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eo f Contents
Unit 4 Adjectives and Advevbs

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Unit 1 The Sentence
1 What Is a Sentence? b Revising Strategies: Sentence Fluency Writing Good Sentences 2 Statements and Questions 3 Commands and Exclamations 4 The Subject of a Sentence 5 The Predicate of a Sentence 6 Correcting Run-on Sentences b Revising Strategies: Sentence Fluency Writing Good Sentences

1 What Are Adjectives?

2 More Adjectives
b Revising Strategies: Sentence Fluency

61 63

Writing with Adjectives Using a, an, and the Comparing with Adjectives What Are Adverbs? Other Kinds of Adverbs b Revising Strategies: Sentence Fluency Writing with Adverbs 7 Using to, two, and too b Revising Strategies: Vocabulary Using Exact Adjectives
3 4 5 6

U n i t 2 Nouns
1 What Are Nouns? 2 Common and Proper Nouns 3 Nouns in the Subject P Revising Strategies: Sentence Fluency Writing with Nouns 4 Singular and Plural Nouns 5 Plural Nouns with -es 6 More Plural Nouns with -es 7 Special Plural Nouns 8 Singular Possessive Nouns 9 Plural Possessive Nouns B Revising Strategies: Vocabulary Using Exact Nouns

Unit 5 Capitalization and Punctuation
1 Correct Sentences
b Revising Strategies: Sentence Fluency

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94 96 98

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Writing Good Sentences Capitalizing Proper Nouns Capitalizing Other Nouns Abbreviations Book Titles Introductory Words Commas in a Series Revising Strategies: Sentence Fluency Writing Good Sentences Quotation Marks More About Quotation Marks

Unit 3 Verbs
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i Unit 6 Pronouns
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What Are Verbs? Verbs in the Present More Verbs in the Present Verbs in the Past More Verbs in the Past Verbs in the Future Revising Strategies: Sentence Fluency Writing with Verbs The Special Verb be Helping Verbs Irregular Verbs More Irregular Verbs Contractions with not Revising Strategies: Vocabulary Using Exact Verbs


! i

1 Subject Pronouns 2 Pronouns and Verbs 3 Object Pronouns b Revising Strategies: Sentence Fluency Writinq with Pronouns

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4 Using ;and me 5 Possessive Pronouns 6 Contractions 7 Using there. theii, and they're F Revising Strategies: Vocabulary Homophones

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a Section 1 Narrating and Entertaining Getting Started: Narrative Paragraphs Supporting Sentences ! Section 3 Expressing and Influencing i I : unit Writing to Expressan Opinion 140 141 142 143 144 i 117 : i Choosing Strong Reasons Elaborating Your Reasons Good Openings and Closings Revising an Opinion Essay The Writing Process: Revising Strategies Elaborating: Word Choice Unit 7 Writing a Personal Narrative Organizing Your Narrative Good Beginnings Writing with Voice GOO^ Endings Revising a Personal Narrative The Writing Process: Revising Strategies Sentence Fluency 119 120 121 i i i Unit 12 Writing to Persuade : 123 1 i i Supporting Your Reasons Organizing Your Essay Good Openings and Closings writingwith voice Revising a Persuasive Essay The Writing Process: Revising Strategies Sentence Fluency 145 146 147 148 149 150 Unit 8 Writing a Story Characters and Setting Planning the Plot Developing the Plot Revising a Story The Writing Process: Revising Strategies Sentence Fluency 125 126 127 128 : 1 i i Getting Started: Informational Paragraphs Supporting Sentences 129 i i i Unit 9 Writing lnstructions Organizing Your Instructions Using Details Good Beginnings and Endings Revising Instructions The Writing Process: Revising Strategies Elaborating: Word Choice 130 131 132 133 134 i i Unit "8 Writing a Research Report Gathering Facts Good Openings and Closings Revising a Research Report The Writing Process: Revising Strategies Elaborating: Details 135 136 137 138 i i i i i i .

/- 2. 1 "8 Could not travel fast or far. 3. Frightened horses. The most famous of all the steam automobiles. The first automobiles amazed people.Cars have clianged since "Em. Inventors from different countries. 7.Name at Is a Sentence? 0Read t h e t w o groups o f words after each number. Rode on horses or bicycles. 12. 10. 6. Write not a sentence if it i s n o t a sentence. A strange sight on the roads. They were hard to start. Stearn cars made so much noise. Very few people had cars. 1. 9. Underline t h e group o f words t h a t is a sentence. 0W r i t e sentence if t h e group o f words is a sentence. 5. 4. 8. Liked electric cars. Accidents and angry words. Some cars had steam engines. Electric cars were quieter. The Stanley twins built a steam car. .

Remember that each sentence inust tell who or what and what happened. Write at least five sentences. .Name 1 mat IS a Sentence? (continued from page 1) I ' Drive the car t o the garage. Only take roads with groups of words I You have invented an invisible car. Write a story that describes an adventure you had with this car.

=. ..: . Writing Complete Sentences 1-5. .. The stones were so huge that the workers needed boats to carry them..ffb. Rewrite the paragraph. . The kings were buried with things they used every day..p 0 . l ~ ~ l ~ . . I - . Pyramids are t a l l and very big. . Pyramids were giant tombs.j i. ~ Pyramids are tall.Name Writing Oood Sentences . Fix each incomplete sentence from a report by adding it t o a complete sentence.. .xa i . making the changes. The pyramids were built near the Nile River.ji. Or bricks.t5+ . And very big. . ~ i <ii:. The ancient Egyptians built many pyramids. :. . A single stone. : . . Workers had to be careful... In life after death. Used to bury Egyptian kings. . . (continued) SkilB: Students will identify sentence fragments and write compiete sentences.& . .=. : .g. .\ : . Egyptian pyramids were built of heavy stones. Egyptians believed. . . ~ : ~ . ~ . .. .. $.-.~c . . :.. .. .. . . .. Could crush hundreds of people.- . Not to let the great stones drop. ..

That were ixture. Water the marshes. . Pyramids are very large. Write the new sentences on the lines below. Workers dug up the hen the builders had all the aterials. Was gathered into bundles and carried to the from the granite stones.Name Writing Good Sentences - (continued from page 3 ) - 1 1 Are very large. Fix each incomplete sentence from this book about pyramids by adding a word that tells who or what or by adding the incomplete sentence t o a complete sentence. Writing Complete Sentences 6-10. the land. Then the blocks were sed to build the pyramid. like cake batter. Was rmed into blocks and then dried the sun. incomplete sentences by adding them t o complete sentences. they would grind the raw and the rocks together.

do you know the birthday of our country It is celebraked each year on the Fourth of July. Would our country become free? 7. Our new country had 13 states. Example: our country is very special$. 1 5. What did that paper say? 6 . USA! Everybody has a birthday Countries have biradays too. Was George Washington one of them? 4. Some men wrote an important paper. Write question if the sentence asks something. il. This story has t w o missing capital letters and four missing or incorrect end marks.) Skill: Students will identify and iiiiili punctuate statements sand questions. 0 9-14. on that day in 1776 our leaders toid the world we were free? Bow do you celebrate (continued) Grade 3 : U n i t ' i The Sentence (Use with pupil book pages 36-37. When would our country become free? 8. - Happy Birthday. VJOmBQOK PLUS Aa .Name Statements and Questions A 0 Write statement if the sentence tells something. 6 . 2. 3. " 1 Another country ruled our land. Many people wanted their freedom. Use proofreading marks t o correct each sentence.

Write the statement. The boy with the horn makes a statement. Write the question. ariegmg ~ ~ ~ l i ~ a t iAaLetter rn: Suppose that you have been to a parade on our country's birthday. Write three statements that tell what you did and saw at the parade. 5. Write the statement. 4. The girl with the drum asks a question. Write the sentence the man says. Write a letter to one of your friends. The boy with the flag asks a question. Write the question. Does the man tell something or ask something? 6 . . The girl wearing boots maltes a statement. WORKBOOK PLUS Am Grade 3: Unit 1 The Sentence (Use with pupil book pages 36-37.) Skill: Students will write statements and questions. 3.Name 2 statements and Questions (continued from page 9 1. 2. Write three questions that you want to ask your friend.

7. . dial 9 1 I a n d speak clearly. ... How brave firefighters a r e Thank goodness t h e y help u s (continued) Skill: Students will identify and will purrctuuate commands and exciarna-rions.''.. Stay far away from the fire.I. The hook-and-ladder truck is huge! 6. Give them plenty of room. 4. Always d o what t h e firefighters Tell you They know what t o d o in a fire fires a r e i dangerous.Name Commands and Exclamations ....\ . 1. - -- ~ i Pull the fire alarm. Example: t o g e t help. 3. tr:$~fC. - . . Use proof reading marks t o correct the mistakes.~ . Write exclamation if the sentence shows strong feeling.. Don't cross the street now. Here come the fire engines! 2. I .?.4? i. This poster for fire safety has four commands and t w o exclamations. The smoke is so thick! 0 8-14. . listen f o r directions. . The engines make so much noise! 5.. iThat building is on fire! 0 Write command if the sentence tells someone t o do something.- :. .:'?! . - S t a y calm if you a r e near a fire Try n o t t o run.

but he doesn't know how. and ladders cleaned.+ . telling the firefighters what to do.: X a. Write three commands t o help him. Write three exclamations that Rich might say. Find things that might make Rich feel excited. f F writill@ ~ ~ ~ l i c a Instmctions tia~: You are a fire chief.Name 3 commands and Exclamations (continued from page 7) Rich wants t o put out the campfire. d 00 I o . hoses. You want the engines. Write three commands that you would put on the firehouse wall. or afraid. Look at the picture. n c 2 . Then write three exclamations showing your excitement about the great job the firefighters did. surprised.

. 1 9. 8. Leah checks the pot with the watered seed. antxences. One pot gets no water. He sees no plant at all. Mrs. Water helps seeds grow S k i l l : Seudents will identify "che subjects of s . Our class does an experiment for science. W r i t e each sentence. 2. 5. Rico checks the unwatered pot. We plant two bean seeds in different pots. She sees a tiny bean plant.Name 4 The Subject of a Sentence My friend has a package of seeds. 1. West explains the experiment. II r 7. Gary waters the other plant every day. 70. 4. 3. Then underline the subject. t 6 .

eat vegetables. do experiments. . 2. 0 0 4. 0 u F E . Give each sentence a different subject. 1. L 0 writi@g ~l~~licati@ A Science m: Report Suppose that you are a scientist. 3. You are doing an experiment to see if music helps plants grow. . 3 5. plant seeds.. 0 grows in a garden. 3 M 5 a 6 sentences..-.. need more water.Name 4 he Subject of a Sentence (continued from page 9) Count the flowers in front of each sentence. P m . Write a subject with that number of words t o complete the sentence.. Write four sentences about your experiment. a A m 0.

Then underline the predicate. . 9. 8. 2. 5. 4. The other workers laugh. 7 .Name 5 The Predicate of a Sentence W r i t e each sentence. 3. 10. Many people work with animals. Maria is a special doctor. She owns a pet store. Arlo works in a zoo. 1. Jeanette likes animals. (continued) Skill: Students will identify the predicares of sentepces. She helps inany animals. A 4 1 sf her birds sing happily. The monkeys play silly tricks on him. 6. We feeds the elephants every morning.

Use a different predicate in each sentence. This animal enjoys its dinner of grass. . A Journal m: LI 5 Suppose that you train dogs. It is muddy from its head to its tail. 4. It senses danger only too well. This bird crosses quickly to the shore beyond. The letters w i l l spell t h e name of t h e animal t h a t each poem tells about. 2. It plods lazily around and around. 3. It grunts happily from behind the wooden rail. It eats everything on the ground. A girl sees an animal. Write four sentences in your journal. She hears a funny sound. Then w r i t e t h e first letter o f t h e first w o r d o f each predicate. This animal pushes over its feed pail. It uses its paddles very well. The furry thing uses its sense of smell. 3 an ariti@9 ~~~(ica*@ . cool pond. It knows the sound of the farmer's dinner bell. I enjoy this game of hide-and-seek. describing what you taught the animals today. and elephants to do tricks for a circus. 1.Name 5 The Predicate of a Sentence (continued from page I I ) I I Underline t h e predicate o f each sentence. It dives into the clear. We open the barn door for a sneaky peek. horses. This tiny animal makes a noisy squeak.

I . This story has five run-on sentences. W e use numbers every day. Example: Some people can count very wel1. They are everywhere. We like arithmetic numbers are fun. Use proofreading marks t o correct each run-on sentence. How old I s she? She doesn't know. Wow many children does she have she doesn't know. Use capital letters and end marks correctly. . Beth adds many numbers her answers are usually right. Learn your numbers then this won't happen to you. 0 Correct each run-on sentence. Hans divides quickly he finishes first in the class. What is her phone number nobody knows. 3. Muddle I not know numbers or arithmetic.Name Correcting Run-on Sentences W e use numbers every day they are everywhere. Where does she live she I (continued) I can't tell you.others sometimes have trouble. 0 4-8. Mrs. 2.

You are writing a third grade math book. Write a word problem that is at least four sentences long. Write t h e red capital letters o n t h e line. They spell a secret message f o r you. We looked at pictures of kites kites have different shapes. What shape is this can you tell me? How many sides does a square have each square has four sides. .3) There is a secret message i n these sentences. What is a rectangle rectangles have four sides. and f i x t h e m w i t h a red pencil o r marker. This shape has three sides it is called a triangle. Our teacher told us something what did she say? A circle is round other shapes are not round. Be careful not to write any run-on sentences. Today our class learned about shapes next week we will learn more. Secret Message: I I s * M writing~ ~ ~ l i c a % A i@ Math n : Problem You are a writer. Find t h e run-on sentences.Name 6 Correcting Run-on Sentences (continued from page 1. W r i t e capital letters and end marks where they belong. 0 s 6 C.

you can get a sunburn! The South Pole is too cold for living things only scientists spend time there. D I (continued) Skill: Students will correct run-on sentences.) and the word and. . The wind blows snow around people can get buried in minutes. In the summer. Fix each run-on sentence from this report by adding a comma (. They wear many layers of clothes they wear boots filled with air. It is not as cold as you might think. Now we know the Arctic is really frozen water.Name Writing Good Sentences Fixing Run-on Sentences 7-5. --___--_--- XX _ I I _ _ ~ & _ _ Xp__L_X---- --- i The Arctic is solid it looks like frozen land. People live in some parts of the Arctic they grow food there.

or or. Combining Sentences 6-10. They crush anything in their path. with ice. ) and the word and. Only dog tearns can travel across the Robert Peary and Matthew enson reached the North Pole WORKBOOK PLUS Am Grade 3: Unit 1 The Sentence (Use with pupil book pages 46-47. but. but.Name Writing Good Sentences (continued from page 15) 1 It was hard t o reach the North Pole. The ice chunks crash against each other. Combine each underlined pair of sentences from this book about the North Pole by adding a comma ( . Traveling on ice is difficult. .) Skill: Students will combine short sentences with and. or or.

Farmers can lose money easily. Some potatoes are sent to stores. % 7. 4 . 6. His daughter works in the field. 7. A farmer plants corn. 14. ? . 15. e. (continued) .Name at Are Nouns? person I things I place I y uncle has cows o n his faim. 7. G s z E 0 - 2 tn . The tractor rolls over the ground.- z 0 00 k S a 18. Carrots and peas go too. 19. % 0.Now the truck is full of vegetables. 8. People will buy the food. 3. "8. W r i t e the t w o nouns i n each sentence.- 1%. The driver leaves the farm. Many helpers pick the crops. Some tsrucks stoop at roadside markets. e 2 to V1 d m " 1 . My uncle loves his farm. 20. Sun and rain are helpful. The girl walks down the rows. Crops can be damaged by bad weather. There is always work t o do on "ie farm. A big machine comes onto the land. The seeds go into the soil. . 9. 5. a 2 W . A 13. Workers load the heavy boxes. 2. Soon the plants are as tall as a person.

I am the farmer's child. Iama Now write t w o rhymes of your own on another piece of paper. I am a place. a place. I am a person. '1. 5. I am a 2. We are people. A giant talking vegetable has just been discovered. I am a 8. We are not women. I make corn for dinner. I am a place. My name rhymes withfiin. I am a thing. My name rhymes with hard. I have green grass. Use nouns that name people. I am a I My name rhymes with rest. places. II A hen lays its eggs here. The rhymes tell about people. My name rhymes with now. . People swim here. Write about a noun that names a person. I grow in the garden. places. I am a My name rhymes with look. My name rhymes with eat. I am a thing. describing the vegetable and where it was found. I give people milk. and things on a farm. I am a place. Iama 3. I Iama 4. Suppose that you are a TV news reporter.Name Are NOUS? (continued from page 17) Write a noun t o finish each rhyme. 7. My name rhymes with rake. We are 6. and things. Our name rhymes with ten. I am a person. or a thing. Write a news report.

They help around the World "coo. Little City had a bad flood last March. . 6. CD .. . . She was a nurse during the Civil War. .--. 4. She worked for the Red Cross in other lands. 2.--- - -- * - - ? a 5 0 5 . Hospital 0 Write common noun or proper noun for each underlined noun. Other workers bring Supplies where they are z .w e - ". 0 8-12. Miss Barton took care of many soldiers. 7. --. "1 Clara Barton helped people all her life. needed. 5. c 4- - day the red cross still helps in an emergency Nurses like chris daniels take care of p who are hurt.-. . B M E a + - Use proofreading marks t o correct the t w o common nouns and three OroDer nouns in this reDort. - 3 A so a ( S . I e Example: Nurses work in Hospitals and in clinics. proper noun I proper noun I orks at ~orthsid.. Clara began a Red Cross in the United States. The Red Cross can help people after a storm. 3..--- 2 ' d . Name 2 Common and Proper Nouns common noun common noun I I A nurse works at a hosbital. These workers help all around the unihed states. ('continueci) Skill: S"i&e-ts will identify and will use common and proper nouns.+ 2 .

The numbers on the drawing match the numbers on the chart. Look a t the numbered items in the picture. river PROPER NOUNS 1. I 3. Then complete the chart below. 7. . Include common and proper nouns. library 7. park 6. describing your work. school UUriti@9 Applicaa@m:A letter 2 I : 2. road 4. You are helping people who have left their homes because of a flood. Write a letter to a friend. 4 . Y Suppose that you work for the Red Cross. 6. I I 1 COMMON NOUNS bridge 2. boat 3. 5. Write a proper noun t o match each common noun. Rainbow Bridge I 2. 5.Name 2 common and Proper NOUS (continued from page 19) The picture below shows a part of Little City.


s in the Subject

Cold weather brings snow and ice.




Ella Grotz loves winter storms.


Write the noun in the subject of each sentence.

" 1 A blizzard is not just snow. 2. Very strong winds blow in a blizzard.

3. Snou! flies all around.
4. Tall trees bend in the wind.

5 . Oaktown is having a blizzard.
6. Franklin Street is covered with snow.

7 . Some cars are stuck on a hill.
8. All the squirrels hide in their nests.

9. Most people stay in their warm houses.

Ella Grotz puts on her boots.

" 1 . Her heavy jacket will keep her warm.

'12. The big plow is ready to go.
1 ' 1 3. Mrs. Grotz drives the plow. 14. A1 is her helper. 41 5. A yellow truck follows the plow.

16. Salt is put on the streets.
V 7The . ice melts into water.

18. Then drivers move easily on the streets. 19. Sometimes even " c b e plows get stuck!

20. Schools sometimes close in blizzards. 21, More police officers watch the traffic.

22, A city needs good workers in a blizzard.
G r a d e 3: Unit 2 Nouns (Use with pupil book pages 64-65.) Skill: Students will identify nouns in t h e subjects of sentences.



in the Subject (continued fro,

2I )

Read each sentence below. Find and circle a noun in the puzzle t o complete each sentence. Write the noun in the sentence. The words in the puzzle may run from left t o right or from top t o bottom.


is a winter month. makes everything white and sparkling. warm our heads in winter. for the rabbit. and girls enjoy winter sports. line up for the race. keep our feet warm and dry. visits only during winter.

2 .
3. Woolly
4. We left an orange

5. Many 6. Shiny


Now choose four of the nouns that you circled. On another piece of paper, write four sentences, using each noun as the subject of a sentence.

writSmg ~~~iic&@ Am Jowna1 :
You have been snowed in by a blizzard. You have no electricity because of the storm. Write five sentences about this day. Underline the noun in the subject of each sentence.

. c





Writing with No

: c

; :,LI r~.~ilic r








The Vietnamese N e w Year lasts f o r three days. The Vietnamese N e w Year, called Tet, lasts f o r three days.

Elaborating Sentences "1-5. Elaborate each underlined sentence f r o m t h i s b o o k a b o u t holidays by adding t h e words in parentheses.

Carnival takes d a c e six weeks before Easter. (a special celebration) During Carnival, there are many parades. A very fanious Carnival is held in New Orleans. (Mardi Gras) Noruz beeins on March 21. (Iranian New Year) The holiday lasts 13 days. On the last day of Noruz, families have picnics.

. .--.--__._._ --*_.*--.. _I___-_________.__1_._.. .


.. "-..

.--.---..__ -_..-..

I . .


-.-. .__- ---.. .. - .- . .

... ...


Each day of Kwanzaa has a special meaning. Fiestas are celebrated in Mexico. contests. Girls enter writing.--" orean Children's Day is celebrated every May 5. Combine each pair of underlined sentences from this report. Saints are honored at fiestas. dance. Write the new sentences. Adults often go to museums. School is closed that day. Skill: Students will combine sentences with the same predicate. Children make small gifts for friends. Parents make small gifts for friends. They also attend dance shows and sporting events. People sing. contests. - P w-w-sp *-. National heroes are honored at fiestas. Boys enter writing. play games. and hold parades. The African American holiday Kwanzaa lasts for seven days. . Families enjoy a feast. Children often go to museums.. Friends enjoy a feast.Name Writing with Nouns (continued from page rn Japanese boys and girls have their own Combining Sentences 6-1 0.

Sparrows are found in many states.& --. > : . ? ..Name Singular and Plural Nouns .... :. - . We saw a sparrow in one field...." . . ..- -.. u . " 1 A sparrow is a small bird. : . . Use proofreading marks t o correct the seven nouns in this paragraph from a diary.: !.q. - . . : . They a t e breadcrumb from my Two hand. . They chirped a preSSy songs a s They ate. ' .. . .. (continued) . - . . ~ / ( a .. ... Soft feathers fill the bottom of the nest. . - ... _. A farmer may not like sparrows. .. . . . Example: Sarnrni uses a special pen5-i-o write in her diary... 5. i :> ..~. 3. . .. . ' A 0 Write singular or plural for each underlined noun. those fields. . ..... . Today a? She parks I fed some sparrow.. 4.. Sparrows often eat the buds of fruit trees. -. 2. Sparrows also use rags in their nests..~ -.- . A sparrow makes its nest from grass and straw..-:~... 6 . . . 7.. . . 8.. I Think sparrows are my favorire bird. .~. . A sparrow's egg is tiny..i... -- .. 0 a Y 9-15. .... We saw many sparrows in - . . =.{:. I like Them even more "ran bluejay.~!. .:.. t.~.

Describe trees.Name LO . Now write four sentences describing the bird's trip. Circle each plural noun. Singular and Plural NOUS (continued from page 25) Help the bird return t o its nest. S 9 K C . rocks. and other things to look for along the way. 4 f . The bird can follow only paths that have plural nouns written on them. Z F 6 00 flritimg Llpplicati@m: Directions 0 S You are a sparrow. Use three singular nouns and three plural nouns in your directions. + . Underline each singular noun. Write directions to tell another sparrow how to find your nest. It must stay off all paths that have singular nouns.

The title should be a plural noun. . too.. All the other 4. Everyone painted and repaired the 3. Kira wanted to repair each bench. . Ms. Marc forgot to clean his brush. .. 9 . were cleaned. They put their empty in the kitchen. Then write a fourth sentence that uses all three plural nouns. include the plural noun y o u wrote below " c k e picture. On another piece s f paper. : foxes 0 Write the plural form of the underlined noun. write one senkence about each picwre. Skiil: Students vvilill form plural nouns by adding es. : circus circuses dish dishes branch -branches f0 ..'. Harris came with her toolbox. Other people brought 2. Write a one-word title for each picture. Each worker had a glass of milk.Name 3 Plural Nouns with -es .

. -.-. 1. . . .i. Write the answer t o each riddle upside down. ! ! . .~~uy. Sometimes he wrote about 4. .ig~ . (family) ..Name More Plural Nouns with -es y 7-.. Mystery Riddle: We are bigger than dimes. I$!!J lJ ! . He lived in New York and other 6. He often wrote . Poe even wrote about their 5. (worry) .. ---. . .-.. . .. We are worth less than nickels. .. . What are we? saruuad Now write three mystery riddles of your own. . (library) I Read the mystery riddle. Edgar Allan Poe wrote poems and 2. -. . . .~ ... -. Poe.. The answer should be the plural form of a noun from the Word Box. ~ i .. The answer is written upside down... (story) .-.---.. . (mystery) . . n r j l l j i i ~ ~ g. . a m .. (city) 3. two co& I : 'I onecopy onehobby many hobbies Write the plural of the noun in parentheses t o complete each sentence. $ 5 E Y) 3 . :g:I i:&<j:y!j-<.. Most have books by Mr.

Why are fairy tales always full of 11.w - 6 e -j 12. (tooth) ? (goose) ? (foot) 00 .U n5. The stepmothers are often mean . I like the tale about the three giant . The ogre in many tales has big eyes and a ..The shoemaker's elves loved little 18.-. (child) around her. Did Mother Goose have one goose or many 6. There are usually three in fairy tales.. Goose Girl had many . in the Bremen music group. (mouse) e U + .---. . (child) 2. . .Did the kittens need mittens for hands or 20. "8 Many read fairy tales. Often the youngest 9. How many filled the h u b ? (man) . Beneath the old fir tree lives a little family of 16. D o you know the story of the girl with the iron 14. Have you read about the cat with sharp 4. (child) 8. (foot) ? (tooth) 3. a cat wears boots on its . (man) fall into the most trouble. In one tale..-*Name Special Plural No Write the plural form of the noun in parentheses t o complete each sentence.-. (man) CO I 0 0 C w - 77. (child) C . (mouse) ? (goose) 5. (goose) ? (foot) 19. Some furry wanted to put a bell on her.- 6 C K . There are four . What would you call two Mother a A E 13. H . D o men and really ride on birds? (woman) 7. (woman) ? (mouse) 419..

" Add five sentences to this fairy tale. there was a frog with flat feet. "Once upon a time.Name 7 special NOUS (continued from page 29) I' Complete this crossword puzzle. Use the plural forms of four nouns from the Word Box. writi@g A Fairy Tale Here is the first sentence of a fairy tale. . Write singular and plural nouns t o match the picture clues.

The little 4. (coyote) horse threw hirn to the moon. He car? describe a cowboys adventure. He grew up in a 6. (Anray) 2. book has tall tales about Pecos Bill. Me tells of Americas legends o f the Old W s t . Bill was wrapped in a 3. (Andy) blanket. Amy remembers her 8. (grandfather) grandfather was a cowhand. He can also tell a heros tale. Example: 1 1 tales are fun to hear. 1. One day Pecos fell off his 5. I hope you can come soon t o hear some. I love t o hear my grandfathers stories. Later on. (baby) pet was a bear cub. (boy) wagon.Name 0 Write the possessive form of the noun in parentheses t o complete the sentence. Use proofreading marks t o correct the four possessive nouns in this e-mail message. (father) den. (Bill) stories. (continued] . 7. 0 9-12.

You are a cowhand on a long cattle drive. . Use at least four singular possessive nouns in your sentences. describing your day. You have ridden all day with the other cowhands. Write six sentences in your diary. Now write a sentence about each picture. Use a singular possessive noun in each sentence.Name 8 Singular Possessive NOUS (continued from page 31) Draw a picture of a person or an animal from the Old West in each empty box below. Then draw something in the box that belongs t o that person or animal.

(girls) 0 5-8. Use proofreading marks t o correct the four plural possessive nouns in this part o f a letter. Uany of our friends boats are there too. You will hear the seamus cries. (daughters) 3. If you come. My parents boat is at the seashore. Hester and Marie are my ? names. yl Indent I hope you can visit us. Write the sentence correctly. The girls work on their ? ? boat. (sons) I I 2. you will hear my sisters laughter. 1.Name 9plural Possessive ~ c u n s brothers' boats 0 Use the possessive form o f the noun in parentheses t o complete each sentence. My ? boats are the Hester and the Marie. (cousins) 4. (continued) . Example: The oices are loud. The job is to pull in the nets.

Write five sentences that describe the market and the good things people can buy there. . (continued from page 33) Example: The whales' pool is very cool. Read the sentence about it. I Now write a sentence about each silly picture below. I Suppose that you sell fish in a big market. Use a plural possessive noun in each sentence. and other foods at this market. vegetables.Name 9 Plu~al POSS~SS N~ oV as ~ Look at this silly picture. Use a plural possessive noun in each sentence. People also sell fresh fruit.

The plants get plenty of light and liquid. The machine rolls over the ground. Change each underlined noun in this report t o a more exact noun. Cross out the weak noun and write the exact noun above it. Use one word from each pair of words in the Word Box. all the corn will be in the stores. A girl works in the place. a farmer plants seeds.Name Using Exact No 1-"l. Soon. Workers load the vegetables into strong boxes. April daisies Joseph field tractor February corn Nina area truck mud sun wetness trees crates soil brightness rain cornstal ks holders I In spring. Soon the plants are as tall as a person! 1 Many workers help pick the crops. . The seeds go into the ground.

It sat quietly in its nest. It carried them to the top of a cliff. 18. 10. . --- There is one verb in each sentence. 7. 13. 4. 2. 5. Write the verb. The eagle spreads its huge wings. The rabbit hides safely in its hole. 3. It jumps quickly over a rock. An eagle hunts for food every day. 6. 1. 14. The eagle closes its eyes. The eagle found twigs and branches. . 9. (continued) Skill: Students will identify verbs. It sleeps all through the night. It folds its strong wings. 12.. Eagles catch small animals for food. 15. The big bird flies high in the air. 17. It built its nest there. A small rabbit hops along. 16. 11. The eagle returns to its nest. The rabbit runs across the field. Its sharp eyes see everything. 8. It dives toward the rabbit.

The ball 4. 2. Describe at least five different things that the birch does. Marry b 0 Suppose you are a scientist. the eggs. Try t o figure o u t how the machine works. into the pan. The eggs 5. W r i t e a verb t o complete each sentence about the machine. . The woodpecker the ball. down. the eggs. the eggs.Name f Are Verbs? (continued from page 36) Harry invented the machine in the picture below. The fire 6. Write a report about the yura bird. 41. You have been studying the strange and unusual yura bird. The ball 3. Circle each verb.

) Skill: Students will choose present tense verbs to agree with singular and plural subjects. Then write each sentence correctly. 3. 4.: rap& ~~ One captain steers the ship. help Example: The workers in s c h o o l A ~every s day. The butcher sell us good meat to eat.. All these workers makes our lives better.- 4 Verbs in the Present . Police officers keeps us safe.------qfa~$k..-. 2. Bus drivers takes us from place to place. keeps) us healthy. 0 Underline the correct present time verb in parentheses. brings) our mail. % 5 2 w 3 4 P 2 .. chooses) books.- -/ I~bkll:k~1 ji($h@. helps) us in many ways. Our teacher tell us about the world.% /I TWOcaptains steer their ships. - Cities and towns needs many workers. Mail carriers (bring. . 1. Workers (help. A librarian (choose. ---. 0 5-10. A doctor (keep. Use proofreading marks t o correct six present time verbs in this report. X 5 U E C 04 2 3 3 : 2 B 9 2 U g (continued) I WORKBOOK PLUS Grade 3: Unit 3 Verbs (Use with pupil book pages 100-101.Name .

I I Suppose that you have a new job. Wrik e letter to a frien4 describing your j o h n & the people you work with. Use a verb in the present time in each sentence. Skili: Students s i l l use presenttense verbs in sentences. One man 3 Two women 4 A worker - Now draw two pictures of people working. Then write a sentence about each picture.Name 2 I Verbs in the Present (continued rmm page 38) Think of verbs that tell what the workers below are doing. Underline the verbs. Describe what the workers are doing by completing the sentences below. I . . Two workers 2. Use a present time verb in each sentence. Use verbs in the presen"l-"cine.

A bus (splash. Mike and I (rush. 2. crosses) the street carefully. rushes) home from school. Then write each sentence correctly. Together we fixes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Our dog. Two women wash the car. watch us. 3. Mike (cross. One man fixes the lam^. Two men fix the l a m ~ s . Zip. Two girls catch a bus. 0 4-8. (continued) . Use proofreading marks t o correct five present time verbs in this paragraph from a diary. eries Example: Mom &ello when we open the door. He hurry into the house and toss his backpack on a chair. I. A Every afternoon my brother Mike dash up the steps. splashes) through puddles. 0 Underline the correct present time verb in parentheses.Name 3 More Verbs in the Present One woman washes the car.

Capitalize the first letter.Name 3 More Verbs ilk the Present (continued fmm 40) I W r i t e a present time verb for each clue. you watch very carefully to see what is happening. Cleans her teeth 0 Now answer t h e riddle by writing t h e circled letters on the line below. What is the capital city of France? wrigE@g ~~~lica*@ AnnEssay : You are visiting the only factory in the world that makes yeckles. 1. . Repairs 5. Now write five sentences thattell how yeckles are made. As you walk through the yecltle factory. Opposite of pulls 2-Walks in a parade 3. Use a present time form of each verb from the Word Box. Write one letter in each box or circle. Wipes the dishes n 4. plural subjects.

(ask) them. The children watched the experiment.Name 4 Verbs in the Past The children watch the experiment. The teachers 0 Write present if the underlined verb shows present time. They . The steam 10. (look) on the bottom. (learn) the experiment. Everyone . Carlos added some salt. 4. 7. The teacher 17. Soon the water 9. (answer) about steam. The children 11. It 14. The salt disappeared in the water. Some salt to steam. (weigh) 12. 2. 0 Write the past time of the verb in parentheses t o complete each sentence. All the children watch. 3. Write past if the underlined verb shows past time. (drift) into the pan. Diane mixed the salt and water. The children 15. (turn) away. Marta pours water into a pan. (stay) it on a scale. The teacher lights the stove. (enjoy) (continued) 16. The teacher heats the water. 8. The teachers answer questions. (smile) questions about the experiment. 5. The children 18. (check) the same as before. Boris 13. 6. 1.

Use a different past time verb i n each sentence. You have made a great new discovery. 1 discover start fill want learn . telling what the children did. Write about it in your journal. The words in the picture may Suppose that you are a scientist. W r i t e six sentences. Use the past time form of each verb from the W r d Box.Name 4 Verbs in the Past (continued from page 42) The children i n the third grade class did a science experiment.

They ? corn and beans. They ? food in the sun. Farmers plant corn. The Aztecs ? corn cakes over fires. They live about 500 years ago. (live) 3. when \ The Aztecs rule a mighty empire. . Long ago.Name More Verbs in the Past share + -ed = shared cry + -ed = cried sip + -ed = sipped 0 Write each sentence using the correct past time form of the verb in parentheses. (study) 2. and (continued) Skill: Students will form and verbs that require spelli . They create beautiful pottery. (raise) 4. slipped Example: On our trip to Mexico. squash. They plan large cities. Use proofreading marks t o correct five past time verbs in this encyclopedia entry. I climbed one of the pyramids. 1. Our class ? the Aztecs. (bake) 0 6-10. (dry) 5. the Aztecs ? in Mexico.

Write an article. Write after a verb means each sentence. and baskets.p< > @Q N o w write your own picture sentence. telling how people used these things long ago. Remember that the picture t h a t the verb i s in past time. writkg hpp\icati@~: A Magazine Article You are digging in Mexico.2 pat rabbit basket past time carry a@ v drop the into hop a s u spy a away Figure out the meaning of each picture sentence below. Each picture stands for a word. . Picture writing works something like this. farmer race --. They used picture writing instead. Put the pictures together t o make a sentence. tools.Name 5 More Verbs in the Past (continued from pase 44) The Aztecs had no alphabet. Use the past time form of five verbs from the Word Box. Together they form sentences. You discover some old pots. Then write the sentence in words. You can use the pictures above or make up some of your own. 1* .

(gaze) into outer space. . (visit) potato cells through a microscope. Matt and Katy 5. Read this trip plan. remember Example: Matt and Katy w i l l A d h i s trip for a long time. They 4. (report) 2. begin our visit to the museum in the insect room. (inspect) at the stars through a telescope. Use proofreading marks t o correctly show five verbs in future time. There we will explored the ant farms. 1. They 3.Name b Verbs in the Future 0 Use the future form of the verb in parentheses t o complete each sentence. (continued) Skill: Students will use future tense verbs correctly. Matt and Katy a science museum tornorrow. (peer) to the class on what they see. They 0 6-10.

Name 6 Verbs in the Future (continued imm 46) You are about t o visit a science museum. Write your answer in sentences using five future time verbs. Draw pictures o f four things you will see and d o there. G f 5 f I : Y . Then write a sentence about each picture. . Use verbs in future time form. You are an asbronaut about to blashofic for an exciting mission to a faraway planet. B 2 D e B Y) P d A cj 6 2 ? .r" 0 g 6 n writSm@ ~ ~ ~ @ i c aA 6@ Space m: Storg. A newspaper reporker asks you what you think you will see.

The eagle built a nest.- . i $.: . . L .? The eagle found twigs.. . . ..yyk~. 'A.. -? A . . . 3r\.Name Writing with Verbs . 'Theeaglefoundtwigs I I and built a nest. . .-. .. I \. ( . . .. i. (continued) . v !~l.. I Combining Sentences 1-5.. !' .. ..&.kz. -. Tfi > 2 4 .. -r ---I -- -.\-=L. Put the word and between them. . . Combine sentences that have the same subject by joining predicates. . . ' j % $&j:Gi. .

Christine adds the spaghetti. It is fun to cook when people work together. When the water is boiling. Put the word and between them. Lee pours the sauce into the pan. Nicole opens the tomato sauce. Dave dishes out the spaghetti. What a yummy meal! I . You may leave in both subjects or take the second one out. Mom calls everyone to come to the table.Name writing with Verbs (continued imm 4~ Combining Sentences 6-10. The sauce smells so good! Chuck drains the spaghetti. Nicole measures the spices. Dave pours the sauce. Sam's friends are making spaghetti and sauce for dinner. Chuck puts it in a bowl. Diane turns down the heat. Combine sentences that have the same subject by joining predicates. Diane watches the boiling water. Lee adds the meat.

Walter (is. Butterflies is insects too! Some insects is pests. are very helpful. I (am. We (is. Use proofreading marks t o correct six verbs in this encyclopedia entry. are) not afraid of the grasshopper. Example: That ant rawling down a hole into its nest. the tiger beetle and the gypsy moth was my favorites. are) strong. . are) insects. are) curious about grasshoppers Grasshoppers (is. The firefly am an insect. is) green. are) with me. Its hind legs (is. on the other hand. 8. 0 9-14. An insect are an animal with six legs. are) close to the grasshopper. It (is. This grasshopper (am.Name 7The Special Verb be 0 Underline the correct verb in parentheses t o complete each sentence. are) a good jumper. The bee. I (am. When we studied insects.

wri@geg ~ ~ ~ l ~ c a t~n i aInterview m: Suppose that you are a grasshopper. The big grasshopper says a sentence with the verb am. 2 . 1. is.They all say a sentence with the verb was. are. 3. Write sentences t o tell w h a t t h e insects say. 4. page 50) Look a t t h e pictures below. The butterfly says a sentence with the verb is. was. .Name 7 The Special Verb be (continued fro. and were. Use the verbs am. 5.The ant says a sentence with the verb were. The small grasshopper says a sentence with the verb are. A "Eelvision reporter has come to ask you questions about your life now and your life as a baby grasshopper. Write &he answrs you will give.

turned into a hill. The soil 10. You 14. A new island 5. This valley 13. become rich farmland. The earth learned much about the earth. carried soil to new places. risen from the sea. Wind 18. become new lakes. Some islands 4. They 12. He 16. Whole forests 6. looked up the answer. Some mountains 17. wondered what happens to mountains.G m 3. 1. This great mountain 19. aslted my teacher about this. washed soil away. come to live here. changed over many years.Name 8 Helping Verbs Water has turned t o ice. Streams 9. We 2. The rain 7. disappeared. grown on the hillside. poured down. burned to the ground. Birds . come from volcanoes. Write has or have t o complete each sentence correctly. It 8. Valleys 11. filled with water. Trees 20. become a river. (continued) % 2 s e . I < 15. worn down an old mountain.

) Skill: Students vvill use t h e helping verbs has arid have correctly. Draw a route through places where the helping verbs has and have are used correctly.8 Helping Verbs (continued i m m page 52) Help the Waverly family row down the winding river. "bou have been standing for many thousands of years. Grade 3: Unit 3 Verbs (Use with pupil book pages 114-7 1. Suppose "cat you are a very old mountain. Write a story about your long fife. Then cross out each incorrect helping verb and write the correct verb above it. IlJOBKBOCBK PLUS AM . Use the helping verbhas o r have in each sentence.5.

(come) onto the ship. Use proofreading marks t o correct four past time verbs in this news article. I 3. 1. Crowds of people cheered. Each crew has did its best. (see) down. A ship had to sea. A sailor has 5. (come) 2. (go) with me. We seen i many sailboats on the lake. (come) dark clouds. One boat finished first.Name 9 Irregular Verbs 0 Write the correct past time form of the verb in parentheses t o complete each sentence. i I I (continued) . 1 _ _ & & l_/_ . Polly the Parrot had 4. Skilled sailors have came to take part in a race. run Example: The captain hadA&onto the deck. Rain has 6. _w--*>Ad"- I YI Indent A Add I I -* ^ -- l i " A - - C_j_ I - We gone to watch the big race. (go) on the ship as a sailor. High waves 0 7-10.

verbs go. ri-arz. Each day you write in a big book called the ship's log. Plow rnany crackers did Pedro Parrot get? writr@g~ ~ ~ g g c a %A@ Ship's n : Log k T O u are the captain of a ship. Write the other sentences correctly. . see. do. Wrde six sedences in the log about what has happened today.Name 9 I r ~ e g d Verbs a ~ (continued from page 54) Captain Sly gives Pedro Parrot a cracker each time he uses the right verb. Read the sentences that Pedro says. Write cracker beside the number for each sentence that has the right past time verb. and come. 6. Use past time forms of the .

took Example: ~raders*&man~ foods and brought %- . goods from one place to another.- - 0 S 5 WORKBOOK PLUS Skill: Students will use t h e past and perfect tenses o f irregular verbs.2 0 i 4 d .cj 2. 1. DO . People in many lands have ate these foods. These traders have gave special foods to the world. (grow) many kinds of rice dishes. Chinese people 6. . Most of the world's rice has 5. Rice has us many new dishes to eat.------- * --- traders traveled the wide world.Delete / -idpita1 kter Small letter . Traders 0 9-12. 8 E 2 DO . Farmers have 8.-------- "-. Several authors ave wrote about the adventures of traders. (give) rice. Sailors had 7. . (take) it in warm. . (eat) first in Asia. (eat) rice to other countries. They take 1 -9.' I 4 E a r. (grow) rice for other goods. (grow) in China. 5 u z r: .Name More Irregular Verbs 0 Write the correct past time form of the verb in parentheses t o complete each sentence. (give) . wet places.- m them to new places around the world. Use proofreading marks t o correct four past time verbs in this report about traders. Rice probably 4 . People in many lands have 3.

I Suppose that you are a trader long ago. and the people you have met. the prize tomato. 3. The twins have an inch. Use the past time forms of the verbs give. and grow. DOWN I I 11 3. buying and selling goods. take. Roses last year. YOU have traveled far and wide. Grandma has a poem. Raccoons had my lunch. the places you have been. Describe the things you have traded.write. Write at least six sentences in your journal. eat. ACROSS 1. . here our umbrellas with us. Then write the verbs in the puzzle. Meg .had 4.Name 0 Yore Irregular (continued from 56) Complete each sentence with the correct past time Corm of a verb f r o m the Word Box. 6.

Name Contractions with not She was not going along. (are not) 3. (did not) any other towers like it. They won't ever forget it! w . They believe that the Tower of Pisa leaned. They (could not) 2. She wasn't going along. The builders 7. It 5.- 9 2 S 2 C (contin ued) . (has not) understand how it stays up. (does not) fallen over. 0 Write the contractions for the words in parentheses. The tower isn't in the United States. They don't remember seeing pictures of it. They 6. Tanya wouldn't stand near the tower. The tower 4. 9. 8. seen anything else like it. (cannot) plan it that way. 2 s s 0 12. 1. Use t w o words in place of each contraction. (have not) stand straight. Tanya and Dawn hadn't seen it before. There 0 Write each sentence. 10. 2 E U 5 11.

. Write six directions telling the builders what 1s wrong. . .> I/ I - Name 1 Contractions with not (continued from page 58) Write a contraction for each word or words. The workers are making some mistakes on your newest building.. .. You tell workers how to build new buildings. y/.. Italy. . .. k n . . Begin the sentence with a capital letter. Write one letter or an apostrophe in each box or circle.3--'C. .."-.. . C.$j _ --.-/-- -- fls. Use a contraction with not in each direction. $2..... 2 trJ 6 . ' 1 .. '0 \" aritS@@ ~ ~ ~ l i c a t i Directions @m: You are a builder.p. WOmBOOK PLUS S k i l l : Students will form contractions with not.. did not will not should not L-0 q 0UOUO 0 were not was not cannot nu0 onn UOU 000 has not Now write the circled letters below t o find "ce hidden sentence about a famous tower in Pisa." . .$~-'j&%. .--- .-.

. verbs. Soon it's time to take the bus to our next stop. Be sure the exact verb fits the meaning of the sentence. The see a beautiful guide speaks above all the noise. In town. we look at all the new things. Cross out the weak verb and write the exact verb above it.Name Using Exact Verbs own the path and A cross the bridge. 1-10. Use one word from each pair of words in the Word Box. We jump as a taxi goes through a puddle. our group talks about the paintings. The plane comes to a stop on the runway. At the museum. Our group walks quickly through the airport. Change each underlined verb in this journal entry t o a more exact verb. Then we statue. We all get off the plane in a hurry. 1 i i Our jet plane goes across the country.

1 1. Beautiful music filled the room. They make deep sounds. They play high notes. 4 5. I liked the silver flutes. Others played shiny horns. The band played a sad song at the end. They played a fast song after that. "fl. 12. People in the band wore black clothes. The leader raised a short stick. 8. 5. 0W r i t e each adjective and t h e noun t h a t it describes. 4. 10. 93 4. A woman played a huge drum. the band played a slow song. 9. First.Name at Are Adjectives? 0W r i t e t h e adjective i n each sentence. 2. Loud sounds came from the drum. 6. 1. 7. 3. People played small drums too. Roberto liked the large instruments. . Roberto and I went to a great concert.

and some of the instruments. star. Be sure t o use an adjective in each line of your song. Clap your hands.Name I Are Adjectives? (continued from page 61) / Use adjectives t o complete each song. car. . Write a review about a concert you have just heard. I met a Driving a She sang a And wore a queen. stamp your feet. Underline the adjectives. Now write your own song on the lines below. song. the music. Suppose that you write reviews for a newspaper. Use adjectives to describe the place.

Write the adjective that tells how many in each sentence. 10. "8 You have one heart in your body. 11. I t pumps five quarts of blood in a minute. One tube brings blood into the heart.Many animals have hearts too. Many hearts beat faster than this. One part of your body pumps blood. Some blood is also carried away. One way is to eat well. They let blood into the two sides of the heart. 3. There are several doors inside the heart. There are several ways to care for your heart.Name More Adjectives Your body has several p. Getting some exercise helps your heart too. A n adult's heart is about five inches long. 2. Your heart beats about seventy times a minute. 4. 14. 9. 7. Two tubes go to the heart. 5. fieA few animals do not have hearts. 6. 18.rts. The heart pumps blood to many parts of the body. 17. 12. It weighs about one pound. 8. . A few hearts beat more slowly. 16. 0 Your heart pumps blood through many tubes.

Name 2 More Adjectives (continued frorn 63) This creature is a yellow spotted triff-eater. You live inside a heart. Use adjectives f r o m t h e W o r d Box i n your sentences. and feel. see. 6 s . Tell what you hear. Write adjectives t h a t tell h o w many t o label t h e parts o f t h e trif-f-eater's body. wings feelers toes on each foot N o w w r i t e f o u r sentences about one day i n t h e life o f a triff-eater. Suppose that you are a tiny creature. Use five adjectives that tell how many. Write a short story about what it is like inside this heart.

Then .) S k i l l : Students will elaborate sentences by adding adjecti~ies. Our teacher told us to get our raincoats. before the storm hit. The clouds gathered overhead. Dad had put up some . We knew the storm was coming. WOmB00K PLUS AH . As we rode horne. making the changes. We were going home early. The stronq wind blew off rnv hat. Everyone would be (continued) Grade 3: Unit 4 Adjectives and Adverbs (Use with pupii book pages 146-147. Elaborating Sentences 1-10. Rewrite the paragraph. Elaborate the sentences in this journal entry by adding adjectives that describe each underlined noun. These would protect the some flashlights. The buses waited for us outside.Name Writing with Adjectives 1 The wind blew off rnv hat. we could feel the wind getting sy.

Some yarn just came in the mail. I will use it to make a sweater. I like to knit things for my family.Name Writing with Adjectives (continued from page 65) Combining Sentences 11-15. Use the adjective t o combine each underlined pair of sentences in this e-mail message. The yarn is cotton. They always enjoy these gifts. I like to make sweaters and blankets. I like the feel of the yarn as it goes over them. It is my favorite hobby. is my hobby. The needles are metal. . Then write the new sentences. These gifts are special. My little sister will be able to wear it in the spring. To: Grandma From: Gina Subject: My hobby Knitting. It will be soft. My knitting needles sound funny.

Baker showed us interesting picture. CAMyou imagine A animal r h a r big? (continued) Skill: Students wiii use articles correctly.Name 7 Using a. (a. an) giraffe. -- 1 A Add 9 -Delete / capita. It showed 3. an) water. an) 4. His name i s Rex. An) flat beak. an) dinosaur. (The. (an. (a. dinosaurs were often very large. Use proofreading marks t o write each article correctly i n this news bulletin. an) smallest dinosaurs were the size of chickens. the) I I 8. (a. an) j z 2. He i s bigger Than an house. . It had head was tiny. (A.letter Small letter 1 One dinosaur was s p o t t e d Today on a I loose. Mrs. Some dinosaurs lived in 2 I E 011-14. (a. The) elephant. a Example: We s a w A d m o v i e about dinosaurs today. Dinosaurs lived I I W. I I 9. (a. The dinosaurs ruled the land. 7. The end of the horn was sharp. An) very long time ago. He i s a n TyranT. 0Write the correct article in parentheses t o complete each sentence 4. (The.and the One dinosaur had a long horn. (a. That horn could scare away an enemy. It was much taller than 6. an. This dinosaur was much bigger than 5.

Use the articles a. Use the article a. an. Suppose that you are a famous writer. Name each dinosaur and decide why they are at the pond. Write what each dinosaur says. an.Name 3 Using a. You are writing a short play about two dinosaurs who meet at a small pond. an9 and the (continued from page 67) Write a sentence t o describe each dinosaur below. . and the in your play. or the in each sentence.

Write the sentence. Use proofreading marks t o correct the adjectives in this report. 0Choose the correct form of the adjective t o complete each sentence. 3. '8. 4. Arkansas has (warmer. warmest) winters than Alaska. . 05-8. smallest) state than Alaska. A Example: Which state has "ce Ice of all the states? Texas is a larger stab. warmest) winters of the three. adjectives. Itis largest than also the coldes of " c h e three. Florida has the (warmer. Texas is a (smaller.Name Comparing with Adjectives Maine hio is an eider state than Maine. smallest) of all the states. Rhode Island is the (smaller. v 2.

w r i t e six sentences. You are writing six sentences for Squeakland's guidebook. iz 2 L= F & z 0 . Tell people why this state is special and what places they should visit. and Zee. and use them in your sentences. On another piece o f paper. Wye. Suppose that the new state of Squeakland has been added to the United States. Use forms o f t h e adjectives f r o m t h e W o r d Box i n your sentences.Name 4 I Comparing with Adjectives fmm 69) The map below shows t h e states o f Ecks. Add -er or -est to some adjectives from the Word Box.5 3 5 . comparing t h e places o n t h e map.

Her friends gladly bring her more. 15. They look at it closely. The sun shines br~ghtly 1-t f ~ i k s through the air quibtiy. "it Snow lies thickly on the ground.Suddenly she sees that the snow is gone. The children politely take turns with the glass. Eagerly she looks through the glass. 6. {continued) .She holds some snow tightly. 12. Rosa patiently waits for her turn. 17. Firmly they fasten boots and jackets. They quietly stand in a circle. 3. They hurry happily out the door. They dress warmly. 9. 2. Carefully they pick up some snow. The children move swiftly. 13. 5.Name at Are Adverbs? 4 ~ d i f the tl~ snow falls. A special glass helps them see it clearly. 1 1 . 14. Write the adverb that tells h o w in each sentence. 7. The teacher speaks cheerfully. n m on the snow. 16. 4. melted quickly! 18. I O . 8. The children quickly put on their boots. 1% They plainly see six sides on each snowflake.

ACROSS 5. How a turtle moves 8. How you talk in a library 3. telling about this exciting day. How owls act in stories 10. Use an adverb that tells how in each sentence. How stars shine on cloudy nights DOWN 1. How your teacher wants you to write 4.Name 5 What Are Adverbs? (continued from page 71) Use adverbs that tell how t o complete the crossword puzzle. . How a truthful person spealts I \\ writi@g ~~~gic&@ Am Journal : Suppose that you are a snowflake. How you hold sharp things 6. How a lion roars 7. How you hold a kite string 9. Write five sentences in your journal. You have had a very exciting day. How an unhappy person spealts 2.


6 Other Kinds of Adverbs
Underline t h e adverb i n each sentence. Then w r i t e when or where for each adverb.
I . Yesterday Nick visited an old village.

2. Nick's family lived nearby.
3. Early settlers built the village here.
4. Many settlers traveled far.

5. Today visitors explore the village.
6. Nick saw old houses there.

7. Someone had planted small gardens everywhere.

8. Women brought out gardening tools and baskets.
9. They always wear long dresses.

' 1 0 . Nick visited an old kitchen first.
"B. Next, he looked at the sawmill.

12.Big logs were piled around.
13. Later, he watched a horse pull a plow.
14. Nick will return often.

S k i l l : Students s ~ i l identify l adverbs "cat " c e l l when and lwhere.


b Other Kinds of Adverbs (continued from page 731
You have found a message written by someone long ago. The adverbs in the message are scrambled t o keep them secret. Unscramble them t o figure out the message.



the Green Bird Inn. Wait for me aptrusis. I will come noso.



1. When did the ship leave? 2. When will it arrive?

3. Where should you look?
4. Where should you go when you see the sign?

5. Where should you wait? 6. When will the person come?
Now suppose that you are living in the future. Write a secret message to arrange a meeting on another planet. Use at least five adverbs that tell when or where. Be sure to scramble the letters in the adverbs.

Someone has invented a time machine. It can take you to the past or the future. Take a trip to another time. Write a report about the things you see and do. Use adverbs that tell when and where.



Writing with Adverbs

. . .




. :


,, I.,-


Snow lies on the ground. Snow lies thiclcly on the ground.

Elaborating Sentences 7-10. Elaborate the sentences from this narrative by adding adverbs that describe each underlined verb. Rewrite the paragraph, making the changes.


It's time to go for recess. The teacher speaks. She tells the class to put on their coats. The children are excited about the snow. They dressed. They fasten their boots and jackets. The children pull on their hats and mittens. When the teacher gives the signal, they run. They pick -up some snow. They pack the snow into shapes. Chris presses the snow. Then he builds a giant snowball. Everyone helps, and the class has a big; snowman!


In areas without trails or roads. They tipped over easily. . They wanted it desperately. Use the adverb t o combine each underlined pair of sentences from this book about pioneers. People could see trees. Life was difficult on the westward trails. Then write the new sentences. The pioneers studied maps to find trails going west. easiest route.Name Writing With Advellbs (continued from page 75) Combining Sentences 11-15. 't easy being a pioneer in the 1800s. They wanted the shortest. the pioneers floated down the Ohio River on flatboats. They studied the maps carefully. They could see them Did the pioneers understand the danger? Did they completely understand it? Wagons tipped over.

t Use proofreading marks t o correct to. We only stayed to b u r s .- L . I 3. II the art fair. or too t o complete each sentence.-/ Name Using to. I 18. i ! (continued) . I like the paintings of the harbor. I 5. 7. I r Example: Other people like Grandma's paintingsA fa 1 Greetings from Grandmother's house ? Today we went too an art show. Grandmother took her paints 2. She took her brushes the harbor. two. She painted for more than 4. i 011-15. and too 0 Write to. She had painted I t pictures of the harbor. . dark for painting. and too in this p a r t o f a letter. We were A Add ' just t o tired. Some paintings were 9. Grandniother carried everything back 6. Grandniother and I took her paintings 8 . 1.-- -. the house. But we will go too another show ton~orrow. Then it grew hours. two. My friend Jana came with US two. two. She put a few paintings in her truck big for Grandmother's car.

Then write sentences about this picture. Use to. Write a sentence about the whales. I You write articles for an art magazine. You have been to an art show and have seen many different paintings. Write an article. Write a sentence about the seagulls. I 2. telling which paintings you liked and which you didn't like. Write a sentence. 1. Use the word too. .Name 7 Using and too (continued from page 77) Look a t the drawing. Follow the directions given below. Use the word to. or too in each sentence. Use the word to. 1 4. I 3. two. Write a sentence about the lobsters. Explain your reasons. naming the drawing. two. or too. Use the word two.

Q cJ X S 5 2 2 3 chips. People in the orchestra wore good clothes.+d r: U 8 .Using Exact Adjectives Lisa w o r e louse and ki rt. The brown violins had a rich sound. mellow ummy elegant oderate gigantic fluffy Luis and I went to a nice concert. 1-10. The tuba made a sound. One man played a large drum.. Replace each underlined adjective i n this journal entry w i t h a m o r e exact adjective f r o m each pair o f words i n t h e Word Box. It was a nice 2 5 D E m big noise! The trumpets had a soft silver color. like a ' I : B . Be sure t h e exact adjective f i t s t h e meaning o f t h e sentence. Cross o u t t h e w e a k adjective and write t h e exact adjective above it. It was a wonderful night! g z Q ?. not hard at all. cO .

what a long list it is 0 5-10.4. Example: doesn't everyone know who our first President was? - our third President was Thomas Jefferson. please tell me what you know about him did you know he was a famous inventor How talented he was? . Use proofreading marks t o correct each sentence. This paragraph has three missing capital letters and three missing or incorrect end marks.

Begin each sentence with a capital letter and use correct end marks. and exc'lamations in your letter. Then follow the directions below the pictures.Name Correct Sentences (continued from page 80) Suppose that you are touring a museum that has pictures of the Presidents of the United States. Skill: Students will capitalize and will punctuate sentences. questions. Look a t the pictures of the first three Presidents. 4. George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson 1 Write a statement about George Washington. polite commands. U T Q k a 0 - UUritim@ Applica%i@n: A letter Write a letter to the President of the United States. Write an exclamation about all three Presidents. Include skkeznents. - 2 . Write a question you would like to ask John Adams. . 3-Write a polite command you would like to give Thomas Jefferson.

(question) They don't need air. Change each underlined statementon this Web site t o another type of sentence. though. (question) You might want to think about what we could learn from them. or water. There are some places that humans cannot yet explore by themselves. A Grade 3: Unit 5 Capitalization and Punctuation (Use with pupil book pages 180-181. VVORKBOOK PLUS . (exclamation) The use of robots does have other advantages. . They send this data back to Earth. They can stand freezing cold and burning heat.. Robots can't do everything that humans do. They can take pictures and gather samples. The word in parentheses tells you the type of sentence t o write.. - T- - Name Writing Good Sentences Writing Different Types of Sentences 1-5. (exclamation) w A (continued) O = . (command) Robots can go to places where people cannot go. food. Robots can be sent to faraway planets. Robots are really fantastic.) Skill: Students will write and will punctuate different kinds of sentences. K-. Robots can't tell us how it feels to discover something new. i-4 -u i I .

Name Writing Good Sentences (continued from page 82) Combining Sentences 6-10. They clean pollution from the air. Combine the underlined sentences in this report. (while) We see e l m e e s . (after) Our life would be much different without trees. (before) A large tree absorbs nearly 100 gallons of water each day! We study trees. We are going to plant a tree. They also give us wood for building. and willow trees. Trees are probably the best friends we have in nature. We walk through the forest. We finish when. (because) Trees give us fruits and nuts to eat. Trees are useful. They can grow big and tall. Trees need a lot of water. They have been cut down. or while. using the words in parentheses. They give us syrup to put on waffles. oak trees. .

6 . 0 7-12. The grand marshal is mayor + - 62 f C 0 B M r" 0 2 M . 5.. That was in the month of october. My uncle was dressed like Christopher Columbus. . I saw uncle dave and my aunt riding on a float. 4. 1. 3. G Use proofreading marks t o write each proper noun correctly in this notice. - 2 M .- This year t h e columbus day parade will be held on October 1 2. " " " " " . Marchers will meet. swan and sonny selha led the parade. The parade was on friday instead of saturday this year.- V) Q 5 Example: My cousin paulette will lead t h e marching band..* S & Skill: Students will identify and will capitalize proper nouns. -.on f he corner of adam5 5-i-reet.Name 2 Capitalizing Proper N 0 Write each sentence correctly. 2. Our friends lila m. Our city had a big parade for columbus day." .



Capitalizing Proper N

O ~ (continued S from page 84)

Read the letter below. Draw three lines under each letter that should be capitalized.

22 Cook Street " 5 . . Elmhurst, IL 60126 : 2 January16,2001 :

Q 8

, ;

Dear Janice,
Do you know olive p. norris? She gave a speech






here one saturday last october or novernber.
*a 0

@ %



Iwent with ramona to hear her.


: . o

Guess what uncle ed gave me! His c a t pepper had five kittens. Now I have a new kitten narned rosebud! Your friend, Leah





,s 0

0 )?'
' I



0 . : "


Write the letters that should be capitalized.
NOW unscramble "ce letters t o spell t w o words that complete the sentence below.

Always capitalize

2 c

Suppose that you are the mayor of a city. Your city has a special holiday to honor an?important person in the city's history. Write a speech abouuthis person and the new holiday. Use a proper noun in each sentence of your speech.

Skill: Students will identify and will capitalize proper nouns.


5 Capitalizing Other Nouns
Dela's grandparents live near Lake Chapala in Mexico. They flew over the Gulf of Mexico on their way t o Chicago.

0Write each sentence correctly.
'1. Dela's grandparents visited the united states of america.

2. Dela lives near lake michigan in the state of illinois.

3. Her family went to the city of chicago for two days.

4. Her grandmother liked the flowers in lincoln park.

0 5-12.

Use proofreading marks t o correct each proper noun on this post card.

Example: There are many statues on dearborn street. n

9 P


I think chicago is a great place. It is such an important city. Today we walked along michigan avenue. Then we went to the art institute of chicago. Tomorrow we will visit the field museum. What a wonderful time



P 7
3 2 S
r F V

; 2



P a S




Capitalizing Other NOWS

(continued from page 86)

Y o u just moved t o a t o w n named Turtle Town. Turtle Town is unusual because each place is named f o r an animal. Write a name for each place shown o n t h e map o f Turtle Town below.



On another piece of paper, write six sentences about a drive in Ti_srtle Town. Use a differenmroper noun in each sentence.

writim@App@ic&@m:A Travel Guide
You are writing a travel guide for your own city 0 1 : town. Tell visitors about interesting places such as lakes, parks, rivers, and school^. Underline &he proper nouns.
Grade 3 : Unit 5 Capitalization and Punctuation {Use with pupil book pages 184-185.) Skill: Students will use proper nouns in ssntences.



September 4. bert king (continued) pages 186-187. mrs Sara varga 14. dr. Wednesday 7.Name 4 Abbreviations 0 Write the correct abbreviation for each day and month 1. August 6. dr anita lynch 12. miss flo rivers 13. Saturday 5. Sunday 8. February 0Write each title and name correctly. . January 3.) Skill: Students will write abbreviations correctly. mr frank chong 10. ms marisa alves 11. Thursday 2. 9.

mr mateo sanchez leaves saturday.Name 4 Abbreviations (continued ft-0. Draw three lines under each letter that should be capitalized. Use abbreviations for each title. Read these notes about your customers' travel plans. telling about six days of your trip.) Skill: Students will write abbreviations correctly. may Y leaves wednesday. You travel by boat. 88) You are a travel agent. pas. O n another piece of paper-. march 22 returns sunday. You help customers plan their vacations. Write a journal. Write the day and the month for each event. pages 786-187. february I Now use the names and dates from the notes "c fill in the travel schedule below. I. Include each day's date and -&he names and titles of the people you meet along the way. Use correct abbrevia"cons. by train. . day. by bus. make a list of six special events for your class or a club that you belong to. and month. and on foot. a . Use abbreviations correctly.A 2 M s K C Suppose that you are "craveling around tche world. ja nucl ry I returns saturday. Add periods v\/here they are needed. dr carol Iamb 2.

angus and the ducks 7. 1. sunday for Sonya 8. Write the title of the book on the cover. On another piece of paper. draw your own book cover. sumi's prize 2. and write it below i t s cover. midnight on the mountain I' Look a t the book covers below. the birthday visitor 3.the star in the pail 5. herman the helper 4 . Make up a title for each book. a special trade 6.Name 5 Book Titles Write each book title correctly. Use underlining and capital letters correctly. .

6 .-. . Write a sentence about each picture t o describe the experiment Use yes. Next we poured most of the water out of both bottles.. Then we talked about the experiment. - Name b Introductory Words First. -. . 2. Second we filled another bottle with cold water. First we filled a bottle with very hot water. no... .*$ \!. --. Yes it was the bottle with the hot water in it.y-' -A -/ .- .. "s Yes our class did a science experiment. well. 5. . L . w e g o t t w o bottles and some ice. -. 7. 3. Then we held some ice on the top of each bottle. N o there was no cloud in the other bottle. _^ . book at "ce pictures below. . .I". 8. - 3Q&.. 4. Then we started Place commas where they are needed in these sentences.. or an order word a t "ce beginning o f each sentence.?... / -. 10.' . Finally we understood why the cloud had formed. 9. Well a cloud formed in one bottle.

07-12. Mexico produces oil iron and silver. 4. Canada has mines for gold coal and iron. Mexico has deserts mountains and jungles. Farmers in Canada grow wheat oats and potatoes. Its farmers grow sugar fruit and corn. 5.and dancers. = Capital letter / Small letter 0 2 2 2 3 I (continued) Skill: S t u d e n t s will u s e commas in a series. 6. 2.Name 7Commas in a Series 0Write each sentence correctly. Add six commas t o correct the sentences in this report about Mexico. Canada Mexico and Peru are American countries. Paper wood and oil come from Canada too. Add commas where they are needed. 3.musicians. A high plateau is in the center of Mexico. People hike fish and camp in Canada's mountains. Example: Mexico has many gifted artists. 1. Around I z it are mountains on the east west and south. .

jobs. use a series o f three or more words. . L - Name 7 commas in a Series (continued from page 92) W r i t e six sentences about the picture below. and weather in Thumpia. Write five sentences for an article about the imaginary country of Thumpia. Skill: Students will use commas in a series. Describe the crops. Use a series of three or m-ore words in each sentence.7 -----. writi@@ &LLpplicati@m: A Magazine Article - "Y'ou write articles for a magazine. In each sentence.

Drivers needed bridges. Cars can be dirty. The car changed how people live. L/ 1 Inventors have created some wonderful things. Dishwashers are useful to people. Drivers needed roads. though. 11 Some inventions make our work easier. Thomas Edison invented the telephone. Microwaves are useful to people. Thomas Edison invented the projector. Combine each underlined group of sentences in this report. Which invention do you use the most? k 1 I u 1I (continued) Skill: Students will combine sentences by putting words in a series. The car changed how people work. Thomas Edison the telephone.Name Writing Good Sentences Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. Drivers needed fuel. Other inventions help people have fun. One important i/ invention is the car. Cars can be annoying. Many families have VCRs. Cars can cause I problems. Our / country was different after cars were invented. Many families have radios. The car changed how people travel. Many families have TVs. Write the new sentences below. . Cars can be noisy. Computers are useful to people. Combining Sentences to Make a Series 1-5.

They can carry information. Lasers are not only for work! People use lasers to create light they have replaced records for Grade 3: Unit 5 Capitaiization and Punctua"con (Use with pupil book pages 192-193. Lasers measure distances. Eye doctors use lasers. Combining Sentences to Make a Series 6-"11. WORXBOOK PLUS Ai . distances. Lasers are amazing! They can airplanes. Diamond cutters use lasers.Combine sentences in this book about technology by putting the groups of words in a series.) Skill: Students will combine sentences by putting groups of words in a series.Name Writing Good Sentences (continued from page 94) Lasers erase old scars. Toolmakers use lasers.

110. Jill said. 5. Jill added. Look at this old arrowhead. What is it made of? 4. How did you learn about them? 8. You know so much about arrowheads! 7. I have seen arrowheads in museums too. Bruno asked. Arrowheads are made from other stones too. Jill added. 3. It was made by people long ago. Jill answered. Bruno asked. I read books about them. 2. (continued) Skill: Students will use quotation marks in direct quotations. Add quotation marks where they are needed. I want to learn more about arrowheads. . 6. 9. This one is made of a stone called flint.Name 8 Quotation l a r k s Write each sentence correctly. Bruno exclaimed. Bruno said. Jill answered. Jill said. 1.

. Now complete the mystery sentence by writing the unscrambled words in the numbered spaces below. First. A television reporter has come to ask questions about your discoveries. unscramble each word. Together these words w i l l form a mystery sentence. You are a scientist. You have dug up many arrowheads.Name 8 Quotation Marks (continued from page 961 Each arrowhead has a scrambled word on it. Add quotation marks t o show the speaker's exactwords. Write six sentences that you and the reporter might say to each other. tools. Use quotation marks to show each person's exact w r d s . and pots from long ago.

"there are twelve inches in a foot" 3.Name 9 More About Quotation Marks 0 Write these sentences correctly. . Example: Kari said'yhanks f o r t h e help. Use proofreading marks t o add correct punctuation and capitalization t o the sentences in these directions.% v % (continued) Skill: Students will capitalize and will punctuate direct quotations. capital letters. Luis added "there are three feet in a yard. Dion asked How rnany inches are in a foot? 2." 4. You help l o t s o f people. Kari answered. 1. Kari asked "is a yard longer than a meter" 5. 77 E 5 On ' C O ? 7 2 v G 5 a ( 1 z 2 6 3 L? "it is only three blocks away" answered Dion. "Just drive t o t h e corner and t u r n left"Thank you very much." 0 5 cO . Dion replied. Dion. end marks. A meter is a little longer than a yard 06-12. I think I can find i t now. and quotation marks where they are needed. Add commas." said t h e driver.

Sherman. . Sherman. and Binh at their first club meeting. and nail together some boards for the clubhouse walls.Name Q More About Quotation Marks (continued from page 98) Look a t the picture below of Kate. Write six sentences to show what you and your friends might say as you work. I Kate asked Sherman answered I Binh exclaimed Sherman said Kate added Bimnh asked Sherman replied Kate exclaimed flriti@@ hpplica*i@~: A Conversation s 8 You and tm friends are building a secre"c1ubhouse. They are trying t o decide which animal would make the best club pet. cut. 1 What do you think Kate. You have to measure. and Binh are saying about their pets? Write a quotation t o complete each sentence below. Use a quotation in each sentence.

Charles loves one of Cassatt's paintings called The Bath. 6.4. Did Cassatt live in France? 5. France has been the home of many artists over the years. 7. Charles and I spent all afternoon in one room. This painting is truly beautiful. The museum was our favorite place. (continued) . 8. 10. Painters have worked and shared ideas there. 9.

w r i g 8 m i n g~ ~ ~ l i c a e A @ Description m: Suppose that you and three friends are doing an art project in school.Name Subject P ~ O ~ O (continued U S from page 100) Charles painted a large picture showing what he thoughtthings would look like in the future. draw your idea of a scene from the future. Write a short description of your project. . Write a description of your picture. Use subject pronouns in your sentences. Write a sentence thatdescribes each picture. Each small picture below is a part o f his big painting. Begin each sentence with a subject pronoun. Use at least five subject pronouns. O n another piece of paper.

folds) the paper flat. Ito's paper. We make a bird. Use proofreading marks t o correct the verbs used incorrectly in this diary entry.Name 2 Pronouns and Verbs matches Mr. (make. She 6. (fold. I 7. He 4. (press. It 10. (make. Ito. 0 Write the correct verb form in parentheses t o complete each sentence. She 8. We paper folding from Mr. presses) up the folded paper. sees) out so far! (stretch. (learn. I 5. (see. makes) the paper carefully. learns) from the country of Japan. comes) the art of paper folding to us. (teach. She 0 11-16. teaches) a bird with Lynda. makes) 2. (open. You 9. He 3. stretches) the wings next. n They match Mr. e makes a bird. (come. opens) the bird's neck now. Ito's paper. like Example: weA&making these pretty things. . 1.

Write a short story to describe vi~ha"lappens. .Name 2 Pronous and Verbs (continued from page 102) Lynda made a puzzle from a paper circle. Add words t o complete each sentence. W r i t e these verbs in the correct spaces of the inner circle. Use a subject pronoun and a present lime verb in each sentence. Suppose that a paper bird meets two real birds. Now write sentences that begin with the pronouns and verbs that y o u matched i n the puzzle. Find a verb from the W o r d Box t o g o w i t h each subject pronoun in the outer circle.

I) . the puck flew right at . 2. Judy thanked 12. me) (continued) 11.we) 7. Use an object pronoun t o take the place of the underlined word or words. The crowd cheered for the players. she) many times. She wants to come with . That scared 8. 0 Write the correct pronoun in parentheses t o complete each sentence. 4. Then the goalie waved at 9. Mom took Judy and me to a hockey game. (US. (we.Name - Object Pronouns 0 Write each sentence. The goalie never let the puck into the net. 1. (he. (I. 5. We took for a minute. Judy waved back to 10. The noise didn't bother Judy at all. we) again. 6. One time. us) . him) home after the game. (her. (me. We drove to the sports center 3. (us.

3. 2. He blocked the play beautifully. Someone . 8.We shouted with them. Look a t the sentences that have check marks. Use an object pronoun in each sentence. . The goalie was ready for it.The coach watches us closely. The puck zipped toward me suddenly! 6. Choose a real or an imaginary sport.Name 3 Object Pronoas (continued from page 104) I Read these sentences about a hockey game. Noisy fans cheered for us! 10. 4. 5. This big game is important to her. 1 9. 7. Secret Word: "bou are a TV sports announcer.shot the puck at him quickly. Write the underlined letters from these sentences on the hockey players' uniforms below. They shot the puck across the ice. Put a check beside each sentence that has an object pronoun. Write a report that tells your TV audience aboufi-l-hegame you are watching. I I Now unscramble the letters on the uniforms t o find the secret word. 1. Write only one letter on each uniform. The other team beat us last night.

He does i t well. Replace one pronoun in each sentence with a noun. Kwan goes bowling. Kwan and her daughter. Mrs. He likes it most of all.Name Writing with Pronouns Mr. . Kwan's He likes bowling most of all. They take always goes with them on ~ r i d G nights. It is Mr. sons with a pro. Rewrite each underlined sentence in this story. She also bowls in a Girl Scout league with her (continued) nouns f o r clarity. belong to the same league. Julie. Bowling is Writing Clearly with Pronouns 1-5.

Bobsledders build strength in their stomachs. Hockey players need to have very strong legs.Name Writing with Pronouns (continued from page 106) Lacrosse is a difficult sport. a lot of strength. For example. Corn bine the underlined sentences in this report by changing a noun t o a pronoun. a gymnast working on the rings might build up his arms more than someone who works on the balance beam. They use their stomach and back muscles to help control the bobsled. uns for repeated nouns. . A tennis player also works on her upper legs. Combining Sentences 6-10. This helps them move swiftly through the water without getting tired. Swimmers make sure that their upper legs are in good shape. A tennis player needs to have strong arms as well. Swimmers work on their shoulders. A gymnast concentrates on certain muscles for special skills. rent sports use one kind of muscle more than another. Bobsledders need good back muscles too. A gymnast usually works on all his muscles. Hockey players also depend on strong arms.

Write the sentence. Tom and me). Ying and I are friends. milk is now safe for you and I. 0Choose the correct word or words in parentheses t o complete each sentence. Ying gave a book to (me and Tom. (I. 0 6-10. Tom and I earned a lot. Use proofreading marks t o write Iand me correctly in this book report. (Tom and I. Milk is good for me. This book taught Tom and I that germs can grow in milk. Louis Pasteur's work helped you and I. (Tom and me. Me) saw the word pasteurized on the carton.Name Using I and me I drink milk every day. 2. 1. Tom and I) wondered why. Tom and me learned that Pasteur heated milk to kill germs. My classmates and me understand this now. Tom and me) a milk carton. 5. Example:/ePc 2-d Thanks to Louis Pasteur. Ying showed (me and Tom. 4. 3. . Tom and me) read about Louis Pasteur. Ying visits Tom and me.

Pete is "caching Eva and Me1 how t o make butter by hand. Use I or me in each sentence.Name 4 Using f and me (continued frornpage . Olga. NOWread Mel's report about making butter. Be sure t o put them in the right order. Pete and me took the butter out of the churn. Mel has written the sentences in the wrong order. Write Mel's sentences correctly. He has also made mistakes using the pronouns 1 and me. have discovered a new way to keep food from spoiling. . Me and Eva found that the cream had turned t o butter. c . Write a shorhreport "chat describes what you and Olga discovered and how you discovered it.081 Look a t the picture below. Pete wanted me and Eva t o take turns beating the cream. Pete told Eva and I t o pour the cream into the churn. fiu and your partner. l 6 You are a scientist.

Franco takes pictures of Franco's pet turtle. Abe also takes pictures of Suzanne's puppies. 4. Some pictures show the turtle in the turtle's shell. 12. 1. 8. 7. Our cameras don't look like Eastman's cameras. It is different from my camera. 0 Write each sentence. 11. 9. Dorothea Lange is my favorite photographer. 3. There are cameras in Franco and Abe's home. 5. Abe takes pictures of Abe's pets too.Name 5 Possessive Pronouns Meg's camera is small. Is that your new camera? 2. 0Write the possessive pronoun in each sentence. George Eastman invented his new camera in 1888. (continued) Skill: Students will identify possessive pronouns and will use t h e m t o replace possessive nouns. Many of her pictures are famous. . Use a possessive pronoun t o take the place of the underlined word or words. 10. 6. Millie's favorite picture shows the turtle walking.

Margaret's job 7. Use a possessive pronoun. Leo's pictures 6. the film that belongs to you 5. . They are written across and down. Circle these words.Name 5 Possessive Pronouns (continued from page 110) I Write each group of words another way. c t r h e i e s t r x m s t r a p s m i l e s n h a d b 1 x o writim~ ~ ~ ~ @ i c a *Photo i@m Gwions : 'UOu have a new camera. Write a senkence to descmbe each one. Each word is hidden in the camera puzzle below. the camera that belongs to me 2 . You have brought it t o a birthday party in your class. the camera's strap 4. Think of five pictures you might take at this party. Use a possessive pronoun in each sentence. that belong to Dad and me Look a t the words you wrote in the answers above. Jan's and Irv's smiles 3.

Irn sure itll be fun f o r everyone. They have got numbers on them.) Skill: Students will form contractions from pronouns and verbs. First. 2. She is our math and science teacher. For my birthday. I t s like t h e one Rob has. (continued) WORKBOOK PLUS AW Grade 3: Unit 6 Pronouns (Use with pupil book pages 226-227. 3. 7. 08-14. Hes very happy with i t . you will try to catch the frogs. Use proofreading marks t o write the contractions correctly in this note. Ive already seen t h e game I want. Yee. . We have talked about computers with Ms. It is a game to practice math. She has shown us some new computer games. I will tell you about one of them. 4.Name 6 Contractions 0Write the contractions for the underlined words. 6. 5. Id like a computer game. Well be happy with i t too. 1.

Write an advertisement for -this game. Decide what letter or letters have been left out to make each con-kaction. . 7 ! 6 7 8 writin@ ~~~lica%i An @Advertisement n: - Suppose that you have invented a new computer game. N o w complete this sentence.) Skill: Students s w l i use contractions made with pronouns. Use five contractions thatare enlade wi"c~ pronouns. 1 ugh. You will have t o capitalize three letters.Name 6 Contractions (continued from page I 12) The computer screen below shows a game about contractions. Write the letters on t h e frogs. Describe how the game is played and why people should buy it. Find the contraction in each sentence. Write the letters from the frogs in t h e correct spaces below. Grade 3: U n i t 6 Q~ronouns (Use with pupil book pages 226-227.

So be sure to be they're. 1. their. or they're t o complete each sentence. We went 3. 1 1 1 1 3 (continued) . very good dancers. in the corner. for visitors to sit comfortably. Chairs were 6. / Small letter i 1 I i Tony and Roma will teach there dances to everyone their. and watched. We sat 8. 5. First. their. 2.Name 7Using there. very fond of her. on Friday. Tony and Roma did 9. 0 10-15. dance teacher. ending invitations. Use proofreading marks t o correct six pronouns in this invitation. There such good dancers! Their will be plenty of food. We will go in their car. lessons well. 7. and they9re We are going there t o see Tony and Roma. we met 4. 0 Write there. Tony and Roma invited us to dance class. I 'fI Indent I I They're is going to be a dance on Friday.

their. Look a t the picture. You want to invite parents and friends to your students' dance program. 1. Who is teaching the dance class? 2. Use the w o r d there. Write an invitation to the program. Where is the dance class being taught? 5. What are the children wearing? 4. Are all of the children paying attention to the teacher? wrigfm@ Applicati@m: An Invitation s Suppose that you are a dance teacher.Name 7 Using the* the& and they're (continued from page I 14) The students in the dance class are practicing for a dance program. Then write answers t o the questions. Where are the children standing? 3. or they're in each answer. . Use the w o r d there. thez'q and tdzey 're in your imitation. Describe the dances that the students will perform.


You have one heart i portant t o take care of it.
1-10. Change each underlined homophone t o the correct homophone. Use words from the Word Box.

pear pair heard herd two too to write right

fruit t w o of a kind past of hear group of animals one more than 1 very much part of a verb use a pen or pencil correct; opposite of left

he'll heal heel rode road sail sale they're there

contraction of he will t o get better part of a shoe past of ride a street be on a boat selling something contraction of they are opposite of here


My mom lived on a farm. She had everything write they're in her own back yard. She picked h i t from the pair trees. Milk came from their heard of cows. In summer, they opened a farm stand. Mom would right the prices on signs. When they had a sail, she would say, "Ask Dad if heal make


a big sign." Then she would stand by the

and sell the hits'?

and vegetables. When it was two -hot too - stand, Grandma would bring Mom a chair and some icy lemonade.


Supporting Sentences
A paragraph that tells a story is a narrative paragraph. I t ofte has a lead sentence, supporting sentences, and a closing sentence. Supporting sentences support the main idea by giving details about it. They answer one or more of these questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? They he1 readers use their five senses t o feel they are part of the story.

Complete a narrative paragraph about this picture. Read the lead sentence below. Then find details in the picture t o support the m a i n idea in the lead sentence. Then write three supporting sentences, using the details.



;I It takes a lot of hard work to put on a play, but it was all worth it.

The applause at the end made the whole castand crew feel like stars!

Organizing Your Narrative
irst, we packed clothes, books, books, and toys. Then we said goodbye t o

hen we said goodbye t o our friends. Three events for a personal narrative are underlined below. Number each event 1, 2, or 3 to show the order in which i t happened. Cross out any details that do not keep t o the topic. Then organize the main events and the supporting details in the chart below.

gathering materials ice skating on the frozen pond making invitations buying film for camera

Event planning the party picking a date losing a tooth making guest list

Event surprising my friend hiding in closet yelling "Surprise!" buying snacks and juice

We were going to my cousin's wedding across the country. Each beginning of a personal narrative below needs t o be stronger.Name Good Beginnings M y story is about the t i m e my grandparents came t o visit. read the story. Ask a Question: 2. The lake was dark green and very cold. My story tells about how I learned to swim. Then write a stronger beginning. We were at my friend's cabin at Lake George. Set the Scene: Skill: Students will write strong beginnings for persona! narratives. First. using t w o different strategies. What's the best partabout having you grandparents come for a visit? M y story "cells about the arrival of my little sister. . " 1 This is a story about the first time I went on an airplane. There were tall pine trees all around. using the strategy suggested. I was very scared of flying.

The classroom was filled with boxes and tubes. Then we made robots. When they were warm. There were little boxes and huge boxes! There were tiny tubes and very long tubes.Name Writing with Voice Our teacher asked us t o bring in lots of boxes and tubes. my mother asked me to cook dinner for the family. Everyone thought my dinner was good. C o o k for a Day 0I Last weelc. Rewrite the narrative t o give i t a stronger voice. It was easy. . I put some lettuce and tomatoes in a bowl. Then I warmed up the tacos. I wondered what we would do. Then I put some grapes on a plate. What could we be doing with all this stuff? "We are going t o make robots!" our teacher said. Use words and details that make the personal narrative sound like you. I put shredded cheese on top. The personal narrative below is dull because i t does not have a strong voice. I opened the can of beans and put some on each taco shell. I decided to make tacos and salad and h i t . I was surprised. strong voice.

First. Tina taught me how to play a string game called Cat's Cradle. The bottom was all raggy.Name Good Endings M y sister cut my brother's hair. Last. it looked bad. g E? V1 S C4 . Then write two endings for each one. Read your story endings. First. Then Tina showed me how to pop corn.L E 2. Put a check mark in front of the one you like better. we played board games. She was SO much fun. " itwill grow back. my mother started t o laugh. We took first Each short narrative below needs an ending. "but don't ever do this again!" M y team won t h e science fair. The end. First." Then I wanted to bring a book that my grandfather brought from Germany The words are all in German. My mother almost fainted when she saw what my sister had done to my brother's hair. % - SO 3: 0 C i " + fi What would you bring to a multicultural fair? Our teacher said we could bring a food or a family object. but Tina the babysitter changed my mind. "YOUwon!" my teacher cheered. and we watched a movie about apes.- W Strong Ending: B 6 c ." she said. "I'm too big for a babysitter!" I told my parents. read the story. When we stopped staring. 1. and "che pictures are very colorful. - (2 X a Strong Ending: Strong Ending: . I wanted to bring a noodle and sour cream dish we call ""kgel. Me even had bald patches. using the strategies above.

Mom and I were in the audience. Use the spaces between the lines and around the paragraph t o make your changes. I held my breath. heard. Check off each box when you have finished your revision. I never thought dancing with my parents could be so much fun! checklist. Mom and I were so happy we danced right into the aisle and right up onto the stage. Dad put his arms around us and danced too. Dad's points kept adding up. 1 got excited. Dad got the right answer.Name Revising a Personal Narrative Have I Yes written a beginning that asks a question or sets the scene? CI used only important events and put them in an order that makes sense? Ll used details that tell what the writer saw. She had on a new dress. the announcer asked the last question. but Dad kept answering one after another. Let's Dance It was exciting when Dad won the big prize on the game show. Finally. Every time Dad gave a correct answer. . or felt? Ll used words that sound like me telling the story? a Revise the following personal narrative t o make it better. Use the checklist above t o help you. The host was asking really tough questions.

Combine t h e underlined sentences using and. _ . . We saw a parade. Write the revised narrative o n t h e lines below. the wires are down. We stopped t o watch it.=. I could not go outside.Name Sentence Fluency . Revise t h e following personal narrative t o mak. because it was sleeting. ^ I We saw a parade. School was over... Soon. I had done my homework." my mother said. All the lights were out! "Because of the sleet.e itbetter. I plugged in my video game. I was glad that I hadn't caused the blackout! I "skill: Students will revise a persona! varrarive by combining simple sentences t o create compound sentences. It was a cold Februarv afternoon. "Don't get into trouble!" my mother called. 1 ^ _ . I was really bored. The streets were slick. the wires were covered in ice. - ( . and we stopped t o watch it.c 1 . The lights went out! I looked outside.

Eight-year-old Jake slammed down the bat and stormed off It was winter. and how they feel. Write details that tell when the event takes place. It was a cold. . Include details that tell what the characters look like. how they act. Strong character details: Strong setting details: settkng In a story.Name Characters and Setting Jake left the field. cold night in Write some character and setting details t o describe what you see in this picture. Tell what the characters see and hear.

. . .. . S k i l l : Students will pian a story . /. "ce setting characters deal with and a problem the problem kook at "ce pictures of a museum adventure. Complete "ee story map. - Planning the Plot Every story has a beginning.i1 .3~5 how " c h e charac"cers deal with t h e problem. <. . and an end. and a problem.. Shows how the problem works out The beginning introduces the characters.-. . and the problem that you would write about.-. . End The end shows hov~ the probiem --works out.- --. the setting.. -.l.s. . .. ..i3. . introduces the Shows how the characters. -the setting."'-.-. . - . The middle 5hf. . . .* lqGf2-.. a middle.$ . --. . _ .. What story could you w r i t e about them? Think aboutthe characters. . Y ' Name C .

some dialogue. Without skates. I had an idea. I was face down on the ice and soaked. The story below needs a strong beginning. and an ending. dialogue.Name Developing the Plot hale. Dad wanted me to open and close the doors so that he could drive the Zamboni on and off the ice." the crabs said. I couldn't get up. The lobster offered sure. He drives the Zamboni. which cleans and slnoothes the ice. Finally. I slipped right after him. Dad would be driving the Zamboni right back through the doors. and an ending that tells how the problem is solved. Read the story. and then add a beginning. I was happy to help Dad at the' ice arena. Strong beginning: Dialogue: Strong ending: . As soon as Dad pulled out.

Mom? I like them all. Use the checklist above t o help you. So. Then Angie asked if she could keep some animals in the guest room at Grandma's house. Lots of Stuffed Animals Angie's morn thinks Angie has too many stuffed anirnals.Name Revising a Story Have I * written a new beginning that catches my audience's interest? * introduced the characters. and the problem? showed hovv the characters solved the problem? * put the events in an order that makes sense? Revise the following story t o make it better. Grandma thought it was a great idea." said Angie. ""Wow I'm not so stuffed up anymore !" . Check off each box when you have finished your revision. the next day Angie and her morn brought some stuffed animals over to Grandma's house." Angie said. "How can I do that. Mom told Angie to get rid of some. You can use the spaces between the lines and around the story t o make your changes. the setting. ""That looks nice.

First came Rachel Rabbit. She had some carrot soup. Then came the dogs. They had some beef soup and they carried a jug of chiclten soup and they gave Bernie hot lamb soup. They gave Bernie a pot of cold lettuce soup and they handed Bernie a can of bean soup and put down a bowl of green pea soup. "Thank you." said Bernie. "We will soon be swimming in soup!" . Rewrite Bernie Bear wanted to have a party and invite all his friends and serve food. They are underlined. Next the gerbils rang the doorbell. Bernie thought.Name Sentence Fluency and looked and looked The story below has some stringy sentences. Revise the story by breaking the stringy sentences into shorter sentences.

Find details in the picture t o support the main idea in the topic sentence. we are still discovering new dinosaur facts. Write three supporting sentences. -4 Stegosaurus had heavy armor and ate shrubs and ferns. Read the topic sentence and the closing sentence. . A Tyrannosaurus-the most f a m o u s meat-eating dinosaur A Ultrasaurus was more t h a n 100 feet long and 60 feet tall. What were the dinosaurs like? Even though the dinosaurs are not around anymore. using those details. supporting Look at the picture below and complete the informational paragraph.Name Supporting Sentences informational paragraphs have a topic sentence.


It takes a lot of time to get dressed when the weather is bad. Write four steps in the directions. Start with head. Read the opening sentence below. Next. Finally. shampoo on your dog.Name Using Details Add the dog shampoo. Next. find details in the pictures. . Then. First. Complete these instructions for getting dressed when the weather is bad.

-. Ending: 'r: t W 0 rn . not table scraps. keep your pet's space or cage clean. Take your dog for wallts at least three times a day. dogs should have dog food. . Finally. feed your pet the right food. and then write a strong beginning and a strong ending for them. . Rabbits lilte lettuce and other shredded vegetables. In-line skating is easy if you follow these Now you know how t o skate. Just wait until you zoom down the street Every set of instructions needs a strong beginning and ending. For example. Read these instructions. Beginning: . 9 * a X U s a E 5 !2 z Skill: Students will write a strong beginning and ending for instructions. give your pet love.Name Good Beginnings and Endings This is how you skate. Next. Cuddle your cat and pet your dog. Throw the papers out every other day. . First. You can put newspapers on the bottom of a birdcage to catch droppings.

cut the bread into three long strips. Use the checklist above t o help you. Then use the rolling pin to roll the bread until it is thin and flat.Name Revising Instructions written a beginning " c a t tells in an interesting way what the instructions are about? * included all the steps and listed all the needed materials? Revise the following instructions t o make them better. and some foil. a dull knife. Next. Check off each box when you have finished your revision. Pigs in Blankets It is fun to make these snacks. You'll need adult help with the lcnife and the oven. put a piece sf hot dog onto a strip of bread and 4-011up the "oread around the hotdog.50'. Third. Cut the hot dog into three pieces. . cut off the four crusty edges of the bread. a rolling pin. Put all the pieces on "Eke foil and bake for 5 minutes. get one hot dog. preheat the oven to 3. one slice of white bread. Use the spaces between the lines and around the paragraph t o make your changes. First. Next. Next.

. Practice your revising skills by filling i n this chart. \:.. ....1~ # . . .vr:.>. .. . .::. . I. . .y>3gG.. .. . . . . ' ... . -. .... -" e. Write your answers o n t h e lines. . . . =. Put your puzzle pieces i n four lines o n t h e back o f t h e puzzle.s.. .' . ..". .. .\? .. ..?< . .k:{< . .... ::. .&. . . pieces apart. .?. . ... .? Put a t h i n coat o f glue a t h i n coat o f Put your - magazine picture your magazine Make f o u r lines o n t h e back o f t h e puzzle.:.. . . * . .. ... .. t h e puzzle your puzzle pieces in an envelope... . A d d exact verbs t o each step. Glide slowly w h e n you g e t o n t h e ice. . . '. .. . Cut t h e puzzle pieces apart.. .. .. . .". .-.... ....." .Name Elaborating: Word Choice Move slowly w h e n you g e t o n t h e ice. . . .--- -. .- --.I .. . s a . . .. Skill: Students will revise a set of instructions using exact verbs. .. -. an envelope.A. . ...

Each question is followed by a fact and an opinion. 2. 2 . Why is Abraham Lincoln important in United States history? Abraham Lincoln was President during the Civil War. Choose t h e fact and write it on the line. 4 3. . How are cucumbers and tomatoes alike? I love salads with cucumber and tomatoes. Players score points by throwing a ball through a hoop. 1909. a 9 2 cn .Name Gathering Facts O n April 6. 2 a s S C 2 g' . Matthew The North Pole is an interesting These are questions you mightask if you were writing a research report.- C 0 * z 0 C 4. What is the object of the game of basketball? Basketball players wear the coolest uniforms. Abraham Lincoln is the most famous United States President. 1 think that everyone enjoys video games. \That skjilIis do you need to play video games? 3 g 6 V-ideo games call for concentration and quick reflexes.m Cucumber and tomatoes grow on vines. 1.

more powerful than In this report. can become electrically charged. The funnel cloud moves along like a giant vacuum cleaner.O Pf. thunderstorms. write an opening that gives an interesting fact or asks a question. you might see a school of fish in your front yard! Strong Opening: 6 i . such as raindrops and hail. Next time you For each report below. I told you all about storms. and tornadoes ar the greatest storms on earth. The warm air crashes into layers of cooler air around it. Then write a strong closing that sums up the main ideas. It picks up cars. Moving bits of cloud.- & S Strong Closing: . - 6 8 LC S DD . m E Strong Closing: S . and everything in its way. After it has passed. The winds inside a funnel cloud spin at 300 miles per hour. Heat from the lightning causes air to spread out suddenly.Name Good Openings and Closings I'm going t o tell you all about storms. This makes the sound we call thunder.W) 4 The whirling black column of a tornado is called a funnel cloud. Hurricanes. houses. Lightning is a huge electric spark that flashes when opposite charges flow toward one another. Strong Opening: m 8 ?.

The violin has four strings that stretch down its body from its neck and over a bridge.- - - B 0 2 holds the bow. I think the violin is the nicest instrument. Violins can play all kinds of music.-7 Name Revising a Research Report I j Have I II * written a new opening that states the topic in an I II 1 interesting way? * included a main idea and supporting details in each paragraph? 1 * included only facts? Revise the following research report t o make it better. from classical to jazz to folk. The fingers of this hand press down on the strings. The violinist hcks the bottom of the violin under his or her chin and holds the neck with one hand.. Check off each box when you have finished revising. The other band 0 M . Use the spaces between the lines and around t h e paragraph t o make your changes. I like Jazz violin. . . Use the checklist above t o help you. This keeps the strings very tight. A Song of Violins An orchestra has more violins than any other instrument.

Can you picture yourself eating only sunlight. Revise t h e paragraph by adding details f r o m t h e diagram. and air? Those are the ingredients trees use to make their food. Leaves make food for the tree. water. The sun shines. Air goes into the leaves. to the leaves. . Roots soak up water. dioxide from Roots take water from Skill: Students will revise a research report by adding details. This part o f a research report about h o w trees get their f o o d does n o t have enough details. Water travels up the trunk.Name Elaborating: Details Trees need a l o t o f water t o survive. A large tree absorbs 95 gallons o f water every day. Write t h e revised report o n t h e lines below.

) Skill: Students will complete an opinion paragraph with supporting sentences. ~lJOBKB00KPLUS Am . Read the topic sentence and the concluding sentence. use those details t o write three supporting sentences.Name Supporting Sentences Use the picture below t o help you complete the opinion paragraph. Allen Park must be fixed up now! y working together we can make our town a better place. Grade 3: Section 3 Expressing and influencing (Use with pupil book pages 383-387. Be sure the supporting sentences tell the reasons for your opinion. Last. Then find details in the picture t o support the main idea.

hey taste bitter and sour........ ..*.. Reason 1: Reason 2: 3. Reason 1: Reason 2: [BOOK PLUS Grade 3: Unit I I Opinion (Use with pupil book pages 399-400. Read the opinions and 2.) Skill: Students will write strong reasons t o support opinions.. I do not like to clean my room because ......Choosing Strong Reasons . The juice squirts i They are messy.*... Each opinion needs two strong reasons... I like winter vacation because .

.**-e...Name Elaborating Your Reasons . Detail: Detail: Detail: Opinion: I like holidays because.~ i Opinion: I love camping! i have -Fun . Read the reasons below. Detail: Detail: Detail: Opinion: I like going to the city because . Reason: Skippy and I have fun together.'. Each reason needs strong details.*. Then add strong details that will help your readers understand the reasons. Detail: Detail: Detail: ..e-.*... Opinion: I like my dog Skippy because . .*..-.**. Reason: I get to have fun with all my relatives. Reason: I do things that are lots of fun.

One reason I like stuffed toys is that they are pretty. I can dive into the cool water Every opinion essay needs a strong opening and closin Read this essay and then write a good opening and f closing for it. fuzzy red bear. I made friends with Kate and Brandon trading our toys at a swap meet. At the pool. Splash! I'm the first one in the cool That is why I like t o go t o the town pool.Name Good Openings and Closings There are many reasons I like going t o the town pool. . I paid $6 for a small tiger and sold it for $10. I like my plush purple hippo. Then I put the extra money in my bank to save up for another stuffed toy. and bright green parrot. Stuffed toys can be worth a lot of money. Strong opening: Strong closing: C 2 oa L ? for an opinion essay. Stuffed toys are also fun to trade.

we like to go for a swim in the pond. we go ice-skating on the pond. It's fun to get up early and watch the sun rise. Use the spaces between the lines and around the essay to make your changes. Use "ce checklist above to help you. . If it's winter. bedtime rolls around. That's also when we feed the chickens. Before we know it. In the afternoons. My cousin and I talk in the dark before we fall asleep. FURon the Farm Visiting my cousin's farm is my favorite thing to do. Check off each box when you have finished revising. I never get bored when I am there. Working with the horses is the most fun.Name Revising an Opinion Essay introduced the topic in an interesting way? a used a "Epic sentence t o state each reason? given strong reasons for the opinion? * supported the reasons with details? Revise the following opinion essay.

The plant is easy to take care of. My dog is big.It is fun to roll in the grass with abig dog. I love t o play games. I play games with my sister and I play games with my friends. . That child is the best swimmer I know. he is very fast. For a child. I play checkers with my sister and I play hopscotch with my friends. That child took lessons at the village pool. Write your new sentences on the lines. This plant is the nicest one in our house. I like to play with big dogs. It is also Mom's favorite plant. Revise these opinion sentences by replacing two of the underlined words in each set with synonyms t o make your writing more interesting.Name Elaborating: Word Choice I love t o play games. .

. i Opinion i I think learning i h o w t o cook is 1 really neat... " 1 Our town needs a new library because the old one is too small... Then write a fact and an example t o supporteach one.. I Reason: Our school should have cooking classes so we can learn how i -to help more a t home.. Fact: Example: . Fact A survey of our school showed that 212 students are interested in learning t o cook. Fact: 2. The zoo needs more volunteers to help the staff care for the animals.Supporting Y o u r Reasons ...... I would be able t o make lunch on Saturdays so my parents could rest more.... Read the following reasons....

Reason #I: Fact or Example: Reason #2: Fact or Example: Reason #3: Pact or Example: Skill: Students will organize reasons for a persuasive essay and supply missing details. and climbing toys. -There is a great park in Conway. Also. Listed below are four reasons that might appear in a persuasive essay. . Goal: Our town needs a park. little kids need swings. Then write the reasons in the correct order on the lines below. Cross out the reason that does not stick t o the topic. bigger kids need a place to play baseball and soccer. -In the first place. we have five acres by the library that are not being used. Last. -Finally. sandboxes.Name Oranizing Your Essay 3 The teacher would know who uses the computer. add a fact or example for each reason. Number the other reasons t o show the order in which they should be given.

Strong Operaling: Weak Closing: It's good to do stuff with a pet. I think we should have flowers on Main Street. Welcome t o Main Street! Don't you want people to like our town? Kids and grown-ups should plantflowers When I go t o Main Street. " 1 Weak Opening: I want a pet so I can do stuff with it.Weak Opening: A swap meet is a good way to getrid of things. Strong Opening: R7eak Closing: Let's have a swap meet so I can have fun.Name Good Openings and Closings Main Street isn'tpretty. If everyone gets together and plant More people will shop in town. Read each one and then write a strong opening and a strong closing. Strong Closing: . Strong Closing: 2 . I don't see any flowers. There aren't any flowers. I see lots of flowers in front of the school. eat The openings and closings below are weak.

. We would all have fun. Batter up! At field day. We need to sell the candy. and nobody wants to play on them. If we can't sell candy during lunch. Wouldn't some ice-cold watermelon taste great too? I have t o decorate my own room so it will look good. Put yourself in the writer's place and then rewrite the essay. We won't even get a party at the end of the year. I would paint the walls light blue and hang stars from the ceiling. If I don't. we'll never have any fun! We won't be able to go on any field trips to museums. They have been broken for ages. I won't like it because it will look babyish. My room would look so great that I'd keep it clean all the time! The persuasive essay below sounds angry and whiny.Name Writing with Voice A field day would be a good idea. using a strong. If I could decorate my own room. We could run around and play nice games. We'll get stuck with the same junky playground toys. my room will be awful. we could play baseball and have relay races. positive voice.

Let's get the school library on the Internet now! Skill: Students s w l i revise a persuasive essay. Use the checklist above t o help you. . Internet access on the library computer would also let us contact other students in other schools all over the world. If that computer had Internet access. using a revision ci-tecklist. Check off each box when you have finished revising. we could do more research for our schoolwork. We are lucky to have a computer there. That would help us learn more about customs and traditions everywhere. Our school library needs to get on the Internet.Name Revising a Persuasive Essay Have B written a new opening that tells the goal in an interesting way? used facts and examples t o support the reasons? made the writing sound positive and sound like my voice? * revised the closing t o sum up the goals and reasons? Revise the following persuasive essay t o make it better. but it needs to do more. Use the spaces between the lines and around t h e essay t o make your changes.

. Chang can watch for animals. Rewrite t h e paragraph. I think the hiking group should go on a camping trip. Since he has good binoculars. Because we all like to hike and camp out in the woods. We could hike along the lake and then camp in the hills. Since we have two days off from school. This could be the best trip of the year. because there will b e fireworks Read this paragraph f r o m a persuasive essay. Because I have the largest backpack. I can carry the food.Name Because there will b e fireworks after dark. fixing any incomplete sentences you find.

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