring out new toys. Little kids go through a stage when they don’t want any help. he says. CEO of ABC Supply. was on Forbes 2006 list of America’s richest people. And if skills are equal. . attitude is everything! 9 . “I can do it!” whether it’s putting on clothes.Clue 1 Realize that your attitude is more important than your aptitude. As you get older.” What he looks for in employees is energy. Ken Hendricks. “Success is about how you take care of your employees and customers . In a September 2007 Reader’s Digest profile. you should hold on to that can-do attitude when faced with new challenges! Just think how much more you could accomplish if you approached everything with a positive attitude. . They say. .

And listen to others. Remember that everyone in your life affects you and you affect everyone you come in contact with. Your first impression on people has a lot to do with your attitude. When you meet people for the first time—or when you run into someone you know well—focus on them. or your parent. Ask about how they are doing and show interest in them. Greet people with a smile and direct eye contact. not on yourself. a teacher.Clue 2 Learn to Treat People Properly. A firm handshake and a pleasant greeting go a long way toward developing a relationship. 10 . Be positive but not full of false optimism. Be kind and considerate. Develop a sincere interest inothers and they will appreciate you. Not that you should be selfishly motivated. but you’d be amazed how much better treatment you get if you project a good attitude and are friendly and sympathetic instead of grouchy and demanding. Challenge yourself to make the day for a sales clerk. Practice being cheerful and it will become a way of life. not boastful.

They anticipate the worst and brace themselves for it. Set your internal thoughts on positive and refuse to let people or circumstances move your settings! Some people get out of bed in the morning dreading the day. not thermometer. But you don’t have to be “some people. friends. school or job situations. facing whatever challenges the day brings with a positive attitude. They seem to resent whatever is going on around them or feel so poorly about themselves that it affects their attitude toward everything. How much better to start the day with an appreciation for life and the blessings you have.” You can practice creating your own environment by adopting an awesome attitude! 11 . Some people let family members. What’s the difference? A thermometer reflects conditions but a thermostat controls them.Clue 3 Be a thermostat. Or maybe it takes only the slightest thing to set them off and cause them to over-react to little upsets. Negativity follows them around. almost anything in their environment be an excuse for a bad attitude.

Secret 3

Think Positively, Regardless of the Situation.

Inspiration Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. —Abraham Lincoln

We have more than 50,000 thoughts in our waking hours everyday. Why would you want to spend any of them in the negative? Self-mastery, self-control, self-discipline are essential to achieving success. Our behavior follows our thoughts, so control your thinking and focus on your goals.


Banish negative thoughts from your head and focus on the positive. or last year or even longer ago? And though you probably didn’t. His thoughts are focused on what he can do today. Focus on your goals and desires. you were tempted to say. especially if it wasn’t his best performance. not what happened yesterday.Clue 1 Let the Past go. 15 . “Get over it!” Where in your own life are you doing the same thing? Can you treat things that happened in the past as yesterday’s news? Take those old hurts and injustices and just bury them. Have you ever heard someone moaning about things that happened last month. Ask forgiveness or give forgiveness and move on to more positive thinking. and think positively. your thoughts will determine your destiny. Tiger Woods was asked if he’d been thinking of what happened the previous day on the same hole. If you don’t let go of past failures. which had not been a positive experience. His response was. After a golf round. Remember. “Why would I think about that?” He knew better than to dwell on the negative. they will continue to influence your present and future.

” “It’s so hot and steamy. but you can go on with your plans despite the weather. “Oh. Some people actually let the weather determine the kind of day they’re going to have. so rain or shine. even if it takes some adjustment and creativity.” or “This snow is bound to slow our project down and nothing’s going to go right today. so why let it influence how you approach the day? What you can do something about is your attitude. Extremes of heat and cold or cloudy. gray days can make you want to retreat into yourself and forget about your usual activities.Clue 2 Never judge the day by theweather. it’s gray and rainy.” People in some climates do suffer from SAD (seasonal affectivedisorder). There’s absolutely nothing you can do about the weather. But that dreariness and lethargy can be relieved with treatments using exposure to light. They wake up and look out the window or get the forecast and then it’s on to what’s wrong with the day. so depressing. decide that you will make it a good day and think positively about what new experiences that day will bring. hot or cold. 16 . I’ll be miserable at after-school practice.

It’s a great alternative to road rage. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and look for the good in them. I believe in the Biblical admonitions of “do unto others .Clue 3 Look for the good in everyone.” I even apply this in traffic. and I know I may have to do the same when I’m trying to navigate in a strange city.” and “turn the other cheek. talking on the phone. I assume drivers who cross three lanes in front of me are lost. . 17 . texting or on your computer networking pages. Of course. but in those cases. You’ll be amazed at the reactions you might get from acting friendly and considerate when dealing with people in person. It’s amazing how we can let negative thinking influence our opinions of other people. it’s difficult to see good in someone who has wronged you or who excludes you. We can become suspicious or jealous or think the worst about people. I guarantee you’ll always find what you’re looking for—bad or good—so concentrate on the good. . Try to give everyone you come in contact with the benefit of the doubt. Or we can choose to be more accepting and try to see the good in everybody. intentionally or unintentionally.


Secret 4 Motivate Yourself. 19 .

pride. you cannot be successful or happy. patriotism or something spiritual motivate you? How do you translate motivation into action? 20 . responsibility.Inspiration Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers. coaches. No one else can really motivate you. although there are a lot of people trying to help—your parents. fame. money? Does family. popularity. pastors and others! What motivates you? Is it the need for acceptance. teachers. —Norman Vincent Peale Motivation is an internal phenomenon.

and he’s still doing exceptional things. The accomplishments of many disabled people put those of us who are able-bodied to shame. you can find amazing examples of what can be accomplished if you just fill your mind with positive thoughts. People who suffer from anorexia think their body image is too big. so is he.Clue 1 Feed your mind with positive thoughts. “For as he thinketh in his heart. On the other hand. communicated by using computer devices and became famous worldwide. wrote amazing theories. was wheelchair-bound from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) for almost 40 years.” I may be taking this out of context a bit. yet he married and had children. We all can learn from them. but I think it’s true that our thoughts form us. Stephen Hawking. the renowned physicist. whether they are negative or positive. Determination and positive thoughts feed their actions. People with eating disorders allow their minds to create a false reality that harms them. so they deprive themselves and endanger their lives. 21 . when others around them can see that their negative thoughts do not reflect reality. Proverbs 23:7 (KJV) says.

Don’t let your youth stop you! Focus on positive self-affirmation and devote a little time every day to your dreams. An older reader once wrote an advice columnist about changing careers and pursuing a dream to become a physician. what difference does it make when you start it? Some great writers and artists did not begin their work until their senior-citizen years. but you don’t have to wait that long.Clue 2 Focus on positive self-talk.” Faced with an uphill climb. he kept repeating.” until he got up the hill. And if you fail initially. don’t focus on failure but keep trying.” And so. “And so. “I think I can. I’ll be almost 50 before I finish. I think I can. listen to positive music and prepare your mind to be open to your potential. you remember the children’s story of the “little engine that could.” The wise columnist responded. saying something like. “If I do this. you don’t! Choose to read life-affirming materials. Patience and perseverance along with a positive attitude will pay off. how old will you be it you don’t do it?” If you really want to do something. How much better that is than looking back and wishing you had tried. 22 . Surely. Such positive self-talk is much more productive than telling yourself. “I could never do that.

Clue 3 Surround yourself with enthusiastic. I hope you have found friends. There is a group or association for almost everything—from woodcarving to writing. make a point to associate with people who have higher expectations rather than those who seem aimless or negative. 23 . If you’re giving yourself positive self-talk and working on motivating yourself. from computer games to salesmanship. You probably know people you enjoy being around because they make you feel good. Find a group you can join that will encourage your interests and efforts and give you new opportunities to share and learn. Your upbringing can greatly influence your confidence as an adult. Focus on the positive feedback these caring people can give you and act on any constructive criticism. You’re rejuvenated and fired up after seeing or talking to them. motivated people. You are indeed fortunate if you have received self-affirming messages in your family while you’ve been growing up. Even if that is not your case. teachers. a counselor or someone at church or at work who can encourage and inspire you.


Secret 5 Set Realistic Goals. 25 .

26 . If you’re 6'5" tall. even if you love gymnastics.Inspiration What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. —Henry David Thoreau There is so much power in believing in your potential. And. Some skills can be learned and perfected with practice. you may have a great chance as a basketball player but not much as a gymnast. For instance. Time and patience would be as important as attitude in that goal. there are exceptions. some very good basketball players have been less than six feet tall. of course. but part of maturity is accepting your limitations. but other goals require particular gifts or agility and some take time. you can’t realistically expect to lose 50 pounds in one week.

a trainer at a gym or groups like Weight Watchers can help you set reasonable physical goals. Once you have. 27 . Numerous books and websites are available on just about any topic. You need something to aim for. “What do I want to be or do now—or next?” Maybe you want to be a better student. “If you don’t know where you’re going. whether it’s in your personal life. physical life. five years or a decade from now. and counselors and coaches can help you identify goals and strategies. Churches and community groups often offer resources.Clue 1 Identify your goals. Only you can decide and identify your specific goals. a year. Plenty of resources are available to help you with goals. spiritual life or work life. find a job. Remember the old saying. get into a certain college or get in shape physically. how will you know when you get there?” Setting goals is like choosing destinations. deciding where you want to be a month. you can focus and avoid distractions. You can take aptitude tests to identify types of jobs or careers you’re best suited for. Your doctor. Check out community colleges and other groups that specialize in assisting beginning students. So ask yourself.

Clue 2 Commit to your goals. Envision your life as if you had already accomplished your goal. See it in your mind. popular among athletes but applicable to almost any kind of goal. refrigerator. Remember. Reading your goals all the time will reinforce them in your mind and keep you committed. Another technique. Some people find it very helpful to share their goals with a trusted friend. without commitment. Close your eyes and try to savor the rewards of meeting your goal. One of the best ways to focus on your goals is to write them down and have them in front of you—on your phone. is visualization. Imagine where you want to be. Alcoholics Anonymous and Weight Watchers groups. This sharing reinforces commitment and accountability for your actions while offering acceptance and understanding. talk about goals is just wishful thinking. computer. so they have a touchstone and an encourager to help them along. among others. desk or wall calendar. 28 . are based on regularly meeting with other people who have similar goals.

Then you might be able to visit some campuses to see if you like them. Take action by setting deadlines. Pretty soon.Clue 3 Set deadlines to reach your goals. After that. Start setting your own deadlines early so you can achieve your goals. Accomplishing each step will inspire you to keep heading in the right direction. explore application processes. discuss your goals with your parents. you’ll be pursuing your dream because meeting each smaller deadline transformed your dream into reality. so you’ll need to break your goal down into smaller parts and set intermediate goals on the road to the bigger destination. First. Suppose you want to major in a certain field in college. One of the worst enemies of achieving goals is a “one-of-thesedays” attitude. 29 . Some students miss out on admissions or scholarships because they simply wait too late to apply. Because we all know that “one of these days” never comes. After studying the information. and all the other things that go into it. you can research colleges by looking at websites on the Internet. Then you could go to your school counselor’s office and ask about other colleges. Most goals aren’t accomplished in one fell swoop. scholar-ships and financial aid.


31 .Secret 6 Cultivate Supportive Relationships.

sometimes they are critical.Inspiration The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you. Your relationships with the people closest to you affect how you build your life toward the best you can be. 32 . whose presence calls forth your best. —Epictetus All of your relationships will not be perfect. I love the old saying about being able to pick your friends but being stuck with family! Sometimes friends and family are supportive.

That friend or relative who insists you don’t need to study and should go out partying instead. They may even openly express resentment that you are trying to better yourself. Have you ever been around someone for a while and you leave feeling completely drained? The negativity rubs off. And if you don’t get that support. You know what I mean. toxic people out of your life. saying your dreams are impossible. try to see less of them and. Or the one who thinks you should splurge on some concert tickets when you’re trying save money. questioning or undermining your progress. people always looking on the down side of things. instead. Or that person who thinks you need to go somewhere with them and skip practice—just this once. Are all the people you hang out with always griping and complaining? Then quit hanging out with them so much! When you’re focusing on goals and trying to improve parts of your life. You may not be able to totally disassociate with friends or relatives. surround yourself with people who are more encouraging. 33 . you don’t need naysayers. but you can explain your situation and ask for their support.Clue 1 Get negative.

it’s the positive feedback that counts. not worse. a teacher. 34 . In school.Clue 2 Align yourself with positive people who contribute to your growth. Cultivate the friendship of people who can make you feel better. It’s also important to try to find someone who has been where you are now but has moved farther in the realization of their goals. Going through goal-setting together with people who are in the same position can encourage you and help you know you’re not alone. someone who will answer questions or give advice when you come to a crossroads and need to make a tough decision. and who will reinforce positive attitudes. a counselor or an older friend. Ask that person to consider being your mentor. career. you can be sure there are people who have walked in your shoes who are willing to help someone else along. It is so helpful to have someone experienced to be a sounding board. boss. Be sure you contribute to the relationship and express your appreciation and gratitude—in both word and deed—for the time that others devote to help you along your path. Look for people who share your perspective. Whether it’s your parent. personal or spiritual growth.

but if you neglect to invest time and support in those relation-ships. Don’t focus on your own goals and accomplishments to the extent that you forget to listen to and support those who have supported you. Taking time for those you love is never a waste of time. don’t leave your friends and loved ones behind. Remember. Family should be our most supportive relationships. 35 . You should enlist the support of your parents. It’s strange. more respect for deadlines and more commitment of time to facets of our lives outside the immediate circle of family and friends. As you move toward achieving your dreams. This is especially true if your goals will require them to sacrifice money or time with you or if they are putting their own dreams on hold to help support your pursuit of your dreams. brothers and sisters.Clue 1 Take time for those you love. they may crumble. but we have a tendency to treat strangers better than our family members and the people closest to us. the loftiest of goals must be balanced with devotion to your most important relationships. grandparents or others who are central in your life. We often show more courtesy.


37 .Secret 7 See Change as Opportunity.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. 38 .Inspiration He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery. to adapt quickly and sometimes unwillingly to forces that can be scary. Thomas Edison said. —Harold Wilson Change that we control or initiate is easier to handle than change that is forced on us.” Tackle such opportunities with enthusiasm. A positive attitude will help you see the opportunities change creates. Unexpected change challenges us to think on our feet.

not just wishing things were different. afraid of what others might think and afraid we are not up to the challenge or may fail in our attempts. we should be less fearful of creating change in our own lives. changes in your life. or even instituting. Wanting change means doing something to achieve it.Clue 1 Decide to embrace change. Accepting change doesn’t always mean you have to like what change brings but it does require that you adapt. change your leaves. We are afraid of what might happen. 39 . What are barriers to making changes? All our excuses usually boil down to fear. French philosopher and writer Victor Hugo said. Since we are bound to accept change in everything around us. keep to your principles. decide and then take action.” It’s important to hold on to your basic values as you are dealing with. “Change your opinions. keep intact your roots. If you want to make changes in your life. Everyone has those fears. Get past your fears and embrace the possibilities and opportunities change will bring.

start an exercise program or seek counseling. Typically. When you can make a list of your reasons for wanting change. Then you just have to accept change for what it is and try to make the best of things. Decisions may be in the hands of your parents. people who make changes want to experience a better life—financially. you should ask yourself why you are trying to get there. you will have more determination to accomplish your goals so you can reap the benefits of changing. loss of a job or some disaster may force your family to face new challenges and may result in changes in many parts of your life. Whatever your goals. Other times.Clue 2 Examine the reasons for changes. your teachers or your school and out of your control. Sometimes you can’t do anything individually to remedy your situation. change comes involuntarily. They go back to school. physically or emotionally. 40 . People decide to make changes in their lives at different points for different reasons. Death of a loved one. Sometimes people undertake big changes because they want to make a difference. divorce.

so it’s no wonder some people would rather not deal with change.Clue 3 View change as normal. Five hundred years before Christ. But people who grow up in military families or have parents whose jobs force them to move. seeing the same people. experience new environments and meet new people in the places they live. nevertheless. your immediate surroundings and the world you live in. Life is just one change after another. like aging and the passing of seasons. attending the same school and having the same friends forever.” Some will argue that change is not always progress. Sometimes people get so stuck in the good times of the past they fail to fully enjoy the present. make new friends and set new goals. change is inevitable. Plenty of folks are afraid to get out of their comfort zones. Then get to work changing things in your life. “Nothing endures but change. a Greek philosopher said. Learn new things. repeating the same routines can be comforting. It can be exciting. Accept that change is normal. 41 . A lot of people would like living in the same neighborhood. A positive attitude can help you look at opportunities presented by change. Doing things the same way.


Secret 8 Respect Your Own Needs. 43 .

you make the world a different place for everyone you know. Value the fact that by just being here. Our personalities and our bodies are ours and ours alone. you should start by respecting yourself and being sure to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally.Inspiration Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. —John F. Kennedy Each person is a unique individual. Regardless of what you do in life. 44 .

Ever heard that old saying. diabetes and other ailments that should be caught early to get the best outcome. And medical studies have shown that physical exercise is good stimulation for your mental health.Clue 1 Take care of your health. With a physician’s oversight. I really believe in exercise. “You have to spend some energy to get more energy.” he said. We take life and health for granted. It’s never too late to start some kind of exercise program. It’s a habit I learned as a young athlete and I continue to practice today. “You have to spend money to make money”? Well. I heard a personal trainer turn that around and apply it to exercise. if you have that habit. too. You can improve your health by avoiding too much sun. you can start slowly and build up to a routine that will help you look and feel better. tobacco and other drugs and not consuming too much junk food. don’t we? It’s sad to think that people usually fail to think about their health until a problem develops. Some adults go years without visiting a doctor or having routine screenings for cancer. 45 . staying away from alcohol.

staying up long hours part of the time and hibernating to try to compensate for it at other times. (That’s good after school. 46 . That’s one more way exercise pays off. especially. often practice poor sleep habits. Some people have difficulty allowing their minds to rest. You know you are not going to be your best if you don’t get enough rest—and you’re not going to look your best.” taking brief rests of only 10 or 15 minutes in the afternoon to recharge. but don’t try it in class!) Medicine also tells us that exercise (if not done too close to bedtime) will help you sleep better. either! Teenagers. Getting too little sleep leaves you tired and robs you of the vitality you need to approach life with enthusiasm. Get enough sleep so you’ll wake up rested and ready to face the day’s challenges and changes and so you’ll have enough energy to accomplish your goals.Clue 2 Get a reasonable amount of sleep. regeneration and healing that the body must do when we are at rest. Recent studies have even shown the value of “power napping. Everyone needs sleep for the recuperation. they can’t let go of the day’s troubles or keep from thinking about tomorrow.

old Greek. Sometimes at the root of overeating or eating disorders are emotional issues that manifest themselves in poor habits. Give yourself time to adjust to the changes and don’t beat yourself up over little set-backs. Set goals and get support. Socrates. many of us have a hard time with sensible eating. Or it may be a matter of environment. I’m a believer in moderation. be sure you take a reasonable approach. where we enjoy so much in abundance. If your self-improvement goals include diet.” In these modern times. especially in a country like the United States. You don’t have to deny yourself things like sweets and French fries—unless you have a genetic tendency toward diabetes—but you should be reasonable about your intake. that wise. 47 . not live to eat. Treat your body like the finely designed machine it is. Sometimes it’s a physical problem and we need to get a doctor’s advice. said we should “eat to live. Give it the right fuel to keep it operating properly.Clue 3 Eat a well-balanced diet. Avoid the false promises of the latest fads.


Secret 9 Leave a Lasting Legacy. 49 .

We’d like to feel we’ve made a difference in the lives of people around us. whether our interests extend no farther than our family and friends or reach a global plane. but rather try to become a man of value.Inspiration Try not to become a man of success. 50 . —Albert Einstein How do you want to be remembered? What would you want people to say at your funeral? Most of us would like to be remembered fondly.

It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. if you give to a cause. your life will be more rewarding. Your passion may be taking care of animals. they receive even more rewards. Because of my background as a basketball player.” And you’re never too young to get involved in a cause. saving the environment or responding to disasters. and so are all the fine adults who help me with the program.Clue 3 Find a cause you believe in. Helen Keller said. I know I’m having as much fun as they are. Nothing is as satisfying as finding a place where you can contribute your talents to benefit others. discipline and sportsmanship! I believe those are valuable lessons for them to learn. “Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. helping senior citizens. 51 . I’ve found a worthy purpose in conducting summer basketball clinics for 400 to 500 kids in my native state of Arkansas. People who volunteer for causes invariably say that by giving their time and efforts to others. Those kids have so much fun learning teamwork. Whatever it is. feeding the homeless.

Scientists have proven that a positive outlook can aid clearer thinking. Count your blessings instead of your problems. Laugh. It’s good for body and soul. 52 . and I think that is important personally and to my business success. a certain song. resilience to change and even the ability to handle stress. a vacation.Clue 2 Develop a love for life and let it show. There’s emptiness without it but warmth. I’ve taken the smiley face as my logo for good reason. It reminds me to love life and focus on being happy. Loving life and other people is essential. you’ll see joy returning to you and your love of life growing and showing. and your focus will shift toward the positive and away from the negative. even a string of good grades in math class. Make it your goal to bring cheer into someone’s life every day and in no time. Have fun. To help get a positive focus. Loving life itself will help you make a difference to other people and leave a lasting legacy. both places where I hope to leave a legacy. satisfaction and success with it. write a list of things that make you smile—your friends. a favorite memory.

by recycling or by just enjoying the wonder of creation. It is not excluding people or bullying people because they seem different. 53 . Praise a job well done. Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if we could all live in a constant state of appreciation. And appreciate our world by not littering. but it is a sure way to leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet because so few of us really accomplish it. but she says. each person has talents that can be appreciated even if you don’t share them. Someone has to be the audience and applaud!” You may not have a particular skill or talent. I have a friend whose brother is an excellent singer and whose sister plays the piano. but you can appreciate what goes into it. Having such appreciation is inclusive of others. Show your appreciation. From cheerleader to chess player. Don’t withhold compliments. Thank people who assist you.Clue 3 Have an appreciation for everyone and everything. being thankful for everything and everyone? It takes a big heart to live that way. My friend is not so talented musically. “I have the gift of appreciation.


55 .Secret 10 Keep On Smiling.

” Hardly anyone can resist returning a smile. In fact. you don’t even have to speak the same language to share a smile. “Smile. —Ernie Banks A while back there was a popular saying. If you aren’t happy in one place. It’s a universal language in itself. Smiling is a great way to create happiness. chances are you won’t be happy anyplace.Inspiration You must try to generate happiness within yourself. It will make people wonder what you’ve been up to. 56 . even if they don’t know why you’re smiling.

Clue 1 Make a commitment to be happy right now. Everyone has sad times. for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions.” I imagine Martha experienced some sad times—after all. “I am still determined to be cheerful and happy. Martha Washington said. but decide to have a joyful spirit regardless of what occurs around you. in whatever situation I may be. not just in everything you do yourself but also in how others perceive you and how they enjoy your company. 57 . Your commitment to being happy will build a can-do attitude and you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Be the one who sees the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. Your positive outlook will be contagious. and that First-Lady role must have had its ups and downs! But she knew that the secret to happiness was simply deciding to be happy. people were critical of him at times. and not upon our circumstances. Choose optimism instead of pessimism. her husband was off at war for years on end.

seeing a double rainbow. They are fascinated by lizards or caterpillars. Don’t little preschool kids just have more excitement and enthusiasm than you can believe? They jump up and down just because they get to go to the park. They giggle about the smallest of things. at school or wherever you are. finding something that was lost or even getting in the shortest line at the grocery store. How long has it been since you’ve been really tickled about anything? What are your sources of that pure. to find the joy in little things! Here’s where we can take some lessons from the children in our lives. childlike joy? And I don’t mean laughing at the expense of someone else. Ah. Practice being the one who is pleased by the smallest of things. I mean taking genuine pleasure in life’s little blessings. And the amazing thing is that attitude rubs off—at home.Clue 2 Find little things to be tickled about. savoring a moment with a loved one. 58 . Don’t practice being the one who is hard to please. Seeing little things in daily life as sources of joy can create a whole attitude of happiness and optimism.

I can always find room for a sense of humor.” And medical studies have shown that humor actually can help us physically. something good. In one example. It makes me think that certainly with my responsibilities being so much lighter in comparison. Lighten up and you’ll release stress and feel better.” That’s an amazing observation from a person who carried such heavy burdens.Clue 3 Smile for life. of getting things done. 59 . And good laughter is even better. Writer Norman Cousins called laughter “inner jogging. “A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership. of getting along with people. too. I find that if I lift the corners of my mouth. Laugh for life. too. A smile is signifies satisfaction. General and President Dwight D. my spirits are instantly lifted. welcome. Take everything and everybody—including yourself—less seriously and you will enjoy life more. cancer patients who watched comedy reported less pain. Try to see how ridiculous situations are in the bigger scope of things and be willing to let small mishaps be a source of laughter. commanding Allied Forces in World War II and leading the United States during the Cold War years in the 1950s. Eisenhower said.


he was able to keep our students’ attention with great interaction and audience involvement. Fair Magnet High School.Endorsements for Secrets to Success for Students Mr. Pilgrim’s motivational self-help success presentation for our students was inspiring and uplifting. AR 61 . principal. J. AR Mr. Pilgrim did a great job reaching our students. career development facilitator. Love. — Sharon Jackson. His advice about setting goals is a life-long skill. Each day. Plus. The success secrets we gained from his book are invaluable! I recommend Lawson’s book to students and teachers alike! — Travis R. A. I give students advice. Little Rock. AR The professional development training from Lawson motivated and inspired our teachers. His message of having a positive attitude and setting goals was exactly what our students needed. Bee Branch. but hearing it from Lawson is worth a million dollars. West Memphis High School. positive and life-changing. South Side High School. The day Lawson spent working with our students will have a positive impact on the rest of our lives. I highly recommend his book—and his speaking appearance—for all students! — Jennifer Presley. teacher.

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