Robotics Research Project

School : Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School Teacher : Ms. Monireh Kandi Time : Second Term 2008-2009



Who is HUBO???
HUBO is Korean robot. HUBO showed that Korean robotic technology is developing so rapidly that it may soon overtake Japanese as the world's best.

The difference of HUBO and ASIMO

HUBO follows Japanese ASIMO as the second such robot in the world. But they have difference. HUBO can walk 1.25km per hour on two legs and has five fingers that can work independently, and Moreover, HUBO has no backpack for power supply or other restrictions - this is a big difference from ASIMO. And HUBO took only two years to complete while ASIMO took nearly fifteen years.

HUBO’s pictures1 !!

HUBO’s pictures2 !!

My mind after this activity…
 It

was very fun!! And from now on I will love the HUBO, and I want to get information about HUBO. Anyway, Korean HUBO fighting!!!

 Thank

you for reading.

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