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____ 1. Enlist the assistance and support of recruiting sources to provide meaningful
employment opportunities to qualified individuals with disabilities. Formal
briefing sessions should be held on company premises with representatives from
recruiting sources.

____ 2. Recruitment efforts at all schools should incorporate special efforts to reach
students with disabilities. Engage in recruitment activities at educational
institutions that participate in training of individuals with disabilities.

____ 3. Establish meaningful contacts with appropriate service organizations and

vocational rehabilitation facilities for advice, technical assistance, and referral of
potential employees;

____ 4. Include individuals with disabilities when employees are pictured in consumer,
promotional or help wanted advertising.

____ 5. Send written notification of company policy to all subcontractors, vendors and
suppliers requesting appropriate action on their part.

____ 6. Take positive steps to attract qualified individuals with disabilities not currently
in the work force who have requisite skills and can be recruited through
affirmative action measures.

____ 7. Consider applicants with known disabilities for all available positions for which
they are qualified when the position applied for in unavailable (41 CFR 60-
250.44(f) and 41 CFR 60-741.44(f)).