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S E R11 GEAR FUMPS & MOTORS 42.38 TO 41.3 CM*/REV. 470 BAR. PRESSURE AGOO Generar Data OPERATION NOTES All components are designed to operate within the limts ef performance of an Average Froduetion Unit at stated heroin For operations outside the Standard specification iis essentel that por approval be obtaires from David Brown Hydraulics. The Compony’s Terms of Werranty are specified on eur written quotations, and are also evitiable stepacately on request Dirt, metal particles and other contaminants are harmful to all precision built hydraulic components. Always ensure that the system is initially dean and fluid cleanliness is maintained at 150.4406 16/17 (optimum), 19/5 (max). Before pressursing the Pump, Motor or Control Valve contin thes > Ail pipes and fittings are propery installed and connected. » The system fs filed with fluid of the correct specication orucners ane spare Ports Shows for al David Brown Hydraulics wnirs gens aes nie nur Sones Doponmer Footues marked’ are preferred standard FAGBOO GENERAL DATA INTRODUCTION The information contained in this leaflat covers all 1600 Series Gear Pumps and Motors forming part of the wide range of Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Control and Auxiliary Values produced by David -O- B+ ‘THEORETICAL DISPLACEMENT Brown Hydraulics (so0 page 75. Our exensive coverage is specticaly designed to [ums] we [teas [tte Tw [es [ta provide manufacturers of construction equipment fem’ | 238 | ma | wa | wa | ns | aa and mechanical handling plant with the best possible combination of pumps, motors and | GENERAL DATA 7 contro equipment at competitive prices, Drie Sate See Pages «Sha Sen Das See Page The high rate oftechrica innovation demanded by | Maane Rants ees equipment manufacturers constantly adds new: Fort Connections See Page & ‘aie " Rotation - Pumps: Either direction {not reversible) features to our products, usually as the result of Rotation Motors Ether drecon reverse) Speed Range Pumps 500-2700 revimin intensive practical development undertaken to | Spmed Range Motes $00.000'evin a Dimensions ‘See Page S Improve the operation of economies of a spaciiod | Wage Sefer Postion Natu intaton 6 of machine, Such features cannot aways be | Mong ‘ype of machi Such feat * * Ambient Temperature Range BC to + OC covered in a publication of this nature but our ‘Hydraulic Fluid Temperature Range 20°C to + BOC Maxirum vice for Cold tart Sic Su application engineers are always ready 10 help in| Maxam fr nal wertng eondtons. 25m: ‘Minimum permissible viscosity Wmmtisec icSt) {inding 2 practical solution Hyeraulically, your business is our business and we believe our company to be uniquely qualified to assist you to get the best out of your machines. This professional technical service is freely at your disposal Our fully equipped plant provides us with the most Lupsto-date production facilites in Europe. Qualified distributors or subsidiary companies in| the most important industrial markets, ensure that parts and service are available intemationally. For optinum ie and efizienc, fie scot shouldbe in the rengeof 15 to ‘Eman sec (€5 during romal working conditions. Performance Data rea cds } see 2 Pressure! Speed Linitations ‘OPERATING PRESSURE - PUMPS Inket Pressure Range Minimum See Page 4 Maximum 2 bar Outlet 1604201610170 bara) 1613101617 155 bac fra) OPERATING PRESSURE - MOTORS Inlet/Outlet 60H 1610 170bar fran) 1613t0 1817 155bar (nay) Drain Line Presure Maximum 2bar ALL DATAIs OSTAINED FROM AVERAGE PERFORMANCE OF REGULAR PRODUCTION PUMPS SING GOOD QUALITY’ A £10 AANERAL KYDRALUC OW AT 0° GENERALLY CORFESPONDING TO AVISCOSTY OF 23 aes (cS. Civil Diners al Sats, Fangs and Pus confer io SAE, Sandds were ese ae spectid