Masalah Kanak-Kanak Child Development



Intensive training: disclosure to children’s like mother.HOW SOCIETY CAN HELP CHILDREN WITH SIGHT PROBLEM?  These children require various disclosures and intensive training mostly from their family.  Society can help by providing the guides and ways to train and take care of children like this.g.  Society like their neighborhood can also help the family to run the intensive training. father and siblings.:’Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia’  . E.

touch and hearing. . Malaysian Health Ministry of the book "Manual On The Management of Children With Visual Impairment 'which among others proposed method can be used during stimulation activities for children with visual problems related to the use of the sense of smell.

E. society like teachers can teach them Braille.  Online tutorial system on Malay Language Braille Code was introduced to support the teaching and learning Malay Language Braille Code.g:E-KodBrailleBM .HOW SOCIETY CAN HELP CHILDREN WITH SIGHT PROBLEM?  Instead of teaching them to read with their sight problem.

 People talk directly to the child.HOW SOCIETY CAN HELP CHILDREN WITH SIGHT PROBLEM?  Encourage children to talk. which society or community help and guide equally and communicate with visually impaired/sight problem children. for example by asking questions and encouraging them to ask again. .


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