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1he Nanohos Casebook:

App||cat|ons from across the wor|d

Iooooty, 201J eJltloo

NanoPhos Casebook
1he nanohos casebook presenLs appllcaLlon case sLudles from across Lhe world. 1he varleLy
of appllcaLlons under a wlde range of cllmaLes and condlLlons, demonsLraLes Lhe versaLlllLy
of our producL llne. WlLh our acLlve new producL developmenL we conLlnue Lo pursue our
vlslon for proLecLlng, waLerprooflng, resLorlng surfaces, and savlng energy.
?ou can always vlslL our webslLe ln order Lo vlew Lhe laLesL lnformaLlon abouL our producLs:
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore C protect|on at the Astrup Iearn|ey Modern Art Museum
|n Cs|o, Norway
1he AsLrup learnley Museum of Modern ArL ls a prlvaLely owned ConLemporary ArL gallery
ln Cslo, norway. lL was founded and opened Lo Lhe publlc ln 1993 and was funded by Lwo
phllanLhroplc foundaLlons esLabllshed by descendanLs of Lhe learnley shlpplng famlly, Lhe
1homas learnley loundaLlon and Lhe Peddy and nlls AsLrup loundaLlon. 1he museum
collaboraLes wlLh lnLernaLlonal lnsLlLuLlons, and produces exhlblLlons LhaL Lravel worldwlde.
1he museum creaLed a sLlr ln Lhe lnLernaLlonal arL world ln 2002 when lL purchased Lhe
Amerlcan arLlsL !eff koons's monumenLal sculpLure ln gllL porcelaln of Lhe pop sLar Mlchael
!ackson wlLh 8ubbles, hls favorlLe chlmpanzee, for uSu 3.1m.
AfLer over 18 years ln uronnlngensgaLe 4, Lhe museum closed lLs doors 31 uecember 2011
and lL reopened on SepLember 29Lh 2012 aL 1[uvholmen ln Lhe cenLer of Cslo. 1he world-
renowned archlLecL 8enzo lano deslgned Lhe new museum bulldlng. Large, modern
exhlblLlon spaces glve Lhe museum Lhe posslblllLy Lo conLlnue lLs amblLlous program of
Lemporary exhlblLlons as lL has aL lLs dlsposlLlon abouL 4200 m.
Slnce Lhe archlLecL and Lhe cusLomer wanLed exposed concreLe floors, Surfaore C was Lhe
naLural cholce for lLs proLecLlon.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Nanohos he|ps Austra||ans en[oy outdoor ||v|ng
AusLrallan llfe ls abouL belng ouLdoors. 1he LemperaLe weaLher across Lhe counLry all year
round means LhaL AusLrallans en[oy spendlng as much Llme as Lhey can ouLdoors, aL Lhe
beach, playlng sporLs, aL sLreeL cafes and ln Lhe backyards of Lhelr homes. AusLrallans are
lncreaslngly converLlng Lhelr backyards lnLo ouLdoor enLerLalnmenL areas by brlnglng lndoor
comforLs ouLdoors. 8y Llllng and or pavlng Lhelr backyards Lhey are now able Lo use Lhelr
backyard as an all year around enLerLalnmenL area for Lhemselves and Lhelr guesLs, for
lunches, dlnners or 88Cs.
Powever, Lhe challenge faced by AusLrallans ls Llles and pavers deslgned for MedlLerranean
condlLlons qulckly age and deLerloraLe
ln Lhe AusLrallan cllmaLe and
envlronmenLal condlLlons. A warm
and humld cllmaLe all year round
comblned wlLh a large range of naLlve
anlmals and planLs and heavy use of
ouLdoor areas, resulLs ln ouLdoor
areas LhaL qulckly look old, dlrLy,
Clven Lhe challenge of keeplng
surfaces looklng brand new and aL Lhe
same Llme lncreaslng Lhelr longevlLy,
wlLhouL changlng Lhelr LexLure or
appearance, AusLrallan homes are
lncreaslngly proLecLed by nanohos
lor ouLdoor sLone paved areas, ueSalln C ls belng used Lo clean and prepare exlsLlng sLone
pavers. Surfaore C ls used Lo proLecL sLone pavers from waLer, buL ln cases where exLra oll
sLaln proLecLlon ls soughL, Surfaore M ls used (also recommended for proLecLlon agalnsL
Lree gum, Lree oll and naLlve AusLrallan anlmal dropplngs). SurfaShleld producLs are also
recommended Lo Lake advanLage of Lhe abundanL sunllghL and Lurn surfaces lnLo self-
lor ouLdoor pollshed Llle areas, ueSalln 1 ls used Lo clean and prepare senslLlve Llle surfaces,
Surfaore 1 Lo seal porous and unglazed porcelaln Llles and SurfaShleld 1 Lo make Llles self-
cleanlng and self-sLerlllzlng.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
1he Cnass|s Cu|tura| Center |n Athens, Greece
A marvel of archlLecLure on Syngrou Avenue ln ALhens, ls hosLlng Lhe mulLlfaceLed culLural
evenLs organlzed by Lhe Alexander S. Cnassls loundaLlon, as well as by oLher noLable
lnsLlLuLlons promoLlng Lhe leLLers and flne arLs. 1he bulldlng, wlLh a surface area of 18,000
, ls belng consLrucLed on a ploL of prlvaLe land measurlng 3,000 m
, and covers an enLlre
1he lnLernaLlonal compeLlLlon for Lhe deslgn of Lhe bulldlng aLLracLed 66 candldaLes from all
over Lhe world. 1he wlnnlng deslgn was puL forward by Lhe lrench archlLecLural flrm
"ArchlLecLure SLudlo", whlch provlded for a bulldlng 89 feeL Lall, faced wlLh whlLe marble and
glass, ln a reference Lo Lhe mlnlmallsm demonsLraLed by AnclenL Creek archlLecLure. 1he
bulldlng ls desLlned Lo be a model of conLemporary archlLecLure. lLs slmpllclLy of volume and
plalnness of form have a powerfully monumenLal characLer. AL Lhe same Llme, Lhe ouLslde of
Lhe bulldlng lends lL an expresslon of mysLery, llke changlng scenery. 8y day, Lhe whlLe
horlzonLal sLrlps of marble on Lhe facades reflecL Lhe llghL of ALLlca, produclng a wave-llke
lmpresslon. 1he opposlLe happens aL nlghL, when Lhe whlLe marble sLrlps are lllumlnaLed ln a
dlfferenL way and Lhe lnslde of Lhe bulldlng becomes vlslble, reveallng Lhe shell surroundlng
Lhe large performance halls.
Surfaore C was used to protect the str|ps of unpo||shed wh|te marb|e that are used to
prov|de th|s magn|f|cent wave-||ke effect outs|de the bu||d|ng.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Copenhagen Concert na|| |n Denmark
1he Copenhagen ConcerL Pall by !ean nouvel ls a parL of Lhe new u8 8yen (u8 1own) LhaL
wlll also house all of Lhe uenmark's 8adlo (u8). 1he concerL hall and Lhe u8 1own are
locaLed ln Lhe norLhern parL of CresLad - an amblLlous developmenL area ln Copenhagen.
1he concerL complex conslsLs of four halls wlLh Lhe maln audlLorlum seaLlng 1,800 people. lL
serves as Lhe home of Lhe uanlsh naLlonal Symphony CrchesLra.
rlLzker rlze wlnner !ean nouvel
ls Lhe archlLecL of Lhe pro[ecL. 1he
sLrucLure can be llkened Lo a
meLeor covered by blg blue
screens, supposed Lo resemble
waLer LhaL can be used Lo pro[ecL
vlsual conLenL on.
1he consLrucLlon budgeL reached
almosL 300 mllllon dollars maklng
Lhe Copenhagen ConcerL Pall
along Lhe WalL ulsney ConcerL
Pall ln Los Angeles Lhe mosL
expenslve concerL hall ever bullL.
Surfaore C was used to protect the prec|ous cement based surfaces that dom|nate the
concert ha||.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Industr|a| app||cat|on of Surfapore C |n Norway
roducLlon of concreLe blocks has been a long LradlLlon aL
MulLlblokk. 1he company has advanced Lhe producLlon of
concreLe blocks wlLh an emphasls on Lhe creaLlon of new producLs and early on creaLed new
blocks LhaL are llghLer and sLronger. lacemlx ls one of Lhe company's laLesL concreLe
producLs LhaL lncludes Surfapore C as an lngredlenL ln Lhe producLlon process. 1hls Lwo-
layered-sLone ls unllke convenLlonal concreLe sLone: lL has a more reflned flnlsh and ls
poslLlons as pavlng for connolsseurs.
1he eleganL surfaces of lacemlx producLs Lake pavlng sLones Lo a new level. All lacemlx
producLs lncorporaLe Surfaore C ln Lhe producLlon process lncreaslng Lhe quallLy of Lhe
producL and exLendlng lLs llfe by maklng Lhem waLer repelllng. Surfaore C allows lacemlx
producLs remaln beauLlful longer and requlre less malnLenance!
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore C protects the Synagogue of 1r|este |n Ita|y
lL was bullL beLween 1908 and 1912, and bears Lhe brllllanL hallmark of ChrlsLlan archlLecLs
8uggero and Ardulno 8erlam. 1he 1emple was unvelled ln 1912 ln Lhe presence of clLy
auLhorlLles, and lL replaced Lhe four smaller Synagogues LhaL prevlously exlsLed. 1he
synagogue was closed ln 1942 followlng Lhe lnsLlgaLlon of Lhe 8ace laws under Lhe lasclsL
reglme. As soon as Lhe war flnlshed Lhe synagogue wenL back lnLo operaLlon. 1oday lL ls
recognlzed as one of Lhe largesL and mosL lmporLanL places of worshlp for !ews ln Lurope.
ln order Lo proLecL Lhe lnLernal frescoes, Surfaore C was used exLernally Lo block molsLure
Lo peneLraLe Lhe walls buL aL Lhe same Llme allow for breaLhablllLy.
1be extetlot style wos solJ to
be lote komoo of o type
foooJ lo 4
ceototy 5ytlo,
ooJ tbe otcbltects cbose lt
becoose lt btooqbt tbem os
close os posslble to oocleot
Iewlsb otcbltectote.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
1asta D|str|ct Center |n Stavanger, Norway
1he new 1asLa ulsLrlcL CenLer LhaL opened ln CcLober 2012 ls more Lhan a shopplng mall.
WlLh nearly 30 shops, a flLness cenLer and servlce offlces lL has a clear soclal proflle and
envlronmenLal proflle. C8CS 8uslness ConsLrucLlon ls Lhe bullder LhaL wlll also operaLe Lhe
cenLer. C8CS lorreLnlngsbygg has already developed slx shopplng cenLers ln Cslo, buL Lhls ls
Lhe flrsL one ouLslde Lhe counLry's caplLal. roperLy Manager LllsabeLh 8raaLen Sverdrup
expecLs Lhe cenLer Lo become Lhe gaLherlng place for Lhe Lown.
1he bulldlng's 41,600 square meLers recelved an A-class raLlng and only requlre 300 kWh of
heaLlng for exLra cold days when LemperaLure drops below -7 C
! 1asLa CenLer ls able Lo
recycle up Lo 84 percenL of Lhe heaL. Accordlng Lo 1orsLeln lugelll Slmonsen, pro[ecL
manager for Lurnkey 8lock 8erge ConsLrucLlon AS, Lhe concreLe elemenLs LhaL make Lhe
bulldlng absorb heaL and do noL leak alr.
1he 30cm Lhlck pre-fabrlcaLed cemenL elemenLs were sprayed wlLh Surfaore C ln Lhe
facLory before shlpplng ouL Lo Lhe consLrucLlon slLe for assembly. 8esldes Lhe surface
proLecLlon offered, keeplng Lhe sLrucLural elemenLs dry wlLh Surfaore C dramaLlcally
lmproves Lhelr lnsulaLlng ablllLy - waLer ls a very good Lhermal conducLor where a 3
lncrease ln molsLure can have a 100 lncrease ln Lhe conducLlvlLy of a wall. 1he whlLe
pollshed concreLe elemenLs of Lhe faade conLaln whlLe marble aggregaLes and Lhe whole
faade was LreaLed wlLh Surfaore C ln order Lo malnLaln lL clean and dry.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore C exce|s |n Norweg|an tests and |s used for tunne|s and
ma[or pub||c road works
1he norweglan ubllc 8oads AdmlnlsLraLlon (SLaLens vegvensen) ls responslble for Lhe
plannlng, consLrucLlon and operaLlon of Lhe naLlonal and counLy road neLworks. WlLh lLs
sLaLed vlslon belng Cn Lhe road Lo a beLLer socleLy", Lhe norweglan
ubllc 8oads AdmlnlsLraLlon has seL as an ob[ecLlve, Lo develop and
malnLaln a safe, eco-frlendly and efflclenL LransporL sysLem. 1o achleve
lLs ob[ecLlve, lL conLlnuously LesLs maLerlal LhaL wlll lncrease LransporL
sysLem safeLy ln an eco-frlendly manner. As a resulL of LesLlng LhaL was conducLed ln Asklm
ln 2010, Lhe SLaLens vegvensen found LhaL Surfaore C was Lhe besL soluLlon for proLecLlng
Lunnel surfaces among a number of compeLlng producLs: lL kepL Lhem cleaner and brlghLer
Lhan any oLher maLerlal LesLed afLer a whole year ln use under Lhe freezlng norweglan
lurLher, Sln1Ll, Lhe largesL lndependenL research organlzaLlon ln Scandlnavla, cerLlfled LhaL
when Surfaore C ls used on concreLe, waLer absorpLlon and chlorlde
lon peneLraLlon are reduced by nearly 90. 1he 843 and M43 grade
concreLe were used for Lhe LesLs as Lhey are commonly used for brldges, Lunnels, plles and
1here are over 1000 Lunnels ln norway, wlLh a LoLal lengLh of 1200 km: 81 Lunnels are over
3000m long and 36 are underwaLer. AL Lhe same Llme, abouL 20-30km of new Lunnels are
bullL each year. 1he 1- forblndelsen ls a road pro[ecL ln 8ogaland, norway conslsLlng of Lhe
8.9km karmy 1unnel, a 9.8 km road, Lhe 30m 1uasLad 8rldge, Lhe 687m Pusaf[ell 1unnel
and Lhe 260m Spannavarden 1unnel. ConsLrucLlon work began ln Lhe auLumn of 2009 and
compleLlon ls planned for 2013. Clven Lhe SLaLens vegvesen and SlnLef LesL resulLs,
Surfaore C was applled on Lhe Lunnel porLals. ConcreLe elemenLs were prefabrlcaLed by
Clen 8eLong, and Lhe porLal was casLed and molded dlrecLly on Lhe mounLaln. All concreLe
was cleaned uslng ueSalln C and sprayed wlLh Surfaore C. Surfaore C was applled for
proLecLlon agalnsL waLer, salL, and for easy-cleanlng from Lhe dlrLy road waLer, resulLlng ln a
dry and brlghLer Lunnel enLrance.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore C protects the NICL4 |uxury resort |n Lgypt
1he Mlmary Croup of companles was founded by archlLecL Mahmoud
Mohamed Abdel-Wahab Pelal ln 1983. 1he company ls consldered as a
ploneer ln real esLaLe lnvesLmenL and has more Lhan 3273 cllenLs and abouL
110 employees ln LgypL and oLher counLrles. lL concenLraLes on luxury and
pays a greaL deal of aLLenLlon on archlLecLural deLalls. lL uses Lhe mosL
modern Lechnlques and alms Lo achleve Lhe hlghesL quallLy aL affordable
AfLer Lhe success of Lhe nlCL serles of resorLs, Lhe Mlmary group proudly
presenLs lLs laLesL, nlCL 4 LhaL ls bullL on a LoLal space of 203,800 square
meLers. LocaLed 74.23 kllomeLers from Alexandrla on Lhe MedlLerranean
MaLruh beachfronL, lLs sLunnlng whlLe sand, breaLhLaklng Lurquolse waLers and greenery
free your mlnd and soul. lLs archlLecLure allows specLacular panoramlc vlews from all unlLs
LhaL lnclude 72 vlllas and 614 ChaleLs.
WanLlng Lo offer Lhe besL avallable quallLy Lo lLs cusLomers, 1he Mlmary Croup selecLed
Surfaore C for waLerprooflng all bulldlng and vllla roofs and all ouLdoor wall flnlshes.
SurfaPore C offers an additional
layer of protection against
moisture and water ingress
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Sof|te| 8each kesort at the a|m Is|and Iume|rah, Duba|, U.A.L.
A presLlglous 3 SLar 8each 8esorL of SoflLel Croup ls nearlng compleLlon aL uubal's alm
lsland ln !umalrah, ad[acenL Lo Lhe world famous ALlanLls PoLel. 1he resorL ls locaLed on Lhe
beach and Lhe cllenL selecLed Surfaore C Lo proLecL Lhe exLernal sand sLone faade from
aggresslve weaLherlng. AparL from waLer repelllng properLy, belng locaLed close Lo Lhe sea,
Lhe faade had Lo be proLecLed agalnsL salL waLer and efflorescence. 1he LoLal area
proLecLed wlLh Surfaore C ls abouL 8,000 m
xtetlot sooJ stooe fooJe ptotecteJ wltb 5otfolote c
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore C protects Muckam|sh Iort Marte||o 1ower |n Ire|and
MarLello 1owers were small defenslve forLs flrsL
bullL ln Lhe SouLh LasL of Lngland durlng Lhe
napoleonlc War beLween 1803 and 1808. 1hey
were laLer bullL LhroughouL Lhe 8rlLlsh Lmplre, ln 3
dlfferenL conLlnenLs, durlng Lhe flrsL half of Lhe 19Lh
CenLury and a large number can be found ln Lssex,
Suffolk and ln lreland. MarLello Lowers were
lnsplred by a round forLress aL MorLella olnL ln
Corslca (compleLed 1363). ln 1794 Lwo 8rlLlsh
warshlps for Lwo days unsuccessfully aLLacked Lhe Lower aL MorLella olnL. 1hls lmpressed
Lhe 8rlLlsh who copled Lhe deslgn for Lhe 8rlLlsh MarLello 1owers.
Muckamlsh lorL MarLello 1ower LhaL was bullL aL Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe 19Lh cenLury on
Crohey Pead ln uonegal. 1he 1ower was consLrucLed beslde Lhe sea uslng sandsLone and
llmesLone. lL has a llne of slghL Lo Lhe norLh wlLh a slmllar 1ower near klncasslagh, and Lo Lhe
SouLh wlLh anoLher 1ower bullL on Clen Pead, Clencolmcllle. 1he 1ower was refurblshed ln
Lhe 1930's, buL LhaL Llme Lhe parapeLs were covered wlLh asphalL abouL 20mm Lhlck, and Lhe
walls were polnLed wlLh cemenL morLar. 1he run off from Lhe asphalL and Lhe hardness of
Lhe cemenL morLar caused serlous eroslon Lo Lhe sandsLone.
1he PerlLage Councll of lreland flnanced Lhe resLoraLlon of Lhe 1ower. Clven LhaL lmmedlaLe
remedlal work was requlred Lo proLecL Lhls monumenL, Surfaore C was used Lo proLecL lL
from waLer lngress LhaL would have led Lo conLlnued eroslon.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
rotect|ng Luxury V|||as by the Casp|an Sea |n Iran
1he Casplan Sea ls Lhe largesL lnland body of waLer
and accounLs for 40 Lo 44 of Lhe LoLal lake waLers
of Lhe world. 1he coasLllnes of Lhe Casplan are
shared by Azerbal[an, lran, kazakhsLan, 8ussla, and
1urkmenlsLan. Casplan Sea coasLal Lowns ln
norLhern lran are among Lhe mosL favorlLe
desLlnaLlons for lranlans. 1hese Lowns offer a
moderaLe buL humld weaLher, beauLlful scenery
and of course Lhe Casplan waLers.
8eheshL e uarya (sea paradlse) condomlnlums on norLh of lran are locaLed near Lhe Casplan
Sea and foresL. 1he vlllas are covered exLernally wlLh brlck and faced severe humldlLy and
efflorescence problems. Surfaore C was used ln 2009 for Lhls case because Lhe parLlcular
brlcks exhlblLed a very hlgh level of poroslLy versus regular brlcks. 1o daLe, Surfaore C has
solved all molsLure lngress and efflorescence problems.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
kes|dent|a| and Commerc|a| pro[ects |n Cyprus
5ttovolos ls ooe of tbe best
teslJeotlol oteos wltblo tbe
qteotet oteo of Nlcoslo
wbete kotsools otetptlses
bos JevelopeJ tbe
Moktloltsos ptoject. lo tbls
ptoject, 5otfolote c ooJ
5otfolote 1betmoJty wete
lotollmol ls o towo sltooteJ lo tbe 5ootb ost of cyptos. 1be ptoject obove lo tbe oteo of
lotollmol, boJ lts cemeot boseJ oteos tteoteJ wltb 5otfolote c, extetlot wolls wete poloteJ
osloq 5otfolote 1betmouty, ooJ 5otfoMlx c lo tbe tlle qtootloq.
llmossol ot lemesos ls tbe secooJ
lotqest clty lo cyptos locoteJ oo
Aktotltl 8oy, oo tbe lslooJ's
sootbeto coost. llmossol ls ooe of
tbe boslest MeJltettooeoo potts
ooJ tbe lotqest pott lo cyptos. 1be
opottmeot bollJloq oo tbe left
bollJ lo lemesos wos ptotecteJ
osloq 5otfolote c ooJ 5otfoMlx c.
Jan 2013 version

1be 8Mw 5bowtoom lo
lotooco bos beeo
ptotecteJ osloq 5otfolote
c oo oll cemeot sotfoces
1be uolvetslty of cyptos
soffeteJ ftom molstote
ptoblems lo tbe toof of o
pottlcolot bollJloq. 5otfololot
1betmouty lostometlc koof
wos oseJ to wotetptoof ooJ
tbetmolly losolote tbe toof.
NanoPhos Casebook
1be bosemeot of tbls bollJloq soffeteJ
ftom molstote ptoblems ooJ sevete
ctocks. 5otfoMlx c wos oseJ lo tbe
tepolts fot tbe ctocks ooJ 5otfolote c
coveteJ tbe wbole sotfoce
1be folt foceJ cemeot bollJloq obove
wos oll tteoteJ wltb 5otfolote c
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Ma[or Surfaore C pro[ects |n kuss|a
Cazprom ls a global energy company. lLs ma[or buslness llnes are geologlcal exploraLlon,
producLlon, LransporLaLlon, sLorage, processlng and sales of gas, gas
condensaLe and oll, as well as generaLlon and markeLlng of heaL and
elecLrlc power. Cazprom holds Lhe world's largesL naLural gas reserves.
Cazprom pursues lLs sLraLeglc ob[ecLlve of esLabllshlng lLself as a leader among global energy
companles by enLerlng new markeLs, dlverslfylng lLs acLlvlLles and ensurlng rellable supplles.
Surfaore C ls used Lo proLecL bulldlng subsLaLlons LhaL supply gas Lo facLorles and
resldenLlal bulldlngs.
1he novogorsk Clymplc vlllage ls a premlum class resldenLlal complex wlLh a focus on
famllles wlLh chlldren. 1he pro[ecL's vlslonary has been lrlna vlner Lhe famous rhyLhmlc
gymnasLlcs head Lralner of Lhe 8usslan naLlonal Leam and resldenL of Lhe 8usslan
lederaLlon of 8hyLhmlc CymnasLlcs. 1he complex, ls placed nexL door Lo an exlsLlng Clymplc
Lralnlng base [usL ouLslde Lhe norLhern border of Moscow and lncludes a preschool, an
Lngllsh-language prlmary and secondary school LhaL wlll feaLure 8rlLlsh currlculum, a flLness
cenLer and, of course, an lnLernaLlonal sporLs academy chalred by lrlna vlner herself, who
also has a h.u. ln LducaLlon. Surfaore C was used Lo proLecL concreLe surfaces of walls and
facades of Lhls presLlglous pro[ecL.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore C protects 18
Century a|azzo |n Ma|ta
Cbellsk AucLlons LLd ls one of Lhe leadlng AucLlon Pouses ln MalLa, speclallzlng ln AnLlques &
llne ArLs, Arms, MlllLarla & oLher. 1he premlses, a large 18Lh CenLury alazzo, have been
professlonally resLored and currenLly house Lhe flrm's offlces, gallerles & aucLlon rooms. 1he
maln Callery has a mulLl-purpose funcLlon and ls also used for LecLures and Semlnars.
ln order Lo proLecL Lhe valuable lnLerlors from any ralnwaLer lngress Lhrough Lhe celllng, Lhe
roof of Lhls 18
C alazzo has been LreaLed wlLh Surfapore C. ln Lhls manner Lhe roof has
malnLalned lLs breaLhablllLy whllsL remalnlng dry and repelllng ralnwaLer.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore k protects c|ay t||es of cottage |n the South of Irance
Clay Llle roofs are a key archlLecLural feaLure of coLLages ln lrance and many oLher Luropean
counLrles. Powever, clay Llles can be absorpLlve and as a resulL Lhey may suffer from frosL-
LhreaL and crack, as Lhe absorbed waLer wlll expand when lL becomes lce. lurLher, roof Llles
commonly accumulaLe mold as Lhey remaln molsL for long perlods of Llme. noneLheless, lL ls
an essenLlal requlremenL LhaL any proLecLlve coaLlng, wlll allow Lhe breaLhablllLy of Lhese
naLural surfaces.
A typlcol lteocb cottoqe wltb
oppoteot toof tlle molstote ooJ
oqeloq ptoblems
MarLln 1hornLon, Lhe bullder of Lhe lrench coLLage shown below, used handmade clay Llles
from 1udor 8oof 1lles (hLLp:// a company based ln kenL, unlLed
klngdom. 1he owner of Lhe coLLage ls very pleased, slnce 3 years afLer Lhe orlglnal
appllcaLlon hls roof looks llke new and he has earned Lhe admlraLlon of hls nelghbors.
cloy toof tlles J yeots oftet 5otfolote k
tteoteJ tteotmeot
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NanoPhos Casebook
Grafham Water Centre needs protect|on from water |n
Cambr|dgesh|re, Un|ted k|ngdom
SlLuaLed on Lhe souLhern shore of Crafham WaLer ln Lhe vlllage of erry ln Cambrldgeshlre,
Crafham WaLer CenLre ls seL ln an ldylllc waLerslde locaLlon wlLh
wonderful vlews of Lhe reservolr. Crafham WaLer CenLre has an
excellenL repuLaLlon for provldlng land and waLer based acLlvlLles
for schools and youLh groups, as well as lndlvlduals wlshlng Lo learn
a new sporL or develop exlsLlng skllls. 1he CenLre also caLers for
conferences, Leam developmenL, and managemenL Lralnlng wlLhln
Lhe newly refurblshed conference faclllLles.
1he recenL refurblshmenL of Lhe CenLre was underLaken by Mouchel. ln 1897, Louls CusLave
Mouchel flrsL broughL Lhe paLenL for relnforced concreLe Lo Lhe uk and, followlng lLs
lnLroducLlon, Lhere were huge sLrldes ln englneerlng and Lhe
company remalned a ploneer ln lLs use ln all aspecLs of
consLrucLlon, such as Lhe flrsL brldges made ouL of Lhe maLerlal, Lhe
flrsL uk skyscraper (Lhe Llver 8ulldlng bullL ln 1909), Lhe chlmneys
for 8aLLersea ower SLaLlon, and, ln Lhe Llme of war, floaLlng concreLe sLrucLures called
Mulberry Parbours whlch helped Lhe u-uay landlngs.
Ctofbom wotet ceotte, oseJ 5otfolote k oo
btlcks to stop wotet peoettotloo ftom tbe
tlsloq loke wotet, bot olso lo otJet to
molotolo tbe exlstloq look.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore k protects chape| at k|ng's Co||ege, |n New 2ea|and
klng's College ls an lndependenL secondary school ln new Zealand. lL was
orlglnally a boys-only school buL also admlLs glrls (slnce 1980) ln Lhe slxLh
and sevenLh forms (?ears 12 and 13). 1he school has sLrong llnks Lo Lhe
Angllcan church, Lhe Angllcan 8lshop of Auckland, and Lhe uean of
Auckland are permanenL members of Lhe school's 8oard Cf Covernors.
1he school caLers for boLh boardlng and day sLudenLs. 1he College ls a
member of Lhe PeadmasLers' and PeadmlsLresses' Conference. 1he
school ls also a member of Lhe C20 Schools Croup LhaL has a
commlLmenL Lo excellence and lnnovaLlon.
1be Covetoot-Ceoetol
of New 2eolooJ
oovells tbe plopoe to
offlclolly opeo tbe
cbopel close
1be oew cbopel ot kloqs colleqe ls oo
exceptloool wotk of beootlfol teJ cloy
btlck otcbltectote. 5otfolote k wos oseJ
to ptovlJe looq tetm ptotectloo oqolost
tbe weotbet ooJ to keep tbe sotfoce
lookloq ptlstloe.
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NanoPhos Casebook
rotect|ng Monuments w|th Surfaore 1 |n 1b|||s|, Georg|a
1he MLaLsmlnda anLheon of WrlLers and ubllc llgures ls a necropolls ln 1blllsl, Ceorgla,
where some of Lhe mosL promlnenL wrlLers, arLlsLs, scholars, and naLlonal heroes of Ceorgla
are burled. lL ls locaLed ln Lhe churchyard around SL. uavld's Church "MamadavlLl" on Lhe
slope of MounL MLaLsmlnda (Ceo. !"#$!%&'#, meanlng Lhe Poly MounLaln) and was
offlclally esLabllshed ln 1929. lL ls one of Lhe musL see" locaLlons lncluded ln LourlsL guldes
for vlslLors ln 1blllsl.
1he CreaL urge was a serles of campalgns
of pollLlcal represslon and murder ln Lhe
SovleL unlon orchesLraLed by !oseph SLalln.
1he Memorlal for vlcLlms of SLalln's
8epresslons" was erecLed ln Lhe MLaLsmlnda
anLheon on order Lo remember Ceorglan
wrlLers and arLlsLs who were murdered
durlng Lhe CreaL urge ln 1937. 1he pollshed
marble of Lhls very lmporLanL monumenL
has been proLecLed by Surfaore 1.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore 1 at the Stavanger Concert na||, Norway
SLavanger ConcerL Pall has now become Lhe new culLural arena for Lhe SLavanger 8eglon
wlLh lLs openlng of Lwo new specLacular concerL halls Lhe 13Lh SepLember 2012. 1he new
concerL hall plays a fundamenLal role ln Lhe long-Lerm sLraLegy Lo poslLlon SLavanger as an
economlc and culLural node ln norLhern Lurope. SLavanger ConcerL Pall ls Lhe clLy's maln
venue for concerLs, shows, and an aLLracLlve faclllLy for meeLlngs, galas and oLher gaLherlngs.
LocaLed ln Lhe beauLlful surroundlngs of 8[ergsLed ark, a Len-mlnuLe walk from Lhe clLy
cenLre of SLavanger. 1he SLavanger ConcerL Pall now lncludes Lhree large concerL halls of
excepLlonal sLandard and oLher relaLed smaller arenas of muslc.
1he granlLe floor surfaces ln Lhe ConcerL Pall were proLecLed from sLalnlng by uslng
Surfaore 1.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore 1 and M protect h|gh traff|c areas of |uxur|ous shopp|ng
ma||s |n Iran
+"# ,)-&)* .*$/),&0 Ooe of tbe
most loxotloos molls lo 1ebtoo
locoteJ oo letesbteb 5t.
1be costomet wos lookloq fot o
solotloo fot ptotectloq tbe floot
ftom stolos wltboot ooy effect oo
tbe oppeotooce. 5otfolote 1 ooJ
5otfolote M wete opplleJ oo tbe
votloos sotfoces of tbe moll
!"#$%& &$()* ls tbe blqqest, loxotloos
ooJ most moJeto moll lo kotoj (clty
20km west of 1ebtoo). 5otfolote 1 ooJ
5otfolote M ptotecteJ lts blqb ttofflc
floot tbot oppeots llke oew oftet
cootloooos ose.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Standard Chartered 8ank protects |ts marb|es and sandstone
surfaces |n 8us|ness 8ay Duba|, U.A.L.
Lhe SLandard 8ank of 8rlLlsh SouLh Afrlca and Lhe CharLered 8ank
of lndla, AusLralla and Chlna. Pavlng operaLed for over 130 years
ln some of Lhe world's fasLesL-growlng markeLs, Lhe bank alms Lo
SLandard CharLered 8ank was formed ln 1969 Lhrough Lhe merger of Lwo separaLe banks,
lead Lhe way ln Asla, Afrlca and Lhe Mlddle LasL.
WlLh an alm Lo lead ln lLs markeLs, SLandard CharLered branch opened a new branch ln Lhe
8uslness 8ay area of uubal. 8uslness 8ay ls parL of Lhe vlslon of Pls Plghness Shelkh
Mohammed 8ln 8ashed Al MakLoum, 8uler of uubal, Lo be a new 'clLy' wlLhln Lhe clLy of
uubal coverlng an area of 3,900,000 m2. lL wlll become Lhe reglon's buslness caplLal as well
as a freehold clLy. 1he SLandard CharLered branch shown below has lLs lnLernal 1,300 m
floor area covered wlLh Sofla 8ella pollshed marble from lndonesla LhaL had Lo be proLecLed.
AL Lhe same Llme, 300 square meLers of llorlancla sandsLone from lran were used ln Lhe
exLernal corner faade. Among Lhe varlous opLlons Lhe conLracLor had, Surfaore 1 and
Surfaore C were selecLed for Lhls pro[ecL.
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5otfolote 1 oseJ to ptotect tbe 5oflo
8ello pollsbeJ motble loslJe tbe book
5otfolote c wos oseJ to ptotect tbe
llotlooclo sooJstooe oo tbe extetool

NanoPhos Casebook
1op ortuguese ceram|c t||es manufacturer adopts Surfaore 1S1
8evlgrs ls one of Lhe Lop ceramlc Llles producers ln orLugal. lL ls an lnnovaLlve company
LhaL lncorporaLes new Lechnologles ln Lhelr producLlon llnes and Lhelr producLs. 8evlgrs has
been a prlvlleged nanohos parLner slnce from Lhe very beglnnlng of nanohos, Lhe Lwo
companles have been conducLlng producL Lrlals ln order Lo enhance Lhelr producL porLfollo.
ln Lhe beglnnlng of 2012, 8evlgrs dld run a Lrlal wlLh Surfaore 131 - Lhe lndusLrlal verslon
of Surfaore 1. 1he lnlLlal Lrlal was conducLed on Lhe producLlon llne (flgure 1) of whlLe
pollshed ceramlc Llles (porcelanaLo). 1hese Llles are very aLLracLlve and hlghly valued by Lhe
markeL, buL Lhelr mlcroscoplc pores aLLracL dlrL LhaL ls almosL lmposslble Lo remove.
1herefore, cusLomers frequenLly complaln abouL Lhe dlfflculLy ln keeplng such surfaces
shlnny and clean, especlally ln whlLe or llghL coloured Llles. 1he resulLs were consldered
amazlng as Lhe appllcaLlon of 131 dld noL affecL aL all Lhe shlne of Lhe Llle and lL enabled Lhe
easy removal of Lhe black spoLs of a permanenL marker. 1hese resulLs enabled Lhe company
Lo adopL 131 for lLs blg producLlon loLs.
llqote 1 - Appllcotloo of 151 oo pollsbeJ tlles ot kevlqts
llqote 2 - letmooeot lok motket test
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NanoPhos Casebook
Monast|rak| Square: over|ook|ng the Acropo||s |n Athens, Greece
MonasLlrakl square represenLs all Lhe dlfferenL phases of Lhe hlsLory of ALhens. 1he square ls
named afLer Lhe monasLery Lo whlch Lhe anLnassa church belongs - a church LhaL slLs ln
Lhe mlddle of Lhe square, a foundaLlon daLlng back Lo Lhe 10Lh C. AL Lhe souLheasL corner ls
one of Lhe clLy's Lwo survlvlng mosques, known as Lhe Slndrlvanl afLer Lhe former
purlflcaLlon founLaln, and whlch now houses Lhe ceramlc collecLlon of Lhe Museum of
opular ArL. lmmedlaLely behlnd Lhe mosque, ln Areos SLreeL, ls Lhe plllared facade of Lhe
Llbrary of Padrlan a monumenL of Lhe 8oman perlod, and furLher souLh ls ALhens of Lhe
Classlcal perlod, wlLh Lhe Acropolls.
1he reconsLrucLlon of MonasLlrakl Square by Lhe CulLure MlnlsLry's CenLral Archaeologlcal
Councll (kAS) has been compleLed, wlLh Lhe mulLl-colored sLone pavlng symbollzlng lLs Lhe
mulLlculLural hlsLory. vlslLors can now see - as well as hear - Lhe waLers of Lhe 8lver lrldanos
flowlng ln Lhe bed found aL a depLh of 6 meLers durlng Lhe reconsLrucLlon. 1he square seems
Lo harmonlously co-exlsL wlLh Lhe surroundlng hlsLorlcal area: Lhe 1emple of anLanasas,
resLored afLer Lhe 1999 earLhquake, Lhe vlew of Lhe Acropolls, Lhe anclenL Agora, Padrlan's
Llbrary and Lhe 8oman Agora.
1he mu|t|-co|ored stone pav|ng symbo||z|ng |ts the mu|t|cu|tura| h|story that |s a very h|gh
traff|c area has been a|| protected by Surfaore M.
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NanoPhos Casebook
k||den erform|ng Arts Centre |n kr|st|ansand, Norway
1he kllden erformlng ArLs CenLre ls a LheaLer and concerL hall on Cdderya ln krlsLlansand,
norway. lL houses Agder 1eaLer, krlsLlansand Symphony CrchesLra (kSC) and Cpera Sr.
Work on Lhe bulldlng
began ln 2007, and Crown
rlncess MeLLe-MarlL of
norway lald Lhe foundaLlon
sLone ln 2009. 1he openlng
was offlclally flnlshed 6
!anuary 2012. 1he bulldlng
has a gross area of 16,000
square meLers, a volume of
128,000 cublc meLers and
lL cosL nearly 1.7 bllllon
norweglan kroners.
CuLslde Lhe ConcerL Pall and Lhe 1heaLre and Cpera Pall, Lhere are Lwo large bars wlLh hlgh
quallLy slaLes. 1he problem faced here was LhaL Lhe slaLes had Lo be proLecLed from Lhe
occaslonal red wlne and olly food LhaL would sLaln Lhese preclous surfaces. Surfaore M was
selecLed Lo proLecL Lhe slaLe from sLalnlng.
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NanoPhos Casebook
rotect|ng 8yzant|ne Churches |n Cyprus
1he Lhlrd largesL and mosL easLerly of Lhe MedlLerranean lslands, Cyprus lles aL a crossroads
beLween Lurope, Asla and Afrlca. uurlng Lhe lsland's LumulLuous pasL numerous clvlllzaLlons
have lefL a rlch culLural herlLage. Lxperlence a conLlnuaLlon Lhrough Llme as Lhe 21sL cenLury
reflecLs 10,000 years of hlsLory. neollLhlc seLLlemenLs, AnclenL Creek 1emples, early
ChrlsLlan churches, 8yzanLlne arL, all cherlshed and preserved ln a unlque and accesslble
8yzootloe cbotcb of lo Nlcoslo tteoteJ wltb 5otfolote M
8yzanLlne arL and archlLecLure ls feaLured
wldely ln many churches and monasLerles ln
Cyprus and a number of Lhem are found on
unLSCC's World PerlLage LlsL. 1he lcons hold a
very rellglous slgnlflcance and some of Lhe
rellglous arLwork are even belleved Lo possess
mlraculous powers. llgrlmages are made Lo
cerLaln slLes ln order Lo be able Lo llghL candles
and pray before Lhe lcons. Powever, Lhe
pracLlce of llghLlng candles ls also a LhreaL Lo
Lhese monumenLs as Lhe wax frequenLly drlps and creaLes olly sLalns on Lhe very porous
local sLone called pouropeLra" used Lo bulld Lhese churches. lurLher, Lhe pouropeLra"
lLself ls a very sofL sLone LhaL needs Lo be proLecLed agalnsL deLerloraLlon from humldlLy.
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NanoPhos Casebook
1be mooostety of 5t. netokllJloo
boJ lts beootlfol wblte motble
ptotecteJ wltb 5otfolote M
The church of Aghia Sophia is
the largest church in Nicosia.
Its 6000 m
of external granite
covered area were cleaned
with Desalin K and then
protected with SurfaPore M
1be coosetvotloo lobotototy of tbe kykkoo
mooostety ls tbe most moJeto ooJ well
epolppeJ ott coosetvotloo lobotototy lo cyptos.
lo tbls cose tbe lobotototy oseJ 5otfolote w lo
otJet to ptotect tbese 125 yeot olJ bottels.
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NanoPhos Casebook
rotect|ng gran|tes at koya| ro[ects |n 8ahra|n
Colden Leaf CranlLe ls an lgneous sLone creaLed several bllllon years ago. naLurally beauLlful
and durable, Colden Leaf granlLe ls prlzed for exLerlor claddlng, counLerLops, waLer feaLures,
or wherever a long lasLlng maLerlal ls needed. Colden Leaf granlLe ls scraLch reslsLanL,
weaLher reslsLanL and sanlLary.
Powever, Lhe Colden Leaf CranlLe Llles used ln consLrucLlon aL 8oyal pro[ecLs ln 8ahraln
were found Lo have a hlgh poroslLy. As a resulL, Lhey absorbed waLer from Lhe unpollshed
backslde causlng permanenL molsLure sLalns on Lhe Lop surface. AfLer LesLlng many dlfferenL
maLerlals from several vendors, Surfaore M was selecLed as Lhe producL of cholce ln Lhese
pro[ecLs. 1he LreaLmenL proLocol followed was qulLe slmple as Lhe whole granlLe Llle was
dlpped ln a Lank wlLh Surfaore M for a few seconds.
1be plctote obove loJlcotes bow tbe ootteoteJ somple become
Jotket oftet 24 boots of lmmetsloo loto wotet, wblle tbe 5otfolote
M tteoteJ somple temoloeJ oocbooqeJ.
wotet tepelleocy oo tbe
oopollsbeJ bockslJe of tbe
5otbolote M tteoteJ qtoolte
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore M protects gran|te t||es of S||om Comp|ex |n 8angkok,
Sllom Complex ls a modern offlce bulldlng and Lhe only shopplng cenLer on Sllom 8oad. 1he
31 sLory bulldlng locaLed on 11,200 square meLers has been ln buslness slnce 1993. Many
leadlng flrms, boLh 1hal and lnLernaLlonal, seek Lhe prlme locaLlon of Lhe Sllom Complex.
1he Sllom Complex ls a cenLer for buslness, shopplng, fashlon, food, [ewel and decoraLlon,
banklng. ln order Lo proLecL lLs hlgh Lrafflc 640 m
granlLe Llle walkway and Lhe 138 m
pollshed granlLe basemenL floor Surfaore M was applled uslng a spray gun. rlor Lo
Surfaore M appllcaLlon, sLalns and cemenL resldue were cleaned uslng ueSalln k.
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NanoPhos Casebook
London 2oo - Surfaore W protects est|va|'s 1erm|te av|||on
1he esLlval was held aL Lhe
London Zoo ln Lhe unlLed
klngdom from SepLember 3-6,
2009. lL showcased Lhe 1ermlLe
avlllon ouLslde Lhe 8oyal
lesLlval Pall ln London. 1he
Llmber sLrucLure ls based on a
Lhree-dlmenslonal scan of an
acLual LermlLe mound ln namlbla,
souLhern Afrlca, scaled lL up Lo
human slze. As a resulL, vlslLors
can Lake a sLroll lnslde Lhe
1ermlLe avlllon for a 'LermlLe's
eye vlew' of home.
1he 1ermlLe avlllon was
manufacLured ouL of susLalnable AusLrlan spruce lamlnaLe, for reasons of susLalnablllLy,
durablllLy and cosL. lnslde, speakers seL lnLo Lhe walls play sounds LhaL were recorded ln an
acLual LermlLe mound ln namlbla. 1he 1ermlLe avllllon has lmpresslve green credenLlals,
wlnnlng Lhe 2010 Cbserver LLhlcal ConservaLlon Award. Medla lnLeresL has lncluded havlng
Lhe 88C weaLher broadcasL from wlLhln lL, and belng feaLured ln all four uk broadsheeLs as
well as speclallsL archlLecLural and deslgn [ournals. lL has now found a permanenL home aL
LscoL ark, where lL wlll doubLless lnLrlgue and lnsplre boLh uevonlans and vlslLors Lo Lhe
reglon for many years Lo come.
1he plece ls ln parL based on Lhe ploneerlng
work of ur. 8uperL Soar and Lhe '1ermes'
pro[ecL, a Leam of lnLernaLlonal experLs
based ln namlbla who have creaLed Lhe flrsL
ever 3u scans of LermlLe mounds. 1helr
flndlngs have been embraced by
enLomologlsLs and archlLecLs allke, and have
feaLured ln Slr uavld ALLenborough's 'Llfe ln
Lhe undergrowLh' serles.
Surfaore W has been used Lo proLecL Lhe
AusLrlan spruce of Lhls monumenL.
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NanoPhos Casebook
!"# %&'()# *+#)-!"# %&'(&) !" $%&%"
SeL ln Lhe sLunnlng landscape of Pakone ln Lhe kanagawa prefecLure, Lhe Pakone Cpen-Alr
Museum opened ln 1969 as Lhe flrsL open-alr arL museum ln !apan. ConsLanLly changlng wlLh
Lhe seasons, Lhe museum's specLacular grounds are Lhe permanenL home for approxlmaLely
120 works by well-known modern and conLemporary sculpLors. lL uLlllzes 70,000 m
of land
LhaL ls used as Lhe exhlblLlon grounds. 1he museum lncludes arLworks from famous arLlsLs
such as 8odln, 8ourdelle, Penry Moor, 1adayoshl SaLo and ablo lcasso.
1oshlko Porluchl MacAdam's has been creaLlng sculpLures LhaL chlldren could noL [usL look
aL buL Louch, play wlLh and experlence Lhrough all Lhelr flve senses. 1he sLrucLures are sLrong
as well as beauLlful uLlllzlng speclally consLrucLed neL, whlch ls reslllenL and responslve Lo Lhe
sllghLesL movemenL. 1helr lnnovaLlve deslgn allows Lenslon Lo be malnLalned as Lhe flber
sLreLches Lhereby enabllng chlldren Lo play safely. 1he pro[ecL ls englneered by rofessor
norlhlde lmagawa, one of !apan's pre-emlnenL sLrucLural deslgners.
Surfaore W was selecLed Lo proLecL Lhls wooden monumenL, whlch was applled on a LoLal
area of 4,000 m
Surfaore W was selecLed as Lhe besL posslble soluLlon afLer belng placed
under severe condlLlons and because lL dld noL change Lhe naLure of Lhe surface
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1osblko notlocbl MocAJom
(lostolleJ lo 2009)
lbotos. Mosokl kolzoml

NanoPhos Casebook
Nagoya Un|vers|ty's 8|cyc|e shed protected w|th Surfaore W
Surfaore W was used for Lhe 8ulldlng a blcycle shed wlLh !apanese cedar" pro[ecL on Lhe
Plgashlyama Campus of nagoya unlverslLy. rof. lurukawa's class from Lhe CraduaLe School
of LnvlronmenLal SLudles, ArchlLecLure SLrucLure and ConsLrucLlon SysLems of Lhe unlverslLy
deslgned Lhls pro[ecL. Surfaore W was selecLed Lo proLecL !apanese cedar.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Soc|a| we|fare fac|||t|es "oneyama-ryo" Surfaore W |n Iapan
?oneyama-ryo" soclal welfare faclllLles are a place for dlsabled chlldren, or chlldren who
cannoL llve wlLh Lhelr parenLs for varlous reasons. 1he faclllLy Lakes care and supporLs
chlldren ln every aspecL of Lhelr llfe and educaLlon. When ?oneyama-ryo was remodeled,
Surfaore W was applled Lo proLecL Lhelr wooden decks.
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NanoPhos Casebook
koman|an Un|vers|ty students bu||d LCC-house us|ng Nanohos
Mater|a|s and exce| at So|ar Decath|on Lurope
Solar uecaLhlon Lurope promoLes research regardlng Lhe developmenL of energy efflclenL
bulldlngs. ln 2012, 20 Leams from around Lhe world dld compeLe (unlLed klngdom, lrance,
!apan, Chlna, 1he neLherlands, LgypL, lLaly, 8omanla, Spaln, 8razll, norway, uenmark and
orLugal). 1he houses had Lo be assembled ln 13 days, and dlsassembled ln 3, ln vllla Solar, a
bulldlng slLe ln Madrld's largesL publlc park, Casa de Campo.
8lSA ls Lhe flrsL and only 8omanlan Leam ever Lo parLlclpaLe aL a Solar uecaLhlon. Clven
Lhe lnLense lnLernaLlonal compeLlLlon, Lhe Leam succeeded ln obLalnlng Lhe lmpresslve 2
place ln Lnergy Lfflclency and 2
aL ubllc Cholce.
Several nanohos producLs were used ln Lhe 8lSA pro[ecL:
Surfaore W LhaL was used Lo proLecL and preserve Lhe wooden sLrucLure and Lhe
Lerrace of Lhe house,
Surfaore C waLer proofed Lhe exLerlor walls whlle SurfaShleld C made Lhem self-
cleanlng and keeps Lhem looklng llke new,
Surfaore l LreaLed Lhe lnLerlor gypsum boards, and
Surfaore 1 was used ln Lhe baLhrooms.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore AG protects wa||s from graff|t| |n Lake Lugano, Ita|y
Lake Lugano ls a glaclal lake slLuaLed on Lhe border beLween souLh-easL SwlLzerland and
lLaly. 1he lLallan waLer and Lhe Camplone d'lLalla enclave are consldered non-LerrlLorlal and
Lherefore en[oy duLy free sLaLus and are exempL from Lhe Lu vA1 Lax. 1he resldenLs of Lhe
area also en[oy several oLher aLLracLlve Lax advanLages. Cne can also en[oy ouLdoor sporLs,
beauLlful vlllages, gorgeous vlews, fesLlvals and dellclous food ln Lhe Lugano area, whlch
draws Lons of LourlsLs every year Lo lLs shores.
naLurally Lhe Lake of Lugano area ls home for many excluslve resldences. ln parLlcular, Lhe
reLalnlng wall of a presLlglous new resldenLlal complex shown below was LreaLed wlLh
Surfaore AC ln order Lo avold belng rulned by grafflLl.
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NanoPhos Casebook
SurfaGuard Meta|s protects rebars at the Sree 8a|a[| Med|ca|
Co||ege and nosp|ta| |n Ind|a
Sree 8ala[l Medlcal College & PosplLal ls afflllaLed Lo 8haraLh unlverslLy and ls also
recognlzed by Lhe World PealLh
CrganlzaLlon (WPC). Sree 8ala[l
Medlcal College and PosplLal ls a
prlvaLe, non-proflL, self-flnanclng
Medlcal lnsLlLuLlon, pledged Lo Lhe
servlce of Lhe communlLy, caLerlng Lo
Lhe healLh care needs of Lhe people ln
general, and especlally Lo Lhe needy,
under-prlvlleged, sufferlng secLlon of
humanlLy, ln parLlcular. lL ls ralsed ln a
campus of 32 acres. lL has 960 lnpaLlenL
beds and 11 sLaLe of Lhe arL operaLlon
LheaLres and 60 lnLenslve care beds.
1he 8achelor of Medlclne, 8achelor of Surgery (M88S) course sLarLed ln 2003-04 and has an
annual lnLake of 100 sLudenLs and ls expecLed Lo lncrease Lo 130 sLudenLs. 1herefore Lhe
hosplLal ls expandlng lLs faclllLles Lo accommodaLe lLs growLh.
5otfoqootJ Metol wos cooteJ oo oll
tbe tebots oseJ lo tbe coosttoctloo
of tbe bosemeot of tbe bospltol.
kosteJ tebots ote olwoys o sootce of cooceto
fot eoqloeets. 1be cooceto stems ftom tbe
foct tbot wbeo tebots cottoJe, tbe fotmotloo
of tost leoJs to o loss of booJ betweeo tbe
steel ooJ tbe cooctete ooJ tbe loteqtlty of tbe
sttoctote coo be offecteJ. lottbet, teJoctloo
lo tbe ctoss sectloool oteo of steel teJoces lts
stteoqtb copoclty.
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NanoPhos Casebook
SurfaGuard Meta|s protects sta|n|ess stee| ra|||ng on keef Is|and,
8eef lsland, aL Lhe hearL of Manama, ls one of Lhe ploneerlng real esLaLe developmenL
pro[ecLs ln 8ahraln. 1hls man made lsland wlLh lLs carefully sLudled area of 379,000 m2 ls
concelved and sLyled along a fuslon of conLemporary deslgns followlng LradlLlonal paLLerns.
8eef lsland ls belng developed by Lhe Lulu 1ourlsm
Company, whlch was esLabllshed ln March 2002 as
a resulL of a [olnL venLure beLween Lhe
CovernmenL of 8ahraln and Lhe Mouawad Croup
lnc. lL lncludes 39 resldenLlal bulldlngs wlLh a LoLal
of 1217 aparLmenLs, a resldenLlal lcon 1ower, 49
sLyllsh chaleLs, and 67 luxurlous lndlvldual vlllas all
overlooklng prlvaLe lagoons. lL wlll also have lLs
own prlvaLe Marlna & ?achL Club, Spa vlllage, an aquarlum, a medlcal cenLer, shopplng mall
and a mulLl-funcLlon exhlblLlon cenLer, as well as a flve sLar 300-room hoLel wlLh 42 servlced
aparLmenLs, resLauranLs, gym and shopplng arcades.
A 4300m sLalnless sLeel ralllng was placed all
around Lhe lsland. Powever, Lhe company qulckly
found ouL LhaL Lhe sLalnless sLeel was noL able Lo
wlLhsLand Lhe corroslve envlronmenL along Lhe
coasLllne of 8ahraln: LemperaLures as hlgh as 30
C, hlgh levels of molsLure and vlslble salL
accumulaLlon. 1he resulL was LhaL a crew of Lwo
would need one hour per meLer Lo remove Lhe
rusL uslng a chemlcal rusL remover and sLeel wool!
Clven Lhe 4.3km of ralllng, Lhls ls a ma[or and very
cosLly efforL, wlLh some secLlon of Lhe ralllng
always belng rusLed.
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Aftet sevetol mootbs of
oppllcotloo ooe coo eoslly obsetve
tbe qteot petfotmooce of tbe
5otfoCootJ Metols oppllcotloo oo
tbe tollloq. lot tbe tteoteJ pott
(oo tbe left), ooly o plece of clotb
ls oeeJeJ to cleoo tbe sotfoce.

NanoPhos Casebook
Sav|ng Lnergy |n 8anga|ore Ind|a w|th Surfaore 1hermoDry
WlLh Lhe sun sLrlklng bulldlngs all day long, changlng Lhe sLrucLure of Lhese bulldlngs and
addlng lnsulaLlon ls mosL frequenLly lmpracLlcal and cosLly. 1he use of our Surfaore
1hermoury addlLlve ln palnLs makes palnL reflecL 92.33 of Lhe solar lnfrared radlaLlon,
"blocks" Lhe Lhermal Lransfer by changlng Lhe palnL's conducLlvlLy and by exhlblLlng a very
hlgh emlsslvlLy. 1hese effecLs lead Lo Solar 8eflecLlon lndex (S8l) of more Lhan 117
slgnlflcanLly surpasslng Lhe LLLu requlremenL of 73!
ln an appllcaLlon ln 8angalore lndla Lhe LemperaLure dlfference of a Surfaore 1hermoury
palnLed & uncoaLed lnLerlor surface was measured aL 3:30pm. More speclflcally, Lhe
LemperaLure of Lhe lnLerlor surface of Lhe palnLed roof was measured l.e. Lhe celllng of Lhe
Lop floor.
1op lloor Celllng (
Slngle CoaLlng wlLh Surfaore 1hermoury 30.9
uncoaLed Surface 43.7
ulfference 14.8
1he LemperaLure dlfference of 14.8
C on Lhe lnLernal slde of Lhe roof ls qulLe dramaLlc
leadlng Lo a slgnlflcanLly lmproved comforL and energy savlngs.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Lnergy sav|ngs reconstruct|on test pro[ect: Surfaore 1hermoDry |n the
co|d w|nters of Ch|na's Shandong prov|nce We|ha| C|ty
ro[ect: llve 8ulldlngs ln Welhal clLy, Chlna bullL ln Lhe 1980s and 1990s wlLh hlgh energy
1he LesL pro[ecL was lnlLlaLed prlor Lo Lhe wlnLer of 2011. llve bulldlngs (6399 m
) were
palnLed only exLernally uslng Surfaore 1hermoury (PeaLSLop alnL powered by
1hermoury). lor comparlson purposes, 3 bulldlngs palnLed wlLh regular palnL were selecLed
Lo serve as Lhe conLrol/unLreaLed group. 1he followlng bulldlngs were palnLed uslng
Mlozbo 5t. No. 68 nooqqoooq 5t. No. 21 CotJeo 5t. No. 10
5beoqll 5t. No. 1J 5beoqll 5t. No. 14
1est Cond|t|ons
Lxterna| 1emperature
! WlnLer of 2011 (uec 2011 Lo leb 2012) wlLh a LemperaLure range from -10
C Lo 0
neat|ng system
! PeaLlng provlded by a coal power planL.
! PeaL flow lnLo each aparLmenL was Lhe same and was cenLrally conLrolled l.e. Lhe
aparLmenL resldenLs dld noL have conLrol of Lhe Llme Lhelr heaLer was Lurned on.
1emperature co||ect|on method
! 6 people from Lhe local communlLy, employees of Lhe PeaLlng ower lanL, and
LlonLrunk recorded Lhe LemperaLure of selecLed aparLmenLs.
! 33 aparLmenLs were selecLed ln 1hermoury LreaLed bulldlngs and 33 aparLmenLs were
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NanoPhos Casebook
selecLed ln unLreaLed bulldlngs.
! MeasuremenLs Look place ln Lhe 3 monLhs beLween uec2011 Lo leb2012 on 14 dlfferenL
! CollecLlon Llmes lncluded mornlng, afLernoon and evenlng.
! 1wo Leams separaLely recorded each daLa polnL: each record was conflrmed by Lhe
aparLmenL's resldenL.
! More Lhan 300 LemperaLure daLa polnLs collecLed (mlsslng polnLs were due Lo resldenLs
noL belng avallable durlng Lhe daLa collecLlon Llme).
1est kesu|ts
1he 1hermoury LreaLed bulldlngs demonsLraLed a LemperaLure hlgher Lhan 3.84
C on
average when compared wlLh Lhe unLreaLed/conLrol bulldlngs durlng Lhe 3 wlnLer monLhs of
Lhe LesL.
Meas. Date 3]12 22]12 24]12 2]1 3]1 6]1 11]1 18]1 31]1 1]2 2]2 7]2 1S]2 2S]2 Average
Apt. Average
21.4 20.2 20.6 21.2 20.7 21.8 21.3 20.1 20.3 20.4 19.3 19.7 20.3 19.6 20.S2
Contro| Apt.
16.9 17.4 17.1 16.3 16.3 16.3 16.2 16.4 17.1 17.6 16.0 16.2 16.7 16.6 16.68
D|fference +4.3 +2.8 +3.3 +4.7 +4.4 +3.3 +3.1 +3.7 +3.2 +2.8 +3.3 +3.3 +3.8 +3.0 +3.84
Apottmeot 1empetotote compotlsoo betweeo 1betmouty 1teoteJ 8ollJloqs ooJ tbe
coottol/uotteoteJ 8ollJloqs (lo
8ased on Lhe daLa provlded by Lhe u.S. Lnergy lnformaLlon AdmlnlsLraLlon (, ln
wlnLer heaLlng monLhs, lowerlng Lhe LhermosLaL by 1
l (1 degree lahrenhelL = 0.336
C) Lhe
resulLlng energy savlng can range from 4-6 dependlng on fuel used (naLural gas, elecLrlclLy,
fuel oll). 1hls ls equlvalenL Lo 7.2-10.8 energy savlngs per 1
C reducLlon ln LhermosLaL
seLLlng. uslng an average of 9 as Lhe energy savlngs per 1
C, Lhe LoLal energy savlngs due
Lo Lhe 3.84
C dlfference observed ln Lhe case of Lhe Welhal ClLy effecLlvely lndlcaLes LhaL
34.6 of energy was saved by palnLlng wlLh 1hermoury only exLernally durlng wlnLer
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore 1hermoDry rotects Ch|na's Navy South Sea
k|Sha Is|and Iront|er Defenses 8arracks
aracel lslands, also known as Cem lsland, ls one of Lhe four ma[or lslands ln Lhe SouLh Chlna
Sea. lL ls rlch naLural resources and ls a key sLraLeglc locaLlon for Chlnese naLlonal securlLy.
Along wlLh Chlna's recenL rapld economlc developmenL and openlng-up pollcy, numerous
lllegal acLlvlLles from nelghborlng counLrles have been on ln lncrease, and a loL of resources
have been looLed, becomlng a blg LhreaL Lo Lhe naLlonal securlLy of Chlna. 1he SouLh Chlna
navy, malnLalns lLs mlllLary bases on Lhe aracel lslands LhaL are very far from Lhe malnland.
Powever, besldes Lhe regular dlfflculLles ln a soldler's dally llfe whlle sLaLloned ln a remoLe
locaLlon, Lhe hoL and humld cllmaLe has a ma[or effecL on llvlng condlLlons.
ln SepLember 2011, nanophos Chlna dlsLrlbuLor
Llon 1runk (8el[lng) 1echnology Co., LLd. provlded
Lhe Chlna SouLh Sea aracel lsland lronLler
uefenses ConsLrucLlons a 1hermoury based palnL
ln order Lo lnsulaLe Lhe barracks agalnsL heaL ln
Lhe summer and cold ln Lhe wlnLer buL also Lo
keep Lhem drler. 1he whole pro[ecL was
organlzed and execuLed by Lhe Chlna Cuanghua
Sclence and 1echnology loundaLlon.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore 1hermoDry across Ch|na
Vanke Group Conta|ner nouse
1he vanke Croup ls Lhe largesL
resldenLlal real esLaLe
developer ln Chlna. Surfaore
1hermoury was used on a
conLalner house surface Lo
block heaL Lransfer. As a resulL,
Lhe alr-condlLlonlng
requlremenLs were reduced by
1he hoen|x Water 1own
ln Palnan provlnce, Surfaore 1hemoury was used on a pro[ecL called 1he hoenlx WaLer
1own. ln Lhls pro[ecL Lhe use of Surfaore 1hemoury replaced Lhe LradlLlonal ways of
Lhermal lnsulaLlon such as expanded polysLyrene (LS) or Lhermal lnsulaLlon morLar.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaore 1hermoDry featured at the 2ero Lnergy Deve|opment
av|||on of the Wor|d Lxpo |n Shangha|, Ch|na
1he Shanghal World Lxpo 2010 was vlslLed by more Lhan 73 mllllon vlslLors, occupled a space
of 3,28 square kllomeLers and Look place from May 1sL Llll CcLober 31sL. 1he Lheme of Lhe
Shanghal World Lxpo 2010 was 8eLLer ClLy, 8eLLer Llfe" expresslng Lhe deslre of humanlLy
for a beLLer llfe ln Lhe urban areas of Lhe fuLure.
1he lnnovaLlve palnL addlLlve, Surfaore 1hermoury, recelved an award ln Shanghal on
november 6
, 2010 for lLs parLlclpaLlon ln Lhe ZLu (Zero Lnergy uevelopmenL) avlllon of
Lhe Shanghal World Lxpo. 1he maLerlal was selecLed as Lhe sLandard for Lhe new energy
efflclenL bulldlngs of Chlna slnce when lL ls added ln any common waLer based acryllc palnL lL
Lransforms Lhem lnLo a Lhermal lnsulaLor. 1herefore, lL saves energy by slmply palnLlng! 1he
Lrlple acLlon of Surfaore 1hermoury, Lhermal radlaLlon reflecLlon, Lhermal Lransfer blocklng
and waLerprooflng, conLrlbuLes ln Lhe proLecLlon of surfaces and ln bulldlng energy
efflclency. lurLher, lL prevenLs waLer condensaLlon and Lhe developmenL of mould on walls.
1he effecLlveness of Lhe producL has been valldaLed by a number of research lnLernaLlonal
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NanoPhos Casebook
Cogn|zant 1echno|ogy So|ut|ons saves energy based on Surfaore
1hermoDry emu|s|on |n Chenna|, Ind|a
CognlzanL ls a leadlng provlder of lnformaLlon Lechnology, consulLlng and buslness-process
ouLsourclng servlces. CognlzanL 1echnology SoluLlons aL SlCC1, Slruserl, Chennal ls one of
Lhe many offlces havlng a LoLal bullL up area of 2,000,000 square feeL. 1he LoLal value of Lhe
pro[ecL ls 3.66 bllllon lndlan rupees (abouL $103 mllllon). Larsen & 1oubro LLd., LCC ulvlslon,
Chennal was Lhe LoLal Lurnkey conLracLor for Lhe pro[ecL.
Surfapore 1hermoury mlxed wlLh an acryllc
emulslon was applled on Lhe Lerrace cemenL
Llles for an area of 170,000 square feeL.
Surfapore 1hermoury was used ln Lhls
appllcaLlon ln order Lo recelve Lhe Creen
bulldlng LLLu cerLlflcaLlon slnce Lhe S8l (Solar
8eflecLlve lndex) achleved was 113.
cemeot tlle wltboot
ooy cootloq
cemeot tlle wltb ooe
coot of 1betmouty boseJ
emolsloo cootloq
cemeot tlle wltb two
coots 1betmouty boseJ
emolsloo cootloq
1errace Surface 1emperature (|n
unLreaLed 1lle 1lle wlLh 1 coaL 1lle wlLh 2 coaLs
63.4 46.6 41.4
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaa|nt 1hermoDry L|astomer|c koof App||cat|on |n Cra|ova,
koman|a and the Is|and of Aeg|na, Greece
oorly lnsulaLed roofs are a ma[or source of heaL Lransfer ln bulldlng sLrucLures. 1hls resulLs
ln large amounLs of energy Lo be requlred for coollng ln Lhe summer or heaLlng ln Lhe wlnLer.
lurLher, flaL roofs suffer from prolonged exposure Lo heaL, molsLure and frosL LhaL very
qulckly lead Lo surface corroslon. 1he uneven and poorly lnsulaLed surfaces also absorb
molsLure especlally ln pondlng areas where waLer collecLs.
SurfaalnL 1hermoury LlasLomerlc has been used ln Lhe cases below ln order Lo boLh
Lhermally lnsulaLe and Lo creaLe an lmpermeable elasLlc fllm LhaL has excellenL adheslon
even on aged roof surfaces.
8efore After
kooftop |n the |s|and of Aeg|na, Greece
*$$6&$. 7- 8*"7$9"
:$#"-7" tepoltloq wotetptoofloq
ooJ tbetmol ptotectloo. Oo top of
tbls tettoce, tbe owoet wlll ottooqe
o toof qotJeo to moke tbe most of
tbe spoce.
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaa|nt 1hermoDry L|astomer|c |nsu|ates and SurfaSh|e|d C
keeps meta| roof of storage warehouse c|ean |n namamatsu, Iapan
PamamaLsu () ls a clLy locaLed ln Lhe Shlzuoka refecLure on Lhe wesLern coasL of
!apan. PamamaLsu has been a famous lndusLrlal clLy, especlally for muslcal lnsLrumenLs and
moLorcycles. Ponda MoLor Co. was founded PamamaLsu, whlle famous companles such as
?amaha CorporaLlon, Suzukl MoLor, 8oland, kawal Muslcal lnsLrumenLs, 1okal CulLars, and
PamamaLsu hoLonlcs k.k. malnLaln Lhelr headquarLers ln Lhe clLy.
ln Lhe case shown below, Lhe corrugaLed meLal roof of a company's warehouse was flrsLly
lnsulaLed uslng SurfaalnL 1hermoury LlasLomerlc. AlLhough Lhls palnL has a low dlrL plckup,
Lhe surface was Lhen LreaLed wlLh SurfaShleld C ensurlng LhaL Lhe roof wlll remaln super-
clean and hlghly heaL reflecLlve.
5otfo5blelJ c octlvely
keeps tbe toof btlqbt ooJ
cleoo ftom stolos
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaa|nt 1hermoDry Meta|s therma||y |nsu|ates meta|
components |n 8ore||k factory |n 1urkey
1hermal lnsulaLlng meLal surfaces ln facLorles ls a crlLlcal lssue. 1he problem sLems from Lhe
need for energy savlngs and Lhe requlremenL for personnel safeLy. Lnergy savlngs are soughL
ln a wlde range of cases such as ln Lhe case of lnsulaLlng meLal Lanks and plpes LhaL hold hoL
llqulds. lurLher, lL ls also qulLe lmporLanL for personnel safeLy LhaL Lhe LemperaLure of
surfaces ls reduced aL a level LhaL ls safe for conLacL.
ln Lhe case below, parL of a meLal componenL was LreaLed wlLh SurfaalnL 1hermoury
MeLals aL 8orellk, Lhe flrsL prlvaLe and Lhe second largesL flaL sLeel manufacLurer ln 1urkey.
1he LemperaLure proflle was examlned uslng an lnfrared camera. lL should be apparenL from
Lhe phoLos below LhaL before LreaLemenL Lhe componenL had a LempeLarure ln Lhe range of
C and afLer LreaLmenL around 120
C. 1hls ls a dramaLlc 100
C surface LemperaLure
change slmply by palnLlng!
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaa|nt 1hermoDry Meta|s therma||y |nsu|ates |ndustr|a| tanks |n
Lm|n 1ekst||e factory |n 1urkey
lor Lhe lasL 30 years, Lmln 1eksLll has been ln Lhe forefronL of lnnovaLlve LexLlle soluLlons ln
1urkey and has a capaclLy of 1,600,000 meLers a monLh. 1he company
ls commlLLed ln preservlng Lhe local envlronmenL and has a reflnlng
faclllLy LhaL can purlfy 2000 Lons a day of by-producLs a day.
1he Lanks below recycle causLlc soda used ln Lhe manufacLurlng process and a waLer heaLlng
Lank used for denlm LexLlle washlng and palnLlng facLory. More speclflcally, orlglnally ln
order Lo reach Lhe requlred LemperaLure of 133-140
C, 3 bars of pressure were applled and
43 mlnuLes were requlred. AfLer SurfaalnL 1hermoury MeLals appllcaLlon, Lhe same
LemperaLure was reached ln 13 mlnuLes uslng only 3 bars. Cverall, 42 energy savlngs were
1be tempetotote teJoctloo olso locteoseJ sofety os tbe wotet beotloq
took coolJ oow be eveo toocbeJ by bote booJ
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NanoPhos Casebook
Surfaa|nt 1hermoDry Meta|s and Lxter|or rotect Duba| A|rport
Ireezone Area (DAI2) Warehouse from neat
uubal AlrporL lreezone, was ranked Lhe 1op lree Zone ln Lhe World by Lhe llnanclal 1lmes'
ful Magazlne. uubal AlrporL lree Zone was esLabllshed ln 1996 as parL of uubal
CovernmenL's sLraLeglc plan Lo hosL forelgn lnvesLmenLs and faclllLaLe boLh local and forelgn
lnvesLors' buslness opporLunlLles. LocaLed wlLhln uubal lnLernaLlonal AlrporL boundarles, Lhe
lree Zone ls aL presenL hosLlng over 1300 companles operaLlng ln varlous acLlvlLles lncludlng
avlaLlon lndusLry, pharmaceuLlcal producLs, loglsLlcs & frelghL, [ewelrles, l1 and moblle
phones accessorles. uAlZ offers lLs lnvesLors a number of lncenLlves ranglng from 100 per
cenL forelgn ownershlp Lo 100 per cenL Lax exempLlon ln addlLlon Lo oLher lncenLlves.
Clven Lhe weaLher condlLlon ln Lhe unlLed Arab LmlraLes and Lhe lncreased senslLlvlLy
Lowards reduclng energy consumpLlon and CC
fooLprlnL, SurfaalnL 1hermoury MeLals and
LxLeror were used ln Lhe uAlZ faclllLles Lo proLecL Lhe compleLe exLerlor of a loglsLlcs
warehouse lncludlng exLerlor walls, Lhe meLal roof, and meLal rolllng enLrance. lnlLlal energy
measuremenLs lndlcaLe LhaL uAlZ has been able Lo slgnlflcanLly reduce energy cosLs wlLh a
very qulck reLurn on lnvesLmenL.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Ita||an |zza on a St|ck prevents condensat|on and ach|eves energy
sav|ngs w|th Surfaa|nt 1hermoDry Inter|or
lZZA M.L.C.l.C. was founded ln 1999 by a neapollLan plzzalolo (plzza chef) and hls faLher aL
Crado, Lhe ,lsland of sun, nexL Lo venlce. lL
was a lucky colncldence when Lhe neapollLan
LradlLlon and modern lndusLrlal
manufacLurlng meL LogeLher. 1oday Lhey are
a company wlLh over a decade of experlence
ln Lhe lndusLrlal producLlon of fresh,
precooked plzza.
AS1A LA lZZA ls Lhe new and funny way Lo
concelve plzza. M.L.C.l.C has paLenLed and
has Lhe excluslve rlghLs as Lhe only plzza on a sLlck. erfecL for chlldren, buL also for Lhose,
who even ln a rush, wanL Lo eaL a qulck and dellclous snack. lL ls avallable ln Lhe classlc
MargherlLa flavour, precooked or frozen.
AsLa la lzza has applled SurfapalnL 1hermoury lnLerlor ln lLs new facLory ln Marlano del
lrlull ln Lhe norLheasL commune of udlne. 1he appllcaLlon solved Lhe condensaLlon problems
Lhe company was faclng whlle malnLalnlng a healLhy envlronmenL free of mlcroorganlsms
and mold LhaL could compromlse Lhe quallLy sLandard of Lhe flnlshed producL. AL Lhe same
Llme, lL led Lo energy savlngs glven LhaL Lhe same area ls hosLlng plzza ovens and large
refrlgeraLlon unlLs.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Ma|| and ark |n Cha Am, 1ha||and: keep|ng areas around ponds
c|ean w|th SurfaSh|e|d C
A Lheme park lnsplred by Lhe Creek lsland of SanLorlnl has opened ln 1halland's hollday
dlsLrlcL of Cha-am, Lwo hours from caplLal 8angkok. ueveloped by garmenL reLaller and
manufacLurer ena Pouse Croup, SanLorlnl ark ls deslgned Lo aLLracL LourlsLs as well as
shoppers ln Lhe area. 1he 80,000 square meLer mall feaLures llLLle whlLe houses wlLh blue-
palnLed wlndows, wlndmllls and sLone-paved sLreeLs as well as shops, resLauranLs, a double-
decker carousel and a 40-meLer Lall ferrls wheel.
1hls lmpresslve pro[ecL feaLures ponds LhaL as soon as Lhe park opened had vlslble slgns of
sLalnlng rlghL aL Lhe edge of Lhe waLermark. SurfaShleld C has applled on Lhe area LhaL ls
now keeplng Lhe area surroundlng Lhe pond clean from organlc sLalns.
8efote 5otfo5blelJ c
tteotmeot tbete ls
evlJeot stololoq otoooJ
tbe pooJs eJqe
Aftet osloq 5otfo5blelJ
c tbete ls oo stolo
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
rotect|on & Se|f C|ean|ng for the 8|centenn|a| Monument !"
!"#$%&&%'( !*+,-"
1he 8lcenLennlal MonumenL was creaLed Lo commemoraLe Lhe 200 years of Lhe
lndependence of Mexlco. 1he monumenL ls a serles of lnLerlocklng Lrlangular forms LhaL
creaLe a splrallng column symbollzlng growLh. 1he form connecLs dlrecLly Lo boLh naLlonal
and local hlsLory Lhrough slx llnes drawn over Lhe surface of Lhe sLrucLure and Lhrough Lhe
plaza. 1he growlng columnar form ls a sLaLemenL of prlde, represenLlng Lhe achlevemenLs of
Lhe clLy's lndusLrles and connecLlng wlLh Lhe greaLer hlsLory of Mexlco.
1he MonumenL sLands ln Lhe plaza aL Lhe lnLersecLlon of Morones rleLo and Lhe end of Lhe
Zaragoza 8rldge, and ls dlrecLly across Lhe Macroplaza aL Lhe enLrance Lo Lhe hlsLorlc Colonla
lndependencla. uue Lo lLs unlque locaLlon, hlgh vlslblllLy and dynamlc sculpLure presence, lL
ls a new landmark for Lhe clLy. 1he blcenLenary MonumenL ls made from maLerlals LhaL
symbollze MonLerrey clLy: ConcreLe, SLeel and Class.
A|| concrete surfaces, |nc|ud|ng a waterfa|| |n the front, were protected w|th Surfaore C
and SurfaSh|e|d C |n order to preserve the monument's appearance.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
ln Lhls nakh[avaan pro[ecL Surfaore 8 and SurfaShleld C were applled ln order Lo decrease
Lhe cosL of malnLalnlng ouLdoor surfaces. AfLer 1 year Lhe surface remalns brlghL and clean.
8efote Ooe yeot oftet oppllcotloo
lo tbls ptoject locoteJ lo ftoot of tbe kotJestoo
blqbwoy tbe eovltoomeot ls so polloteJ tbot evety
bollJloq soffets ftom blqb ootJoot cleooloq costs. lt
wos tbetefote ptotecteJ ftom Jltt ooJ Jost by
5otfolote k ooJ 5otfo5blelJ c ooJ lt bos temoloeJ
vety cleoo eveo oftet 2 yeots.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Luxur|ous restor|on v|||a at Nantawan Sr|nakar|n, 8angkok, 1ha||and
1halland has a warm, Lroplcal cllmaLe affecLed by an annual monsoon, wlLh a ralny season
from !une Lo CcLober and a dry season Lhe resL of Lhe year. 1emperaLures normally range
from an average annual hlgh of 38 C Lo a low of 19 C. 1he warm and humld cllmaLe makes
lL ldeal for mold and fungl Lo grow on bulldlng surfaces.
1he luxurlous vllla shown below requlred cleanlng and resLoraLlon all around. 1he 320 m
conslsLed of a sandsLone balcony, swlmmlng pool area, walls, decoraLlon fences and cemenL
block pavlng. All surfaces were cleaned from fungl and mold wlLh ueSalln k, ueSalln AM and
were proLecLed wlLh Surfaore C and SurfaShleld C coaLlng on Lop by uslng spray gun
DeSalin AM was used in
order to remove mold and
kill its spores
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Surfash|e|d |n the operat|ng theatre wa||s of Southern ka||way
neadquarters nosp|ta|, erambur, Chenna|, Ind|a.
SouLhern 8allway PosplLal ln Chennal ls one of Lhe oldesL and mosL famous hosplLals ln lndla
especlally renown for lLs cardlac surgerles. lL uLlllzed SurfaShleld ln order achleve anLl-fungal
and anLl-bacLerlal surfaces of Lhe operaLlng LheaLre walls (boLh Llles and palnLed walls).
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Span|sh 1||e G|ant keraben Makes |ts 1||es Se|f-C|ean|ng w|th
SurfaSh|e|d 1
nanohos SA and Lhe leadlng ceramlc Llle Spanlsh manufacLurer kL8A8Ln co-developed
LllLkL8 an lnnovaLlve llne of ceramlc Llles. LllLkL8 Llles have become self-cleanlng and self-
sLerlllzlng based on Lhe SurfaShleld coaLlng Lechnology from nanohos. 1he SurfaShleld layer
ls acLlvaLed slmply by uLlllzlng surroundlng llghL and noL by Lhe use of dangerous chemlcals.
1he phoLocaLalyLlc acLlon of SurfaShleld conLlnuously decomposes organlc sLalns and
envlronmenLal polluLanLs wlLhouL belng consumed.
keraben esLlmaLed LhaL 1000 square meLers of
Lhe SurfaShleld LreaLed Llfeker Llles have Lhe
same ablllLy Lo decompose polluLanLs as 60 Lrees!
1he use of Lhls Lechnology safeguards us from
lnfecLlous mlcrobes, ellmlnaLes fungus growLh
and mlnlmlzes Lhe use of cleanlng chemlcals. lL ls
really lmpresslve Lo see LhaL Lhe desLrucLlon of
mlcrobla (L-coll, LlsLerla, SLaphylococcus) ranges
from 98.92 Lo 99.89 ln 4 hours! lL also
degrades Lhe Loxlc nCx Lo non-Loxlc nlLraLes and
reduces volaLlle organlc compounds (vCCs).
1he keraben Croup ls a mulLlnaLlonal ceramlc Llles company LhaL
manufacLures and sells ceramlc Llles, speclal pleces, accessorles,
hydromassage sysLems and shower soluLlons. 1he Croup's lnLernaLlonal
growLh has been accompanled by Lhe creaLlon of a vasL dlsLrlbuLlon
neLwork based on lLs own sLores and dlsLrlbuLors as well as sales offlces
abroad, placlng lLs producLs ln more Lhan 120 counLrles.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
SurfaSh|e|d G treated photovo|ta|c pane|s |n kavenna, Ita|y rema|n
1he concepL of self-produced elecLrlclLy ls expecLed Lo change how elecLrlclLy users percelve,
undersLand and Lhlnk abouL Lhelr elecLrlclLy use and has Lhe poLenLlal Lo change elecLrlclLy
demand requlremenLs. Pouseholds, especlally ln Lurope, are lncreaslngly placlng solar
panels on Lhe roofs for Lhelr own use or for selllng lL back on Lhe grld.
1he phoLovolLalc panels shown below were placed on a roof ln 8avenna. 8avenna ls Lhe
caplLal clLy of Lhe rovlnce of 8avenna ln Lhe Lmllla-8omagna reglon of lLaly. 8efore
lnsLalllng Lhls phoLovolLalc sysLem on Lhe roof of Lhe house, SurfaShleld C was applled on all
panels excepL one. 1he phoLo below was Laken only 3 monLh afLer lnsLallaLlon. Cne can
easlly ldenLlfy Lhe dlfference beLween Lhe unLreaLed panel (on Lhe Lop lefL slde) and LreaLed
panels (all Lhe resL). 1he LesLs ln an lLallan laboraLory also demonsLraLed LhaL SurfaShleld C
lncreased llghL LransmlLLance and decreased reflecLance whlle Lhe coaLlng remalned
unaffecLed afLer Lhe agelng LesLs performed.
1herefore, SurfaShleld C dellvered Langlble and measurable performance beneflLs, by
Lransformlng surfaces lnLo self-cleanlng.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
So|ar pane|s of n|rosak| C|ty na|| |n Aomor|, Iapan produce more
power by us|ng SurfaSh|e|d G
Plrosakl () ls a clLy locaLed ln Aomorl refecLure, !apan. 1he clLy ls currenLly a reglonal
commerclal cenLer and Lhe largesL producer of apples ln !apan. Plrosakl's cherry blossoms
puL on Lhe flnesL show ln Lhe naLlon. AbouL 2 mllllon vlslLors from all over !apan flock Lo Lhe
Cherry 8lossom lesLlval LhaL ls held ln Plrosakl ark from Aprll 23 Lo May 3. Plrosakl has
shorL, hoL and humld summers, and heavy snowfall durlng wlnLers.
1he ClLy of Plrosakl has been worklng on energy generaLlon plannlng as a parL of smarL clLy
pro[ecL. 1he flrsL sLep of clLy plannlng ls noL Lo depend on Lhe power company for energy
generaLlon. 1herefore, Lhe clLy lnsLalled phoLovolLalc panels and wlnd power generaLors on
Lhe roof of Lhe clLy hall.
ln order Lo enhance Lhe effecLlveness of Lhe solar panels, SurfaShleld C was applled on Lhelr
glass surface. As a resulL, Lhe surface ls remalnlng cleaner whlle reflecLlveness was
decreased. All ln all, Lhe panels are produclng more elecLrlclLy for Lhe clLy hall of Plrosakl.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
SurfaSh|e|d G keeps g|ass faade c|ean at Ars|an A|um|nyum's
neadquarters |n Istanbu|, 1urkey
lsLanbul ls Lhe largesL clLy ln 1urkey and ls Lhe counLry's economlc, culLural, and hlsLorlcal
cenLer. WlLh a populaLlon of 13.3 mllllon, Lhe clLy forms one of Lhe largesL urban
agglomeraLlons ln Lurope and ls among Lhe largesL clLles ln Lhe world by populaLlon wlLhln
clLy llmlLs. As a resulL, alr polluLlon ls qulLe a problem and lLs effecLs can be vlslble on
bulldlng surfaces.
LsLabllshed ln 1970, Arslan Alumlnyum ls Lhe leader ln Lhe alumlnum proflle buslness ln
1urkey. Mr. MehmeL Arslan, Lhe chalrman and owner of Lhe company, was quoLed Lo say:
Cur head offlce and showroom are ln Lhe cenLer lsLanbul where
Lhere ls a loL of car Lrafflc. Lvery year, we would have Lo clean our
glass wlndows aL leasL 2 Llmes. AfLer appllcaLlon of Surfashleld C,
lL has been a year and our wlndows look clean llke Lhe flrsL day of appllcaLlon. As a resulL, we
plan Lo use all your producLs ln new consLrucLlon program nexL season."
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Se|f-c|ean|ng sky||ght w|ndows w|th SurfaSh|e|d G |n kmn|cu
V|cea, koman|a
SkyllghL wlndows are qulLe aLLracLlve as Lhey brlng ln a greaL deal of llghL. Powever, glven
LhaL Lhey are locaLed on Lhe roof were access mlghL be llmlLed, cleanlng Lhem can be a
dlfflculL Lask.
8mnlcu vlcea ls slLuaLed ln Lhe cenLral-souLh area of 8omanla and ls seL aL Lhe fooLhllls of
Lhe SouLhern CarpaLhlans. 1he owner of Lhe house below ln 8mnlcu was no dlfferenL: hls
wlndows requlred frequenL cleanlng whlle access was llmlLed. As a resulL, Lhe skyllghL
wlndow was LreaLed wlLh SurfaShleld C. AfLer LreaLmenL, Lhe glass became hydrophlllc and
self-cleanlng remalnlng clean as Lhe raln could easlly wash away any dlrL parLlcles.
Untreated 1reated
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
C|ean|ng and protect|ng chape| |n Dora, Cyprus
Algae need molsLure ln order Lo grow, buL Lhey also need sulLable condlLlons of llghL and
LemperaLure. Walls surfaces LhaL remaln weL for long perlods of Llme are llkely Lo be more
hosplLable for algal growLh Lhan Lhose LhaL are LoLally dry. ueSalln C was used Lo remove
algal greenlng and resLore Lhe surfaces of Lhls chapel ln uora, Cyprus. 1he porous walls were
subsequenLly proLecLed wlLh Surfaore C LhaL keeps Lhe surface dry and unfrlendly for algae.
ueSalln C was dlluLed aL a 1:3 raLlo
and used for Lhe power washlng of
Lhe chapel's surfaces. 1hls greaLly
faclllLaLed Lhe cleanlng of Lhese
heavlly solled surfaces.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
C|ean|ng and protect|ng founta|n from hard water depos|ts
|n A| khobar, Saud| Arab|a
Al khobar ls a large clLy locaLed ln Lhe LasLern rovlnce of Lhe klngdom of Saudl Arabla on
Lhe coasL of Lhe erslan Culf. lL has a populaLlon of over 300,000 and forms parL of Lhe
greaLer uammam meLropollLan area along wlLh uhahran, whlch LogeLher have a comblned
esLlmaLed populaLlon of over 2,300,000 reachlng 3,000,000. Many of Al khobar's resldenLs
work for Saudl Aramco, Lhe world's largesL oll company, buL also hosLs a many of Lhe mosL
lmporLanL reglonal and lnLernaLlonal companles.
1he founLaln ln Lhe round abouL shown was sufferlng from ma[or calclflcaLlon problems. 1he
reason for Lhls ls Lhe facL LhaL Lhe waLer used ls very hard and salLy. 1he flrsL polnL of acLlon
was uslng ueSalln k Lo clean Lhe hard calclflcaLlon sLalns. 1hen Surfaore C was applled
creaLlng a super hydrophoblc surface LhaL ls noL allowlng for waLer Lo remaln on Lhe surface
and Lherefore avoldlng calclflcaLlon whlle Lhe same poor quallLy waLer ls belng used.
Pool surfaces would
continuously stain from the
hard water used in the
After cleaning with DeSalin
K, pool surfaces have become
super hydrophobic with the
use of SurfaPore C and as a
result they remain clean
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
C|ean|ng stones |n apartment bu||d|ngs |n 1ehran, Iran
1raverLlne ls a llmesLone, formed by Lhe preclplLaLlon of carbonaLe mlnerals from soluLlon ln
ground and surface waLers, and/or geoLhermal hoL sprlngs. 1he relaLlve sofLness of Lhe
sLone, comblned wlLh lLs holes and Lroughs, make LraverLlne dlfflculL Lo flnlsh and malnLaln.
ueSalln k proved Lo be very effecLlve for removlng Lhe dlrL and sLalns from Lhe anLlque
LraverLlne sLone mosalc on each floor of an aparLmenL bulldlng locaLed ln CheyLarleh,
1he pollshed sLone below aL Lhe lobby of an aparLmenL bulldlng ln uarous, 1ehran, exhlblLed
very hlgh levels of efflorescence LhaL had accumulaLed for 10 years. 1he salL deposlLs were
so exLenslve LhaL Lhey had compleLely changed Lhe look of Lhe surface. uesalln C was able Lo
resLore Lhe pollshed sLone Lo lLs orlglnal look.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
C|ean|ng paan sta|ns w|th DeSa||n 1 Avan| k|vers|de Ma|| at nowrah,
West 8enga| |n Ind|a
aan ls a popular afLer-dlnner LreaL ln lndla. lL ls made by foldlng drled frulLs, nuLs and pasLes
lnLo a beLel leaf, a member of Lhe pepper famlly. lL
freshens one's breaLh or lf swallowed helps dlgesLlon.
WhaLever Lhe mlx, paan loses lLs flavor ln a maLLer of
mlnuLes - leadlng Lo a messy end - people frequenLly
splL half-chewed beLel leaves onLo sldewalks and publlc
areas. aan dyes Lhe sallva a reddlsh brown maklng Lhe
sLalns on surfaces nearly lmposslble Lo remove. ln facL
cleanlng Lhese sLalns ls such a blg problem LhaL Lhe
Mumbal 8allway vlkas CorporaLlon chose Lo dark shade
of purple on areas of Lhelr new Lralns Lo ensure LhaL paan sLalns wlll noL sLand ouL.
Cver Lhe pasL few years, kolkaLa has offered more cholces ln shopplng, dlnlng and
enLerLalnmenL Lhan any oLher clLy ln Lhe reglon. WlLh Lhe arrlval of Avanl 8lverslde Mall
Lhese cholces are galnlng new momenLum ln exclLlng people's LasLe for beLLer Lhlngs ln llfe.
WlLh 430,000 square feeL of reLall space Lhe Avanl 8lverslde Mall offers unlque forms of
en[oymenL, culLure and llfesLyle. ln Lhe LesL case below, MlcroLrack 8uslness SysLem vL. LLd.
used ueSalln 1 and successfully removed Lhe dlfflculL old aan sLalns from surfaces found aL
Lhe Avanl 8lverslde Mall.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Nanohos products |n keta|| Cha|ns
1he rakLlker Croup ls one of Lhe leadlng
companles of Lhe Luropean home
lmprovemenL and ul? secLor. lL operaLes
around 440 sLores ln nlne counLrles,
lncludlng abouL 330 sLores ln Cermany. WlLh
abouL 20,000 employees Lhe company
achleved neL sales of abouL t 3,2 bn (2011).
Lowe's has been helplng cusLomers lmprove
Lhe places Lhey call home for more Lhan 60
years. lounded ln 1946, Lowe's has grown
from a small hardware sLore Lo Lhe second-
largesL home lmprovemenL reLaller
1he MaxmaL ls Lhe resulL from a parLnershlp
beLween Sonae and Lhe lrlsh group C8P. lL
has been presenL ln Lhe orLuguese markeL
slnce 1994, where lL malnLalns 32 sLores wlLh
300 employees.
S:L Lrlks A8 manufacLures and markeLs
concreLe producLs for land, waLer, and
sewage sysLems appllcaLlons. lLs cusLomers
lnclude large and small conLracLors ln Lhe
consLrucLlon lndusLry and munlclpallLles,
governmenL agencles, and reLallers ln
Sweden, norway, and llnland. S:L Lrlks has
more Lhan 400 reLallers around Sweden.
Modena 1lles chaln was esLabllshed ln
AugusL 2000. 1he ob[ecLlve of Lhe chaln ls Lo
be Lhe besL norweglan chaln ln Llle and Llle
relaLed producLs. 1he company has sLeadlly
lncreased Lhelr markeL share, and ls
experlenclng slgnlflcanL growLh and currenLly
conslsLs of Lhe 26 sLores.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
Nanohos Awards and kecogn|t|ons
ln 2003, ur. ArabaLzls and hls Leam under Lhe
supervlslon of ur. 1heoharakls recelve Lhe 1
prlze aL Lhe Luropean 8uslness lan of Lhe
?ear CompeLlLlon LhaL led Lo Lhe creaLlon of
Lhe company
nanohos was recognlzed by 8lll CaLes as
one of Lhe mosL lnnovaLlve companles aL a
speclal evenL organlzed by Lhe lederaLlon of
Creek lndusLrles ln !anuary of 2008.
nanohos recelved Lhe 1sL prlze of
lnnovaLlveness and SusLalnablllLy aL Lhe 100
ueLall Conference LhaL Look place beLween 24-27
SepLember, 2008 aL Lhe Larls CourL of London.
1he 100 ueLall Show ls Lhe mosL lmporLanL
lnLernaLlonal exhlblLlon for consLrucLlon maLerlal
ln London.
1he lnnovaLlve palnL addlLlve, Surfaore
1hermoury, recelved an award ln Shanghal
on november 6
, 2010 for lLs parLlclpaLlon ln
Lhe ZLu (Zero Lnergy uevelopmenL) avlllon
of Lhe 2010 Shanghal World Lxpo.
Jan 2013 version

NanoPhos Casebook
SurfaShleld C recelved Lhe CAlA award aL Lhe
lnLernaLlonal 8ulldlng and ConsLrucLlon
Show 8lC3 ln uubal. SurfaShleld C, a producL
unlque ln lLs caLegory, recelved Lhe CAlA
award aL Lhe lnLernaLlonal 8ulldlng and
ConsLrucLlon Show 8lC3 ln uubal on
november 21
, 2010 for lLs ablllLy Lo
Lransform common porous surfaces llke
walls and cemenL, ln self-cleanlng and self-
nanohos founders were awarded Lhe
Creen ureams" award by Lhe
LnLrepreneurshlp Club durlng Lhe evenL of
kouros Award 2012.
nanohos recelved roducL Award for
SusLalnable uevelopmenL for SurfaShleld.
1hls award ls sponsored by Lhe Luropean
Commlsslon LnvlronmenL ulrecLoraLe wlLh
an alm Lo recognlze and reward Luropean
companles LhaL seL an example by
successfully brlnglng LogeLher lnnovaLlon,
economlc vlablllLy and envlronmenLal
Jan 2013 version

Arslan Alumlnyum, 76
AsLrup learnley Modern ArL Museum, 3
AusLralla, 4
Awards, 83
8agno Clulla, 41
8ahraln, 33, 47
8lcenLennlal MonumenL, 67
8orellk, 39
Chlna, 49, 31, 32, 34
CognlzanL 1echnology SoluLlons, 33
Copenhagen ConcerL Pall, 6
Cyprus, 16, 31, 78
uenmark, 6
ueSalln AM, 70, 83
ueSalln C, 10, 64, 78, 81
ueSalln k, 34, 70, 79, 80, 81
ueSalln 1, 82
uubal AlrporL lreezone Area, 62
Lmln 1eksLlle, 60
lacemlx, 7
Ceorgla, 24, 61
Crafham WaLer CenLre, 22
Creece, 3, 29, 33, 36, 63
Pakone Cpen-alr Museum, 36
lndla, 21, 46, 48, 72, 82
lran, 13, 26, 68, 81
lreland, 14
lLaly, 8, 40, 41, 43, 44, 63, 74
!apan, 36, 37, 39, 73
Jan 2013 version
NanoPhos Casebook
keraben, 73
kllden erformlng ArLs CenLre, 30
klng's College, 23
LLLu, 48
LllLkL8, 73
Lowe's, 84
MalLa, 19
MarLello 1owers, 14
MaxmaL, 84
!"#$%&, 67
Modena 1lles, 84
MonasLlrakl Square, 29
MLaLsmlnda anLheon, 24
MulLlblokk, 7
Museum, 3
nagoya unlverslLy, 38
new Zealand, 23
norway, 3, 7, 9, 10, 30, 83, 84
Cnassls CulLural CenLer, 3

paan sLalns, 82
phoLovolLalc panels, 74, 73
lZZA M.L.C.l.C., 63
orLugal, 28
oLl CaLhedral, 61
rakLlker, 84
8lSA, 42
rebars, 46
8eef lsland, 47
8evlgrs, 28
8lfuglo 1olazzl, 40
8omanla, 42, 43, 36, 77
S:L Lrlks A8, 84
Saudl Arabla, 80
Sllom Complex, 34
Sln1Ll, 10
Sree 8ala[l Medlcal College, 46

NanoPhos Casebook
sLalnless sLeel, 47
SLandard CharLered 8ank, 27
SLaLens vegvensen, 10
SLavanger ConcerL Pall, 23
SukhoLhal 8esldences Condomlnlum, 79
SurfaCuard M, 46, 47
SurfaMlx C, 16, 44, 43
SurfaalnL 1hermoury LlasLomerlc, 36, 38
SurfaalnL 1hermoury LxLerlor, 37, 61, 62
SurfaalnL 1hermoury lnLerlor, 37, 61, 63
SurfaalnL 1hermoury MeLals, 39, 60, 62
Surfaore AC, 43
Surfaore C, 3, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 13, 16, 19,
27, 42, 43, 64, 67, 68, 70, 78, 80
Surfaore l, 42
Surfaore M, 26, 29, 30, 33, 34
Surfaore 8, 20, 21, 23, 69
Surfaore 1, 24, 23, 26, 27, 42
Surfaore 131, 28
Surfaore 1hermodry, 16, 41, 48, 49, 31, 32, 33, 34, 33,
Surfaore W, 33, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42
Surfashleld, 72
SurfaShleld C, 41, 42, 38, 63, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70
SurfaShleld C, 41, 74, 73, 76, 77
SurfaShleld 1, 73
Sweden, 84
Synagogue of 1rlesLe, 8
Syrla, 64
1echnlcal lood lndusLrles Company, 64
1ermlLe avlllon, 33
1halland, 34, 66, 70, 79
Lunnels, 10
1urkey, 39, 60, 76
u.A.L., 12, 13, 27, 62
unlLed klngdom, 22, 33
Zero Lnergy uevelopmenL avlllon, 34
Jan 2013 version

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