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Ears 114 tMantors ComersSan Frincizce YNCA eeresescostcantiolwin Winterms 4 YMCA builds fit and trim Windows network = Innovation. costs now balanced By Slaise Zeraga HEN YMCA cf San sitched from green-screen teim- nals toWindcws based applications, itmansavered ¢ eal space un der a budget ceiing to save money anc increase productiviy. YMCX':solution wat 180 Wyse Winterns, which will help save about $1 millioe during Sve yrars “although cost drove many decisons, cos-savings isn't he primary benefit Instead of RO” beiag a vwe'r calling ita return on nformatien,” says JeffBundy, CID at YMCA of Sar Francisco. he solution ts remote YMCA stes dec uwosically acces certeallytored infermation, The YMCA of San Francisco is acommu: nity service crganizatien with 1 locitions, ts 997 budget of $10.4 milion willserve 115000 members with programs ranging fom child care 0 FACING BUSINESS CHALLENGES. yi: hhadmace do vith outdsted tecknalogy for yeas. YMCA’, systems were based sn ace tral nin mairframe vith d st vanch cations, whics eau work processes and ever increasing system ‘34 INFoWeRLD SEPI=MBER 29, 199: Porte record ee ‘13 incrnety report SE rwtcnesn ears ie haa ‘is $35 milion. In the spring of 996, YMCA sought to improveits point-obeak ‘weovee and ahenceiteimagewith desle looking modern ‘ermnals. Security was a corcern because terminals woud be instllee in the public view, cexpesedto taf Because cf finascial con- straints, mee erticalissue was investing in techndlogy witha fare, YMCA looked for a desktoo that supportsd Windows based applicitions an¢ prewrved hone. ‘grown Unixapplicttion for core sks. YMCA considersd PCs and Wyse Win- terms, thin clients that rn Wiadowsappica tions off an application server. Initial cost comparitons favored Winters, but hard ware costs alone were tot erough to sway Bandy. expensive maistenaace and grester nnetworkcon:ol were the persuasive facto, Still, the Wintern werkstaions werenot the totalsolution. ‘A Winterm gets its ife aad pulse fiom ‘WinFrame server softvare,” Bundy siys, not NT Born referringto the muliuse: vers Gitele Syston Bundy/s 10-unit tota-costof-cwnenhip {dwn intowsrlé.com 4 iwrowoRLD SEPTEMBER 25 JEFF BUNDY FROW THE SAN FRANCISCO YMKA rected deskroptechnclogy with a future, ‘mull favored Winterms2:t0-1 over timnted to cos $2,800 each. A: $90C eachand With 10 software licenses, Winterms cate to ‘cist of $4000, The costof WinFrame software bumped up costs, bur evings from Wiaterts instead of FCsmade up the diffrence,” Bundy says. 1 April 1996, with the assistance of lacal inugrators, YMCA built a 13-sive frame: relay network of Cisco cocters. AHewiett Packard LC 133 server wes insalled at YMCA’s central office and tested with four renote Winterms. lvally, Wyse indicated that one central server could power our remote locations ver the frame-relay network, but through, Sell testing we found this was painfully 997 hnw://vm slew,” Eundy says Toimprovenetwork performance, YMCA eaded extra HP servers localy hosting Win Frime software. The HP boxes also run NT 3.11, LetusNotes.and Microsoft Office Ten lotatiors added these Wintrame servers: peforsance atthe rerainiag three sies is adequat bat not great, Buncy admits The alded expesse otlocal HP servers was absorbely the project’ $9.9million buiget. The YMCA installa 180 Winer works ens ard 1) WirFrame serene forthe rane amountwith whit itcoald hive purchased a 16)-seatclientiserrer networkwith PCS. WAITING FOR WT 5.0. Busy admit the YNCA gystemsaredependenion Microsoi’s upgrades and supoorts By going with NT on he servers nd Citrix wink ramesc ‘ware, YUCA locced itself inte NT 3.5. b 186 N~4.0 dace aot yet support Winters. "We could go with an OLM solution to gan the look and feel of N74.0, but then were spending mere moneyend incressing th layers of technology between aur termi nas and our serve,” Bundy sys. "Weld be walting 10t only. Microset, but also for any chaage to filter through each vendor's product” *MCa continuesto use PC for iasks such as ccounting and Jeskiop prblisking, “Ther's always the need for full-blown dektop;,” Bundy ays Having described himselfas “cautiously opimisic” about Winters deployment, Bundy ie now a:rue beliewerin thar useasa nichesalution crawl space under a budget ‘The YMCA maneuvered in the a ceiling tosave money and increase productvity. ‘Mentor’s Corner, page 134 ‘The Computerworld 125 Summer Stivet, Suite 1210 "Telephone: 617.478.2704. Smithsonian Awards Boston, Massachusetts USA Facsimile: 617.478.2332 saeiandis Wis Site tp fier ac December 4, 1997 ‘Seria| Number: 98220 Mr, Jeff Bundy Chief Information Officer YMCA of San Francisco 44 Montgomery St. Ste. 770 San Francisco, CA 94104 USA Dear Mr. Bundy: ‘Congratulations on YMCA of San Francisco's nomination for a Computerworld Smithsonian Award. ich jean; The Connparannecld Saiilisanden Asemade Dosigease tdlnitiea and honors men and women whose visionary use of Information Technology produces positive social, economic and educational change. These innovators, nominated by Chairmen of the nation's leading Information Technology ‘companies, are accorded a permanent place in history at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. Dr. Mursis Chang, Chiassuan of Wyse Teduuulogy, wouiinaed YMCA uf Sat Francisco’s Frame Relay network for an award in the Government & ‘Non-Profit Organizations category. Enclosed are the necessary materials and the instructions for submission to the Smithsonian, Before submitting your ease study, we invite you to visit our ‘web site and browse the records of past nominees. ‘These records can be accessed on the internet from 1he Iniovauon Network, located st hup:/finnovatesiedu, Me CCE eee In addition to becoming part of the Smithsonian's Permanent Research Colleetion, your materials will he submitted to a panel of distinguished judges, and, as a nominee, you will be invited to attend a formal presentation Of the collection at a Medal Ceremony at the Smithsonian Castle on April 6, 1998, ‘Details on the specifics of this event will follow. ‘Victoria Mouris will remain in contact with you in the coming weeks to heip you secure your place in the 1998 collection. If you have any questions, Pease cll our program sat at (617) 478.2704. Ic would be our pleasure w include your work inthe Smithsonian's history of Information Technology for re generstione stir a0 ) (Hd Mar Z “Daniel S. Morrow Susan Has ieeagraieesearey? Exceutive Dircowr Dircowr vf Collections: SSsccie "ices ve Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Information Technology & Society Archive Computerworld Smithsonian Awards eda te trata ee ton oe a ‘sas hon ne aoa a ee Seuaens Gwenn Ree at “Fino eet oe itn he Cenipuicnwesta Smithsonian Awards 143 Sumner Street, Suite x20 Boston, Massachusetts USA 2110-1616 creneptsaasn ey pme Facsimile: 617.478.2332 ‘Web Site: hmp//imovatesieda March 2, 1998 Mr. Jeff Bundy Chist Taformation Officer YMCA of San Francisco 101 N. Wacker Dr. Chicago , L 60606 Dear Mr. Bundy: Congratulations on YMCA of San Francisco's inclusion in the Smithsonian Institution's Permanent Research Collection, Now in its tenth year, the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Program (CWSA) is considered the miost prestigious awards program in the information technology industry. We have begun 2 comprehensive mei efor on behalf of all 1998 nominees. Included below is # revised copy of your short summary thar will be sent for reference to the media, ‘The purpose of this short summary is not to provide 2 comprehensive background on your nomination; rather, it isa tool to hone in om a fow dlictinet aspoets that make yane nomination tmiqwe. Short Summary: Investments in new networking technolo dminiiatoepradustnty ond further the organo’ ably) rudd srg ids, strong faalies, strong comemunitis.” Asa member of the 1998 Innovation Collection, you will be invited to attend ee ee ee the National Mall in front of the Smithsonian Castle on the morning of Monit April 6, 1998. The ceremony will commence at 9:30 a.m., and sega wil begin at 8:00 a.m, "Your oleae, fame an fens are ll welcome to attend. We have also enclosed a list of recommended hotels fir Gil erent oGld You yan to dee in tone Aarti nighe aad eaearage you to make your reservations as soon as possible as the Cherry Blossom Fescival will be ia fall swing In early Apu. Pleawe expect wo feceive an imnuarion ip iis ecretgay wAln toe nite Gew Gaye TE yo, wom like any envicinns made en your short eamonary, pleace enntare uusat (617) 478-2704 or via e-mail at ewsa@cadaback-com iy Tuesday, March 10, 1998. Ie has been a pleasure working with you over the past few months, tod we look foreard to seing you in Washington, D.C. this Apel Collection Specialise Division of Archives & History Sincerely, Susan Fass Director of Collections Information Technology & Society Archive

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