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Frank Shallenberger’s

Vol. 7, No. 7 July 2008

Completely Reverse Heart Disease
With This Revolutionary Treatment
What would you say if I told you that And what would you say if I told you
you could not only clear all the plaque out this is possible even if you spent the first half
of your arteries but also reverse arterial of your life smoking, eating trans fats, and
damages? being a couch potato?
What would you say if I told you that You’d probably be skeptical.
you could make your hard, stiff arteries as Well, dear friend, the startling truth is
soft and flexible as they were as when you even the most severe cases are reversible.
were a youngster? And I have over 2,700 patients who can
attest to this fact.
In this Issue Many of these patients had blockages so
severe that their doctors told them they’d die
Q How to thin your blood, stop if they didn’t have a bypass immediately.
angina, and avoid bypass Many had chest pain so bad that they were
surgery naturally........................ p. 4 popping nitroglycerin like it was candy. And
Q You may have heard that vitamins many were in such bad shape that they could
can help diabetes ... here are the barely walk the length of their living room
best ones to use .......................... p. 6 without getting tired.
Q Are you on the verge of losing Yet within 3 to 5 months, these folks
your vitamins for good? You were able to have normal, active lives. They
are if this law is passed ............ p. 7 were able to breathe again, move again,
resume the activities they enjoy, and regain
Q The type of garlic that can
their independence. What’s more, their
completely reverse some cases
of coronary artery disease.......... p. 8 stress tests and echocardiograms went back
to normal. And, perhaps most telling of all,
their Arterial Stiffness Index scores dropped
Coming Next Month by up to 80% or more!
• The only thing you can do to treat How did they get these miraculous
diabetes that;s more important than results? Through CheZone®, a treatment
diet, supplements, or even exercise. that combines chelation and ozone
• The common food additive that causes therapy. I’ll tell you all about CheZone®
Parkinson’s — you can even find it in a minute, but first, let me explain why
in many health foods. these people were able to achieve such
amazing results.
New Arteries in Three Months? When you have circulation problems,
all sorts of gunk and crud builds up inside
One of the most important types of your arteries. This is known as plaque
cells in your body is the endothelial cells. deposits.
Endothelial cells form the insides of your
As you may know, the best way to get
arteries and veins. They are crucial for good
rid of plaque deposits is with chelation ther-
circulation and blood flow. They’re so impor-
apy. Chelation is an intravenous treatment
tant, that your body replaces every single
using a solution of minerals, vitamins, and a
one of your endothelial cells every three
special amino acid called EDTA.
months, naturally!
Chelation Therapy improves circula-
Now here’s where it gets really inter-
tion, enabling more oxygen to reach the
cells. It also helps remove abnormal calcium
If, during the next three months, the deposits. The excess calcium is excreted
endothelial cells in your arteries are starved through the urine and bile, or re-circulated
for nourishment, or don’t get enough of the into your bones. Chelation therapy has
nutrients they need, then they will repro- been used for years to reverse the effects
duce new endothelial cells that are just as of hardening of the arteries caused by
unhealthy as the ones you have now. calcium deposits and other complex factors,
But if, on the other hand, during the which can lead to heart attacks, strokes,
next 3 months, your endothelial cells get and gangrene.
bathed in a higher level of oxygen and nutri- As good as chelation is, though, it’s
ents, then those cells will be healthier than only half the battle. You have to do more
their “parent” cells. than just get the crud out of your arteries.
So all the endothelial cells in your You have to heal the arteries themselves.
arteries can become healthier and function That’s because your arteries get damaged
better than they did before. Not only that, over time.
this improvement will build on itself, every Think of your arteries as if they
3 months, for as long as you keep up this were rubber tubes. If you leave a rubber
program. Until your arteries become as tube out in the sun and rain for a long
healthy as they can possibly be. time, it becomes brittle and hard. Your
arteries are like these rubber tubes. Over
How to Do It time, the damage caused by plaque deposits
So how do you make sure each new and inflammation injure your arteries.
generation of endothelial cells is healthier Your arteries stiffen with age. And when
than the last? There are basically two your arteries stiffen, they can’t expand
things you need to do. or contract as well, which can reduce
your circulation.
Speed up the Healing Process
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tissue injury. The “injury” inflicted by the
Unauthorized reproduction of this newsletter or its con- right form of exercise releases the injury
tents by xerography, facsimile, or any other means is illegal. factors that I mentioned before. These

injury factors cause the surrounding cells My Cell Re-Growth Secret:
to reproduce faster. CheZone Therapy
In addition, exercise is an “oxidative”
therapy. Oxidative therapies boost the At my clinic, we use an innovative
amount of oxygen from the blood that is treatment called CheZone therapy that I
delivered into your cells. This increased developed over 15 years ago. It involves
oxygen speeds up the production of energy combining the blood flow enhancing effects
in your cells. Having more energy helps of chelation therapy with the metabolic
your body repair itself and regrow new effects of ozone therapy.
cells — including endothelial cells — You see, ozone is like “supercharged
even faster. oxygen.” Normally, oxygen has a pair of oxy-
gen atoms, so it’s called O2. Ozone has three
Warning: If you have oxygen atoms, so it’s called O3. The third
a weak heart… oxygen atom makes ozone an unstable mole-
cule. It’s this unstable or reactive quality that
If you have a weak heart, though, you gives ozone its remarkable medical properties.
don’t want to start exercising vigorously. Ozone was discovered in the late 1800s.
That’s simply too dangerous. It was used successfully to treat infections
So with weakened patients, I have during World War I. Today, major cities all
them sit in an infrared sauna for 30 min- over the world such as Los Angeles and
utes. And while they’re in the sauna, they Paris use ozone to purify their drinking
breathe 100% oxygen. water. Ozone is also used to disinfect the air
Believe it or not, sitting in a sauna has in operating rooms. Medical ozone therapy
the same effect as exercise. It helps your is common in Europe and has been expand-
blood vessels, boosts your heart rate, and ing in America for the past 15 years.
speeds up your metabolism. Twenty min- Ozone does an incredibly good job at
utes in the sauna can burn as many as 450 improving how well your cells are able to
calories. Together with 100% oxygen, this use oxygen and other nutrients.
treatment oxygenizes your blood vessels and That’s because ozone increases your
improves the healing process. intake of oxygen. It stimulates the forma-
For patients who can handle moderate tion of enzymes that enable your blood to
exercise, I have them do multi-step exercise- release oxygen into your cells. Virtually all
with-oxygen therapy. Multi-step exercise patients with chronic diseases have a defi-
involves walking briskly on a treadmill for ciency of these enzymes. And ozone is the
15 minutes while breathing 100% oxygen most potent inducer of these enzymes.
from a mask. For this reason, ozone is like “exercise
Multi-step therapy raises oxygen pres- in a bottle.” It floods your cells with oxygen.
sure in your arteries, so more oxygen gets When cells are flooded with oxygen, they
into your cells. It also lowers the oxygen in function more effectively, and they repro-
your veins. The bigger the difference between duce faster.
the oxygen pressure in your arteries versus For CheZone therapy, we mix one unit
the oxygen pressure in your veins, means of ozone into a small sample of the patient’s
more oxygen is being used by your cells. blood and then reinfuse the blood back into
Finally, I use one more type of oxida- the body. Studies have shown that after
tive therapy that makes all the difference to being treated with ozone, oxygen utilization
how well your endothelial cells reproduce improves as much as 30-40% in patients
themselves. It’s somewhat of a secret in the with chronic conditions.
field of cardiology... CheZone — chelation plus ozone therapy


You’ll Never Need
June was 53 years old when she suddenly her gave her the same warning: “You need to go
started having chest pains. She had never felt back to the hospital immediately and have that
anything like this before, and knew something operation, or you will die.”
was wrong. She called her son, who took her to
the emergency room. The Danger of Invasive
A few hours later she received the verdict. Surgeries
“You have angina,” the doctor told her. “It’s
caused by a clogged artery in your heart. We June wasn’t a medical professional. But
need to operate immediately or you will die.” she had read how many people die each year
But June said, “The pain is gone and I feel just from emergency heart procedures. In fact, a
fine now. Why can’t I just take some medicine well-known study conducted by the Veterans
for a while and see if that will work?” Affairs in upstate New York revealed a shocking
statistic about heart operations.
You see, June had been depressed for
seven months ever since her husband of 43 For two-and-a-half years, researchers fol-
years had died of cancer. She knew she had not lowed 920 patients who had suffered mild heart
slept well since he became sick. She knew she attacks. Of these, 458 were treated with a “con-
was 35 pounds overweight, and that she didn’t servative strategy” in which they received only
exercise, and didn’t pay attention to what she received medications. The other 462 had an
ate. Basically, she knew why she was having “invasive strategy.” This consisted of emergency
chest pains. heart catheterization, followed by either bypass
And she knew it wasn’t just from a clogged surgery or angioplasty.
artery. Why? Because arteries don’t clog up all What they discovered was astounding. In
at once. They clog up slowly. Her arteries were the first nine days, 21 of the patients in the
just as clogged yesterday as they were today. Yet invasive group died, compared to only six in the
she didn’t have chest pains yesterday. Common conservative group. At the end of two-and-a-half
sense told her there must be some other reason years, 80 patients in the invasive group had suc-
why she was having chest pains. So she told the cumbed, compared to only 59 of those in the
doctor to give her some medicine and she would conservative group. “Do this or die” emergency
be on her way. She promised him that she heart surgery had actually increased the overall
would see her regular doctor first thing in the death rate by 36%!
morning. June knew there must be more to the
But the next morning her regular doctor story than she was getting. So she called my
heard the story and without even examining office the next day.

— is the final piece of the puzzle to get the Heal More Than Your Heart
cells in your arteries reproducing efficiently and Arteries
again. Your arteries can begin to heal.
I have trained over 200 doctors in I have been treating patients with this
the United States in CheZone therapy. program for years. Of the hundreds of
You can find of list of these doctors at patients who have followed it, I have never If your had a single one suffer a heart attack.
doctor is interested in learning how to do Statistically, you would expect to see at least
CheZone therapy, he should visit that a few heart attacks in this group. But I’ve
website to learn about the next course. never had a single patient follow this plan

l Pearls

d Bypass Surgery
Thinning the Blood tokinase, and two cayenne capsules. All of these
remedies work in different ways to thin out the
I remember June well. She was still griev- blood. Then I stopped the aspirin. No need to
ing over her husband’s death. In fact, she had- take aspirin now that she was on this therapy.
n't had a decent night's sleep in over a year. The last thing she needed was an aspirin-
When I examined her, June was over- induced ulcer.
weight and her blood pressure was elevated.
The emergency doctor had prescribed a nitro- Heart Disease Vanished
glycerin patch for the angina. Nitroglycerin is a
very old herbal remedy that works exceptional- I also started June on regular CheZone
ly well for angina. It causes the blood vessels treatments twice a week when she came to see
leading to the heart to expand and permits me. Within three weeks, she had lost 10 pounds
more blood to flow in. and her blood pressure was 116/66. She was
The first thing I did was to tell her to stay sleeping better, and had more energy. Better
on her nitro patch. Then, I prescribed the yet, her angina pains never returned. I told her
homeopathic medication, ignatia. Ignatia is an to stop the nitro patches, because I didn't think
excellent remedy for conditions caused by grief, she needed them anymore.
especially insomnia. Two months later, I sent June to a cardiol-
Next, I explained to her that blood flow ogist for evaluation. Although she felt great and
was not just a matter of how big the arteries had lost 17 pounds, I wanted to make sure she
are. It is also a matter of how thick the blood is. was ready to start exercising. The cardiologist
Thick blood is like oil on a cold day. It can't flow performed a stress test and an echocardiogram.
well, and tends to clog. That's why the doctor The results? Perfect. No signs of heart disease
had placed her on an aspirin twice a day. at all. She was given full permission to start a
To keep her blood thin and flowing well, I regular exercise program.
prescribed two treatments. First, I put her on a It is now seven years later. I see June once
boiled vegetables-only diet. Absolutely no fat or a year just to make sure that she is taking good
protein. Dietary fat and protein thickens the care of herself. And she is. The key to her pro-
blood for several hours after eating, and this gram is a combination of monthly chelation
was not a good idea for her at this time. treatments combined with a personalized diet
Second, I had her take the following sup- and an exercise program.
plements three times a day: one fish oil capsule, She remarried two years ago, and told me
120 mg of gingko biloba extract, 100 mg of nat- she has never been happier.

and suffer a heart attack or a stroke. (immune system), and more.
And guess what? Your arteries aren’t If you improve the way your body uses
the only part of your body that will benefit oxygen and creates energy, you are going to
from a healthy cell regeneration program. grow even healthier new cells. The result?
There are other critical cells and tis- Instead of older, stiffer, clogged arteries,
sues that will also regenerate every few you can grow new arteries as smooth as
months, and get even better than before. a baby’s. And have a new and improved
This includes your muscles, bones, connec- body in just months! Q
tive tissue, red blood cells (that carry oxygen
to the cells in your body), white blood cells

The Best Supplements for Treating Diabetes
You probably already know that supple- take a minimum of 100 mg of niacinamide a
ments can help diabetes. But which ones are day. Preferably 500-1,500 mg daily.
the most important? Here are the ones that L-Carnitine — L-Carnitine works in
I’ve found to be essential for my diabetes combination with fat molecules, lipoic acid,
patients. Almost all of my diabetic patients and acetyl-coenzyme A to penetrate the
have seen tremendous results using these. membrane of the mitochondria. Without
Chromium piccolinate — Chromium carnitine present, cells can’t metabolize the
is an important element in your glucose fat molecules and get past the membrane of
tolerance factor (GTF). GTF is made up of the mitochondria where it can be used for
chromium, niacin, and the amino acids cys- energy. I recommend 1,000 mg to 3,000 mg
teine, glutamic acid, and glycine, and works of carnitine daily.
in tandem with insulin to regulate blood Glycyrrhiza glabra — You probably
sugar levels. In all my years of testing know this one as licorice. Licorice is one of
patients, I’ve almost never found any of my favorite herbs for my diabetic patients
them to have optimum levels of chromium. because of its amazing effect on exhausted
And, while most of them take chromium, adrenal glands. It contains natural precur-
most of them don’t take enough. I suggest a sors for the production of adrenal hor-
dose of 1,000 mcg to 3,000 mcg daily. mones. It works in a similar way to the
Alpha lipoic acid — Serves a central adrenal hormone aldosterone, which is
role in fat metabolism. It is critical for the often deficient in adrenal insufficiency. And
production of acetyl-coenzyme A from fat. it also prevents the liver from metabolizing
Acetyl-coenzyme A is the substance that cortisol (it can even increase cortisol levels
kick starts the energy production cycle. In when there’s a deficiency).
the event of a deficiency of this enzyme, lac- In rare cases, supplementing with
tic acid levels rise in the body and can lead licorice can slightly elevate blood pressure
to lactic acidosis — a potentially life-threat- levels. If you have hypertension, it's impor-
ening condition. Lipoic acid is important for tant to keep a check on blood pressure levels
preventing the onset of diabetes, improving when taking licorice.
blood sugar control, reducing the incidence
of cataracts in diabetics, preventing kidney In addition, licorice can also lead to a
damage (which is a common diabetes com- decline in potassium levels. Since most
plication), and it also helps prevent periph- people with diabetes have depleted potassi-
eral neuropathy (which is common in dia- um levels, I recommend taking 300 mg of
betics). Many cases of diabetic neuropathy potassium daily along with 500 mg of gly-
can be improved and even cured using 400 cyrrhiza glabra extract root, containing
mg, three times a day. In the absence of 16% glycyrrhizinic acid twice daily.
neuropathy, I recommend doses of 400 mg Vanadium — Like chromium, vanadium
two times a day. I consider lipoic acid an is another trace mineral that plays an enor-
absolutely essential part of any treatment or mous role in the activity of insulin. In the
prevention strategy for diabetes. form of vanadyl sulfate, it not only improves
Niacinamide — This is a specific insulin resistance, but has its own insulin
form of niacin. It doesn’t cause the flush so effect, making it especially important for
common with niacin. Niacin is a nutrient all people with low insulin levels. If your blood
of us should get more of. For diabetics, it's sugar control isn’t perfect and your insulin
one of the most important nutrients for levels are lower than 10 microunits per mil-
maintaining proper fat metabolism and cor- liliter (mU/ml), I recommend you take 50 mg
rect triglyceride levels. I have my patients of vanadyl sulphate, two to three times daily.

Gymnema sylvestre — As far as I’m improve insulin sensitivity. One is Galega
aware, this is the only supplement available officinalis, which contains an ingredient
that has the ability to increase the pancreat- called guanidine from which the diabetes
ic output of insulin. It does this by increas- drug metformin is produced. I give my
ing the number of islet cells in the pancreas patients 80 mg twice a day of the leaf
and actually regenerates and repairs islet extract that’s standardized to 20% guanyl-
cells previously destroyed by free radicals. hydrazine. And the second is Mormodica
I usually prescribe my low insulin-diabetes Charantia, or bitter lemon. I recommend
patients — those with insulin levels below 320 mg of a 4:1 extract, twice daily.
10 mU/ml — anywhere from 600 mg to Together, these two herbs alone can
1,200 mg per day of gynema silvestre extract have a modest effect on insulin sensitivity,
standardized to contain 24% gymnemic acids. but when combined with the other supple-
Other herbs — I also recommend a ments mentioned here, they can make quite
number of herbal supplements to help a difference.

Vitamins Coming Under Heavy Attack — Don’t Be Misled!
If you supplement your diet by taking a tially created, things are very different now.
multivitamin, you’re not alone. A little more The Commission has been taken over by the
than one-third of all Americans take multivit- pharmaceutical, pesticide, biotechnology, and
amins regularly. A significant amount of med- chemical industries. And the last thing on
ical science demonstrates how smart you are their mind is your health and well being.
for taking a multivitamin. Both the Journal Codex Alimentarius is scheduled to go
of the American Medical Association and the into effect all over the world by December 31,
New England Journal of Medicine have pub- 2009. And unless we the people avert it, buy-
lished lead articles recommending the routine ing supplements here in the U.S. will be just
use of multivitamins. like buying them in Europe — impossible!
So why am I telling you something you What Codex wants to do is to make all vita-
already know? Because all of this is changing. mins, herbs, minerals, and any other supple-
You may have seen more attacks against vita- ment that you're currently using available
mins in the media lately. Well, you can expect only when produced by drug companies, and
even more in the coming months, with an all- only when prescribed by a doctor.
out assault coming next year. Here’s why: The rationale that Codex backers are
You may have heard about it already, going to use for this gross injustice is that
but something called Codex Alimentarius is these nutrients are harmful to your health,
getting ready to change your life. Briefly put, and you need to be protected from them.
codex is Latin for “book,” and alimentarius Thus, I can promise you that you are going to
refers to “food.” The Codex Alimentarius see a continuous influx of magazine articles
refers to a book of standards, codes of prac- and press releases talking about all of the
tice, guidelines, and other recommendations supposed risks from taking natural sub-
relating to foods, food production, and food stances. Don’t buy it! Vitamins are a vital
safety. part of your good health — I'll prove it in
The Codex Alimentarius Commission, every issue of Real Cures.
established by the United Nations and World I’ll also have more to say about Codex in
Health Organization in 1963, developed these the coming issues of Real Cures. In the
standards and codes. The Commission’s meantime, if you would like more information
stated aims are to protect the health of con- about it and what you can do, please visit the
sumers, and ensure fair practices in the inter- website
national food trade. Sounds good doesn’t it? References: Multivitamins and your health: a reappraisal.
And while that may have been why it was ini- Harvard Men’s Health Watch. March 1, 2008.

Q. My doctor tells me I have metabolic metabolic syndrome. And this imbalance is
often at the root of elevated triglycerides,
syndrome. I don’t understand. I’m tall
and thin. I don’t have hardly any fat on hypertension, and low HDL.
me. How can this be? And what should
I do about it? — Robert H., Phoenix, AZ Q. I have a question about garlic.
What's the best way to consume it: raw,
Dear Robert, cooked, or capsule? I prefer to use the
You’re right, it does not sound like natural garlic as opposed to capsules,
you have metabolic syndrome. But it’s still but have not been able to discover
possible. Keep in mind that the definition which is most beneficial. — Shirley G.,
of metabolic syndrome varies somewhat e-mail
depending on what organization is defining
Hi Shirley,
it. I think that most doctors use the NCEP
(2001 US National Cholesterol Education Raw garlic is definitely the way to go.
Program Adult Treatment Panel III) to In this form, it's one of the best remedies for
define it. And by their definition, metabolic intestinal parasites and yeast. It’s also very
syndrome must have at least three of the effective for blood pressure problems and
following criteria: elevated fasting blood coronary heart disease. I'll never forget a
sugar, elevated blood pressure, fat deposits patient I had once who had severe coronary
around the waste, elevated tryglicerides, and artery disease, and was told by his cardiolo-
depressed HDL cholesterol levels. gist that he needed an immediate surgery or
he would surely die. Instead he started eat-
Notice that by this definition, it is not
ing a whole bulb of raw garlic a day, along
necessary that someone be overweight in
with two teaspoons of cayenne pepper. After
order to be diagnosed with metabolic syn-
three days, his heart pains were reduced
drome. So let's use this definition to give
50%, and after one month, they were gone.
you an answer to your very good question.
Three months later, his cardiologist pro-
First, if you have high blood pressure, nounced him “cured” after he had a normal
then you must find out why, and treat the stress test. It’s a dramatic case, and that's
cause. Many cases will respond to a period an awful lot of garlic. But it shows you how
of fasting and supplementation followed by powerful the herb is. I would recommend
a vegan type of diet. Especially good that you mince fresh garlic, let it soak in
supplements for hypertension include olive oil for about an hour, and take it that
magnesium citrate, fish oil, CoQ10, and way. Start off easy, because it might take a
l-arginine. while for your stomach and intestines to get
If you have elevated blood sugar, this used to it.
is always corrected with a simple lifestyle
program of correct, regular exercise com-
bined with a low carbohydrate diet.
Elevated triglycerides will respond to Got a Question?
the supplements and lifestyle changes that I
just mentioned, as well as 1,500-3,000 mg of Do you have a question for Dr.
l-carnitine a day. And a depressed HDL cho- Shallenberger? If so, please send it (typed
lesterol will often respond to the same changes only) to him c/o Soundview Publications,
along with 500-1,000 mg of niacin a day. P.O. Box 467939, Atlanta, GA 31146-7939 or While he
Finally, be sure to have your salivary
won’t be able to respond personally, he’ll try
testosterone and estradiol levels checked. to answer as many questions as he can in
Low testosterone levels along with elevated these pages.
estradiol levels are common in men with