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al jumhuriyyah al Yamaniyyah


 Background information about Yemen.

 Why we choose Yemen.

 key point related to problem.

 conclusion

 suggestions.

 References.
Background information about
 It is an Arab country located on the Southwest Asia.

 The population is more than 23 million people.

 It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the North, the Red Sea to the

West, the Arabian Sea an Gulf of Aden to the South ,and Oman
to the East.

 Yemen size is just under 530,00 km2

 Socotra islands about 415 km(259 miles) to the south of Yemen

Why Yemen?
 Poorest nation in the Arab region.

 some development problems.

 Getting access to education especially for girls.

 Inequalities between rural and urban areas and between

boys and girls.

 The real situation is reflected in statistics issued concerning

illiteracy rates in our country.
The problems which faced the
 Yemen was closed to the outside world for hundreds of years.

 Gender specific roles.

 Early marriage.

 Mixed classes.

 separation between the sexes

 poverty

 Females teachers are not available.


 General information about AL Yemen..

 Why we choose Al Yemen…..

 The problem which is illiteracy….


 Media

 Government

 Volunteers




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