March 200


Man+al 5990/2



CAUTION:- Due to the use of an electronic switchmode power supply all internal components regardless of supply voltage should be treated as live to earth when power is supplied to the DishDrawer.

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Drawer Front Removal
Slide o:en drawer3 Locate draw :in on either side of the t+@3 Using a shar: :air of long nose :liers or sli: Caw :liers gras: the center diDiding we@ of the :in and :+ll away froF the t+@ to reFoDe the :in3 S+::ort the drawer front with yo+r hand while doing this3 NoteH The :in we@ is Dertical3 Jith @oth :ins reFoDed the @ottoF of the drawer front can now @e eased o+t slightly3 Now caref+lly :+ll the drawer front down to allow it to coFe free froF the handle and to: locating slots3 Caref+lly reFoDe the earth wire froF the ta@ on the drawer front3 (if it is an integrated model you will also need to unplug the integrated badge from the isolating module) Refit in reDerse Fanner ens+ring the drawer slides are right forward and the :in sec+res thro+gh the hooN on the front end of the slide3 NoteH Jhen reinserting the :ins FaNe s+re the diDiding we@ is Dertical3

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Tub Removal
O:en the drawer f+lly3 De:ress the right0hand t+@ cli: and :+sh it @acN a@o+t 10FF Q1 inchR3 Re:eat for the left0hand side3 The t+@ Fay now @e lifted +: off the drawer r+nners3 Slide @oth r+nners @acN into the :rod+ct3 Refit in reDerse Fanner3

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