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BAND - Burnley Against Night-time Disorder

Project purpose:
To reduce violence and anti-social behaviour in Burnley town centre.

Project description:

This project won the Tilley Award 2002 for reducing violence.

This project was established in November 2000 in an attempt to provide a holistic

and partnership approach to reducing incidents of violence and disorder in Burnley
Town Centre.

In the summer of 2000, it was evident that the number of assaults in Burnley Town
Centre was at an unacceptable level and there was a widely held perception that
Burnley was a violent place at weekends.

It was decided to implement a sustainable approach to reduce violent crime and

attempt to modify people's attitudes so that violent or anti-social behaviour would not
be tolerated.

Research carried out with Burnley Town Centre Management involved analysing
statistics on violent crime, disorder and the number of incidents attended in the town
centre. This provided quantitative data, but qualitative data was also needed to
define the general perception of Burnley. Consultation took place with town centre
licensees, doorstaff, retail managers and the public to establish how people viewed at
night out in Burnley.

The response was to establish a pub watch style scheme where licensees could ban
violent or anti-social people from their premises as well as them being dealt with
through the criminal justice system. Such a ban prevents people enjoying a night out
and consuming alcohol in the town centre for a period of 12 months. This approach
has modified behaviour and reduced the opportunities for people to commit violent
crimes when intoxicated. Burnley Police also established a dedicated town centre
team to deal with daytime and night-time incidents and improve liaison with external
partners. All participants subscribed to the community radio scheme, which allowed
timely exchanges of information.