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A sexual harassment policy should include the following:

____ 1. A definition of sexual harassment.

The policy may refer to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's

definition of sexual harassment, but should attempt to explain it in easy to
understand terms, including a description of conduct that will not be tolerated.

____ 2. A company-wide complaint procedure.

____ a. Designate the individuals who have the authority to handle complaints
of sexual harassment.
____ b. Remember that everyone should have someone to go to who is outside
their direct line of supervision.
____ c. Have a policy requiring written complaints.

____ 3. An estimated time frame for investigations.

____ a. Specify how long the investigation should take and when an answer
can be expected.

____ 4. The penalties for violating the policy.

____ a. State that anyone violating the policy will be subject to discipline,
ranging from a warning to discharge.
____ b. State what the civil penalties are as well.

____ 5. A confidentiality provision.

____ a. Explain that the identity of both the complaining employee and the
alleged harasser will be protected to the extent possible, but that action
will be taken.

____ 6. Protection for employees against retaliation.

____ a. Provide that anyone making a complaint will not be retaliated against,
even if a complaint made in good faith is not founded.
____ b. Also provide that witnesses will be protected.