The Day(s) the Earth Stood Dumb

In 1940 Harry Bates story “Farewell to the Master” was transcribed for the screen by Edmund H. North in 1951 movie titled “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” There was a remake of the movie in 2008 which addresses a change of thinking from Thermal Nuclear War to Environmental Damage. Regardless of who played Klaatu, the power to affect the world was instilled in a greater power. Forget not the greatest power that has existed from the dawn of all time. Seems as many have forgotten greater powers exist. In the 1951 version, Professor Barnhardt as being one of the most learned scientists in the world was found to be engrossed with the solution reached to raise the world’s attention to avoid the world’s destruction. In the 1980 version, Professor Barnhardt, argument was raised that man could change which would allow for the world to survive destruction caused by man. On November 11, 2012 Ann Barnhardt (most likely no relation to Professor Barnhardt) published a series of YouTube videos1 accurately describing man’s tangible failure. Factors of physical limits comes into question, is there enough space, guns and ammunition in the world to present evil as a target for high velocity bullets? Maybe, maybe not but one thing for certain, God’s wall is endless and the power of God’s weapons would make the power of a high velocity rifle look puny. One most ask oneself, what are God’s weapons? Question arise: 1. Does man fear man more than man fears God? Maybe it’s time for man to re-evaluate his standing in the world for it appears man stands on wobbly stiff knees. 2. Does man fear the affects of choosing poorly? Where man choose poorly in man’s world will such choice extend to God kingdom? Choice, Heaven or Hell, where one arrives is dependent upon choice.
Forget Not the power of the pen in voting for leaders, choose wisely.

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