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____ 1. Develop a formal policy for handling employee reference requests that

____ 2. The type of information that will be provided;

____ 3. Who is authorized to provide references; and

____ 4. The required form of the request.

____ 5. Communicate the reference policy to managers and employees.

____ 6. Make sure that terminated employees are given an accurate reason for their
dismissals, based on documented evidence.

____ 7. Do not provide references for former employees unless [Organization Name]
has a release and waiver.

____ 8. Do not provide blank “to whom it may concern” reference letters to separating

____ 9. Return responses to written reference requests to the requester in an envelope

marked “confidential.”

____ 10. Ask any party requesting a reference if it has the former employee’s
permission to contact [Organization Name].

____ 11. Verify the identity of the person making a telephone inquiry by calling the
employer to verify the inquirer’s position.

____ 12. Communicate only with parties that have a need to know (HR, prospective
supervisor, etc.)
____ 13. Before giving references over the telephone, ask if the other party is alone and
if the conversation is being recorded.

____ 14. Provide only truthful, job-related information that is based on proper

____ 15. Do not volunteer information that is not requested.

____ 16. Do not provide misleading information.

____ 17. Provide the same type of information about former employees at all levels.

____ 18. Document the specifics of all references given in a log.