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Introduction PT. POLINDO BIO ENERGI PRATAMA (PBEP) primary activity is the import of biomass namely Palm Kernel Shell from Indonesia to Asia and European continent. Palm Kernel Shells can be considered a natural pellet and a high grade solid renewable fuel for burning, both in co firing with steam coal or at biomass power plants. It is usually blended with other grades of biomass such as wood chips. Indonesia is the world largest exporter of palm oil, hence the vast resource they offer and our business orientation. The Process During the palm oil production process, the fruit is removed from the flesh and the leftover cores are shattered mechanically for the purpose of extracting its seeds. The shattered shells take the name of Palm Kernel Shells (PKS). As opposed to some other types of biomass, the use of PKS is completely environmentally benign. PKS is a waste by-product of the palm oil industry; it is relevant, abundant and classified as renewable waste-material. It is easy to ship, doesnt need to be densified and can be readily co-fired with coal in grate fired and fluidized bed boilers as well as cement kilns for achieving increased fuel mix diversification. Our Experience Our Company has already many times successfully supplied Polish and Thailand buyers with Palm Kernel Shell. PBEP purchases PKS directly from palm oil plantations on the basis of long term contracts. PBEP has built up solid relations with Palm Kernel Shell suppliers, reassuring its clients a guaranteed supply and ensuring the highest levels of contracted specifications of the Palm Kernel Shells. The Product Heat value of PKS is relatively high compared with other biomass. In addition, its carbon-neutral chemical characteristics are widely considered favorable to greenhouse gas emissions reduction, as opposed to other biomass fuels such as wood, straw, hay, sunflower seeds etc. Palm Kernel Shells does not contain any nitrogen, carbon or hydrogen. PKS is much safer for co-firing installations in power plants and there is no need to clean the installations as often (cost reduction). The physical and chemical value of biomass is presented in the table below.

Our Offer PBEP is capable of offering PKS directly from Indonesia at favorable prices on most suitable and agreeable International Commercial terms. Single supply capacity amounts is in 3 000 - 35 000 metric tons range. PBEP operates around a simple, clear and environmentally friendly value chain. PBEP offers a transparent and efficient service of supplying the customer with the right product in the desirable quantity and of high quality.

Offer specification: 1. 2. 3. Product Origin Chemical qualities Palm Kernel Shell Indonesia Sulfur content: Moisture: Size: 10 000 MT +/- 15% Pasir (Kalimantan) PKS loaded to barge - 590 000 IDR/ton PKS loaded to mv - 640 000 IDR/ton Palu (Sulawesi) PKS loaded to barge - 580 000 IDR/ton PKS loaded to mv - 630 000 IDR/ton Jambi (Sumatra) PKS loaded to barge - 650 000 IDR/ton PKS loaded to mv - 750 000 IDR/ton max 0,1% 10 18% 5 25 mm

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Offered quantity Price

6. 7.

Date of delivery Terms of payment

The exact date of delivery will be subject to further negotiations. Irrevocable Letter of Credit or bank guaranty. Other terms of payment (cash basis) will be subject to further negotiations.

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Conditions of payment Additional information

Forthwith after complete loading PKS to barge and pass to Buyer export documentations. PKS price include cost of: - Fumigation Certificate - Phytosanitary Certificate - Certificate of Origin - Weighting Certificate 22th March 2013

10. Offer validity

In case of any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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