The Audience and the pleasures of the text As audiences get more sophisticated at recognising action and enigma

codes we begin to see patterns and anticipate developments – this advances The pleasure of the text. We like the feeling of being “in the know” and the pleasure that familiarity brings. It is this familiarity and continuity that makes narratives pleasurable, predictable and understandable. There is a creation of tension in trying to anticipate what is going to happen and then pleasure at predicting the resolution. Visualise the narrative as if it’s an elastic band that you want to stretch, but not too taut. We like to have our knowingness confirmed and our understanding of narrative structure – we like being right. Part of the pleasure lies in the overlap between these fictional narratives and the narratives of our own lives (or our projected desires and fantasies. The real and the fictional often share common values and attitudes. The pleasure the audience can get from different genres have been categorised as follows. Each genre satisfies different combinations of these categories. AUDIENCE PLEASURES


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