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Southmead Police Station

151 Southmead Road

Bristol BS10 5DW
Telephone: 0117 945 4507
Fax: 0117 945 4563

Case History - Anne

T he police referred Anne to ASPOS in September 2002 for persistent,

aggressive theft and deception. She was offered our services but declined her
co-operation. Although not subject to statutory supervision, we continued to assail
her with offers, while the police maintained strenuous surveillance and numerous
arrests. She was eventually remanded in custody for a total of 40 offences and by
our intervention, was made subject of a DTTO. This she breached within two
months by discharging herself from a rehabilitation unit and she immediately
relapsed into crack use.

S he was arrested 4 – 5 days later via our expedited breach system and was
sentenced to 2 years imprisonment.

W e engineered her prison allocation and attendance at a number of

therapeutic programmes during her sentence, where she made enormous
progress, more than anyone could have anticipated. She was released in
November 2003 and returned to the rehabilitation unit on licence. She has
completed her period on Home Detention Curfew (tagging) and her licence is due
to expire on She has successfully completed the primary, and is close to the end
of the secondary stages of the rehabilitation programme. She plans to move on to
a supported housing project in immediate area. She will be on licence until late
May 2004, but our involvement will continue beyond this date.

A nne says that ASPOS ‘saved her life’ and talks freely about how much it meant
to her to be ‘hounded’ so persistently.

In partnership with:

The Home Office, Avon & Somerset Probation Area, Avon & Somerset Constabulary, HMP Bristol,
Bristol Communities Against Drugs, Recovered Assets Funds & Bristol Regeneration Partnership