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Pronunciation Challenge 3 By Gus

elf shelf elm bulk sulk film
psalm/sA:m/ calm/kA:m/ walk/wO:k/ milk yolk /j@Uk/ elk
calf  /kA:f/ volt talk  /tO:k/ half /hA:f/ chalk /tSO:k/ false
folk  /f@Uk/ bold salt self silk silver
The letter “L” is silent where it is followed by /f/, /k/ or /m/ and the preceding vowel is the letter “A” or
“O” (pronounced /A:/, /O:/ or /@U/).
I have only found one example where the “A” is pronounced /{/ before “LM”, and that was in the word
“salmon” /"s{m@n/. Note that the “L” is silent.
I have found exceptions for the “A” or “O” rule was in some names like Hulme /hju:m/ and Lincoln
/"lINk@n/ (The last one was suggested by Brian Eyre).
My friend Roddy Kay has pointed out 3 exceptions to the rule: almanac, almoner and almighty. He has also
suggested that some native speakers might hesitate in pronouncing the “L” in “palm”, “alms” and
If you find other exceptions, please let me know.

That’s it!

Until our next Pronunciation Challenge,