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Corporate Laws made easy - volume 1 final.pdf

Corporate Laws made easy - volume 1 final.pdf

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Module E

Corporate Laws Made Easy
Volume - I
Module D – (Companies Ordinance) notes
Cross linked with Rules & Circulars

Atif Abidi
www.canotes.net September 6, 2012

The Examinations of ICAP are a demanding test of student’s ability to master the wide range of knowledge and skills required of the modern professionals. Subject of “Corporate Law” is one of the efforts made by ICAP in this context for enhancing student’s knowledge about detailed overview of corporate laws prevailing in Pakistan. After analyzing the trends of ICAP papers, It has been noted that approximately half of the paper of Corporate Laws at module E is being set from Module D and related rules & circulars. Unfortunately there is not even a single book available in market that serves the purpose of this portion for module E level, rather the books are compiled at module D level skipping many provisions and explanations relevant for advanced students like module E. The best and most recommended source for portion is “Companies Ordinance 1984”. The basic problems faced by the students is that the Companies Ordinance 1984 is sometimes too difficult to understand or too lengthy to digest & revise at final prep for the ICAP Exam. For these reasons there arise needs to have some comprehensive and easy notes for this subject that shall be serving both purposes Completeness of Companies Ordinance 1984 Smartness and easiness of the notes book For this purpose after the continues efforts of 2 years, We are being able to develop these notes as being quick revision summaries of Companies Ordinance 1984 covering each and every section, sub-section, clauses, sub-clauses, provisio and explanations. The notes contain all sections presented in bullets form making it easy to remember and cram the points (just like ICAP examiner wants). Most Importantly all the sections are cross referenced by relevant Rules and SECP’s circulars for practical implication being required by ICAP examiner. How To use: It is strongly recommended that first of all you should thoroughly read from the Companies Ordinance. Then you may either consult these notes as guideline for preparation of your own notes or you may select these notes for your revision, It’s totally upto you. These notes are not meant for first source and does not contain legal language. (These are for revision purposes) We have tried to ensure completeness in these notes and have made amendments on the basis of feedback from our students of corporate laws in last 3 sessions. However human error is expected in these notes, so if you find anything missing or some spell / logical mistakes in these notes please mail us about such errors by referring to the section number at our mail id “syedatifabidi@gmail.com“. In most cases fines & penalties are not incorporated in these notes. Moreover sub-sections that were transitional and relevant only for 6 month after coming Companies Ordinance 1984 in force are skipped. I am especially thankful to my colleagues for effective coordination in making of these notes Hope these notes could serve you. May ALLAH bless all of you with success in every exam of both lives. Please also remember us in your prayers Atif Abidi www.canotes.net September 6, 2012 For notes & other study material for ICAP subjects www.canotes.net


Section Title

Quick Revision of the Section

1 Short title, extent and commencement Definitions Meaning of subsidiary and holding company One Co is subsidiary of other Co, if that other Co Directly/indirectly controls or holds >50% of its voting securities Has power to elect and appoint >50% of its directors; or Is holding of its holding Co
(50% holding condition not applicable to CDC)


Name: Companies Ordinance 1984 Extends to Whole Pakistan

2 3


Ordinance not to apply to certain corporations Application of ordinance to nontrading companies with purely provincial objects Ordinance to override memorandum, articles, etc.

Trading corporation owned/controlled by Province (business only within that Province) Co-operative society University. Powers conferred by this Ordinance on FG or SECP shall, in relation to companies which are not trading corporations (confined to single Province), be the powers of the Provincial Government. Hierarchical series: Ord.>MOA>AOA>Agreement>Resolution.



7 Jurisdiction of courts - High Court having Jurisdiction over place of registered office - FG may empower any civil court to exercise powers - For w/up place which was reg. office of Co for longest duration during preceding 6months.
Nothing in this section shall invalidate proceeding taken in Court other than High Court or civil court

8 9

Constitution of company benches Procedure of the court

One or more by company benches constituted by Chief Justice of High Court. Day to day hearing (As expeditiously as possible) Final judgment not later than 90 days from petition Adjourned not for > 14 days at one time or > 30 days in total.

<<<In exercise of its jurisdiction, the Court shall, in all matters, follow the summary procedure>>>


Appeals against court orders


Appeal to Supreme Court If Co ordered to be wound up has Capital < 1 Million; Appeal shall lie only if supreme court grants leave to appeal (in other cases no approval required). Judgment within 90 days of appeal.

11 12 Deleted Powers and functions of the SECP Such Functions as conferred by this ordinance FG may authorize SECP to exercise some of its powers (with limitations/conditions) FG of SECP may refer to court for any matter/question regarding affairs of Co Court may make just & Equitable order on such reference


Reference by federal government or SECP to the court

14 Obligation to register certain associations, partnerships, etc, as companies No association/partnership/company of >20 persons shall be formed for carrying on any business without registration as Co under Ordinance. All Liable person -----Fine = 5000 + personally liable for all liabilities incurred Exceptions any society, body or association, other than a partnership, formed or incorporated under any other Pakistan law; or a joint family carrying on joint family business; or a partnership of two or more joint families where the total number of members of such families, excluding the minor members, does not exceed twenty; or a partnership formed to carry on practice as lawyers, accountants or any other profession where practice as limited liability Co not permitted under relevant laws / regulations

Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi


Module D (Quick Revision) Notes


Section Title

Quick Revision of the Section

15 Mode of forming a company Subscribe to MOA & comply with requirements. Min Members (Public = 3, Private = 2, SMC = 1) May be Limited by shares, guarantee or unlimited.


Memorandum of company limited by shares

Contents of MOA Name of Co with Last word ("limited" for public & "(Private) Limited" for private) Reg.Office (Province/part of Pakistan not forming part of Province) Objects of Co and territories to which they extend (except in the case of a trading Co.) Liability of the members is limited; and Amount of share capital and division into shares of a fixed amount - No subscriber of the memorandum shall take less than one share; and - Each subscriber shall write opposite to his name number of shares he takes.
Single Member Companies Rules 2003 Single Member Companies should have last words “(SMC Private) Limited”


Memorandum of company limited by guarantee

Contents of MOA Name of Co with Last word "(Guarentee) Limited Reg.Office (Province/part of Pakistan not forming part of Province) Objects of Co and territories to which they extend (except in the case of a trading Co.) Liability of the members is limited; and Amount each member undertake to contribute in winding up (not > specific amount) Additional Contents (if Co also has a share capital) Amount of share capital and division into shares of a fixed amount No subscriber of the memorandum shall take less than one share; and Each subscriber shall write opposite to his name number of shares he takes.


Memorandum of unlimited company

Contents of MOA Name of Co Reg.Office (Province/part of Pakistan not forming part of Province) objects of Co and territories to which they extend (except in the case of a trading Co.) If Co has share capital - No subscriber of the memorandum shall take less than one share; and - Each subscriber shall write opposite to his name number of shares he takes.


Printing, signature, etc. of memorandum

Printed, divided into paragraph numbered consecutively, signed by subscribers, dated (Deemed power to borrow and issue non interest bearing securities to financial institutions)
<<< Rule 2A of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules,1985>>> In addition to the general particulars to be added on signing MOA a subscriber shall specify his NIC number or his passport number in the case of foreign national Provided that in case of a person other than a natural person, the address of its registered office or principal office shall be specified and the authorized representative signing the documents shall also add his particulars as stated in this rule


Restriction on alteration of memorandum Alteration of Memorandum

Cannot be altered, except to the cases, mode & extent provided in Ord.


** By special resolution alter the registered office or objects clause to enable it to: Carry on its business more economically/efficiently Attain its main purpose by new or improved means Enlarge or change the local area of its operations Carry on some business, not being a business specified in its MOA, in addition to existing Restrict or abandon any of the objects specified in the MOA Sell or dispose of the whole or any part of the undertaking of Co Amalgamate with any other company or body of persons. ** Confirmation by the SECP on petition required: (No confirmation required if moving from Punjab to Islamabad Capital Territory or vice verca) ** Before confirming SECP must be satisfied that Sufficient notice given to every holder of debentures & persons whose interest will be affected Consent of Every creditor, entitled to object (and signifies his objection in manner directed by SECP) has been obtained or his debt or claim has been discharged or secured
<<< Rule 3 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules,1985>>>
Application for confirmation of alteration be submitted to SECP by a responsible officer not later than 60 days from date of special resolution. Application shall contain following information correct as on the day immediately preceding date of special resolution and signed by a responsible officer

Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi


Module D (Quick Revision) Notes


Section Title

Quick Revision of the Section
Name and address of company; Number and date of incorporation; Subscribed and paid-up capital; Redeemable capital; Business actually being carried on and the clause in the memorandum justifying it Reasons for the proposed alteration Following documents correct as on day immediately preceding date of special resolution and certified by responsible officer shall be submitted with application A copy of memorandum and the articles; A copy of special resolution; Minutes of meeting at which special resolution was adopted; Particulars of dissenting shareholders or creditors together with their objections; A copy of the latest audited balance sheet; Statement in comparative form showing existing provisions of memorandum as are proposed to be altered and the provisions as would appear after the proposed alterations have been made, indicating the reason for change Pattern of holding of its shares in Form 34; Names and addresses of each of its creditors to whom an amount exceeding 50,000 rupees is due with the amount mentioned against each along with their consent to alteration; and Names and addresses of the persons likely to be affected along with their consent to the alteration

22 23

Power of SECP when confirming alteration Exercise of discretion by SECP

Either wholly or in part, on such terms & conditions deemed appropriate by SECP. SECP may adjourn the proceedings of alteration so that an arrangement may be made for the purchase of the interests of dissident members. (No part of the capital of Co may be expended in such purchase.) Certified copy of order of SECP + altered MOA filed with registrar for registration Within 90 days of passing of order by SECP. The registrar shall register and shall certify the registration under his hand. Certificate shall be conclusive evidence that all requirements complied Extension (in 90 days) may be granted by SECP. - Alteration become null & void if order of SECP not filed within 90 days (or extended time). - Application for revival order may be filed within further 90days.


Procedure on confirmation of the alteration


Effect of failure to register within 90 days

26 Registration of Articles Ltd. By shares may adopt Table A; Mandatory for others to register AOA with MOA For Guarantee Ltd. Or Unlimited Co AOA shall state: If have share capital : the amount of share capital at time of registration If not having share capital : number of members at time of registration List & enumerate voting & other rights attached to different classes of shares and securities issued or to be issued by the Co. Printed, divided into paragraph numbered consecutively, signed by subscribers and dated
<<< Rule 2A of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules,1985>>> In addition to the general particulars to be added on signing MOA a subscriber shall specify his NIC number or his passport number in the case of foreign national Provided that in case of a person other than a natural person, the address of its registered office or principal office shall be specified and the authorized representative signing the documents shall also add his particulars as stated in this rule


Printing, signature, etc., of articles


Alteration of articles

Co by special resolution alter AOA (as valid as originally contained in AOA) If alteration affects the rights/liabilities of members / class of members, it shall be carried out only by approval of 3/4th Majority of those.

29 Forms of memorandum and articles Company Type - Co Ltd by Shares AOA - Co Ltd by Shares MOA - Co Ltd by Guarentee (Not having Sh.Cap) - MOA+AOA - Co Ltd by Guarentee (Having Sh.Cap) - MOA+AOA - Unlimited Co - MOA+AOA First Schedule Table A Table B Table C Table D Table E

30 Registration of memorandum and articles - MOA & AOA+ Declaration of compliance with req. of ordinance filed with registrar. - Registrar if satisfied may register the MOA & AOA - If registrar refused to register; subscribers shall supply deficiency or appeal within 30days to. Registrar; If refusal passed by Additional/Joint/Deputy/Assistant Registrar SECP; If refusal passed by Registrar; SECP decision shall be final & not be challenged

Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi


Module D (Quick Revision) Notes

shall be properly stamped as required by Stamp Act. Any connection with any corporation set up by or under any Federal or Provincial law The patronage or any connection with foreign Government/international organisation .On registration Bind the Co.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section <<< Rule 4 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. PROVISIONS WITH RESPECT TO NAMES OF COMPANIES 37 Prohibition of certain names . 38 Rectification of name of a company If wrong name selected by Co. . afford Co an opportunity to make representation against proposed direction Registrar cannot bound Co to change name after expiration of 3 yrs from registration Special Resolution + Approval of registrar. Registrar may require any person making declaration or is a promoter or director of proposed Co or is a witness to signatures of subscribers to memorandum to furnish such information. Registrar shall. 3. 1985>>> MOA and AOA filed for registration to registrar.Prior approval of SECP required if name suggests The patronage of any. Co must take permission from relevant authority. entitled to appear before any High Court in Pakistan or the Supreme Court.No approval required if addition or deletion of word “(Private)” Registrar shall issue a new certificate of incorporation altered to meet circumstances Continue to mention former name along with its new name on the outside every business place and in all documents (for 1 year from date of issue of new certificate) Change of name shall not affect the rights & obligations of Co.Ord 1984 in respect of registration. before issuing direction for change of name. it may change name with the approval of registrar & shall if registrar directs within 30days of direction. An advocate. & members just as it is signed by each member . 34 Effect of alteration in memorandum or articles Copies of memorandum and articles to be given to members. Within 14 days of request on payment of prescribed amount. Pakistani or foreign.All money payable by any member to Co under MOA/AOA shall be debt due from him to Co. may make an application to registrar concerned asking for information as to whether proposed name is or is not available for adoption. before last word "Limited". A member of the ICAP or the ICMA practicing in Pakistan. or a responsible officer of company intending to change its name.No company shall be registered by a name which is Inappropriate or deceptive (in the opinion of the SECP) – see guideline on page 7 Designed to exploit or offend the religious susceptibilities of the people. clarification or document as deem necessary. 35 36 Every copy of MOA & AOA issued after alteration shall confirm with altered MOA & AOA. 1899. From the date of incorporation subscribers of AOA become members of Co Company shall start by name contained in MOA as separate legal person. Head of State Any connection with the Federal Government or a Provincial Government or any department or authority of any such Government. and shall be accompanied by 3 copies duly subscribed and witnessed along with specified declaration Declaration shall be made in Form 1 by a person engaged in formation of the company who is 1. Legal proceeding may be continued against the Co in new name (Addition or deletion of word “(Private)” not deemed as a change of name) Every existing company deemed to include. license etc of relevant public authority are required. The registrar shall certify the incorporation of a company. Alteration of memorandum or articles to be noted in every copy Members are not bound by the alteration which increases their liability or require them to subscribe for more shares unless he agrees in writing.Decision of the SECP regarding validity of name shall be final <<< Rule 5 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. furnish information within 2 days of receipt of application. 32 Effect of registration 33 Conclusiveness of Certificate of Incorporation Evidence of compliance with all requirements of Co. 31 Effect of memorandum and articles . and registrar shall. or 2. Identical with name of a company already registered Nearly resembling that name of a company already registered (except where Existing Co is in course of being dissolved & signifies its consent) . "(Private)" for private company and the "(Guarantee)" in the case of a company limited by guarantee Conversion of a public company into private company registrar shall add "(Private)" Conversion of a private company into public company registrar shall delete "(Private)" 39 Change of name by a company 40 Registration of change of name and effect thereof 41 Alteration of names of commencement of ordinance and change of status of company Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi -4- Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . A person named in the articles as a director or other officer of the company. <<<SECP Clarification on website>>> This should not be deemed permission to carry out any business (mentioned in MOA) where further permission. past or present. 1985>>> Promoters of Co desirous of having Co registered.

shall not be claimed unless such government or authority has signified its consent thereto in writing. to its name. not later than 60 days from date on which special resolution was passed. make application in Form 2 to SECP for its approval. Prospectus or SILOP shall comply with prescribed conditions (Part V of Co. and subject to such conditions as may be imposed by SECP <<< Rule 7 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. Besides others the following conditions shall also be fulfilled and shall be included in MOA The association shall be formed as a public company. Declaration by a person specified in rule 4 (sec 30) that he has scrutinized application and accompanying documents. and applies / intends to apply its profits/income in promoting its objects.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section ASSOCIATIONS NOT FOR PROFIT 42 Power to dispense with “Limited” in the name of charitable and other companies If an association formed for promoting commerce. <<<SECP Circular>>> Only one of the aforementioned objects allowed (Cannot take license for multiple objects) There must be atleast 3 subscribers/members of the association Promoters shall give undertaking that they have sufficient skills & expertise and they shall contribute atleast Rs. express or implied.000 as startup donation Year end shall be June 30. SECP may grant license & direct its registration as Co with limited liability. religion. specifying sources of income & objects Brief statement of work already done by the association or proposed to be done after registration. A list of promoters of the association with their occupations and addresses. License granted on such conditions and subject to such regulations as SECP thinks fit Association enjoy all privileges of limited Co and be subject to all its obligations.Ord 1984) Cessation of privileges & exemptions availed by a Pvt. and is renewable for further 5 years on application In winding up surplus assets not be distributed in existing members but shall be transferred to another such association u/s 42 to be decided by members by Special Resolution COMPANIES LIMITED BY GUARANTEE 43 Provisions as to companies limited by guarantee Any provision in MOA/AOA/Resolution of Co Ltd by Guarantee (not having Sh. associations and other institutions in which promoters of proposed association hold any office stating the office held in each case. social services. May be relived of the consequences of such non compliance on an application made to SECP by Co or interested persons Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi -5- Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . I&E a/c and annual report on working of association for the financial year immediately preceding the date of application Estimate of future annual income & expenditure of proposed Co. sports. and to prohibit the payment of any dividend to its members. 45 46 Prospectus or statement in lieu of prospectus to be filed by private company ceasing to be a private company Consequences of default in complying conditions constituting a company a private company - Within 14 days of such change File Prospectus or SILOP to registrar. Payment of remuneration for services or otherwise to its members. shall be prohibited. <<< Rule 6 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. charity or any other useful object. except using the words "Limited". science.500. Every provision in MOA/AOA/Resolution of Co Ltd by Guarantee purporting to divide undertaking of Co into shares/interests shall be treated as a provision for share capital PROVISIONS RELATING TO CONVERSION OF PUBLIC COMPANY INTO PRIVATE COMPANY AND VICE VERSA AND OTHER MATTERS 44 Conversion of public company into private company Prior approval of SECP in writing. the registrar shall again add the above words to name and association cease to enjoy exemptions & privileges Before revocation SECP give association an opportunity of submitting representation. 1985>>> Promoters or members of such association shall make an application to SECP in writing duly singed by them or by any person authorized by association accompanied by 3 copies of draft memorandum and articles of proposed association. and is satisfied about compliance with provisions of ordinance & fulfillment of conditions Names of companies. the Co shall. Co. License may at any time be revoked by SECP. without addition of words "Limited". If association is already in existence. art. "(Private) Limited" or "(Guarantee) Limited". 1985>>> Where the alteration of articles has effect of converting a public Co into a private Co.Cap) giving any non member right to participate in the divisible profits of Co shall be void. No investment in associated companies (except approval of SECP) License valid for 5 years. No change in the MOA and the AOA shall be made except with the prior approval of SECP The limit of liability of its members shall not be less than a reasonable amount Patronage of any government or authority. a copy of audited BS. "(Private) Limited" or "(Guarantee) Limited". whether holding an office in the company or not.

to address. 1985>>> Rule 8: An application or any document submitted to the SECP or registrar shall be deemed to have been received or delivered to it or him on the day on which it is received by its or his office. Rule 30: Every application made to the registrar. transmitted or forwarded by post under certificate of posting or through a courier service • Except it is delivered to addressee personally against acknowledgement or sent by registered post <<<SECP Circulars – Notice of liste company in newspaper having circulation in province of stock exchange>>> Notice shall be published in Urdu language in Urdu newspaper and in English language in English newspaper Companies shall select newspaper having sufficient circulation in complete province (not in 1 or 2 cities) For Co listed on more than 1 stock exchange. to the SECP or send it to the SECP by registered post at its Headquarters at Islamabad.. <<< Relevant Rules of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. statement. in case of a private company. forward to SECP and registrar concerned. Personally Sending it by post to him to his registered address or. two members Co carries on business > 6 months with less than minimum members. transmitted or forwarded to the members debenture-holders or creditors shall be sent. return or report to the SECP shall deliver it. in the case of an appeal against any order or decision. If a member has no registered address in Pakistan. Office of Co by Post under a certificate of posting or Registered post. every member of Co (knowing the fact) during that time shall be severally liable for payment of the whole debts of the Co contracted during that time SERVICE AND AUTHENTICATION OF DOCUMENTS 48 Service of documents on company Sending it to Co / officer at Reg. notice deemed to have been effected at the time at which the letter would be delivered in he ordinary course of post. or Leaving it at Reg. Copies of applications to various authorities. dated and verified and accompanied by copies of documents Accompanied by the original bank challan or draft for the fee paid for the application. grounds and claims or relief applied for in serially numbered paragraphs specifying relevant provisions of Ordinance under which action or relief is applied for. If has no registered address in Pak. nor supplied any other address. signed and verified by an affidavit by a responsible officer of the company neatly and legibly written. by a certified copy of such order or decision. statement. Rule 33. within Pakistan supplied by him Where a notice is sent by post. etc.A copy of every application together with a copy of each of the documents enclosed therewith shall be forwarded by the applicant and stating the same fact therein If application made to the Federal Government. - <<<Rule 10 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. If application made to the SECP or the registrar who is head of the organisation for the registration of companies in Pakistan. advertisement in newspaper circulating in province of registered office deemed to be notice duly given to him on the day on which the advertisement appears For listed Co. notice. also publish notice in 1 English + 1 Urdu newspaper having circulation in province of stock exchange Notice to joint-holders of share may be given to joint-holder named first in the register Notice in case of death/insolvency given to legal representative/assignee of insolvent Notice of every general meeting shall be given to every member. Delivering it to him. 1985>>> Any report. against receipt. duly signed. if any. Leaving it for him at his office. 49 Service of documents on registrar 50 Service of notice on members. Rule 32. Shall be published in newspaper having countrywide circulation Shall be published in national Morning newspaper at appropriate pages distinctively and conspicuously visible (not in local newspaper at a place like classified etc) Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi -6- Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . typed or printed. SECP or Federal Government shall be Duly singed and verified by an affidavit by applicant indicating complete name and address and. Mode of furnishing of returns to the SECP. setting out precisely the facts. Accompanied by documents referred to in application or relied upon and. forward to the registrar concerned. Accompanied by 1 spare copy. to be forwarded to others. Office of Co Sending it to Registrar at his office by Registered post. either in person or through an agent. in the case of a company.Any person required by or under any provision of the Ordinance or these rules to furnish any document.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section CARRYING ON BUSINESS WITH LESS THAN THE LEGAL MINIMUM OF MEMBERS 47 Liability for carrying on business with less than three or. etc. legal representative (in case of death) or assignee (in case of insolvent) and auditors. against an acknowledgment of receipt. circular or other document required under the Ordinance or any rule to be circulated.

by or on behalf of Co. Rule 28. 1985>>> Rule 27. etc. the company has object clause showing its intention to act as holding company after incorporation Public sector companies NBFC. in registrar’s opinion.(Prior permission of SECP required). Investment Advisory. Leasing. however these expressions will not be acceptable if used to make proposed company as distinctive from already existing companies. (With approval of SECP) If use of this word implies several companies under single corporate ownership and applicants have to provide evidence of subsidiary/associate relationship with two or more other Pakistani Companies company which establishes that it qualifies to be a holding company as defined in Section 3 of the Ordinance i. <<< SECP Guideline for name selection – some prohibition of names (Ref: Sec 37) >>> Words Association Benevolent/ Foundation Society Fund Council Chamber of Commerce Trust Assurance/ Assurer/ Insurance/ Insurer/ Re-Assurance/ Re-Assurer/ Re-Insurance/ Re-Insurer Board Bahria/ Askari/ Fouji/ Fazaiya/ Cadet Banks/Banking Company Charter/Chartered Exchange/Bourse Familiar Trade Names Famous/ Distinct Personalities Federation Federal Group Holding Institution Investment Investment Finance. and . World BANK. is not in English or Urdu language. If any document or portion of it.Ordinance or established as Trade Organization under Trade Organizations Ordinance. Companies where documentary evidence is provided in support of the fact that the company is a Joint Venture of two Governments or companies of two countries. required to be filed /registered with Registrar.Sec 51 Section Title Authentication of documents and proceedings Quick Revision of the Section Document/proceeding requiring authentication by Co . Entities formed as Trade Bodies under license under Trade Organization Ordinance. an adequate knowledge of language of original and transaltion.Ordinance. Association u/s 42 of Co. 2001. Companies having charter from the sovereign authority of the Federation and the Province Stock Exchange. SECP or the registrar. shall be signed and verified by a responsible officer or. by such individual. Allowed. Sports Association and Professional Bodies. 2007 REITs to be established on grant of license by SECP. Translation of documents other than companies established outside Pakistan. Companies formed by the Federal Government Not Allowed University Management Company for the management of University in terms of guidelines of HEC Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi -7- Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . Re-insurance and Reassurance business. documents. secretary or other authorised officer of Co. IMF. 2007.e. Association u/s 42 of Co. designation or entitlement of the person or individual making or authenticating application as it or he may deem necessary. translation of that document or portion in English or Urdu language be authenticated by affidavit of person having. Housing Finance Name of Company containing country name or nationality other than Pakistan Name of Company containing name of two countries i. Authority/ Register/ Registered/ Co-operative/ Bureau/ Division University Allowed for Association u/s 42 of Co. companies desirous to engage in the business of Paper &/or Board or to public sector companies. Assurance. Companies involved in Insurance. Signing and authentication of applications. and the Federal Government. shall be attached. in the case of any individual entitled to submit an application. Asset Management. may require such documentary proof with respect to the status. companies to be established by the relevant agency. Pakistan/Pak and any other foreign company New/Modern/The/Al State UNO.e. NBFC Not allowed unless sufficient justification is provided. if the proposed company has a connection or any patronage with Federal Government. Red Crescent.Ordinance. Red Cross. SECP or registrar. All applications and documents filed with or sent to the Federal Government. REITs and brokerage houses or any public sector financial institution or investment company.Ordinance If proper justification is provided NBFC or association u/s 42 of Co.May be signed by CE or a director.Need not be under its common seal <<< Rule 27 & 28 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. Commodity Exchange and Exchange Companies subject to NOC from relevant authority. Sports Federations licensed under section 42 of Ordinance or trade bodies under Trade Organizations Ordinance. 1962 and section 5(1) of Microfinance Institutions Ordinance. On basis of permission from SBP u/s 8 of Banking Companies Ordinance. 2007. if NOC of familiar trade name user is provided or proper documentary evidence of ownership/use of trade name is furnished by the applicant if proper justification and approval of relevant authority is provided.

Co has delivered to registrar a copy signed by every person named as a director/proposed director and have included in Any consent to issue of prospectus from any expert (if his statement included). or Of a prospectus or application form uniform with shares or debentures previously issued and quoted on a stock exchange 54 Expert to be unconnected with the formation or management of company Expert’s consent to issue prospectus containing statement by him Prospectus shall not include a statement (purporting to be made by an expert). Accountant and every other person whose profession gives authority to a statement made by him. he proves that he had no knowledge hereof. - - - - - Director/other person responsible for prospectus shall not be liable for non-compliance if As regards any matter not disclosed. "EXPERT" includes an Engineer. named as auditor. solicitor. on the face of it State that a copy has been delivered to registrar Specify any documents required to be included to the copy so delivered or refer to statements included in prospectus which specify those documents. impose such condition as it may deem necessary. and It is accompanied by consent in writing of person (if any). and State that application has been made/proposed to be made for listing(if applicable) Registrar shall not register prospectus unless Requirements of sections 52-57 have been complied with. and In the case of a prospectus issued generally. Valuer.Statement of the fact (given consent & not withdrawn consent) appears in prospectus. In sections 54 & 55. or Contravention was immaterial or in opinion of registrar reasonably to be excused Director/other person shall not be liable for failure to include in prospectus. also 1) Copy of every contract appointing or fixing remuneration of CE/managing agent/secretary. while according approval. banker or member of SE to act in that capacity. interest of directors/promoters in Co’s promotion or properties. 56 Penalty and interpretation 57 Approval. (unless the contrary is proved) Every prospectus issued by or on behalf of Co or any person who has been engaged or interested in the formation of Co Shall state the matters specified in Second Schedule and set out the reports specified therein Sufficient number of copies of prospectus shall be made available with Registered office of Co Stock exchange at which Co is listed/proposed to be listed Bankers to the issue Prospectus in its full text or in prescribed abridged form shall be published at least in one Urdu and one English daily newspaper Prospectus shall not be issued or an advertisement be published in newspaper less than 7 days or more than 30 days before the subscription list is due to open [SECP may for special reasons allow more than thirty days] Any condition requiring waiver to any requirement of this section shall be void Form of application shall be accompanied by a prospectus Not apply if form of application was issued in connection with underwriting agreement or In relation to shares or debentures not offered to the public. legal adviser. 55 A prospectus including statement by expert shall not be issued unless . a written statement signed by those setting adjustments on figures of those reports + reasons. attorney.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section PROSPECTUS 52 53 Prospectus to be dated Matters to be stated and reports to be set out in prospectus Date of prospectus = Date of its publication. unless it is proved that he had knowledge of the matters not disclosed. SECP may. Every prospectus shall.Expert has given his written consent to issue and has not withdrawn such consent before delivery of a copy of prospectus for registration. or He proves that contravention arose from an honest mistake of fact on his part. Prospectus shall not be issued unless on or before date of its publication. Listed Co and Co proposes to be listed shall not issue. This section shall not apply to the issue To existing members or debenture-holders of Co of a prospectus/application form (whether right to renunciation is available or not). 2) Copy of other material contracts (not being contract in ordinary course of business or contract entered into > 2 years before date of prospectus) 3) Where persons making any report under prospectus. and . issue and registration of prospectus - - - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi -8- Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . circulate or publish any prospectus or other document offering for subscription/sale unless approval of SECP been obtained 60 days before the date of issue. unless expert is /has not been engaged/interested in formation/promotion/in management of Co.

He shall not be liable in respect of an untrue statement purporting to be made by him as an expert.Where consent of any person is required to issue of prospectus and he has given that consent. 59 Person liable for misstatements in prospectus .000. banker or broker shall not be deemed to have authorised the issue of a prospectus by reason only of giving consent 61 Document containing offer of shares or debentures for sale to be - Where Co allots/agrees to allot with a view to all or any being offered for sale to public. he withdrew it in writing before delivery to registrar.After agreed to become a director. Expert shall not be deemed to have authorised the issue of a prospectus by reason only of his having given the consent to be included in a statement purporting to be made by him as an expert. and did up to time of allotment believe that statement was true. or a correct copy of. or having agreed to become director(immediately/after some time) Promoter of Co (who was a party to preparation of prospectus or a portion thereof) Auditor/legal adviser/atorney/solicitor/banker/member of SE to act in that capacity . everyone who signed or *authorised issue of prospectus be punishable (Unless proves that statement was immaterial or he believes statement to be true) .After the issue of prospectus and before allotment. or . he believe. he (becoming aware of any untrue statement) withdrew his consent & gave reasonable public notice of fact + reason He was competent to make statement and had reasonable ground to believe.Imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years. Every person authorising himself to be named and is named in prospectus either as a director.Following persons shall be liable jointly & severely to pay compensation to every person who subscribes for or purchases any share/debentures on faith of prospectus for any loss or damage he may have sustained by reason of any untrue statement included therein Directors of Co at time of issue of prospectus.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section <<< Rule 11 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. he withdrew his consent before issue of prospectus and it was issued without his authority/consent .Fine which may extend to 10. or a correct and fair extract from.As regard every untrue statement purporting to be a statement Not be made on authority of an expert or of a public official document/statement. the document: If an Expert has authorised issue of prospectus.Any person: Where prospectus specifies him as director and he has not consented to become a director. any document offering for sale to public shall be deemed to be a prospectus issued by Co. 58 Terms of contract mentioned in prospectus or statement in lieu of prospectus not to be varied Civil liability for misstatements in prospectus Except subject to approval / authority given by Co in general meeting. or . After delivery to registrar and before allotment. 60 Criminal liability for misstatements in prospectus For untrue statement in prospectus. he forthwith gave reasonable public notice of the fact .Expert: Where his consent is required for issue of prospectus and he either has not given that consent or has withdrawn it before the issue of prospectus. 1985>>> An application for approval of prospectus of a listed company or of a company which proposes to make an application to a stock exchange for the listing of its securities. it was a correct and fair representation of the statement. shall be accompanied by 3 copies of the prospectus along with other required certificates documents. and did up to the time of allotment believe. he shall not be treated as person authorising the issue of prospectus (Except for any untrue statement purporting to be made by him as an expert) Waiver of Liability No person shall be liable if he proves that . shall be liable to indemnify against all damages. and has not authorised or consented to issue thereof. and every other person who authorised the issue thereof. he (on becoming aware of any untrue statement) withdrew his consent and gave reasonable public notice of fact + reason .Both **Expert. and an affidavit affirming that all the information in the prospectus and other documents filed is true and correct.Prospectus was issued without his knowledge or consent. solicitor. legal adviser. and did up to the time of issue of prospectus believe. Directors (excluding those without whose knowledge or consent the prospectus was issued). and on becoming aware of its issue. that the statement was true. he believe. that person making statement was competent to make it and that person had given consent to issue of prospectus and had not withdrawn consent before delivery to registrar By an official person. submitted to the SECP. and By an expert. or . Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi -9- Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . costs and expenses to which he may be made liable or in defending himself against any suit or legal proceeding brought against him (due to his name in prospectus) . attorney. or withdrawn his consent before the issue of prospectus. auditor. if he proves that After giving his consent.

Agreement for the purpose of securing profit to any of parties from yield of shares or debentures.000 or 25% of the capital • No premium shall be charged unless the company has profitable operations of 1 year. if it is shown that Offer for sale to public was made within 1 year of allotment/agreement to allot. advertisement or other offering document issued by scheduled bank or financial institution shall not be deemed to be a prospectus/offer for sale u/s 61 & 62 <<<Companies (Issue of Capital) Rules 1996>>> Person holding >10% of shares of Co may offer such shares for sale to public subject to following conditions: • Size of capital be offered to the public shall be not less than lesser of 100. shall be signed by at least 50% partners (or authorised agent) All enactments & rules for contents. Due diligence report forming part of material contracts.Sec Section Title deemed prospectus Quick Revision of the Section All enactments & rules for contents. Prospectus shall state (in addition to matters required by sec 53) Net amount of consideration received/to be received by Co. Where offering person is a Co. Offer/invitation shall not be treated as made to public. • In case the premium is charged other formalities regarding premium Offer shall be under written Under writers shall give justification in due diligence report. All certificates. 62A 63 Issue of securities outside Pakistan. SECP may specify “Application Form” for subscription Form shall form part of prospectus. circular. Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . Full justification of premium shall also be disclosed in offer for sale. or by reference to fluctuations in value of shares or debentures. At the date when offer was made. Where offering person is a Co. or Otherwise as being domestic concern of persons making&receiving offer/invitation A provision in Co’s AOA prohibiting invitations to public shall not be taken as prohibiting such invitation to members/debenture-holders References in this section are applicable to Private Co’s If knowingly/recklessly makes statement/promise/forecast that is false/deceptive/ misleading/ dishonest concealment of material facts. Application in pursuance of a prospectus shall be irrevocable.10 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . induces another person to enter into . it shall be signed by 2 directors (or authorsied agents) Where person is a Firm. (Imprisonment up to 3 years or fine up to 20. 62 Offer of shares or debentures for sale by certain persons - A notice. filing & registration of prospectus shall apply Provisions for misstatements/omissions in prospectus shall also apply. or Offer was made in pursuance of an understanding to which Co was a party or a condition imposed by any authority in relation to position/business/privileges of Co. and allotment of. Person also required to file authorization with registrar (like directors u/s 57). and Place and time at which contract of allotment may be inspected. Untrue Statement = Misleading Statement (In form & context) Untrue Statement = Omission (Where omission misleads the user) Newspaper publication may omit contents of MOA/Signatories/No of shares subscribed 65 - 66 Penalty for fraudulently inducing persons to invest money In Ordinance/AOA “Public” includes any section of public (for such offer) "Section of public" includes existing members/debenture-holders or clients of issuer. Person having >10% shares/debentures shall not offer for sale to public except SECP’s approval Any document offering for sale to public shall be deemed to be a prospectus issued by Co. shares and debentures Application shall not be made of less than nominal amount as SECP may from time to time specify (generally/particularly). filing & registration of prospectus shall apply Provisions for misstatements/omissions in prospectus shall also apply. whole of the consideration to be received by Co in respect of shares or debentures had not been received by it. Interpretation of provisions relating to prospectus Co cannot issue any security outside Pakistan except with prior approval of SECP Statement included in prospectus or any report/memorandum appearing on face or reference - 64 Newspaper advertisement of prospectus Construction of references to offering shares or debentures to the public etc. statements & declarations made by applicant shall be binding on him. shall be signed by at least 50% partners (or authorised agent) - - It shall be evidence that allotment was made with a view to being offered for sale to public. if it can properly be regarded As not being offered to persons other than those receiving offer/invitation. it shall be signed by 2 directors (or authorsied agents) Where person is a Firm. Person also required to file authorization with registrar (like directors u/s 57).000 or both) ALLOTMENT 67 Application for.000.Agreement for acquiring/disposing of/subscribing for/underwriting shares or debentures .

in form and containing the particulars set out in 2nd Schedule.For untrue statement in SILOP. damages or costs sustained by Co or allottee (Loss. Person by whom offer is made be liable to repay money (not Co). and Prospectus offering shares for sale with following modifications a. Permission shall not be deemed to be refused if it is intimated that the application (yet not granted) will be given further consideration.Sec Section Title Restriction as to allotment Quick Revision of the Section For first allotment only .5%/month or part thereof from expiration of 15th day. Allotment be void if Permission has not been applied until 7 days after the date of prospectus Permission has not been granted until 21 days from closure of subscription lists [Stock Exchange may allow further 21 days(maximum) and notify to applicant] If permission not applied/granted as aforesaid. Amount payable on application shall be full nominal amount of the share.Any condition requiring waiver of compliance with requirements of section shall be void. Fine ≤ 5.which does not issue a prospectus on or with reference to its formation.All moneys received shall be deposited in separate bank account in scheduled bank until returned (due to contravention) or until certificate to commence business is obtained. Reference to sale shall be substituted for reference to allotment. . damages or costs cannot be recovered after 2 years from date of allotment) Co shall take decision of acceptance within 10 days of closure of the subscription lists Co shall refund money of unaccepted/unsuccessful applications within 10 days of decision If refund not made within specified time.] Allotment in contravention of sec 68 or 69 shall be voidable at instance of applicant within 30 days after holding of statutory meeting (Even Co is in course of winding up) Where Co is not required to hold statutory meeting or where allotment is made after statutory meeting. Where prospectus states that application has been or will be made for permission for shares or debentures offered to be dealt in on any stock exchange. directors shall be jointly & severally liable for money + surcharge(1.000.For statement included in SILOP/report/memorandum appearing on face or reference Untrue Statement = Misleading Statement (In form & context) Untrue Statement = Omission (Where omission misleads the user) [This section shall not apply to a private company. b.000 (For continuing offence 100/day after 8th day) Director not be liable if proves that default was not due to his misconduct or negligence All moneys received shall be deposited in separate bank account in scheduled bank until returned (due to contravention) Any waiver to any requirement of this section shall be void. . directors shall be jointly and severally liable to Repay money.5%/month or part thereof from expiration of 8th day.Every SILOP shall have a written statement signed by aforesaid persons. or .which has issued such a prospectus but has not proceeded to allot any of shares Shall deliver to registrar a SILOP at least 3 days before first allotment. and Surcharge @ 1. everyone who signed or authorised be punishable (Unless proves that statement was immaterial or he believes statement to be true) Imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years. directors be jointly & severally liable to Repay money. .11 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . within 30 days after date of allotment Defaulting officer shall be liable to compensate Co + Allottee for any loss. This section shall also be applicable to Shares or debentures agreed to be taken by an underwriter. and c.Allotment shall not be made unless minimum subscription (as defined in prospectus) has been paid to & received in cash by Co (shall be regarded exclusively otherwise than cash) . Fine ≤ 5.For Co which does not issue invitation to public for subscription. no allotment shall be made unless following “minimum subscription” been received by Co(other than Pvt Co) Amount (if any) fixed by MOA/AOA and specified in SILOP Whole Share capital that is otherwise than in cash (If no amount fixed & specified) Co having a share capital . setting out adjustments mentioned in 2nd schedule and giving the reasons thereof. signed by every person named therein as a director or proposed director of Co or by authorised agent. and Surcharge @ 1.5% per month/part thereof) from 50h day No liability if he proves that default wasn’t due to his misconduct/ negligence .If above conditions not been complied with until 40 days after first issue of prospectus All money received from applicants shall be forthwith repaid without surcharge If money not repaid within 50 days after prospectus. or Both . or Fine which may extend to 10. .000 (For continuing offence 100/day after 15th day) Director not be liable if proves that default was not due to his misconduct or negligence Any waiver to any requirement of this section shall be void. Person by whom offer is made be liable to default (not Co) 68 69 Statement in lieu of prospectus (SILOP) 70 Effect of irregular allotment - 71 Repayment of money received for shares not allotted - 72 Allotment of shares and debentures to be dealt in on stock exchange - - - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .

or By a certification of the public officer having custody of the original document. it shall notify this fact + reasons within 30 days of application Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .Sent by post or delivered to the applicant .45 days after application (Transfer) . and shall be entitled to recover from Co amount of any fee properly paid by it to registrar Registrar may extend the period of filing (if satisfies that 30 days is inadequate) <<< Rule 12 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules.90 days after allotment (New Shares) . and consideration for which they have been allotted . within 30 days after allotment. or having been defaced or mutilated or torn is surrendered to Co.Foreign shareholders investing in Pakistani Banks and Financial institutions >>> Under agreement signed between Government of Pakistan and WTO on financial services. and . debentures. debentures or debenture stock provide otherwise <<<SECP Circular .File with registrar a return of the allotment. If Co for any reasonable cause is unable to issue duplicate certificate. Goodwill and intangible assets shall be excluded from the consideration. amount to be treated as paid-up. Produce for inspection & examination of registrar contract in writing constituting title of allottee to the allotment + any contract of sale. A certificate from a practicing CA shall be obtained for compliance of above conditions. 1985>>> Copies of contracts filed with registrar when allotted as paid up otherwise than in cash. Copy of resolution passed by Co + copy of order of SECP sanctioning the issue.Issue of shares on discount File with registrar. a copy of SECP order permitting the issue at the higher percentage.05 days after application (if transfer in name of CDC) [ Transfer means transfer duly stamped & valid.12 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . Return stating No & amount of such shares and particulars as may be prescribed of each allottee + copy of resolution authorising bonus issue . the scheduled bank or financial institution may file return of allotment with registrar + such documents as may be specified by SECP. and does not include transfer as Co entitled to refuse ] Exceptions to time limit .Conditions of issue of shares. 75 Issue of duplicate certificates - - Within 45 days from date of application if original is proved to have been lost or destroyed.Bonus Shares File with registrar. Value must be net of depreciation. shall be verified– By an affidavit of a responsible officer that these are true copies. File a Return stating No and nominal amount of shares so allotted.Sec Section Title Return as to allotment Quick Revision of the Section Co having share capital shall within 30 days of allotment . <<<Companies (Issue of Capital) Rules 1996 – Consideration other than cash>>> Following are the conditions for valuation of assets representing consideration for shares: Value of assets shall be determined by consulting valuer registered with Pakistan Engineering Council and is on the penal of atleast two financial institutions as valuer. Shares allotted to scheduled bank or a financial institution . or for services or other consideration in respect of which that allotment was made These contracts shall be duly stamped File with registrar copies verified in prescribed manner of all such contracts Where contract not reduced to writing. stating Number of shares Nominal amount of shares comprised in allotment Such particulars (as may be prescribed) of each allottee Amount paid on each share. all debenture stock allotted/transferred and shall give notice of this fact to applicant within . Following requirements shall have to be followed: Prior approval of SBP required for holding ≥ 5% ownership Investments shall only be for trading purposes. 73 CERTIFICATE OF SHARES AND DEBENTURES 74 Limitation of time for issue of certificates Co shall complete and have ready for delivery the certificates of all shares. and where maximum rate of discount exceeds 10%. file with registrar prescribed particulars of contract stamped with same stamp duty as would have been payable if the contract had been reduced to writing. Co shall.Section shall apply mutatis mutandis to shares allotted to scheduled bank or a financial institution in pursuance of any obligation of Co to issue shares to these Where default made by Co in filing Return of allotment.Shares allotted otherwise than in cash. Co issue duplicate after making inquiry and on such terms & conditions as may deem fit Co shall not charge fee exceeding sum prescribed + actual expenses incurred on inquiry.

AOA may impose any limitations & restrictions on this process for Private Co. 78 Notice of refusal to transfer Co shall within 30 days after the date on which instrument of transfer was lodged with Co.office & shall be open to inspection by members & supply copy in manner stated in Sec-150 (members register) - - Section shall apply mutatis mutandis for transmission of shares & debentures. certificates and transfer deed to be retained for 3 years (Certificates shall be destroyed in presence of Co’s Chief Executive and auditor. or Becomes void by death of nominee before the member Nominee can only be one of these relatives (spouse.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section TRANSFER OF SHARES AND DEBENTURES 76 Transfer of shares and debentures Application for transfer may be made either by transferor or transferee Co shall not register a transfer unless proper instrument of transfer duly stamped and executed by transferor and transferee has been delivered to Co along with certificate. or Becomes invalid by reason of some contingency specified therein. Transferor/Transferee/Successor in interest may appeal to SECP against any refusal to register transfer/transmission or against any failure to send notice of refusal u/s 78 Appeal to SECP may be preferred within 2 month of receipt of notice of refusal (if notice of refusal given) 2 month of expiry of 30 days u/s 78 (if no notice of refusal given). Public Co may appoint financial institution duly approved by SECP as transfer agent <<<SECP Circular – Disposal of cancelled share certificates upon transfer to CDC>>> If shares are in name of beneficial owner. 81 Transfer by a nominee of legal representative Transfer of shares of debentures by a nominee shall be valid as if he had been a member at the time of execution of the instrument of transfer. brother/sister and son/daughter. Where transfer deed is lost. destroyed or mutilated before lodgement. PREMIUM AND REDEEMABLE PREFERENCES SHARES Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . or Was expressly cancelled by notice in writing to Co by same member. SECP may require Co to disclose the reasons for refusal. Application made by transferee bearing stamp required by instrument of transfer Transferee shall prove to directors that transfer deed lost/destroyed/mutilated Co may demand such indemnity as it may think fit before registering the transfer Register of transfers of shares & debentures shall be maintained at Reg.13 Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . father/mother. certificates to be destroyed after 6 months of transfer and transfer deed to be retained for 3 years If shares are not in name of beneficial owner. including step/adopted child. become entitled.SECP shall.SECP may give such incidental & consequential directions as to payment of costs or otherwise as it deems fit.SECP may direct Co to register the transfer or transmission or that it need not be registered (Co shall give notice of the decision within 15 days of receipt of order) . to become shareholder and all rights of original member shall be passed to the nominee On receipt of proof of the death of shareholder along with the relevant scripts. give reasonable notice + opportunity to make representation to Co and Transferor/ Transferee/ Successor in interest . 78A Appeal against refusal for registration of transfer SECP Order .Before making order. 79 Transfer to successor-in-interest 80 Transfer to nominee of deceased member Nominee or successor shall made an application duly supported by document evidencing nomination or lawful award of relevant property to him Nominee or successor shall be entered as a member Co may ask for a suitable indemnity before transfer A person may at any time after becoming shareholder deposit with Co a nomination specifying person(s) right to become shareholder in the event of his death If shareholder nominates more than 1 person.) - Nomination would not restrict shareholder dealing in ordinary course with such shares before his death. said shares shall be registered in favour of nominee unless such nomination Was replaced by another nomination deposited by same member before death. Shall certify same) 77 Directors not to refuse transfer of shares - Directors shall not refuse unless transfer deed is defective or invalid Within 30 days of deposit of instrument of transfer notify defect/invalidity to transferee (if transferee is CDC: within 5 days) Applicant shall be entitled to relodge transfer deed after removal of defect/invalidity. . SECP. he shall specify the extent of right of each nominee (if no of shares are possible of ascertainment in whole numbers) Nominee shall on death of shareholder. send to transferee notice of the refusal + reasons for refusal. DISCOUNT.

for any shares in or debentures of Co if SECP is authorised by AOA. . Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . circular or notice whichever applicable No of shares or debentures which persons have agreed for a SECP to subscribe absolutely is disclosed No allotment of shares/debentures or related SECP/discount/allowance to any person subscribing/agreeing to subscribe in contravention of sec 82 & 84. Every prospectus and every balance-sheet issued by Co subsequent to issue of shares shall contain particulars of discount allowed. Whether its forming part of purchase money of any property or contract price of any services acquired by Co. debentures or money from Co shall have power to apply any part of the shares. - Quick Revision of the Section Co may pay SECP to any person in consideration of his subscribing or agreeing to subscribe.14 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . These persons shall be issued Jumbo Certificate with marking “Not saleable for two years”. Employees getting preferring allocation shall be charged premium at the same rate as to the public. Statement in lieu of prospectus.Sec Section Title Power to pay certain SECPs. Co shall submit prescribed documents along with application for issue of shares on discount Following policy would be followed by SECP while considering the applications o Financial projections must establish that injection of fresh capital will result in enough profits enabling Co to amortize the discount within a period of not more than 5 years. The premium on public offer shall not exceed premium charged on placement (local or foreign) [Names & addresses of such institutions must be disclosed in prospectus] Issue be fully underwritten. or Sale proceeds of any property of Co. Rate of SECP shall not exceed the rate fixed by SECP Rate of SECP shall be disclosed in Prospectus.Shares shall not be redeemed unless they are fully paid . may include that Shares allotted to sponsors and directors at a discount shall not be disposed off by allotees for a period of 3 years Percentage of shares held by the directors shall not increase as a consequence of allotment made otherwise than by way of right offer 85 Redemption of preference shares Co Ltd by shares may redeem preference shares issued by it under following conditions .Shares shall be redeemed out of Distributable profits of Co. or money paid out of nominal purchase money or contract price. 1996 apply. debentures or money so received in payment of any SECP. UnderWriters shall give justification of premium in Due Diligence Report. 82 - - Brokerage on shares shall not in any case exceed 1% of the sale price or shall not more than such other % as may from time to time be specified by SECP A vendor. promoter. or Sinking fund created for this purpose. After the expiry of prescribed period the shares would be splited into Marketable Lots 84 Power to issue shares at discount - - Shares cannot be issued on discount within 1 year of commencement of business Discount must be authorised by resolution passed in general meeting of Co Resolution must specify maximum rate of discount After passing resolution Co may apply to SECP for an order sanctioning the issue SECP may make an order sanctioning issue on such terms & conditions as think fit. whether absolutely or conditionally. or otherwise. If there is preferential allocation at Par to any person Such shares shall not be saleable for the period of two years. Shares to be issued within 60 days after sanctioning by SECP or within such extended time as SECP may allow Issue of shares at a discount shall not be deemed to be reduction of capital. or Proceeds of a fresh issue of shares made for this purpose. or other person who receives payment in shares. o Not be allowed to Co in financial sector where capital is proposed to be issued to meet any prescribed equity/paid up capital requirements. etc. Full justification of the premium shall be disclosed in prospectus. <<< SECP Guideline for issue of share at discount >>> Guidelines will apply to Companies to whom the Companies (Issue of Capital) Rules. and prohibition of payment of other SECPs. discounts. Premium shall be transferred to " share premium account" Provisions of this Ordinance for reduction of share capital shall apply as if “share premium account” were paid-up share capital of Co Share premium account may be applied by Co in writing off the preliminary expenses writing off SECP paid or discount allowed on issue of shares/debentures redemption of any redeemable preference shares or debentures on preminum issuing fully paid bonus shares to members of Co 83 Application of premium received on issue of shares - <<<Companies (Issue of Capital) Rules 1996>>> A Company may issue shares to the public on premium subject to the following conditions: Company shall have profitable operation record of at least one year.When shares are redeemed otherwise than out of the proceeds of a fresh issue Amount applied in redeeming the shares shall be transferred from distributable profits to “capital redemption reserve fund” Provisions of this Ordinance shall apply as if “capital redemption reserve fund” were paid-up share capital of Co. o SECP may impose such conditions as may deem fit while granting sanction. The Due Diligence Report shall form the part of material contract.

The purpose of right issue 2. At least 40% share holders undertake to subscribe their portion of right at such premium.Federal Government may.Term of loan ≥ 3 years . Premium. allow such Co to raise further capital without issue of right shares . REGULATION OF DEPOSITS 88 Deposits not to be invited without issuing and advertisement Federal Government may prescribe limits up to which.Atleast 2 years have been passed from date of commencement of commercial production . Further issue of capital through right issue.Offer of new shares shall be accompanied by circular duly signed by directors/authorised officer of Co in prescribed form containing material information about affairs of Co + latest statement of accounts + necessity for issue of further capital. including therein a statement showing financial position of Co. loans. 87 Issue of shares in lieu of outstanding balance of any loans. No Co shall invite. must have been provided out of share premium account or distributable profits of Co before redemption Redemption shall not be deemed as reduction of Authorised share capital.15 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . but shall not include loan raised by issue of debentures or loan obtained from banking company or financial institution. The remaining right issue shall be fully under written and the under writers shall give the full justification of premium in Due Diligence Report. or allow any person to invite. etc. • The company while announcing right issue shall clearly state 1.Fractional shares shall not be offered and all fractions less than a share shall be consolidated and disposed of by Co and proceeds shall be paid to willing shareholders. Co may issue ordinary shares or grant option to convert 20% of outstanding balance of any loans. • The decision of the company to issue right shares shall be communicated to the SECP and the respective stock exchange on the day of decision. or 2. Financial projection for 3 years that shall be signed by all directors who were present in the meeting in which the right issue was approved. any deposit unless Deposit is invited or is caused to be invited in accordance with these rules. or such other class of companies as the SECP may specify in this behalf.If whole/part of shares offered is declined/not subscribed. directors may allot and issue such shares in such manner as they may deem fit Circular alongwith offer: . - “Deposit” means any deposit of money with. and An advertisement. and includes any amount borrowed by Co. 2. if any. • If announcement of bonus and right issue is made simultaneously the resolution of the Board shall specify whether the bonus shares covered by the announcement qualify for right entitlement. • Payment and renunciation date once announced shall not be extended except under special circumstances with the permission of respective stock exchange. AOA may impose any terms & manner on redemption of preference shares FURTHER ISSUE OF CAPITAL 86 Further issue of capital Where directors decide to increase capital of co by issuing further shares . Provisions of Ordinance for prospectus shall apply ‘mutatis mutandis’ to advertisement. • Book closure shall be made within 45 days of the announcement of the right issue. advances or credit. on an application made by any Public Co on basis of a special resolution passed by it.Offer shall be made by notice specifying No of shares to which the member is entitled with a time limitation within which offer(if not accepted) will be deemed to be declined .In any 2 of preceding 3 years. as defined in the Banking Companies Ordinance.Sec Section Title - Quick Revision of the Section When shares redeemed out of proceeds of fresh issue.Shares shall be offered to members in exact proportion to existing shares held by them . return on such non interest bearing securities. has been issued by Co in such form and in such manner as may be prescribed. . 1962 or other noninterest bearing securities and obligations outstanding if following conditions are met: . Exceptions . First issue of capital to the public. .Copy of circular shall be filed with registrar before sending to shareholders. Nothing contained in this section shall apply toa banking company. . provided where a company purposes to charge premium on right issue above the free reserves per share shall be required to fulfill additional conditions: 1. the manner in which and the conditions subject to which deposits may be invited. advances etc has fallen below minimum rate prescribed by SBP for those years. Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . Benefits to the company & use of funds 3.It shall specify a date by which offer (if not accepted) will be deemed to be declined. • The right issue of following shall fully and firmly under written Loss making company or Co whose market share price during last 6 months has remained below than par value. obligations. • The company may charge premium on the right shares up to free reserves per share as certified by the company’s auditor. accepted or retained by a Co.Public Co may reserve certain percentage of further issue for its employees under “Employees Stock Option Scheme” to be approved by SECP (with prescribed rules) <<<Companies (Issue of Capital) Rules 1996>>> • The company shall not make a right issue within 1 year of 1.

it shall be deemed to have been increased to extent necessary for issue of shares to scheduled bank or financial institution in pursuance of any obligation of Co to issue shares to them (Notwithstanding anything contained in Ordinance/any other lawMOA/AOA) Powers under this section shall be exercisable by Co only in a general meeting. Each share in Co shall have a distinctive number.Notice shall include particulars of shares to be affected and conditions thereof (if any) . and where Co not having Sh. file notice with registrar If Co having Sh. into smaller amount than fixed by MOA Cancel shares which have not been taken or agreed to be taken by any person as at the date of resolution for such. Sub-divide shares. it shall Not issue further Share capital until all previous shares become fully paid up. provision of security or otherwise Co can advance or secure an advance to any of its salaried employees.institution to whom shares issued may also file notice of increase Notice shall be deemed to have been filed by Co itself Co bound to reimburse fee properly paid to the registrar by them . guarantee. before his appointment was not a director (and excluding all directors) for purchase of shares of Co/Holding/Subsidiary if its a part of contract of service Nothing in this section shall preventCo from redeeming any shares or any other redeemable security issued in accordance with provisions of Ordinance Listed Co from purchasing its own shares in accordance with 95A 95 Prohibition of purchase or grant of financial assistance by a company for purchase of its own or its holding company’s shares - - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .and diminish the amount of its share capital (shall not be deemed to be a reduction of share capital under this ordinance) 92 Power of a company limited by shares to alter its share capital - - 93 94 Notice to registrar of consolidation of s/cap etc. (if authorised by AOA). including CE who. or any of them. it shall. Co shall file with registrar notice of exercise of any power within 15 days from exercise Where Co having a share capital has consolidated and divided its share capital into shares of larger amount than existing. and Pay dividend only in proportion to amount paid up on each share Co limited by shares. capital (u/s 92 or beyond authorised capital). capital has resolved to increase its sh. capital has resolved to increase number of its members beyond the number previously registered . within 15 days after passing of resolution. within 15 days of such. Notice of increase of share capital or of members - Rights attaching to new shares shall be same and strictly proportional to the rights attaching to previous shares so consolidated or sub-divided New shares issued shall rank pari passu with existing shares in all matters including right to bonus or right issue and dividend If authorised capital is fully subscribed. a notice of the fact . transferable in manner provided by AOA.File with registrar. A certificate under common seal of Co specifying any shares held by any member shall be prima facie evidence of the title of the member to the shares.Resolution shall not take effect unless notice give to registrar No company shall have power to buy its own shares or shares of its holding Co: Exception for subsidiary Co: Allowed as acting trustee except holding Co beneficially interested under trust Can deal in shares of holding Co in ordinary course of business. Consolidate & divide whole or any part of its share capital into shares of larger amount than its existing shares.Scheduled bank/fin. CLASSES AND KINDS OF SHARES 90 Classes and kinds of share capital Co limited by shares may have different kinds of share capital and classes as provided by its MOA & AOA: Different rights and privileges in relation to different classes of shares may only be conferred in such manner as may be prescribed GENERAL PROVISIONS AS TO SHARE CAPITAL 91 Only fully paid shares to be issued No Co shall issue partly paid shares Where Co has partly paid shares on commencement of Ordinance.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section SHARE CAPITAL 89 Nature of shares and certificate of shares Shares/other interest of any member in Co shall be moveable property.16 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . if carries business of brokerage (Subsidiary Co shall not exercise voting rights attached to shares) Public Co (and private Co subsidiary of a public Co) shall not give (directly/indirectly) any financial assistance for purchase of own shares or holding Co’s shares by means of a loan. or unsubscribed capital is insufficient. may alter conditions of MOA so as to Increase its share capital by such amount as it thinks expedient.

consideration paid for the shares purchased.For purpose of reduction of Co’s share capital.Co shall have prescribed debt equity (75:25) and current ratios (1:1). _________________________________________________________________________________ Amendment in Section 95A was proposed through Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2009 which was not approved by parliament within 120 days and was considered to be lapsed. Purchase Procedure 1. A shareholder interested to sell his share to the company in response of the tender notice shall make offer to sell in writing to the designated branches of the authorized banks providing following information: Name of the shareholder Father name / Husband name NIC No Address No. the difference (discount) shall be credited to this reserve .Reserve may be applied in paying up its un-issued shares to be allotted to members of Co as fully paid bonus shares.Majority of directors including CE. .Mode of tender shall be decided by Co in general meeting through a special resolution. of shares to be purchased.If purchase at discount.cap Where retained as treasury stock. The names and addresses of the designated branches of the authorized banks. reserve deemed to be paidup capital of Co . (Bonus shares and redemption allowed) <<< THE COMPANIES (BUY BACK OF SHARES) RULES 1999>>> Company shall have sufficient cash available Company shall have following ratios Debt Equity Ratios 75:25 Current Ratio 1:1 The above ratios shall be disclosed in the explanatory statement annexed with the notice of meeting. of shares offered Shares distinctive number [If shares are not in CDS] Folio number [If shares are not in CDS] The account number [If shares are in CDS] 2. The decision of the Directors shall be communicated to the SECP and SE on the date of decision.If purchased on premium. and date of cancellation of such shares. . . The acceptance of the offer shall be communicated to the shareholder within 10 days of the decision. Maximum price at which the shares may be purchased. source of funding. effect on financial position of Co. 4. premium shall be charged to “Share Premium Account” If no premium account exists.Purchase shall be authorised by a special resolution which shall indicate Maximum number of shares to be purchased.Nominal amount of shares cancelled shall be transferred from distributable profits to an account to be called “Capital Re-purchase Reserve Account” .Notice of meeting shall contain explanatory statement containing material facts including justification for purchase. Major changes proposed to 95A were Allowed for a listed company for cancellation of share or issuance of treasury stock in place of ord. .Sec Section Title Power of a company to purchase its own shares Quick Revision of the Section Listed Co may (subject to provisions of 95A and regulations by SECP) purchase its own shares . The company shall take a decision within 10 days of the closing date. charged to the distributable profits. The last date by which the offer to sell shall be made by the shareholder.Co shall maintain a register of shares so purchased and enter following particulars numbers of shares purchased.Purchase shall always be in cash and shall be out of the distributable profits.Purchase shall be made through a tender system . The tender notice shall contain the following information: Maximum No. .Amount of Co’s paid up capital shall be diminished by nominal value of such shares .Shares purchased shall not be resold and shall be cancelled forthwith. and nature and extent of interest (if any) of every director directly/indirectly. shall at meeting make declaration of solvency verified by an affidavit that they have made a full inquiry into affairs of Co and have formed opinion that Co shall continue to operate as going concern and is capable of meeting its liabilities on time during period up to end of immediately succeeding financial year. The manner in which offer to be communicated. . In case the offer exceeds the required purchase the acceptance shall be made by the company on pro-rata basis in lots of 500. Decision of Purchase The Directors of the company in a meeting shall take decision of Purchase Purchase price Number of shares to be purchased They shall fix a date for General Meeting of the company to pass Special Resolution. . no voting rights. 3. no cash dividend and no distribution in w/up. mode of purchase. .17 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . and Period within which the purchase is to be made. . 95A Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .Declaration of solvency + Return about purchase of shares (containing such particulars as may be prescribed) shall be filed with SECP and registrar within 30 days of purchase Capital Re-purchase Reserve Account .

and If Co is wound up. Company shall submit to SECP & Registrar concerned a Return & “Declaration of Solvency” within 30 days of purchase in manner set out in schedule to these rules. make & enforce calls & orders on those contributories as if they were ordinary contributories in winding up. or Such other information as Court may think expedient. Reasons for reduction. Company shall pay the price of shares purchased within 7 days of the receipt of shares. • Where the shares are in CDS a confirmation from the CDC about the availability of shares along with authorization to transfer the shares to the designated bank. A member of Co. alter MOA by reducing amount of share capital and shares accordingly. past or present. and may Extinguish / reduce liability on any of its shares not paid up Cancel any paid-up share capital which is lost or un-represented by available assets Pay off any paid-up share capital which is in excess of the needs of Co. the Court may make an order confirming the reduction Order of court + Minutes approved by court confirming reduction of s/cap + description of altered s/cap + amount deemed to be paid on each share filed with registrar. Nothing in this section shall affect the rights of contributories among themselves 102 Registration of order and minute of reduction 103 Minute to form part of memorandum - 104 Liability of members in respect of reduced shares 106 Publication of reasons for reduction Court may (if Court thinks fit) require Co to publish in manner specified by Court. 100 Power to dispense with consent of the creditor on security being given for his debt Order confirming reduction 101 If Court is satisfied that either entitled creditor’s consent obtained or his debt / claim been discharged / determined / secured. may by special resolution (Resolution for reducing share capital) reduce its share capital in any way. REDUCTION OF SHARE CAPITAL 96 Reduction of share capital With court confirmation. who (due to his ignorance) was not included in list made by court and. * Court shall settle Where Co agrees to secure payment of his debt or claim. after reduction. and Causes which led to reduction Co Ltd by guarantee (having share capital) if authorised by its articles. not be liable for amount reduced Except liability of creditor not met by Co. Quick Revision of the Section The shareholder whose offer has been accepted shall submit to the bank share certificates along with verified transfer deed within seven days of the receipt of the acceptance of the company. then Every person who was member of Co at date of registration of order + minute shall be liable to contribute ≤ amount he would have been liable to contribute for such debt/claim if Co had commenced winding up before registration date. Court may.18 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . settle list of persons liable to contribute. Co is unable to pay his debt/claim (within meaning of winding up by court provisions of Ordinance). If necessary.if thinks fit. Other Formalities The purchase shall be disclosed in the Balance Sheet as reduction of capital and necessary details would be provided in the Notes to the Account.cap. Co Ltd by shares (if authorised by AOA). In case the company bank (Designated) does not receipt the shares within 7 days the acceptance of the company shall be deemed to have been revoked. Add to its name until date as the Court may fix "and reduced” as last words Where reduction does not involve either the diminution of any liability for unpaid sh. 6. Resolution for reducing share capital only effective if registered Notice of registration be published in manner directed by court Registrar shall issue certificate of registration of order & minutes as conclusive evidence Registered minute deemed to be substituted for corresponding part of MOA Shall be valid and alterable as if it had been originally incorporated in MOA Shall be embodied in each copy of MOA issued after registration. 7. if it thinks expedient.Sec Section Title 5. or payment to any shareholder of any paid-up share capital. may increase or reduce its share capital in same manner and conditions to which a company limited by shares may increase or reduce its share capital under provisions of this Ordinance 107 Increase and reduction of share capital in case of a company limited by guarantee having share capital Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . After passing special resolution (Resolution for reducing share capital). date will be fixed by the court for to be entered on the list of objecting creditors. on application (+ proof of ignorance) by creditor. the Court may. Full amount or amount fixed by court (where Co doesn’t admit his debt or claim). dispense with the addition of the words ”and reduced” 97 98 Application to court for confirming order Addition to name of a company of “and reduced” 99 Objection by creditors and settlement of list of objecting creditors Entitled creditors: Entitled to any debt or claim on date fixed by the court if that date were the date of commencement of w/up.

If any of the existing share holder decline to accept the offer of further capital. Co shall. 112 Special resolution of unlimited company making liability of directors unlimited - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . within 15 days of such order. by its resolution for registration as a limited Co. Unlimited Co (having share capital) may. On the appointment / election of a director.19 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . Decision of the Court on any such application shall be final. apply to Court for an order canceling the resolution Application made by one or more of their number (as they may authorise in writing) Court shall not pass such an order unless satisfied that Some facts which would have had a bearing on decision of the shareholders were withheld by Co in getting resolution passed or. Not less than 10% of class of shareholders aggrieved by variation of their rights may. Registration of unlimited company as limited company shall not affect rights. debts. Shall be disclosed in the proposal.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section VARIATION OF SHAREHOLDER'S RIGHTS 108 Variation of shareholders’ rights Variation of rights of shareholders of any class shall be only through Special Resolution. revocation or enhancement - <<< COMPANIES SHARE CAPITAL (variation in rights & privileges) RULES 2000>>> A company limited by shares may have more than one kind of share capital and may have different classes of share under each kind. forward copy of order to registrar. the shares so declined shall be disposed off by directors in such manner as may be provided in the AOA or special resolution. within 30 days of resolution. REGISTRATION OF UNLIMITED COMPANY AS LIMITED 109 Registration of unlimited company as limited Any unlimited Co may register as limited or Any Co already registered as a limited Co may re-register itself. If the capital of different kind is offered to general public this fact shall be distinctly mentioned in offering documents together with respective rights & privileges. Registrar shall close former registration and may dispense with delivery of copies of any documents with copies of which he was furnished at original registration Registration shall take place in same manner and have effect as if it were first registration of Co. increase nominal amount of its share capital by increasing nominal amount of each share Such increased amount shall not be called up except in case of winding up 110 Power of unlimited company to provide for reserve share capital on re-registration - UNLIMITED LIABILITY OF DIRECTORS 111 Limited company may have directors with unlimited liability In limited Co (if provided by MOA). liabilities. be unlimited. without the consent of present director. NATURE OF RIGHT & PRIVILEGES • Different voting rights Voting right disproportionate to the paid up value of shares Voting right for specific purpose No voting right • Different right of entitlement of: Dividend Right shares Bonus shares Receiving of notices of meeting and to attend those meetings • Right & Privileges for period: Indefinite period Definite period Period determined by members from time to time in special resolution OTHER CONDITIONS The company has to pass to pass special resolution if it intends to issue different kinds of capital No company shall issue further capital of any kind except with the approval of SECP Offer of further capital of any kind shall be made to each existing share holder proportionately without any discrimination. alter its MOA to render the liability of its all directors/any one unlimited. Variation would unfairly prejudice shareholders of that class. Furthermore the promoters & officers shall give him a notice in writing that his liability will be unlimited (before he takes charge of his office). A limited Co (if authorised by AOA) may. Variation includes abrogation. If alteration affects the rights/liabilities of members / class of members. it shall be carried out only by approval of 3/4th Majority of those. liability of all directors/any one may. obligations or contracts before registration. Fact that his liability will be unlimited. Where a company intends to have different kinds of share capital it shall specifically so provide in its memorandum & articles. by special resolution. Provisions shall be as valid as if they had been originally contained in MOA Alteration shall not apply.

that debenture was not duly stamped. A transfer from that nominee shall be deemed to be reissue of debenture If Co has deposited any of its debentures to secure advances on current account balances Debentures shall not be deemed to be redeemed by reason only if account of Co becomes favorable (while debentures remained deposited) Re-issue of a debenture shall be treated as issue of new debenture for purposes of stamp duty & registration. Any payments made shall be recouped.20 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . carry voting rights Such rights shall not be in excess of voting rights attached to ordinary shares of equal paid-up value 115 Perpetual debentures A condition contained in any debenture or any deed for securing any debentures. then. at his request on payment of such fee as the Co may fix not exceeding amount prescribed No company shall issue any debentures carrying voting rights at any meeting of Co No debenture holder having voting rights before commencement of Ordinance shall exercise any such rights at any meeting of Co. without intervention of Court. Except Any release validly given for anything done/omitted before giving release. out of assets of Co available for payment of general creditors Trust is formed for securing an issue of debentures under trust deed Trustee nominated or appointed under trust-deed (if empowered by deed) shall have right to sue for all redemption monies and interest in following cases: Co as mortgagor binds himself to repay debenture loan or pay accrued interest. Any provision contained in a trust-deed/any contract exempting a trustee from or indemnifying him against. 117 Specific performance of contract to subscribe for debentures Payment of certain debts out of assets subject to floating charge in priority to claims under charge May be enforced in court for specific performance (take up and pay for debentures). and Reissue debentures by reissuing same or by issuing other debentures in their place Upon reissue new debenture holder shall always have same rights & priorities Where debentures have been transferred to nominee of Co for keeping debentures alive. shall not be invalid by reason only that thereby debentures are made irredeemable or redeemable only on happening of a contingency(however remote) or on expiration of a period (however long). (if Co is not at the time in course of being wound up) Debts which in every winding up requires preferential payments shall be paid forthwith out of any assets coming to hands of receiver/person taking possession Time periods mentioned in those (preferential payments) provisions of ordinance shall be reckoned from date of appointment of receiver/possession being taken. unless he had notice. Co always shall have power to Keep the debentures alive for purposes of reissue. as far as may be. Trustee is deprived of whole or part of security by wrongful act / default of Co Trustee entitled to take possession of property and same not provided by Co Where a suit is brought. retransfers property. except a meeting of debenture-holders (Notwithstanding any-thing contained in Ordinance/MOA/AOA) 114 Debentures convertible into ordinary shares may. until the trustee has exhausted all his available remedies against mortgaged property unless trustee abandons his security and. not being obligation enforceable by new debenture holder or his assigns. Where Co has redeemed any debentures previously issued. mortgaged property or any part thereof in default of repayment schedule of Principal or interest on the due date by Co. at the option of Co.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section SPECIAL PROVISIONS AS TO DEBENTURES 113 Right of debenture holder and share holder to have copies of trust deed Debentures not to carry voting rights A copy of any trust-deed for securing any issue of debentures shall be forwarded to every holder of any such debentures or shareholder of Co. or Any provision enabling such a release to be given- 119 Powers and liabilities of trustee - - - - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . Mortgaged property is wholly or partially destroyed or security is rendered insufficient (other than wrongful act or default of issuer) and trustee has given Co a reasonable opportunity of providing further security adequate to render whole security sufficient and Co has failed to do so. In such case Co shall be liable to pay the proper stamp-duty and penalty. liability for breach of trust shall be void. Not be so treated for provisions limiting amount or No of debentures to be issued Debenture holder may assume that stamp duty has been duly paid by Co. or possession is taken by these debenture holders of any property comprised in or subject to charge. if necessary. 116 Power to re-issue redeemed debentures in certain cases - - - Sect not applied if AOA or conditions of issue expressly otherwise provide. Trustee or any person acting on his behalf (if authorised by trust-deed) shall sell. or debentures been redeemed due to any obligation on Co. or both. in the manner provided on the due date. 118 - - Where either a receiver is appointed on behalf of debenture holders secured by a floating charge. the Court may at its discretion stay the suit and all proceedings therein.

on a patent or licence under a patent. any person acquiring such property/any part /any share or interest therein. the Co shall get it register within 21 days after date of acquisition If Mortgage/charge created outside Pakistan comprising property outside Pakistan. Where any mortgage/charge is registered. have been received in Pakistan Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . Deposit of instrument to Co shall not be treated as a mortgage/charge on those debts Holding of debentures entitling the holder to a charge on immovable property shall not be deemed to be an interest in immovable property. or mortgage or charge on a ship or any share in a ship. moneys or accommodations (whether in cash or specie) or against any promise.1985>>> Copy of every instrument or deed creating or evidencing any charge required to be registered shall be verified by Affidavit of a responsible officer that these are true copies. 120 Issue of securities and redeemable capital not based on interest - - - A Co may issue any instrument. Terms & conditions for issue of such instruments not be challenged by Co/Shareholders (Provisions of Ord for creation/issue/increase/decrease of capital not apply to redeemable capital) <<<SECP Circulars – Other persons specified for purpose of issue of these securities>>> TFC in nature of redeemable capital may be issued to “Pension Fund trusts” Investment Finance Companies granted license by FG Registered Corporate Brokers Mutual Funds Trusts Provident Funds & Gratuity Funds REGISTRATION OF MORTGAGES. or mortgage or charge or other interest based on a hire-purchase or leasing agreement for acquisition of fixed assets. guarantee. CHARGES. in due course of post. Creation of "participation reserve” by Co in manner provided in agreement for issue of participatory redeemable capital in which all financers shall participate for interim & final adjustment on maturity in accordance with terms & conditions If net loss on maturity. or mortgage or charge or other interest based on a musharika agreement. Register within 21 days after date on which instrument or copy could. on any movable property of Co. or floating charge on undertaking or property of Co. or mortgage or charge. and if dispatched with due diligence. stating it as a true copy (Where it relates solely to property outside Pakistan) 122 Registration of charges on properties subject to charge - Where Co acquires property (subject to a charge u/s 121 and charge not registered). or any interest therein. not being a pledge. If not registered it shall becomes void against the liquidator and any creditor of Co and the money secured shall immediately become payable Mortgage/charge created outside Pakistan comprising property situate outside Pakistan. Financial institutions or Such other persons as specified by FG by notification in official Gazette(see circulars) Such agreement may include (in addition to others) all or any of following matters Mode and basis of repayment by Co within a certain time period. in nature of redeemable capital in consideration of any funds. to One or more scheduled banks. 121 Certain mortgages and charges to be void if not registered Following mortgages/charges/other interests created by Co shall be registered by filing instrument + Particulars with registrar in prescribed manner within 21 days after creation mortgage or charge for purpose of securing any issue of debentures. or mortgage or charge on any immovable property wherever situate. (If instrument/deed relates to property situate in Pakistan) Affidavit of a responsible officer of Co. or mortgage or charge on uncalled share capital of Co. Right of holders to convert outstanding balance of capital/ part into ordinary shares of Co at break-up price calculated in prescribed manner. in due course of post. or mortgage or charge on any book debts of the company. and if dispatched with due diligence. shall be deemed to have notice of mortgage/charge - - - <<< Rule 13 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. Shall be registered notwithstanding that further proceedings may be necessary to make it valid or effectual according to law of that country Where a negotiable instrument has been given to secure the payment of any book debts. or on a copyright or a licence under a copyright. including stock-in-trade. or by a certification of public officer having custody of original document. and With respect to specific acts/omissions/trustee dying or ceasing to act. on a trade mark. have been received in Pakistan For mortgage/charge created in Pakistan but comprises property outside Pakistan.21 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . or mortgage or charge on goodwill. undertaking or indemnity issued in favour of Co. or of person interested in mortgage or charge on behalf of any person other than Co. ETC. Arrangement for sharing of profit and loss. or mortgage or charge or other interest based on agreement for the issue of any instrument in the nature of redeemable capital.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section On agreement of a majority of ≥ 3/4th debenture-holders present in person or by proxy (if permitted) at a meeting summoned for this purpose. Register within 21 days after date on which instrument or copy could.

by which the security is created or defined. or procuring/agreeing to procure subscriptions . or omission to give intimation to registrar of payment or satisfaction was accidental or due to inadvertence or to some other sufficient cause. of any charge or mortgage registered with registrar within 21 days from date of payment /satisfaction. in prescribed form and particulars 127 - Registrar shall give certificate of registration of any mortgage/charge registered stating the amount secured. why payment or satisfaction of charge/mortgage should not be recorded If no cause shown. there shall be filed with registrar for entry in register particulars of date and amount of each issue.Sec Section Title Particulars in case of series of debentures entitling holders pari passu - Quick Revision of the Section File with registrar within 21 days after execution of deed containing charge or execution of any debentures of the series (if there is no such deed) following particulars + copy of deed verified in prescribed manner. etc. allowance or discount has been paid/made (directly/indirectly) by Co to any person for subscribing/agreeing to subscribe (absolutely/conditionally) for debentures of Co. a copy of one such debenture shall be sufficient. for the debenture-holders. it is duty of Co to send registrar particulars of such modification + copy of instrument evidencing modification Co shall keep at Reg. and names of the trustees. office a copy of instrument creating or modifying mortgage/charge For series of uniform debentures. 128 Endorsement of certificate of registration on debenture of certificate of debenture stock Duty of company and right of interested party as regard registration - 129 130 Copy of instrument creating mortgage or charge to be kept at registered office Rectification of register of mortgages - 131 - - SECP may (on application of Co/interested person) on terms and conditions seem just and expedient. with respect to each Co. in full. Amount secured by it. enter those particulars in register: Where more than one issue is made of debentures in series. Date of creation.22 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . if any. Registrar shall then sent notice to holder of charge/mortgage to show cause. Registrar shall. or omission or mis-statement of any particular. Registrar shall record a note to that effect in register. Such person entitled to recover from Co the amount of any fees properly paid by him On any modification is such mortgage or charge are modified. Register shall be open to inspection by any person on payment of the prescribed fee. if any.Particulars filed with registrar shall include amount or % of SECP/discount (Omission to do this shall not affect validity of debentures issued) . a register in prescribed form of all mortgages and charges created by Co required to be registered u/s 121 or 122 Shall. on debentures Where any SECP. enter in register for every such mortgage/charge. Registrar shall order that a memorandum of satisfaction be entered in register and shall furnish Co with a copy (if required by it) If cause is shown. Short particulars of the property mortgaged or charged. or is not prejudicial to creditors/shareholders. and Names of the mortgagees or persons entitled to the charge. on payment of prescribed fee. dates of resolutions authorizing issue of the series and date of the covering deed. Certificate shall be conclusive evidence that requirements of Ordinance complied with. (Omission to do this shall not affect validity of debentures issued) 123 - 124 Particulars in case of SECP. or any other grounds just and equitable Certified copy of order of SECP shall be filed with registrar within 21 days of such order Extension in time shall not prejudice any rights acquired in respect of property concerned prior to the time when the mortgage or charge is actually registered. within fixed time ≤ 14 days. Co shall cause a copy of every certificate of registration to be endorsed on every debenture or certificate of debenture stock which is issued by Co and is secured by it: Co not required endorsing on instruments issued before mortgage or charge was created. Prime responsibility of registration with registrar is on Co However registration may be effected on application of any person interested therein. on payment of prescribed fee. a general description of the property charged. and shall inform Co about it 132 Registration of payment or satisfaction of mortgages and charges - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .Deposit of debentures as security for any debt of Co not be treated as issue at discount Registrar shall keep.or one of the debentures of series (if no such deed): total amount secured by whole series. Duty of Co to give intimation to registrar of payment/satisfaction. 125 Register of mortgages and charges 126 Index to register of mortgages and charges Certificate of registration Registrar shall keep a chronological index. order for extension in time of registration if satisfied that omission to register a mortgage/charge within 21 days.

Names of mortgagees or persons entitled (except securities to bearer) Copies u/s 130 and register of mortgages & charges u/s 135 shall be open to inspection of any . Amount of mortgage or charge and.Creditor/member of Co without fee (at all reasonable times) . Receiver/manager shall be personally liable on any contract entered into by him in this regard (except contract provides otherwise) to same extent as if he had been appointed by order of a court and entitled for that liability to indemnity out of assets ** This section shall not limit any right to indemnity other than this section or limit his liability on contracts entered into without authority or to confer any right to indemnity in respect of that liability** 141 Power of Court to fix remuneration. Body corporate.Registrar shall. within 30 days on ceasing to act as receiver. or appoints receiver/manger under any powers contained in any instrument . file with registrar notice of that effect [Registrar shall enter the notice in the register of mortgages and charges] Where a receiver/manager has been appointed.He shall.(without intimation by Co) make entries in register that Debt has been paid or satisfied in whole or in part. Every receiver/manager appointed under any instrument who has taken possession.if satisfied by evidence. not exceeding amount prescribed 133 135 Company’s register of mortgages 136 Right to inspect copies of instruments creating mortgages and charges and company’s register of mortgages RECEIVERS AND MANAGERS 137 Registration of appointment of receiver or manager If any person obtains an order for appointment of a receiver of. Undischarged insolvent (unless granted leave by court that adjudged him an insolvent) Person disqualified by a court from being concerned or taking part in management of a Co in any other way.. Power of Court shall (where no previous order has been made) Extend to fixing remuneration for any period before making of order or application Be exercisable notwithstanding that receiver/manager had died or ceased to act. shall contain a statement that a receiver/manager has been appointed. shall file with registrar an abstract in prescribed form of receipts and payments for the period within 30 days of expiry of every 6 months while he remains in possession. (Provided that this powers shall not be exercised before making of application or order unless there are special circumstances. on application made by liquidator/receiver/manager/registrar. or otherwise. of receiver or manager - - Court may on application by receiver/manager fix the remuneration to be paid to any person who has been appointed as receiver/manager under any instrument Amount of remuneration shall not exceed such limits as may be prescribed. as the Court thinks just. Director of Co.Sec Section Title Power of registrar to make entries of satisfaction and release in absence of intimation from Co Quick Revision of the Section Registrar may. vary/amend such order and issue directions to receiver for his duties or any other matter deem fit (Provided that order shall not be varied so as to increase the amount of remuneration) Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . Person who is of unsound mind and stands so declared by a competent court. 138 Filing of accounts of receiver or manager - 139 Disqualification for appointment as receiver or manager 140 Application to Court - Receiver/manager appointed under powers contained in any instrument may apply to Court for directions in particular matters arising in connection with his functions Court may give such direction or make such order declaring the rights of persons before the Court. unless he is granted leave by the Court. order for goods. the property of Co. Shall within 15 days of ceasing to act as receiver. every invoice. or a person to manage.23 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . enter in register of mortgages & charges. etc. a) b) c) d) e) f) Minor. in opinion of the Court) Court may.Other person on payment of such fee as Co may fix. on payment of prescribed fee. business letter issued by or on behalf of Co/receiver. within 15 days of appointment file notice with the registrar . or Part of the property or undertaking charged has been released from charge or has ceased to form part of Co's property or undertaking Every Co shall keep a register of mortgages and enter therein all mortgages and charges specifically affecting property of Co and all floating charges on Co/ Its property Short description of the property mortgaged or charged. bearing Co name. Extend to requiring receiver/manager/ his representative to account for any excess amount of that so fixed for that period.

24 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . . name outside every office / place of business. shall be entered on the register of members. name of husband or deceased husband also required. or Co Ltd by guarantee and not having share capital. If the registered office is situated beyond the local limits of civil jurisdiction of a High Court. make alteration in the index No notice of any trust. REGISTER OF MEMBERS AND DEBENTURE-HOLDERS 147 Register of members and index Name. or sent to registrar Name.Within 14 days after alteration in register. .) 145 If any notice/advertisement/official publication of Co contains amount of the Authorised capital. ex facie. Shall have its name engraved in legible English or Urdu characters on its seal. occupation & addresses of Deb. nationality. occupation & addresses of members Amount & no of shares held by these Date of acquiring shares Amount paid on the shares Date of entering a member in register Date of ceasing + reasons for ceasing .Co having more than 50 members shall keep an index of names of members . and shall not be binding on Co until that date . description. notices bills of exchange. ETC 142 Registered office of company - Have a registered office within earlier of 28 days of incorporation or beginning of business Notice of location or change be communicated to registrar within 28 days of incorporation or change Inclusion in the annual return / other document of Co of the address of its registered office shall not be taken to meet the requirements of this section Paint or affix. in all bill-heads and letter papers and in all documents. Companies are required to publish their full names on advertisements instead of just publishing their logos bearing their trade names only. make alteration in the index <<<Section shall not apply with respect to debentures which. 144 Penalties for non-publication of name Publication of authorized as well as paid-up capital - Not painted/affixed…… Fine = 200/day Name not engraved on the seal or not printed on documents (Fine = 2000 + personal liability of person who authorizes the use of seal or document.For married woman or widow. cheques.A company shall not commence any business or exercise any borrowing powers unless: Shares have been allotted in cash not less than the minimum subscription Every director of Co has paid to Co in cash full amount on each of the shares taken or contracted to be taken by him No money is or may become liable to be repaid to applicants for any shares or debentures which have been offered for public subscription by reason of any failure to apply for / obtain permission for shares or debentures to be dealt on stock exchange Filed with the registrar a duly verified declaration by the chief executive or one of the directors and the secretary in the prescribed form that conditions complied with Registrar has issued a certificate of commencement of business (conclusive evidence) Co has filed a prospectus or SILOP. nationality.are payable to bearer”>>> 148 Trusts not to be entered on register Register and index of debenture holders 149 Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . in a conspicuous position.Any contract made by a company before the date at which it is entitled to commence business shall be provisional only. that document shall also contain in equally prominent position + equally conspicuous characters the amount of Subscribed & Paidup capital COMMENCEMENT OF BUSINESS BY A PUBLIC COMPANY 146 Restrictions on commencement of business .For married woman or widow.Nothing in this section shall prevent the simultaneous offer for subscription or allotment of any shares and debentures or the receipt of any money payable on application for debentures. . implied or constructive.Holder in register Date of ceasing .Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section REGISTERED OFFICE.Co having more than 50 Deb.Within 14 days after alteration in register. promissory notes. Father name. orders for money or goods. endorsements. 143 Publication of name by a limited company <<<SECP Circular – Publication of Logo on advertisment>>> “Advertisements” falls within the scope of “notice”. name of husband or deceased husband also required. all bills of parcels. description. Mention its name in legible English or Urdu characters. in letters easily legible and in English or Urdu characters. expressed. In the characters of one of the vernacular languages used in that place. receipts and letters of credit of Co. Father name. invoices.Section shall not apply to Private Co. .Holder Date of entering a Deb. PUBLICATION OF NAMES.Holders shall keep an index of names of such . hundis.

Prima Facie evidence of any matter (which by this ordinance) is directed or authorized to be inserted therein. Person aggrieved may apply to court for rectification. = Within 30days All particulars required to be submitted shall have been previously entered in 1 or more Co’s Register(s) 151 Power to close register 152 Power of court to rectify register 154 Notice to registrar of rectification of register Register to be evidence 155 156 Annual list of members. Where name fraudulently entered / omitted. unless allowed otherwise by SECP. distinguishing shares allotted for cash & other then cash Total consideration received against shares allotted Abstract of receipts and payments made upto a date within 7 days of report. to registrar for registration after sending to members Proceedings of Statutory Meeting .Once in every year . Closure not exceeding 30 days at one time and not exceeding 45 days in whole year.if AGM not held / held but not concluded) prepare and file with the registrar a return on Form A / Form B Listed co.These registers shall be kept at Reg.If petition is filed for winding up of the Co for not holding the statutory meeting. 158 Annual general meeting - 1st AGM. Statutory Report . legal advisors and auditors or changes therein from the date of incorporations Details of any contract to be presented before meeting for approval / modification Extent of carrying or not carrying out underwriting contracts + reasons for not carrying Details of any brokerage paid to any private Co for shares issued to any directors Report shall briefly state affairs of Co since incorporation + its business plan + any changes Shall contain auditors’ certificate for correctness of allotment of shares & receipt of money Co shall send 5 copies. Extension of 30 days can be granted by SECP for listed Co & registrar for any other case No extension in 1st AGM AGM of listed Co shall be held in town of Reg. .25 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes .Company with Share Capital Form A . office.Company without Share Capital Form B As on date of AGM or last day of calendar year (Dec 31. or default / unnecessary delay in entering or removing name of member. chief executive.Signed by not less then 3 directors.Cap must hold "statutory meeting" not less then 3 and not more then 6 months from commencement of business.Certified copy of registers to be provided within 10 days (excluding non-working days) [Rs. 1 of which will be chief executive. Court may give directions to hold a meeting or file a report or make such orders as it think fit. MEETINGS AND PROCEEDINGS 157 Statutory meeting of company Every Public Co (including Private Co converted into Public Co within 1 year of incorporation) and every Co Ltd by guarantee & having Sh.Meeting may be adjourned from time to time and any resolution passed in the adjourned meeting will be as effective as the original one.duly verified. secretary.Statutory report shall include: Total No of shares issued. .Within earlier of a) 4 months from close of its financial year b) 15 months from previous AGM. . . Court may either refuse or order rectification of registers Court may decide any question relating to title of any person (party to application). = Within 45 days (extension may be granted for not > 15days) Other co. etc. - Within 18 months of incorporation . Notice of AGM shall given to members 21 days before meeting. showing Receipts from issue of shares and debentures and other sources Payments made Balance remaining on hand Estimated amount of preliminary expenses including discount or SECP paid Names.Directors shall cause list of members (& their particulars) to be produced at commencement of meeting & shall be open for inspection by any member during meeting. Court shall cause a copy of order to be forwarded to Co and shall direct Co to file notice of rectification with the registrar within 15 days from the receipt of the order. .Office .Office (For listed : Also in province of Stock Exchange).The directors shall 21 days before meetings circulate “statutory report” to all members.No resolutions can be passed without notice being given to members in specified manner. For listed Co notice also be published in 1 Urdu & 1 English newspaper having circulation in province of stock exchange Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .200] Co may close register by a notice of not less than 7day by way of advertisement in newspapers of province of Reg.Open to inspection by members at least 2 hours during business hours . addresses and occupation of directors.Members may discuss anything at meeting regarding incorporation and its operations .(provided notice given in specified manner) .Sec 150 Section Title Inspection of registers Quick Revision of the Section . Subsequent AGM.

Notice of EOGM shall given to members 21 days before meeting. .Meeting shall be caused in same manner as would have been called by directors.26 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . Given to every member/nominee of member in case of member’s death and auditor of Co. <<<SECP Circular –Extenstion for holding AGM>>> Breakdown of computer software would not be accepted as special reason Listed companies are advised to keep “backup files” of data in their own interest to compile accounts in time <<<SECP Circulars –Notices of AGM/EOGM to be forwarded to SECP>>> Notice of meeting + statement u/s 160 shall be faxed to SECP on same date when it is sent to shareholders Copies of newspaper (in which notice was published) shall be forwarded to SECP within 7 days of publication Requirements also deemed fulfilled if sent notice & scanned copies of newspaper on SECP’s email 159 Calling of extraordinary general meeting - All meetings other than AGM and Statutory meeting shall be called EOGM. If Quorum not complete within half hour of meeting. Date up to which AGM is required to be held and financial statements & reports laid therein Reasons for not being able to hold AGM or laying financial statements & reports at the general meeting by the required date and justification for extension in period to the extent applied When delay is attributed to non-completion of books of accounts / non-finalization of audit. then members can select any person as chairman.Office of Co .Also can be called on requisition of members > 1/10th of voting power at date of requisition . If called by the Co.Requisition shall state the objects of meeting + signed + deposited at Reg. Date on which the last general meeting was held and the financial year for which the financial statements and reports relating to accounts were laid at such meeting. it shall be dissolved. name and address of the company. If quorum not present within half hour at adjourned meeting. notice shall include statement of all the facts about the business and shall disclose full the interests of any directors. place and day of the meeting + business to be transacted. members shall call within 3 months of requisition. If no director is present or is unwilling. the exact state of books of accounts with reasons for such with certificate of Co’s auditor as to state of its accounts. If directors do not call EOGM within 21 days of requisition. Failure to forward notice to any member will not invalidate the proceedings of meeting. All businesses other then the following are special businesses Consideration of accounts. Ordinance 1984. it shall be adjourned to same day. For listed Co notice also be published in 1 Urdu & 1 English newspaper having circulation in province of stock exchange In emergency. 1985>>> Application for extension in time for holding any AGM (not being first AGM) or laying before AGM a BS and P&L a/c or I&E a/c shall be submitted to SECP/Registrar not less than 30 days before last date on which such general meeting required to be held (For special reasons to be recorded. an application submitted less than 30 days before last date on which AGM is required to be held can also be entertained) The application of extension (accompanied by last audited balance-sheet and profit and loss account) shall state The registration number. Special Business If any special business is to discussed at meeting. if any. if called by requisitionists. quorum shall be: Listed Co: 10 members personally present > 25% voting powers present in person/proxy Others : 2 members personally present > 25% voting powers present in person/proxy SMC : 1 person either present in person or through proxy. time and place in next week. If the meeting involves approval of some document then the place and time at which the document may be inspected should be stated in the statement. directors may apply to registrar for allowing a shorter notice.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section <<< Rule 14 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . reasons for delay and minimum time required for it.All expense incurred by member for such meeting shall be reimbursed by Co and same amount shall be retained from amounts payable to directors who defaulted calling meeting 160 Provisions as to meetings and votes Notice Shall state time. Notice shall be given in accordance with the section 50 of Co. auditors' and directors' reports Appointment of auditors and fixing their remuneration Declaration of dividends Election or appointment of directors Quorum Unless larger number fixed by AOA. . Meeting on requisition of members . quorum shall be not less then two members (unless the articles provide otherwise) - - Chairman The chairman of the board shall chair every General Meeting If there is no such chairman or chairman not present within 15 minutes of start of meeting or is unwilling to chair meeting then any director can chair. The directors may call an EOGM at anytime for taking approval of members on any matter.On such requisition directors shall call the EOGM.

Within 30 days of the meeting .Cap every member shall have one vote . 167 Demand for poll Before or on declaring result of voting by show of hands. . No member shall be entitiled to appoint more then 1 proxies If appoints more then 1 proxies all instruments of proxies submitted shall be invalid A proxy must be the member of the Co unless AOA provide otherwise.Court may declare such proceedings/part invalid & direct holding of fresh general meeting Every member entitled to attend the meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy Members of Co not having Sh. Such notice shall reach Co Along with the requisition of EOGM.Cap cannot appoint proxies. . It shall be entered in the books of minutes and unless contrary is proved Chairman's declaration will be valid.On poll votes may be given either personally or through proxy 160 A Circumstances in which proceedings of a general meeting may be declared invalid Where material defects or omission in the notice or irregular proceedings of the meeting. chairman/his nominee and a representative of party demanding poll shall scrutinize results Chairman shall declare the result and has power to regulate manner in which polls may be conducted and the results of poll shall be final. A Co being a member of other Co by resolution of its directors authorizes any of its officials or any person to act as company’s representative. at meetings of companies Notice of resolution 163 164 Along with notice to members.On a petition filed by members having 10% or more voting rights to court .) 168 Time of taking poll Immediately . a poll may be taken by the chairman of the meeting on his own or may be demanded by the following persons: Public company: At least 5 persons entitled to vote.All members may participate in the meeting either personally or through proxy . Any other case Co shall circulate the notice forthwith to all members.27 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . For election of chairman or adjournment Any other case.In case of Co Ltd by guarantee and having no Sh. Member >10% voting power may also give notice of resolution to Co along with statement of resolution. - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .. Proxy shall have all the rights as the original appointer. he shall be a deemed member and shall also have the same rights and powers including right to appoint proxy. 165 Voting to be by show of hands in first instance Chairman’s declaration of result of voting by show of hands to be evidence 166 - Declaration by Chairman shall be evidence that voting by show of hands has passed a resolution or not. Provisions of this section apply to all general meetings & meetings of any class of members. Proxy instrument shall be filed not later then 48 hours before the meeting Anything contained in AOA providing lesser period shall be void. After polling.Fractional votes shall not be accounted for. Within time not more then 14 days from the day poll was demanded as the chairman may direct.No member can be debarred from using his voting rights. a draft resolution other than routine resolutions.On show of hands every person shall have 1 vote .Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section Voting . 161 Proxies 162 Representations of corporations at meetings of companies and of creditors Representation of federal government. either present in person / proxy Private company: 1 person (if no more then 7 persons are present in the meeting) Private company: 2 person (if more then 7 persons are present) Member(s) having > 10% voting power in the meeting personally / proxy Members holding paid up shares >1/10 of total paid up capital of Co present person/proxy (The demand of poll may be withdrawn anytime by the person demanding the poll. Every notice of the Co shall set out the member's right to appoint proxy + proxy form Proxy instrument shall be filed in writing and signed by appointer If appointer is a body corporate then also need to be under its seal.Every member shall have voting rights proportional to paid up value of securities held . if the meeting called by members Before 15 days of the meeting. etc. . Unless a poll is demanded voting shall be done by show of hands.. or whether or not has passed unanimously or with particular proportion. Members / proxies can do anything in meeting like demanding a poll on some matter or abstaining from voting on some matter [Anything contrary to it in AOA shall be void] Every member entitled to inspect all proxies filed with Co during normal business hours. -A creditor may authorize any of its officials to represent it at the creditor’s meeting Where FG or PG as a member appoints a proxy.

AGM or EOGM requested by members. etc. Copy of Special Resolution to be forwarded to members on his request on payment of a fee. and . and all proceedings deemed valid. For Co not having share capital Elected by members of Co in general meeting in manner as provided in AOA Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . file with Co a notice of his intention atleast 14 days before meeting Notice may be withdrawn at any time before holding of election All such notices received by Co shall be transmitted to the members atleast 7 days before meeting For listed Co: Notice also published in 1 Urdu & 1 English newspaper having circulation in province of relevant stock exchange For Co having share capital (where No of contestants > No of directors fixed) Votes = No of voting shares/securities held x No of directors to be elected. Any person who seeks to contest in election of director shall (whether he is a retiring director or otherwise).Shall take immediate steps to hold the election of directors and in case of any hurdle report circumstances to registrar within 15 days of expiry of term of directors. A company shall keep books containing fair & accurate minutes of every general meeting and meetings of BOD/committee of BOD. Every minutes signed by chairman shall be evidence of the proceedings in that meeting. Copy of minutes of BOD meeting shall be provided to all directors with 14 days of meeting Unless proved contrary. held & conducted in accordance with Ord. Number & names of first directors determined in writing by majority of subscribers of MOA If not determined all subscriber shall be deemed to be the directors of the company Term: Till 1st AGM. within 7 days after request to Co. Deemed to meeting called normally by Co in accordance with the provisions All costs borne by Co unless SECP directs same to taken from some defaulting official of Co. - 173 Minutes of proceedings of general meetings and directors - DIRECTORS 174 Minimum number of directors of a company SMC Other private Public (unlisted) Public (Listed) - At least 1 At least 2 At least 3 At least 7 175 Only natural persons to be directors First directors and their term Only natural persons to be directors No director shall be the variable representative of a body corporate. fix No of elected directors not later than 35 days before general meeting at which directors are to be elected Number so fixed shall not be changed except prior approval of general meeting Notice of meeting shall expressly stateNo of elected directors fixed.28 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . Subsequent: 3 years .Retiring directors shall continue to perform functions until successors are elected. Member may give all votes to 1 candidate or divide them between more than 1 Candidate getting highest votes elected as director and then candidate getting next highest votes shall be so declared and so on until total directors elected. Printed/typed copy of Special Resolution duly authenticated by CEO or secretary of Co to be filed with the registrar within 15 days of passing thereof. Books of minutes of the meetings shall be kept at the registered office of Co. and Names of retiring directors. with certified copy of minutes of any general meeting (prescribed fee) 172 Filing of resolution. Books open for inspection by members free of cost during normal business hours (not less than 2 hours each day) with such restrictions as may be imposed by the AOA Any member shall at any time after 7 days from meeting be entitled to have. Copy of every Special Resolution to be annexed to every copy of (registered) AOA issued after date of resolution. Minutes shall include names of attendees. 176 177 Retirement of directors First directors: 1st AGM. every meeting for which minutes have been made shall be deemed to be called. <<<SECP Circular – Election prior to expiry of 3 years>>> Previously SECP had allowed companies to hold election in AGM prior to expiry of 3 years term of directors Now SCEP has directed companies to take immediate steps to hold election on due dates in AGM/EOGM In case of any hurdle report circumstances to registrar within 15 days of expiry of term of directors 178 Procedure for election of directors - - - - - Directors of Co shall.Sec 169 Section Title Resolution passed at adjourned meeting Power of SECP to call meetings Quick Revision of the Section Date of passing a resolution = Date on which it was in fact passed and not the earlier date 170 - If Co fails to hold statutory meeting. SECP on its own motion or on application of any director or any member SECP may direct Co to hold such meetings in directed manner + ancillary directions including direction that 1 person present personally / proxy shall be deemed a meeting.

Within 30 days of the date of election Court may. Has applied to be adjudicated as an insolvent and his application is pending. without giving his consent in writing for such appointment or nomination. Removal not applicable on following directors: . That person shall not sell/dispose shares of Co for atleast 1 year from date of election 179 Circumstances in which election of directors may be declared invalid .Directors nominated by company or corporation (by virtue of investment or credit facilities) owned or controlled by FG(Federal Govt) or PG (Provincial Govt) . declare election of all directors or any one or more of them invalid if satisfied that there has been material irregularity in election procedures. in his own name. disqualified or otherwise ceases to hold office Casual Vacancy: Remainder of the term of the director in whose place he is appointed <<<SECP Circular –3 years term of office of directors>>> Companies are not allowed to appoint directors for less than 3 years Provisions of AOA if contained such option is void 180 Term of office of directors 181 Removal of directors By Resolution in General Meeting: Provided.Directors nominated by FG or PG or SECP . exceeding amount as may be notified by SECP time to time (1 Million) Engaged in the business of brokerage. resolution for removal not deemed to have been passed if No of votes casted against resolution (i.On application of members ≥ 20% voting power . Has betrayed lack of fiduciary behaviour (u/s 217) at any time during preceding 5 years.5% voting shares of listed Co. or is spouse of such person or is sponsor. in favor of director) is equal to or exceeds… Elected Directors: Minimum No of votes casted at immediately preceding election of directors. Unsound mind. First / Casual Directors: Total votes [u/s 178(5)] divided by No of directors for the time being. Within 14 days from date of appointment/nomination Co shall file with registrar a list of persons who hv consented to act as director/CE alongwith their consent (prescribed forms) Any act of a director. Not a member except Person representing Govt / Institution / Authority which is a member. Provisions of Election. nor shall any person name any other person as a director/CE or proposed director/CE. SECP may. Has been debarred from holding such office under any provision of this Ordinance. its minority shareholders or capital markets generally. he may apply to SECP for requiring the company to hold fresh election of directors in forthcoming AGM.e. or From all meetings of BOD for continuous period of 3 months 188 Vacation of office by directors - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . or of a meeting of directors attended by him. By creditors or other special interest holders by virtue of contractual arrangement. direct Co to hold fresh election. Undischarged insolvent.29 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . Has been convicted by a court of law for an offence involving moral turpitude. director or officer of a corporate brokerage house (not applicable if Co itself is a Stock Exchange) Becomes ineligible u/s 187 Absents himself (without leave of absence from the directors) for longer of 3 consecutive meetings of BOD. if deems appropriate in interest of Co. Term of Office. Whole-time director who is an employee of the company. Chief Executive Person representing a creditor Additional Ineligibilities only for Listed Co Declared by Court of competent jurisdiction as defaulter in repayment of loan to a financial institution. Elected Directors:3 years unless he earlier resigns.Directors nominated by foreign equity holders on BOD of PICIC or any other company set up under a regional co-operation or other co-operation arrangement approved by FG Votes available to authority/person nominating him at election of directors shall exclude those minimum votes which would have been sufficient to elect such director if he had contested election Term: shall hold office during pleasure of Corp/Co/Govt/Authority nominating him 182 183 Creditors may nominate directors Certain provisions not to apply to directors representing special interest 184 Consent to act as director to be filed with registrar - - No person shall be appointed/nominated as director / CE of Co or represent such positions.Sec 178 A Section Title Fresh election of directors on request of substantial acquirer - Quick Revision of the Section Where a person acquires ≥ 12. shall not be invalid only due to any defect (subsequently discovered) in his appointment Director shall not exercise right of his office till the defect has been rectified Section not applicable to Pvt Co (not being subsidiary of a Public Co) 185 Validity of acts of directors - 187 Ineligibility of certain persons to become director Ineligibilities of Directors Minor.

of that Co Co may. or in connection with any application in which relief is granted to him by the court. make loan or give any guarantee or provide any security in connection with loan made by any other person to whole-time employee director of Co for acquisition or construction of a dwelling house or land. or of any director or directors.. Every person shall within 14 days of his appointment as director/CE of Co file with registrar particulars of any loan taken. No need to record the tele/video conference <<<SECP circular – Meeting of BOD Abroad>>> . or give any guarantee or provide any security in connection with loan made by any other person to. with approval of SECP. Appointment by director (with approval of BOD) of an alternate director during absence from Pakistan of ≥ 3 months shall not be deemed to be assignment of office. 193 Proceedings of directors Quorum of Listed Co: Directors of Public Co shall meet atleast once in every quarter of a year. Now directors in Pakistan can also attend the meeting through tele/video conferencing Draft minutes shall be sent for confirmation to director(s) who participated through this medium Minutes shall be signed by chairman of the meeting It shall be responsibility of secretary to observe requirements of quorum and other legal formalities. shall be void . any liability that would otherwise attach to him in respect of any negligence.30 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . breach of duty or breach of trust of which he may be guilty in relation to the company.Shall not exceed scale approved by directors/Co in general meeting accordance with AOA 192 Restriction on assignment of office by director - A director cannot assign his office to any person without the power given by company through AOA or any agreement and approved by a special resolution. For performing extra services (including holding of office of chairman) . employed by Co as auditor. default. 195 Loans to directors. from. This section shall apply to any transaction represented by a book-debt which was from its inception in the nature of a loan or an advance. . <<<SECP circular – BOD Meeting through tele/video conferencing>>> Allowed to all directors of Listed or unlisted public Co Previously it was only allowed for directors abroad. or to any other person by any director of that Co or of a Co which is its holding company or any partner or relative of any such director any firm in which any such director or relative is a partner any private company of which any such director is a director or member any body corporate at a general meeting of which ≥ 25% of total voting power may be exercised or controlled by any such director or his relative. or indemnifying him against. of directors and officers Any provision in AOA/Contract with Co for exempting any Director/CE/Officer or any person (whether an officer or not).40% 0% . in which judgment is given in his favor or in which he is acquitted. Alternate director shall vacate office as soon as actual director arrives. not being subsidiary of Public Co Banking company. prior to his appointment. or guarantee or security obtained.Exemption: Co may indemnify any such Director/CE/Officer/Auditor against any liability incurred by him in defending any proceedings(civil or criminal). - - - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .30% Maximum Board meetings allowed 4 3 2 1 194 Liabilities. or by two or more such directors together or by their relatives any body corporate whose directors/CE are accustomed to act in accordance with directions or instructions of CE. No Co shall directly/indirectly. make any loan to. or defraying the cost of any conveyance for personal use or house-hold effects defraying any expense on his or any relative’s (spouse and minor children) medical treatment as are ordinarily made or provided by Co to its employees This restriction shall not apply to Private Co. Any loan made by a holding company to its subsidiary or any guarantee given or security provided by holding company in respect of any loan to its subsidiary. etc. Higher of 4 or 1/3rd.SECP has defined thresholds of number of meeting allowed (to be conducted abroad) as per following limits Foreign shareholding >50% 40% . etc. or Accepts a loan or guarantee from the company in contravention of sec 195 [Any additional grounds may be specified in AOA for vacation of office by directors] 191 Restriction on directors remuneration.50% 30% . etc.SECP wants to discourage meetings of listed companies abroad as this is undue wastage of Co’s resources .Sec Section Title - Quick Revision of the Section He or any firm (of which he is a partner) or any private company (of which he is a director) Without sanction of general meeting accepts or holds any office of profit under Co other than chief executive or a legal or technical adviser or a banker.Determined by directors / Co in general meeting in accordance with AOA For attending meetings.

If decision to sell assets under special resolution is not implemented within 1 year. give any relief or give extension of time for repayment of any debt outstanding against any person specified in section 195 <<< Rule 14A of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. Future business plan of the seller company. . Directors of Co shall exercise following powers on behalf of Co by means of a resolution passed at their (BOD) meeting . as minimum.31 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . In case of disposal of land location and area proposed to be sold shall be disclosed. write off inventories and other assets of the company. lease or otherwise dispose of the undertakings or a sizeable part thereof.Co shall.approve bonus to employees . CHIEF EXECUTIVE 198 Appointment of first chief executive - Every Co (other than Co managed by managing agent) shall have CEO Appointed by the directors within earlier of 15 days of incorporation or date of its commencing business Hold office till 1st AGM (unless resigns earlier) or shorter period (if any.issue shares . Nothing contained herein shall enable listed companies to sell or otherwise dispose of entire undertaking for closure of business operation or winding up of the company.approve annual/half-yearly/other periodical accounts requiring circulation to members . required to be exercised by Co in general meeting. lease or disposal of sizeable part of undertaking: Detail of assets to be disposed of i.In case of sale.In case of sale or disposal of entire undertaking.declare interim dividend. Not more than 3 years from the date of appointment. book value and current market price/fair value. revalued amount. The proposed manner of disposal of said assets. following additional information shall be provided. simultaneously with the dispatch of notice of meeting to its members. unless main business of the company comprises of such selling or leasing . it would stand lapsed. Expected time of completion of the proposed project.incur capital expenditure on any single item or dispose of a fixed asset in accordance with given limits prescribed by SECP(See Rule 14Abelow) .e.having regard to such amount as may be determined to be material (as construed in the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) by the Board to write off bad debts. namely :.Sell. 199 Appointment of subsequent chief executive - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .make calls on shareholders in respect of moneys unpaid on their shares .make loans For Banking Co: Acceptance of deposits from public not be deemed a borrowing or placing of deposit with another banking company not be deemed making of loans authorise a director or firm (of which he is a partner) or any partner of such firm or a private company (of which he is a member or director) to enter into any contract with Co for making sale. pursuant to Section 160(1)(b) of Ordinance. After transaction. advances and receivables. Retiring CE eligible for re-appointment. . do any of the following things . lease or disposal of assets and benefits expected to accrue to shareholders. . while issuing notice of its general meeting. the following information.Remit. purchase or supply of goods or rendering services with Co .undertake obligations under leasing contracts exceeding one million rupees.borrow moneys otherwise than on debentures . Retiring shall continue to perform until successor appointed unless non-appointment of his successor is due to any fault on his part or his office is expressly terminated.Sec 196 Section Title Powers of directors Quick Revision of the Section Directors may exercise all such powers of Co as are not by Ordinance/AOA/special resolution. fixed by directors) Appointed by the directors within 14 days of election of directors or casual vacancy Term.1985>>> Amount of capital expenditure to be incurred on any single item shall be exceeding 1 million rupees Amount of book value for disposal of a fixed asset. cost. Reasons for sale. detailing. and determine terms and circumstances in which a law suit may be compromised and a claim / right in favour of Co may be released/extinguished/relinquished The directors of Public Co or subsidiary of Public Co shall not except with consent of general meeting either specifically or by way of an authorisation.invest the funds of the company . annex a statement. and . lease or disposal of undertaking or sizeable part >>> Listed company and its subsidiary shall. report regarding sale proceeds and utilization shall be submitted to SECP on quarterly basis. Total cost of the proposed future business plan and means of financing. . shall be exceeding 100 thousand rupees <<<SECP Circular – Statement of special business for sale. send a copy to SECP - 197 Prohibition regarding making of political contributions Prohibition regarding distribution of gifts A company cannot make any contribution to any political party or for any political reasons 197 A No distribution of gifts (in any form) to members in meetings. The mode of disposal in this case shall be through tender in newspapers.issue debentures or any instrument in the nature of redeemable capital .

Secretary with prescribed qualifications (not a whole time secretary) 203 Chief executive not to engage in business competing with company’s business Penalty 204 - 204 A Certain companies to have secretaries <<< Rule 14B of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. To arrange with and to call and hold meetings of the board and to prepare a correct record of proceedings. he shall disclose in writing nature of business and his interest therein. have been complied with. To ensure that business of the company is conducted in accordance with its objects as contained in its MOA To ensure that affairs of Co are managed in accordance with its objects contained in the AOA and Ordinance. rules. in consultation with the chairman. To arrange with consultation of chairman the annual and extraordinary general meetings of Co and to attend such meetings in order to ensure compliance with the legal requirements and to make correct record thereof. 201 202 - By 3/4th of total number of directors in their meeting. when authorised by the broad of the directors or the executive responsible.1985>>> Directors of public listed company shall take reasonable steps to ensure that company secretary is a person who appears to them having requisite knowledge & experience to discharge his functions & who is A member of. legal forms. as required. in case of a foreign company (section 454). To see whether legal requirements of the allotment. Whether directly or indirectly (carried on by spouse or minor children). To advise. Register of deposits. Register of directors' shareholdings and debentures (section 220). having ≥ 2 years relevant experience A retired government servant in BS-19 or equivalent or above with at least 15 years service A person already engaged by a Listed Co as company secretary before 26 october. If he is engaged in any business at the time of appointment in a public company. Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . approve. To prepare. in respect of the legal matters. Secretarial functions: To ensure compliance of provisions of Ordnance.Independent Share Registrar with prescribed qualifications SMC . the chief executive or other executive. To issues notice and agenda of the general meetings to the shareholders. Co secretary of a single member Co shall be person holding bachelor degree from university recognized by HEC.000 May be debarred from becoming director or C. To carry out all matters concerned with the allotment of shares. Secretary (Important for secretarial practices)>>> These are not specified by the Ordinance. on their advise. To issue notice and agenda of board meetings to every director of the company. CE deemed to be director (if not already a director) and entitled to all rights & liabilities If he is ineligible on the grounds mentioned u/s 187 for directors. To engage legal advisors and defend the rights of the company in Courts of Law. Legal obligations of secretary: Filling of various documents/returns with the Registrar/SECP as required under provisions of Ordinance Proper maintenance of books and registers of the company as required under the provisions of the Ordinance. To implement the policies formulated by the directors. Fine of 10. (section 135). <<<Directors & Secretaries Guide by SECP – Functions of Co. Register of buy-backed shares by a company (section 95A). 2002. mortgages and charges. Register of debenture-holders (section 149). Register of mortgages. To carry on correspondence with the directors of the company on various matters. and provide such information as are necessary. However. Proxy register. sign and seal agreements leases. Listed Co . Register of members and index thereof (section 147). To maintain the following statutory books Register of transfer of shares (section 76).O. of Co for not exceeding 3 years. or A recognized body of corporate or chartered secretaries.COM/law graduate from university recognized by HEC.E. Register of Pakistani members. To keep the record of the proceedings of all general meetings. To prepare. and other official documents on the company’s behalf. issuance and transfer of share certificates. in conjunctions with the company’s solicitors. Register of contracts. To prepare the agenda in consultation with Chairman and other documents for all the meetings of BOD. To attend the broad meetings in order to ensure that the legal requirements are fulfilled. but are usually contained in an employment contract. directors and officers. or An MBA/M. charges etc.Sec 200 Section Title Terms of appointment of chief executive and filling up of casual vacancy Restriction on appointment of chief executive Removal of chief executive - Quick Revision of the Section To be determined by directors or Co in general meeting in accordance with AOA. To record the minutes of the proceedings of the meetings of the directors. Minute books. Register of directors and other officers (section 205). or Co by special resolutions. B. arrangements and appointments in which directors etc are interested (section 219). A recognized body of professional accountants. the agenda and other documents for the general meetings. To make arrangement for payment of the dividend within prescribed period C. To deal with all correspondence between the company and the shareholders.Whole time secretary with prescribed qualifications (full time employee) Listed Co . may continue in that capacity if he has an experience of ≥ 5 years. the company secretary generally performs the following functions:A. To convene/arrange the meetings of directors. and issuance of share certificates including maintenance of statutory Share Register and conducting appropriate activities connected with share transfers.32 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . other statutes and bye-laws of the company.

with a Foreign Collaborator in relation to company which owns a hotel in Pakistan. F. FG may. debenture holder & every person entitled to receive notice. can inspect company records. Sending the Registrar copy of special resolutions E. and Approved by FG in relation to a company formed for setting up (in collaboration with 1/more public sector financial institutions) an industrial undertaking which in opinion of the said Government. is likely to contribute to economic development of Pakistan With an NBFC licensed to undertake asset management services in relation to an investment Co registered with SECP With an NBFC licensed as a venture capital company in relation to a fund Co registered with SECP No company (incorporated in Pakistan or outside) which is carrying on business in Pakistan shall. for the purpose of Register of directors and other officers For individual. Ensuring that people entitled to do so.33 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . officers. address & (above mentioned) particulars of each partner. Register shall be open to inspection (>2 hours daily) to every member free of charge with restrictions as Co may impose. nationality and. and if he holds any other directorship or other office the particulars of such directorship or office. For person other than natural person.1969 Approved by the FG. CE. sole purchase. [Investment includes loans/advances/equity/amount not in nature of normal trade credit] SECP may by notification in official Gazette. managing agent. the name of her husband or deceased husband. chief accountant. etc. . Where Co incorporated. exempt any of the following classes of agreements or contracts from this restriction With an investment adviser in relation to investment company registered under rules made under the SECP Ordinance. BAR ON APPOINTMENT OF MANAGING AGENTS. his NIC number and in case of foreign national passport number.For firm.SOLE PURCHASE AND SALES AGENTS. all particulars (motioned above) of its directors/office bearers. Other duties Ensuring that statutory forms are filed promptly Providing members and auditors with notice of meeting. if that nationality is not the nationality of origin. or person ordinarily residing. - - No company (incorporated in Pakistan or outside) shall appoint any managing agent (Person. managing agent.1985>>> Following shall be particulars of directors and officers. Persons file particulars with Co within 10 days of his appointment/any change therein. Custody and use of the common seal REGISTER OF DIRECTORS AND OTHER OFFICERS 205 Register of directors. period & amount of investment and terms & conditions attached + other ancillary matters Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . If inspection is refused by the Co. sale or distribution agent: Except. Co shall file the same to registrar within 14 days of its incorporation or any change therein. Other persons may also inspect register on prescribed fee. OFFICERS AND SHAREHOLDINGS. by notification in the official Gazette. such appointment shall be subject to such terms and conditions as FG may deem fit to impose MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS REGARDING INVESTMENTS. - Every company shall keep at its Reg. specify class of Co/undertakings to which this restriction not apply. sales agents. without the approval of SECP. the registrar may direct Co for immediate inspection to be provided to person to whom it was refused. Keeping or arranging for the having of minutes of directors' meetings and general meetings G. secretary. specify conditions & restrictions on nature. auditors and legal adviser. outside Pakistan. etc. his usual residential address. in the case of a married woman or a widow. by virtue of an agreement or contract with Co) Not applicable to Co managed by a managing agent wholly owned or controlled by FG/PG.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section D. office a register of its directors. firm or company entitled to the management of the affairs of a company. his present name in full. & through regulations. H. TRADING AND INTERESTS 208 Investment in associated companies and undertakings - No investment in Associated Co/undertakings except with Special Resolution No change in nature or terms & conditions made except with Special Resolution SR shall indicate nature. if any. secretary. full name. and date of becoming partner. nationality of origin and his business occupation. unless the major portion of the business of such Co or person is conducted in Pakistan - TERMS OF APPOINTMENT OF MANAGING AGENT 207 Terms and conditions of appointment of managing agent Where managing agent appointed in pursuance of any exemption available u/s 206. Supplying copy of accounts to every member. appoint any sole purchase. along with its name and address of registered or principal office. period and amount of investment and terms & conditions attached Return on investment ≥ borrowing cost of lending Co. his father’s name. including the CE. ETC 206 Bar on appointment of managing agents. <<< Rule 14C of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. legal advisors and its auditors which shall contain the particulars prescribed. CONTRACTS.

Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section <<< Rule 15 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. or legal representatives as the case may be 211 Bills of exchange and promissory notes Deemed to have been made / drawn / accepted / endorsed on behalf of Co if made / drawn / accepted / endorsed in name of / by / on behalf / on account of.Depositing with/transferring/holding in name of scheduled bank/financial institution approved by SECP to facilitate transfer (if no transfer take place within 6 months from date of deposit/transfer.1985>>> A copy of every resolution passed for investment in associates. 209 Investment of company to be held in its own name All investment made by a Co on its own behalf shall be made and held by it in its own name. by writing under common seal. to execute deeds on its behalf at any place either in or outside Pakistan Every deed signed by such attorney under his seal shall bind Co as if it were common seal If authorized by AOA.excluding equity investments NBFC licensed by SECP to carry out Investment Advisory Services or Asset Management Services for investments made in collective investment scheme being managed by such NBFC Modarba management Co for investments in modarba being managed by it Holding Co for investment in wholly owned subsidiary (Disinvestment of > 25% made by special resolution) Investment made by an Investment Company (as per NBFC & NE Regulations 2008) Co whose principal business is such investments Private Co (not being subsidiary of Public Co) Associates of NBFC licensed by SECP to carry out Asset Management Services for investments made in open end scheme being managed by such NBFC ***SECP has published “Companies (Investment in associated Companies/undertakings) Regulation 2012” under this section. by writing under its common seal. co.if any inspection is refused.Co shall forthwith enter in register maintained for the purpose at registered office Nature. Exemption from requirements of sec 208 by SECP Banking Co licensed by SBP for investment made in ordinary course of business. being banker of Co for collection of any dividend/interest payable . Co shall as soon as practicable after 6 month have same retransferred) . Co by any person acting under its authority (express/implied) Co may. . express or implied ) may be made in writing or by parol only (not reduced into writing) All such contracts shall be effectual in law and shall bind the company and its successors and all other parties thereto. together with information & documents specified in Form 30 shall be filed with SECP & registrar concerned in case of a listed company.excluding equity investments DFI licensed by SBP for investment made in ordinary course of business. or in name of such person/nominee alone . shares in that Co ≤ Qualification shares required to be held by a director. If no period mentioned. authorise any person appointed in any territory not situate in Pakistan to affix the same to any deed or other document to Co is party Authority of agent shall continue during period mentioned in instrument authorizing him. during business hours (not less than 2).Depositing with a bank. shall continue until notice of revocation/determination of agent’s authority has been given to person dealing with him. and Bank or person in whose name or custody such shares/securities are held. may be registered/ held by such Co jointly in its own name and in name of such person/nominee. their heirs. value & other particulars necessary to identify such shares/securities. Exceptions . and with registrar concerned in the case of any other company within 14 days from the passing of resolution.Holding company may hold any shares in its subsidiary Co in name of its nominee/nominees if necessary to ensure No of members of subs Co not reduced below minimum members .Depositing with/transferring to/holding/registering in name of a central depository Where any such shares/securities not held by it in its own name . The person affixing official seal shall certify the date and place of affixing.Depositing with/transferring to any person by way of security for the repayment of loan . may have separate official seal for any territory outside Pakistan official seal shall be a facsimile of common seal of Co with addition on its face of name of every territory where it is to be used Co may.Where Co has a Nominee director on any other Co.Investments made by investment Co whose principal business is purchase&sale of securities Certificates/letter of allotment relating to shares/securities in which investments made by Co shall be in custody of Co or such scheduled bank/financial institution as approved by SECP Exceptions . Registrar may on an application direct immediate inspection 210 Form of contract - Contracts on behalf of a company (by any person acting under its authority.excluding equity investments NBFC licensed by SECP for investment made in ordinary course of business. empower any person (generally/specified matters) as its attorney. Official seal duly affixed shall bind Co as if it was common seal of Co 212 Execution of deeds 213 Power of company to have official seal for use abroad - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .34 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes .Register shall be open to inspection by any member/debenture-holder/creditor without charge. subject to reasonable restrictions imposed by AOA/general meeting .

may suffer by reason of becoming or being sureties or a surety for Co Directorship contract with Public Co and interest of director is only due to himself being a nominated director of such Co (does’nt hold enough shares for being elected) By the court if he contravenes section 214. or make changes in any such existing contract . arrangement or appointment and names of those remaining neutral. after date of notice. managing agent.Provisions shall same apply in relation to any resolution of BOD for such contracts Register shall be kept containing separate particulars of all such contracts.e. in which any director of Co is concerned or interested . Members Register) 219 Register of contracts. managing agent or secretary 218 Where Co appoints/enters into contract for appointment of. Name of director or officer concerned/ interested in such + extent/nature of interest Particulars shall be entered in relevant register within 7 days of Meeting of the directors at which contract. in relation to each director. at meeting of BOD at which the question of entering into contract or arrangement is first taken into consideration If director was not concerned or interested on date of that meeting. Names of parties thereto. Names of the directors voting for and against contract.e. or to be entered into. etc.218 including following particulars (whichever applicable) Date of contract. Date on which it was placed before the directors. If later) and register shall be placed before next meeting of BOD and shall be signed by all directors present at meeting. shall be deemed to be sufficient disclosure of concern/interest General notice shall expire at end of financial year in which it is given. at first meeting of BOD held after director becomes concerned or interested A general notice given to directors if a director of Co is a director/member of a specified body corporate or firm and is concerned/interested in any contract/arrangement Which may..2000 in aggregate in any year By a banking Co for collection of bills in ordinary course of its business. Exceptions: Private Co (neither subsidiary nor holding of Public Co).Co shall make out and attach to directors report an abstract of terms of appointment or contract or variation. (Rules for taking extracts same as sec 150 i. (Rules for taking extracts same as sec 150 i. Nor to be counted for purpose of quorum. Over the approval of matter where he is interested director. arrangement. Members Register) . cannot take part in discussion. if value of such goods and materials or the cost of such services ≤ Rs.35 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . CE. be entered into with that body corporate or firm. This section shall not apply to any contract or arrangement For sale. arrangements and appointments in which directors. by or on behalf of company shall disclose nature of his concern or interest at a meeting of directors: Time of Disclosure In case of a contract or arrangement to be entered into. or vote. 215(1) & 216. at first meeting of BOD held after he becomes concerned/interested In case of any other contract/arrangement. (in case no approval required) Register shall also specify. the names of firms and bodies corporate of which general notice has been given by him under sec 214. together with memorandum specifying nature of concern or interest . whole-time director or secretary of Co. Principal terms and conditions.All such contracts shall be kept at registered office and shall be open to inspection by any member at such office.216. if later) . unless he makes a disclosure & obtains approval of directors. arrangements or appointments u/s 214. arrangement or appointment is approved (in case of a contract. (Opportunity of show cause provided) 216 Interested director not to participate or vote in proceedings of directors 217 Declaring a director to be lacking fiduciary behavior Disclosure to members of director’s interest in contract appointing chief executive. but may be renewed for further 1 financial year by giving notice in last month of year of expiry General notice/renewal shall be effective only if given at meeting of BOD or takes reasonable steps ensuring it is brought up & read at first meeting of BOD after it [Nothing in this section shall restrict a director from having any such concern or interest] - - 215 Interest of other officers. Register shall be kept at registered office and shall be open to inspection by any member at such office. No other officer shall enter into any contract or arrangement with Co in which he is directly or indirectly concerned or interested. or appointment requiring directors' approval) Receipt of particulars at registered office (or within 30 days of date of such other contract etc.215. etc.Co shall send such abstract + memorandum (only if director interested) to every member within 21 days from date of appointment/contract/variation (or date of interest. materials or services. Contract of indemnity against any loss which all or any of director(s). arrangement or appointment. are interested - - - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . purchase or supply of any goods.Sec 214 Section Title Disclosure of interest by directors - Quick Revision of the Section Every director (himself/spouse/minor children) who is (directly/indirectly) concerned or interested in any contract or arrangement entered into.

71 No. that is to say.20 100/15.5. Within such period as specified in order by SECP (if so requires) <<<SECP Circular>>> Statement of beneficial ownership to be deposited with annual return 222 223 Prohibition of short selling On Director/CE/Managing Agent/Chief Accountant/Secretary/Auditor of listed Co (For Firm:All Partners) & person who is beneficial owner(directly/indirectly) ≥ 10% of listed equity securities Where any person mentioned in sect 223 makes any gain by purchase & sale. persons mentioned above shall give written notice of disclosure within 15days of acquisition or change of interest. or sale & purchase of any security within a period < 6 months. SECP may direct recovery as an arrear of land revenue [Gain = Highest price of 6months (Sale Price) minus Lowest price of 6months (purchase price)] 224 Trading by directors.1985>>> Any gain made shall be computed in the following manner Purchase at lowest rates shall be matched against Sales at highest rates prevailing within the 6 months. SECP and registrar may at any time re quire a certified copy of register or any part thereof. To registrar & SECP (prescribed form & prescribed particulars). officers and principal shareholders - Explanation:. etc.36 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes .50 100/15.71 3. securities beneficially held by such Co [Gain in above cases shall be prorated according to his relative interest in firm/Pvt Co] <<< Rule 16 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules.7. note date of agreement Nature & extent of any position/interest/right on any shares/debentures recorded in relation to director/other person in register shall (if he requires so) be indicated in it Co shall not be affected with notice of.71 7.Sec 220 Section Title Register of directors’ shareholdings.3. held by or in trust for him. Register shall be kept at registered office and shall be open to inspection during business hours subject to reasonable restrictions by AOA/general meeting ( ≥ 2 hours/day) during 14 days before date of the AGM and to 3 days after its conclusion. Registrar may direct so immediately - 221 Duty of directors. <<<SECP Circular – Numerical example for calculating tenderable gain>>> Date Purchase price 28. such person shall make a report and tender amount of gain to Co + send intimation of this to registrar and SECP [Not applicable to security acquired in good faith in satisfaction of debt previously contracted] Where such person neglects to tender gain or Co fails to recover gain within (later of) 6 months of its accrual or 60 days of demand by Co. of shares / Sale price 200/14.2. acquisition or listing Within 15 days of change of interest.4. etc.3. beneficial ownership of securities of any person deemed to include: Securities beneficially owned. rights of any person in relation to any shares/debentures (by complying this section). If Co refuse to allow inspection or supply a copy. lowest in rate & highest out rate of purchases and sales or sales and purchases shall be matched Purchases & sales shall be matched if securities involved in purchase & sale are of same class & same listed Co Distribution of bonus shares & allotment of right shares by listed Co to existing shareholder either on basis of his entitlement or on account of purchase of right allotment letters from market shall not constitute purchase Any loss from any transaction in listed security not be set off against gain from such security Amount of brokerage.15 100/15. Register shall also show date of. Submission of statements of beneficial owner of listed securities For the purpose of section 220.71 15.71 15. by persons mentioned u/s 220 Within 30 days of occupying position.00 100/15. description & amount of any shares/debentures of Co / Subsidiary Co/ Holding Co / Subsidiary of Co’s Holding Co. Register shall also be produced at commencement of AGM and remain open and accessible during the meeting to any person attending the meeting. or put upon inquiry as to. - Quick Revision of the Section Every listed Co shall keep a register showing in respects of each Director/CE/Managing Agent/Chief Accountant/Secretary/Auditor(For Firm: All Partners) & person who is beneficial owner(directly/indirectly) ≥ 10% of listed equity securities: Following Particulars No.70 100/15. securities beneficially held by such firm If such person is a shareholder in private Co. transactions Where date of agreement and completion are different. such gain shall vest in SECP and if gain not deposited in prescribed account.71 31. it shall be open to inspection of any member/debentures holder. to make disclosure of shareholdings. stamp duty and other expenditure incurred in making gain may be deducted subject to production of such documentary evidence in support of expenditure incurred as may be acceptable to Co. be open to inspection of any person acting on behalf of SECP.71 10. and recoverable amount calculated with respect to every individual transaction disregarding any other transaction.10 100/15. or of which he has right to become holder (whether on payment or not).For section 222 & 224. etc.00 No.6. and Same/other period. held or controlled by him or his spouse or by any of his dependent lineal ascendants or descendants If such person is a partner in a firm. and price or other consideration for. of shares / Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .

on request to Co / Person concerned /Trustees. <<< SECP Circular . 2960).10 minus Rs.Co shall be bound to collect contribution of employees concerned and pay such contributions + its own contributions to trustees within 15 days from date of collection . 15.2-71 will be matched with the sale of 100 shares @ Rs. Next the purchase of 100 shares @ Rs. 14. 15. The resulting gain in this case would be Rs.00 on 15-3. or (Where Co itself is a scheduled bank) Special account to be opened by Co for the purpose either in itself or in any other scheduled bank. etc.20 on 7. This will not result in any gain and will. and in case of a Co engaged in production/processing/manufacturing/mining activities. 125/. and such officer/agent shall be liable to a fine ≤ 2000 [ Not applicable to Private Co (not being subsidiary of a Public Co) ] 226 Securities and deposits. The remaining sale transaction @ Rs. made up to date at intervals of not more than 3 months sent by branch office to Co at Place where books kept Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi .71 will be matched with the sale of 100 shares @ Rs. 3085 minus Rs.All moneys (Employer contribution + Employer contribution + Interest) receipt/accrual Be deposited in a National Savings Scheme. In listed securities) Rules. Where a trust has been created by a company with respect to any provident fund . ACCOUNTS 230 Books of accounts to be kept by company - - - Every Co shall keep at registered office proper books of account with respect to all receipt & payments by Co and matters in respect of which these takes place. dealer or sub-agent in accordance with contract in writing Employees’ provident funds and securities Moneys/securities deposited with Co by its employees in pursuance of their contract of service . 15. Purchase of 200 shares @ Rs. Co shall file with registrar a notice in writing giving full address of other place.00). 15. all assets & liabilities of Co. 15.Shall be kept or deposited by Co within 15 days from date of deposit in Special account to be opened by Co for the purpose in a scheduled bank. at option of Co.(Rs.(If other than registered office) Where a Co has a branch office (in/outside Pakistan) Co shall be deemed to have complied provisions of this section if proper books of account relating to transactions of branch office are kept at branch office and proper summarised returns. or Be invested in Government securities. if such class of companies is required by SECP by a general or special order to include such particulars in books of accounts: All or any of books of account may be kept at such other place in Pakistan as directors may decide and within 7 days of decision.Sec Section Title - Quick Revision of the Section Now Purchases at lowest prices are matched with sales at highest prices during the period. The resulting gain would be Rs. & shall deliver it to Co & copies to directors which shall be laid before directors at their next meeting.15 per share on 15-5-71. (Inv.Obligations of Co shall devolve on trustees and shall be discharged by them instead of Co. 1996 >>> Total investment in listed securities shall not exceed 30% of PF (50% for Asset Management Companies) Investment in particular Co shall not exceed 5% of paid up capital of the investee Co Investee Co shall have a Minimum operational record of 5 years At least 15% dividend in preceding consecutive 3 years given by investee company No default in financing facility publicly known Securities have been rated as an investment grade with minimum rating of BBB.3-71. Transactions which are once matched are cancelled and do not re-enter the computation. or In bonds.00 on 31-7-71 will then be matched with the purchase @ 15.No portion utilized by Co. Special account to be opened by Co for the purpose in a scheduled bank.37 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . debt securities or instruments issued by Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and in listed securities subject to conditions as may be prescribed by SECP.10 per share (Rs. officer of agent shall receive or utilize securities / deposits except in accordance with a contract in writing. specify person with whom it has been made.10 on 3-6-71. 15. 0.F. redeemable capital. If default is made in requirements of this section. - 227 No company. or National Saving Schemes . 15. therefore be ignored - 225 Contracts by agents of company in which company is undisclosed principal - - Agent or officer of such a contract shall make a memorandum of terms of such contract. Not applicable where money received is in nature of an advance payment for goods to be de livered or sold to an agent. contract shall.70 per share on 10-4-71 and another 100 shares @ Rs. except breach of contract of service by employee (after giving notice to him) Provident fund has been constituted by Co for its employees or any class of its employees . 228 Right to see bank receipts for money or securities Any person depositing any money or security or making any contribution of provident fund shall be entitled to see receipt of bank / other body.Employees P. particulars relating to utilisation of material/labour/other inputs/items of cost as may be prescribed. & all moneys received shall be deposited in a separate bank account. all sales and purchases of goods by Co.80 per share on 28. be void as against Co.

reasons for delay and minimum time required for it. during inspection make or cause to be made copies of books of account and other books and papers or place marks of identification Where inspection has been made under this section by an officer authorised by SECP. the exact state of books of accounts with reasons for such with certificate of Co’s auditor as to state of its accounts. books of account for entire period shall be preserved). Directors shall from time to time determine whether and to what extent and at what time and places and under what conditions or regulations the accounts and books or papers of Co shall be open to inspection of members No member shall have any right of inspecting any account & books or papers of Co except as conferred by Ordinance/authorised by directors/by Co in general meeting Books of account of every Co shall be preserved in good order for > 10 years from immediately preceding current year (If Co incorporated < 10 years before current year. Date on which the last general meeting was held and the financial year for which the financial statements and reports relating to accounts were laid at such meeting.Sec Section Title - Quick Revision of the Section Proper books of account not be deemed to be kept if these not giving true and fair view of state of affairs of Co/ branch office and not explaining its transactions. as said person may require of him within specified time and place Also duty of every director. Since preceding accounts to not earlier than AGM date by > 4 months Extension of 1 month (Special reasons) by SECP(for Listed Co) or Registrar(for any other Co) Period of accounts shall not exceed 12 months except special permission by Registrar BS and P&La/c or I&E a/c shall be audited by auditor of Co & auditor’s report shall be attached with it Every Co shall in form & manner specified by SECP send a copy of these accounts + auditor’s report + director’s report to every member of Co at least 21 days before that AGM and keep copy at registered office for inspection of members during that 21 days period. such officer shall make a report to SECP. - 231 Inspection of books of account by registrar. Listed Co shall also send 5 copies of such BS + P&La/c + other documents to SECP. Directors shall lay before Co in AGM a BS and P&La/c or I&E a/c (for Co not for profit) Some date not later than 18 months after incorporation. Section shall apply mutatis mutandis to books of account required to maintain by liquidator Books of account and books and papers of every Co shall be open to inspection by registrar/ any officer authorised by SECP for reasons to be recorded in writing (if they require so) Duty of every director. name and address of the company. and Subsequently once at least in every calendar year 1st Accounts. Officer authorised shall have all powers of registrar under Ordinance for making inquiries. whole amount shall be stated + reasons of apportionment. 1 shall be duly signed by Auditor + Chief Executive + 1 director of the Co 234 Contents of balance sheet - - - Every BS of Co shall give a true and fair view of state of affairs of as at end of its financial year and every P&L a/c or I&E a/c shall give true and fair view of profit and loss of Co for the financial year Every item of expenditure fairly chargeable to income shall be brought into account Where any expenditure has been incurred in any financial year that can be distributed over several years. - 233 Annual accounts and balance sheet - - - <<< Rule 14 of Companies (General Provision and Form) Rules. officer or other employee of Co to give them all assistance Person making inspection may. Date up to which AGM is required to be held and financial statements & reports laid therein Reasons for not being able to hold AGM or laying financial statements & reports at the general meeting by the required date and justification for extension in period to the extent applied When delay is attributed to non-completion of books of accounts / non-finalization of audit. an application submitted less than 30 days before last date on which AGM is required to be held can also be entertained) The application of extension shall state The registration number. stock exchange and registrar. BS and P&L a/c or I&E a/c shall comply with For listed Co (and subsidiary of listed Co) requirements of 4th Schedule For any other Co: Requirements of 5th Schedule Section shall not apply to insurance/banking/any other class of companies for which requirements of BS and P&L a/c are specified in law regulating such class Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . <<<SECP Circular –Filling of accounts with SECP>>> Requirements not fulfilled by filling published accounts on which no signatures are appearing From the 5 mentioned copies. Books of account and other books and papers of every Co shall be open to inspection by directors during business hours.38 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . officer or other employee of Co to produce them all books and papers of Co and to furnish him with any such statement. Since incorporation of Co to not earlier than AGM date by > 4 months Any other case. information or explanation relating to affairs of Co. 1985>>> Application for extension in time for holding any AGM (not being first AGM) or laying before AGM a BS and P&L a/c or I&E a/c shall be submitted to SECP/Registrar not less than 30 days before last date on which such general meeting required to be held (For special reasons to be recorded. etc. Shall be accompanied by a copy of the last audited balance-sheet and profit and loss account.

qualification or adverse remarks contained in auditor’s report. Give reasons for incurring loss and reasonable indication of future prospects of profit. shall be signed by CE + atleast 1 director Directors of a holding company required to prepare consolidated financial statements u/s 237 shall also make and attach a report of group’s affairs containing same particulars. directors report shall also Disclose any material changes and commitments affecting financial position of Co. or Applied/adjusted/treated so as to add to income/profit/surplus of Co. and Co liable to reimburse same to SECP . or in classes of business in which Co has interest (whether as a member of another Co or otherwise). Circulate with it information about pattern of holding of shares in prescribed form.Expenses liable to be paid by Co/members/any other persons shall be recoverable as arrears of land revenue. where there is any change in such policies. - - - 236 Director’s report - - - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . These in first instance may be defrayed by SECP.Where special audit ordered by SECP on own motion.Sec Section Title - Quick Revision of the Section Such IAS and other standards shall be followed for preparation of BS and P&L a/c as are notified in official Gazette by SECP For listed company Statement of changes in equity & cash flow statement shall form part of BS + P&L a/c Accounting policies shall be stated and. Directors shall make out and attach to every BS a report about State of Co’s affairs. 235 Treatment of surplus arising out of revaluation of fixed assets - Where Co revalues its fixed assets. FG shall have power to grant exemption to any Co/class of Cos if it is in public interest so to do. or Utilised (directly/indirectly) by way of dividend or bonus Revaluation Surplus can be utilized for Disposal of the assets which are revalued Setting off/in diminution of deficit arising from revaluation of any other fixed asset Charging incremental depreciation arising out of revaluation Depreciation on revalued assets shall be provided with reference to value of assets before revaluation and Revaluation Surplus may be amortized according to life of assets. whether past. and Contain information about defaults in payment of debts (if any). For Public Co or Private Co subsidiary of public Co. and Amount (if any) proposed to carry to Reserve Fund. General Reserve or Reserve Account shown specifically in BS or to be shown specifically in a subsequent BS. State name and country of incorporation of its holding company (if any outside Pak) State the earning per share (EPS). and reasons Signed by chairman of directors or CE on behalf of directors (if authorised by directors) and when not so authorised. occurred between end of financial year of Co and date of report. and 1/2 shall be borne by Co. During special audit SECP may pass such interim orders & directions as deemed appropriate On receipt of special audit report SECP may issue such directions for immediate compliance for Co & management as deems fit Auditor appointed for special audit have same duties and powers as Co’s statutory auditor Expenses of Special Audit . unless SECP exempts any company from making such disclosure (where such disclosures would be prejudicial to business of Co). Amount (if any) recommended as dividend. current or future. Deal with any changes occurred during financial year concerning nature of business of Co or its subsidiaries. the increase in value of assets as appearing in accounts of Co shall be transferred to “Surplus on Revaluation of Fixed Assets Account” and shown in BS after Capital and Reserves. FG may (on its own or upon application by Co) modify requirements of 4th/5th Schedule for the purpose of adapting them to circumstances of that Co. from compliance with all or any of the requirements of 4th/5th Schedule - <<<SECP Circular – IAS to be followed by listed companies>>> SECP vide different circulars have announced that listed company shall follow all IAS with following exceptions IAS 29: As Pakistan economy is not considered hyperinflationary as per ICAP circular IFRS 7: Requirements not applicable to Banks and NBFCs till further notification.If special audit ordered by SECP on application made by members.39 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . auditor shall report whether he agrees with change. 234 A Special audit - SECP may (on its own motion or upon application by members ≥ 20% voting rights) order a special audit of Co and appoint an auditor to carry out detailed scrutiny of affairs of Co. expenses shall be payable by Co. (if any). . Contain fullest information and explanation in regard to any reservation. observation. Revaluation Surplus shall not be Applied to set off or reduce any deficit or loss. 1/2 expenses shall be borne & paid in advance by members.

authorise representatives named in resolution to inspect books of account kept by any of its subsidiaries and books of account of any such subsidiary shall be open to inspection by those representatives at any time during business hours.File with registrar and SECP such number of copies as may be prescribed (not less than 3) Provisions regarding authentication of BS shall apply to half-yearly accounts 245 Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . 1980” made out . by resolution. - - - <<<SECP Circular – Group Companies to maintain their websites>>> Holding companies required to maintain their website and place on it the annual audited group Financial Statements + Auditors Report + Directors report 238 Financial year of holding company and subsidiary Directors of a holding Co shall ensure that financial year of each of its subsidiaries coincides with Co’s own financial year.As at the end of financial year of modaraba last before that of modaraba Co. Rights of appointing inspector to investigate Co’s affairs available to members of Co may also be exercised by members of holding Co as if they also were members of subsidiary 240 Balance sheet of modaraba company to include modaraba accounts.Prepare and transmit to members and stock exchange on which shares of Co are listed. There shall be attached to BS of a modaraba Co.. a statement of that fact and reasons shall be annexed to said documents and copies required to be filed with registrar. signed by CE. chairman or auditors of Co (Whoever required) shall be filed with registrar within 30 days from date of such meeting. such number of copies as may be prescribed (not less than 3 for listed Co or 2 for any other Co) alongwith reports & documents required to be annexed to same. directors. 2nd and 3rd quarter of its accounting year. attach consolidated financial statements of group presented as a single enterprise Consolidated financial statements shall comply with disclosure requirement of 4th Schedule and International Accounting Standards Where financial year of a subsidiary precedes holding Co’s financial year end by more than 3 months.Sec 237 Section Title Consolidated financial statements - Quick Revision of the Section With financial statements of holding company having subsidiary/subsidiaries at year end. .40 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . ((except where there are good reasons against it) SECP (on application or with consent of directors of relevant Co) shall facilitate holding & subsidiaries allowing them to prepare accounts for extended period & hold AGM accordingly 239 Rights of holding company’s representatives and members - - Holding Co may. annual accounts and other reports prescribed in “Modaraba Companies and Modaraba (Floatation and Control) Ordinance. these accounts shall be signed by atleast 2 directors for the time being in Pakistan [Statement signed by such directors explaining reasons for non-compliance shall be attached] 241 Authentication of balance sheet 242 Copy of balance sheet to be forwarded to the registrar - - 243 In addition to requirements of section 233. after BS and P&L a/c or I&E a/c have been laid before Co at AGM. Every auditor of holding Co shall also report on consolidated financial statements and exercise all powers and duties of an auditor All interim financial statements of subsidiary shall be reviewed by its own auditors Disclosed in consolidated financial statements Any qualifications contained in auditors’ reports of subsidiary/subsidiaries for the financial year ending with or during financial year of holding company. and the auditor’s report Quarterly accounts of listed companies Member of Co shall be entitled to be furnished with copies of BS and profit & loss A/C or income & expenditure A/C of Co. would properly have been referred to in such qualification. and . etc. (If financial year of modaraba does not coincide with modaraba Co) BS and P&La/c or I&E a/c shall be approved by directors & signed by CE + atleast 1 director When CE is for the time being not in Pakistan. If general meeting before which a BS is laid does not adopt BS and P&L a/c or income & expenditure account or defers consideration or is adjourned. auditors reports and director’s report on payment of such sum as Co may fix (not exceeding maximum amount prescribed) Every listed Co shall within 1 month of close of 1st. etc. and .As at the end of financial year of modaraba (if such financial year coincides with financial year of modaraba Co). provisions of this section shall not apply to such extent as may be specified in the direction. in so far the matter which is the subject of qualification or note is not covered by holding Co’s own accounts and is material Every consolidated financial statement shall be signed by same persons by whom individual balance sheet (BS) and profit and loss account (P&L a/c) or income and expenditure account (I&E a/c) of holding company required to be signed. P&L A/C for. All provisions of accounts & filling shall apply mutatis mutandis to consolidated accounts SECP may (on application or with consent of directors of a holding company) direct that in relation to any subsidiary. This section shall not apply to a private company having paid up capital < 7. that quarter (whether audited or otherwise). apart from note or saving. and BS as at the end of. such subsidiary shall make an interim closing on holding Co’s financial year end and prepare financial statements for consolidation purposes. and Any note or saving contained in such accounts to call attention to a matter which.5 million Right of member of company to copies of the balance sheet.

Within period specified by SECP (30 days) from the date of declaration. registrar. or to his order.Cumulative figures for half year presented in 2nd quarter shall be subject to limited review by Co’s Auditor .. Reg Office address. announcements. . as to receipt and inspection of report.e.41 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . contact us etc] Media [Membership of industry associations. 247 Rights of debenture holders. . Date of approval of dividend. Financial highlights.holder 251 Period for payment of dividend . Auditor. require any Co or class of companies to prepare and send to members.IAS 34 shall be followed as a framework 246 Power of SECP to require submission of additional statements of accounts and reports SECP may.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section <<<SECP Circular . information about election of directors] Investors information [Annual report. DIVIDEND AND MANNER AND TIME OF PAYMENT THEREOF 248 Certain restrictions on declaration of dividends - 249 Company directors may in a general meeting declare dividend Dividend shall not exceed the amount recommended by directors No profits paid out of profits from sale of any immovable property / capital assets unless Co operates in business of sale and purchase of property and assets And only after such profits are adjusted for any losses incurred on disposals of these Dividend can not be given out of unrealized gains on investment property credited to P&L Dividend to be paid only out of profits Dividend not to be paid except to registered shareholders or to their order of to their bankers No dividend to be paid otherwise than out of profits of Co.Group of companies can have single website for all companies (Give prominent links for each company on website) <<<SECP Circular – Maintenance of website by listed companies>>> Every listed company shall maintain a functional website w. site map. 2012 giving information on following: Profile of Company Governance [Vision.Intimation to SECP through email after placing accounts on website.Approval in GM & consultation with stock exchange . Date of Declaration Interim dividend with notice of share transfer book closure given. Reg #.Placing of quarterly accounts on website instead of by post by a listed company>>> . post unless otherwise required in writing by sh. etc.f April 30. Rating of Co. information or other reports (audited by an auditor) in such form and manner and within such time. mission. or to his banker. Date of commencement of closing of share transfer register All other cases. etc. phone & email] [Profile of BOD.] Investor relations [Notices. Interim accounts. any authority.Prior permission of SECP indicating website address(cannot be changed without SECP permission) . Dividend warrants sent through reg. Debarred from becoming CEO/director of Co and any other company for 5 years.Also sent electronically to SE so that SE may also place it on its website . No offence deemed where Dividend not paid due to operation of law Shareholders has given such direction for payment which cannot be complied There is a dispute on regarding the right to receive dividend Dividend has been adjusted against any sum due to company by the shareholder Any other reason (where default was not on part of company) For delay Co shall make application & get permission from SECP within 45 days of declaration <<<SECP Circular>>> Time limit for payment of dividend for all type of companies is 30 days Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . stock exchange and any other person such periodical statements of accounts. Separate application by banker/financial institution for payment of dividend not required.Provide accounts physically if requested by any shareholder within 1 week of demand . or to a financial institution nominated by him for the purpose. by general or special order. Shareholding pattern. 250 - Dividend to be paid to the registered share holder.2nd quarter containing limited review can be circulated within 2 months of close of 2nd quarter. as may be specified in order Holders of debentures (including trustees for holders of debentures) of a Co shall have same right to receive on payment copies of BS and profit & loss A/C or income & expenditure A/C of Co and auditors reports and other reports as possessed by ordinary shareholders of the Co.Inform shareholders through advertisement in press & SE and SECP in writing by post . clarifications] <<<SECP Circular – Limited review by Auditors>>> . NTN.Requirement of sending copies of accounts to stock exchange & SECP still valid. Penalty for delay in payment on Chief Executive 2 years imprisonment + Fine of 1 Million Rupees. .

000 to a credit card issuer Not be considered indebted.Auditors are removed by Co For exercise of powers by SECP.Auditors appointed are unwilling to act . may be appointed by its firm's name.Auditor may be removed before conclusion of next AGM by Special Resolution . shall disinvest shares within 90 days of appointment. Entitled to receive all notices of GM like members & may also speak there. if owes < 500.Subsequent auditor not appointed in an AGM .Appointment of audit firm by its name deemed to be appointment of all partners SECP shall appoint auditor where . it shall be sufficient if all the books and papers of the branch are transferred to Pakistan and made available to auditors. For listed notice be published in 1 Urdu & 1 English newspaper having circulation in province of relevant stock exchange Retiring auditor can make representation in writing Co shall sent copy of representation to each member or it shall be read in GM Not sent/read in AGM. officer or employee of Co Spouse of the director of Co Person indebted to Co Not be considered indebted.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section AUDIT 252 Appointment and remuneration of auditors 1st Auditor Subsequent Casual Vacancy Time of Appointment Within 60 days of incorporation AGM Within 30 days of vacancy Appointed by Directors Members Directors Term of Office Till 1st AGM Till next AGM Till next AGM Appointing authority in default Members shall appoint in GM within 120 days SECP SECP . Following person disqualified for appointment as auditor of a Co Person who during preceding 3 years was director or other officer of Co Person who is a director or officer or employee of Co Person who is a partner or employee of a director. For Listed Co. If Co has an office outside Pakistan. if registrar doesn’t permit so on application of Co/other person Co shall intimate the registrar within 14 days of appointment / removal / casual vacancy together with the consent of appointed auditor. If person holds any shares in Co before appointment as auditor individually or as partner of firm. Forthwith Members atleast 7days before AGM. 254 Qualification and disqualification of auditors - - - 255 Power and duties of auditors Powers Free access to all books & papers of Co and all the supporting documents Have right to take all such information and explanation as they think fit to perform duties. Auditor shall be a Chartered Accountant within meaning of CA Ord 1961 for audit of Public co Private Co which is subsidiary of Public Private Co having paid up s/cap > 3 million Rs Firm where all partners practicing in Pak are CAs. Co shall give notice within 1 week of powers being exercisable Appointing Authority Directors SECP All other cases Remuneration Fixed by Directors SECP Members Code of Corporate Governance For Listed Co: Only firms having satisfactory QCR by ICAP can audit 253 Provision as to resolutions relating to appointment and removal of auditors - - - Notice required for a resolution at AGM for appointing auditor other than a retiring auditor Member give notice to Co not less than 14 days before AGM Co shall sent a copy of notice to Retiring auditor. It shall be void and SECP may appoint a qualified person in place of the auditor appointed by Co.Casual vacancy not filled by directors within 30 days . Auditor/his authorized representative be present at AGM of Co at which accounts considred Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . Person disqualified as auditor of Co also disqualified for its Holding / Subsidiary If after appointment auditor becomes disqualified.1st auditors not appointed by directors / members within 120 days of the incorporation . he shall deem to vacate office with effect from date on which he becomes disqualified If an unqualified/disqualified person is appointed as auditor. if unpaid utility dues for ≤ 90 days to utility Co Body Corporate Person or his spouse and his minor children or all partners of a firm who holds any shares in Co or its associated company.42 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes .

The report shall state.If auditor's report makes reference to some other report or statement. officers or auditors to furnish such information/explanation/ document. call upon Co and any of its present or past directors.Federal Government may direct any Co or class of Co that the auditor’s report shall also include a statement of such additional matters as may be so specified. the place where such books & papers kept Search that place in the manner specified in order. Registrar may attach info/expl/books or copy/extract of it with original document If info/expl/books not furnished within specified time. Such report be annexed to auditor's report and be considered a part of report. . allow registrar to retain such for a further period not exceeding 30 days: Registrar may. any Co/CE/officer/Associate may be destroyed. he may. Registrar may call for inspection of such books and papers as considers necessary within specified time. . Where registrar has reasonable ground to believe that books and papers relating to. before returning take copies/extracts or put identification marks Every search or seizure made under this section shall be carried out in accordance with provisions of Code of Criminal Procedure. and Seize such books and papers as he considers necessary. explanation or document is necessary with respect to any matter in any document submitted to him. whether or not: They have obtained sufficient audit evidence for audit In their opinion. by a written order.Where any qualification is put in auditor's report. Read out in GM & open to inspection by any member 257 258 Audit of cost accounts .Indicate the place at which it is signed Where any Co/class of Co required to keep cost accounts. ETC.Provisions also applicable to auditor appointed to audit books & accounts of a liquidator. or is unsatisfactory Registrar may report the circumstances in writing to SECP. within specified time (not less than 14 days) Person who ceased to hold office more than 6 years before date of order not be compelled It is duty of Co & all persons mentioned above to furnish required info/expl/docs If no or inadequate info furnished.Sec Section Title Quick Revision of the Section Duties . after obtaining permission of Magistrate (first class/Court). falsified or secreted. mutilated. 1898 (Act V of 1898) 262 Seizure of documents by registrar - - - Talib e Doa : Atif Abidi . search & seize that.Signed by auditor (or partner of audit firm practicing in Pakistan) . there shall be added the reasons for it and the true position of Co to the best of auditor's knowledge.Dated . etc. he may. 261 Power of registrar to call for information or explanation - - Where registrar is of opinion that any information. duties & liabilities as auditor of Co and other prescribed powers. . proper books of accounts have been kept The balance sheet and profit and loss account has been prepared in accordance with the Ordinance and are in agreement with their books The true and fair view has been given by these financial statements In their opinion all the expenditure incurred was for the purpose of the business and all the activities done were in conformity with Co’s objects Zakat deductable under Zakat and Ushr Ordinance 1980 been deducted & deposited. duties & liabilities POWER OF REGISTRAR TO CALL FOR INFORMATION.43 - Module D (Quick Revision) Notes . altered. duty of Co & persons to produce same. after providing Co an opportunity to show cause against order proposed to be made by it. FG may direct audit of cost accounts of Co be conducted in specified manner & stipulations by a CA or CMA having same powers. 256 Reading and inspection of auditors’ report Signature on audit report. . with such assistance as required. Registrar may also so authorise any officer (not below the rank of assistant registrar) to Enter.Auditor shall make a report on books of accounts and Financial statements of the Co and shall lay before the member in AGM. Registrar shall return books and papers seized as soon as may be (not later than 30 days) SECP may.

floppy. CD-Rom or any other computer readable media 5 “book and paper”. laid before it in general meeting. notice. diskette. specify in this behalf Include accounts.— . not being a company as defined in this Ordinance. maintained on paper or computer network. any person who has agreed to become a member of the company and whose name is so entered 19 21 Listed Member Page 1 of 3 . by notification in the official Gazette. or . who so holds or controls shares carrying not less than 10% of voting power in a company or undertaking. sent or kept in pursuance of this Ordinance or any other law for the time being in force. investment bank. by whatever name called. which the Federal Government may. housing finance company. a nonbanking finance company. shall not be taken into account for determining the status of a company. any share. . order. A person who is owner of or a partner or director in a company or undertaking or.if the companies or undertakings are under common management or control or one is the subsidiary of another. magnetic cartridge tape. and . or .directorship of a person or persons by virtue of nomination by the Federal Government or a Provincial Government or a financial institution directly or indirectly owned or controlled by such Government.if a person who is the owner or a partner or director of a company or undertaking. holds or controls shares carrying not less than twenty per cent of the voting power in such company or undertaking. a subscriber to the memorandum of the company and every person to whom is allotted. of the powers of management of the affairs of the company. means the period in respect of which any profit and loss account or the income and expenditure account.shares owned by the National Investment Trust or the Investment Corporation of Pakistan or a financial institution directly or indirectly owned or controlled by the Federal Government or a Provincial Government or shares registered in the name of a central depository. where such shares are beneficially owned by central depository. interconnected with each other in the following manner . vouchers. directly or indirectly. or who becomes the holder of. requisition. and includes a director or any other person occupying the position of a chief executive. and whether under a contract of service or otherwise Includes debenture stock. whether that period is a year or not In relation to securities. is made up. undertaking or person as associated company. deeds. in relation to a company not having a share capital.or who so holds or controls such shares in such other company or undertaking Provided that shares shall be deemed to be owned. as the case may be. means securities which have been allowed to be traded on a stock exchange In relation to a company having share capital. by notification in the official Gazette. subject to the control and directions of the directors. of a company. bonds. or . voucher and register whether issued. writings and documents. of the body corporate. is also the owner or partner or director of another company or undertaking.Definitions in Companies Ordinance 1984 Important Definitions 2 Associated companies" and "associated undertakings" “Annexure 1” Two or more companies or undertakings. or a company and an undertaking. whether constituting a charge on the assets of the company or not Includes summons. or . venture capital company. specify for the purpose <<PIA First Sukuk Company Limited declared as Financial Institution by SECP SRO 834(I)/2007>> 12 Debenture 14 Document 15 A Financial institution 16 Financial year In relation to any body corporate.any other body corporate. held or controlled by a person if they are owned. associated undertaking or associated person 4 "body corporate" or "corporation" Includes a company incorporated outside Pakistan. financing company. other than a share. other legal process. shall be deemed to be an "associated person" of every such other person and of person who is owner of or a partner or director in such other company or undertaking. or . scrip or other security which gives him a voting right in the company and whose name is entered in the register of members.such other institution or companies authorised by law to undertake any similar business.if the undertaking is a modaraba managed by the company. term finance certificates and any other securities. “book or paper” or "books of account" Chief executive 6 In relation to a company means an individual who. as the Federal Government may. leasing company. or. or who. holds or controls shares carrying not less than twenty per cent of the voting power in that company or undertaking.a Co or an institution whether established under any special enactment and operating within or outside Pakistan which transacts business of banking or any associated/ancillary business through its branches.a modaraba. but does not include— . whether maintained in any medium capable of being retrieved by any electronic means or in any other manner Includes. or substantially the whole. directly or indirectly. and.a corporation sole. is entrusted with the whole. held or controlled by that person or by the spouse or minor children of the person: Provided further that— .a co-operative society registered under any law relating to the registration of co-operative societies.

and includes any notice. a joint registrar. by its articles. unpaid on the shares respectively held by them A company having the liability of its members limited by the memorandum to such amount as the members may respectively thereby undertake to contribute to the assets of the company in the event of its winding up Includes any person occupying the position of a director. pre-organization certificate or such other instrument as the Federal Government may. prescribed by rules or regulations made by the Federal Government or the SECP as the case may be after previous publication in the official Gazette 31 Registrar A registrar.restricts the right to transfer its shares. debenture. CD-Rom or any other computer readable media Any share. if any. where two or more persons hold one or more shares in a company jointly. by notification in the official Gazette. performing under this Ordinance the duty of registration of companies Any individual appointed to perform the secretarial.prohibits any invitation to the public to subscribe for the shares. a body corporate. whether described as prospectus or otherwise Includes finance obtained on the basis of participation term certificate (PTC). an additional registrar. save in sections 205. or debentures of. or inviting deposits from the public. diskette. . magnetic cartridge tape. 412. chief executive. 261. specify for the purpose A resolution which has been passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of such members entitled to vote as are present in person or by proxy at a general meeting of which not less than twenty-one days notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as a special resolution has been duly given: Provided that. by whatever name called A company or a body corporate or other body whose securities are listed Includes any director. for the purposes of this definition.limits the number of its members to fifty not including persons who are in the employment of the company. participation term certificate. a deputy registrar or an assistant registrar. be treated as a single member Any document described or issued as prospectus. called the face value or nominal value. scrip. bond. 474 and 482. administrative or other duties ordinarily performed by the secretary of a company 33 Secretary Page 2 of 3 . does not include an auditor Such redeemable capital as is entitled to participate in the profit and loss of a company 9 13 20 24 25 Participatory redeemable capital Prescribed 26 - - as respects the provisions of this Ordinance relating to the winding up of companies and other matters requiring to be determined or decided by the Court. if all the members entitled to attend and vote at any such meeting so agree.Definitions in Companies Ordinance 1984 28 Private company “Annexure 1” A company which. musharika certificate. floppy. by notification in the official Gazette. secretary or other executive of the company. 29 Prospectus 30 A Redeemable capital 30 B 34 Register Register of members of a company and includes the register of debenture-holders or holders of other securities maintained on paper or computer network. inviting offers from the public for the subscription or purchase of any shares in. if any. modaraba certificate. term finance certificate. 417. 351. representing an instrument or a certificate of specified denomination. 220 to 224. musharika certificate. other than deposits invited by a banking company or a financial institution approved by the Federal Government. if any. 352. evidencing investment of the holder in the capital of the company on terms and conditions of the agreement for the issue of such instrument or certificate or such other certificate or instrument as the Federal Government may. circular.— . and as respects the other provisions of this Ordinance. term finance certificate (TFC). 260. but. specify for the purpose <<<SECP Circular>>> Commercial Paper specified as redeemable capital. and . prescribed by rules made by the Supreme Court in consultation with the High Courts or. or any other security or obligation not based on interest. or other communication. 418. by the Federal Government in consultation with the High Courts. howsoever designated. other than an ordinary share of a company. managing agent. advertisement. or debentures of the company: Provided that. where the Supreme Court advises the Federal Government to do so. they shall. 268. a resolution may be proposed and passed as a special resolution at a meeting of which less then twenty-one days notice has been given Security 36 Special resolution Other Definitions 8 Company limited by shares Company limited by guarantee Director Listed company Officer A company having the liability of its members limited by the memorandum to the amount.

or any law corresponding to any of those Acts and in force in any of the territories now constituting Pakistan before the extension of the Companies Act. including. the Indian Companies Act. 1956 (XXXIII of 1956) Share in the share capital of a company A stock exchange registered under the Securities and Exchange Ordinance. 1882 (VI of 1882). so far as they apply to the company. or of this Ordinance. the Indian Companies Act. 1969 (XVII of 1969). 1969 (XVII of 1969). the regulations contained in Table A in the First Schedule 3 5A Deleted Central depository A central depository as defined in clause (cc) of section 2 of the Securities and Exchange Ordinance. 1980 (XXXI of 1980) Includes any Act or Acts relating to companies in force before the Indian Companies Act. or the Acts repealed thereby. 1913 (VII of 1913). to such territories A company which is not a private company Has the same meaning as in the State Bank of Pakistan Act. 1866 (X of 1866).Definitions in Companies Ordinance 1984 Referential Definitions 1 Articles “Annexure 1” Articles of association of a company as originally framed or as altered in accordance with the provisions of any previous Companies Act. 1913 (VII of 1913). the Indian Companies Act. and registered with the SECP under section 32A of that Ordinance Securities and Exchange SECP of Pakistan established under section 3 of the Securities and Exchange SECP of Pakistan Act. A subsidiary company as defined in section 3 23 "modaraba" and "modaraba company" Previous Companies Act 27 30 32 35 37 38 Public company Scheduled bank Share Stock exchange Subsidiary company" or "subsidiary Table A 39 Table A in the First Schedule Page 3 of 3 . 1866 (X of 1866). 1997 (XLII of 1997) Company formed and registered under this Ordinance or an existing company 6A SECP 7 10 11 15 17 18 22 Company Deleted The Court Existing company Form Holding company Memorandum The court having jurisdiction under this Ordinance A company formed and registered under any previous Companies Act A form set out in any of the schedules or prescribed A holding company as defined in section 3 Memorandum of association of a company as originally framed or as altered from time to time in pursuance of the provisions of any previous Companies Act or of this Ordinance Have the same meaning as in the Modaraba Companies and Modaraba (Floatation and Control) Ordinance.

To prosecute a company or person found guilty as a consequence of investigation 22. To grant exemption for appointment of managing agent and to approve appointment of sole sale/purchase/distribution agents 14. To direct appearance of officers of companies 34. for purposes of any proceeding or inquiry 2. To conduct investigation into the affairs of the companies 21. To prescribe maximum rate of SECP on issue of shares 10. To exercise similar powers in the case of foreign companies 27. To allow a company to make a loan to a director 13. To grant extension in time for holding AGM in the case of listed companies 12. To recommend a panel of persons to the Court for appointment as official liquidator 25. etc. 36. To allow issue of securities outside Pakistan 8. To prescribe additional fees for filing of documents 29. Approval of prospectus 7. To allow alteration in the Memorandum of Association 3. To exercise powers of court in relation to enquiries and proceedings 33. To grant relief in certain cases 37. To make application to the Court for winding up a company 24. document etc. To hear appeals against the orders of Registrar 32. To sanction issue of shares at discount 11. To impose fine as penalty 31. To appoint auditors in certain cases 82 Section # 12(4) 21 37 42 44 57 62A 67 84 158 195 206 224 230 233 238 246 252 - - - - - - - - - - - - 263 and 265 270 and 271 295 309 321 439(9) 457 467 469 472 476 477 478 479 483 484 488 493 495 20. To grant licence to an association not for profit to be registered as a company 5. To accord approval for conversion of a public company into a private company 6. To decide whether a name of a company is appropriate and permissible 4. To hear revision petition against the orders of Registrar. To prescribe cost accounting records for manufacturing companies 16. To call for any information. 35. compensations. To call for additional statements of accounts from companies 19. To accord special permission to take over original documents from custody of Registrar 28. To recover tenderable gains 15. To force companies to comply with the provisions 30. To order restoration of the names of defunct companies 26.SECP Act 1997 – Schedule “Annexure 2” POWERS AND FUNCTIONS CONFERRED ON THE AUTHORITY UNDER THE ORDINANCE TO BE EXERCISED BY THE SECP Description of Power and Function 1. To impose penalty for non-compliance with directions . To appoint administrator 23. To apply amount of fine towards payments of costs. To specify minimum amount of shares to be applied for and the form of application for shares 9. To extend period for laying annual accounts in the AGM by listed companies 17. To direct a change in financial year of holding companies and their subsidiaries 18. etc. To impose penalty for wrongful withholding of company profit 38.

division or sub-division of shares. Within 21 days of the execution deed’s date. sub division or cancellation of the shares. Situation of registered office or any change therein . division. Within 21 days of the execution deed’s date. Notice of the Court’s Order disallowing/confirming the variations of the Rights of holders of special class of shares. Notice of increase in nominal share capital. Within 21 days of the acquisition of the property. 1985 Form Relevant Section of Companies Ordinance. 129 & 463 122 and 463 Within 21 days of creation of charge/mortgage. Application for conversion of a public limited company into private limited company. At the time of registration of the Company Upon conversion not later than 60 days of passing of special resolution Within 30 days of the date of allotment of shares Within 30 days of the date of allotment of shares Before payment of the SECP Registrar concerned SECP All types of companies Public Company Companies having share capital Companies having share capital Public Unlisted companies Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned 4 73 (2) Particulars of Oral contract relating to shares Statement of the amount of rate percent of the SECP payable in respect of shares /debentures and of the number of the shares/debentures for which persons have agreed to subscribe for absolutely or conditionally Notice of consolidation.Schedule of Filing of Statutory Returns “Annexure 3” Forms prescribed under Companies (General Provisions and Forms) Rules. Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned 13 14 123. Notice by receiver/ manager on ceasing to act as such. 1984. divided or subdivided or the cancellation of shares (otherwise than in connection with a reduction of share capital under section 96 of the Companies Ordinance. 124 and 463 123 and 463 16 17 18 19 20 21 129(3) & 463 132 & 463 137 and 464 138 (1) and 464 138 and 464 142 Within 21 days of modification of charge/mortgage Within 21 days of satisfaction or payment Within 15 days of the receipt of Court’s Order or of the appointment. specifying the shares so consolidated. Receiver/ manager abstract of receipts and payments. Particulars of mortgages/charges Particulars of Mortgage or Charge subject to which property has been acquired. Within 30 days after every half year. Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned All types of companies All types of companies All types of companies All types of companies All types of companies All types of companies . Registrar concerned Companies having share capital 7 92/94 Within 15 days after passing of resolution Within 15 days after passing of resolution Within 15 days of the service of court order to the company Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned 8 94 9 108 Companies having share capital Companies not having share capital Companies having share capital All types of companies All types of companies All types of companies All types of companies 10 11 121. Return of allotments. 30(2) 44 Description Filing time Filed with Applicable on 1 2 3 73 (1) Declaration of applicant for incorporation. Registration of entire series debentures/redeemable capital Particulars of an issue of redeemable capital / debentures in a series when more than one issue in the series is made Particulars of modification of mortgage/charge Memorandum of complete satisfaction of mortgage/charge Notice of appointment of receiver/ manager. Within 28 days from the date of incorporation or at any change. Within 15 days of ceasing to act as receiver. 1984. Notice of increase in number of members. 5 82 (1)(c)(ii) 6 92/93 Within 15 days of the consolidation.

Registrar concerned Public company Registrar concerned Public company Registrar concerned Registrar concerned 26 172 Special Resolution Within 15 days from passing of special resolution. Registrar concerned 29 205 30 208 Particulars of directors. SECP and Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Public Listed Company 33 230(1) & 464 Within 7 days of the date of resolution of Board of Directors All types of companies 34 236 (2)(d) and 464 Within 30 days from the date of AGM. chief accountant. chief executive. 31 222 Return containing particulars of beneficial ownership of listed securities Within 30 days of appointment or acquisition of beneficial ownership or listing of company on the stock exchange Within 15 days of the change of Beneficial ownership. Registrar concerned /SECP (For listed company) SECP and Registrar concerned All types of companies Public Listed Company 32 222 & 224 Return of change of Beneficial ownership of Listed Securities and making of Gains Notice of Address at which Books of Accounts are Maintained Pattern of shareholding.Schedule of Filing of Statutory Returns “Annexure 3” Forms prescribed under Companies (General Provisions and Forms) Rules. before commencing business in case of a company issuing prospectus. At least 21 days before holding of statutory meeting. auditors and legal advisor. Within 14 days from the date of incorporation or of the change. Registrar concerned Within 15 days of passing of the said resolution. Resolution passed by members pursuant to Section 208. Declaration before commencing business in case of a company filling Statement in lieu of prospectus Notice of rectification of register of members Statutory Report At the time of obtaining of certificate of Commencement of business At the time of obtaining of certificate of Commencement of business Within 15 days from receipt of court order. secretary. and any change therein. 1985 Form Relevant Section of Companies Ordinance. 28 184 Consent of directors to directors/ Chief Executive act as Within 14 days from date of appointment or nomination of directors. 1984. 146 (1) (d) Description Filing time Filed with Applicable on 22 23 146 (1) (e) 24 25 154 157 Declaration of compliance with conditions of Section 146 of the Companies Ordinance. Within 14 days from date of appointment or nomination. managing agent. as a part of annual audited accounts Registrar concerned /SECP (For listed Public company or a private company . 1984. Registrar concerned Registrar concerned All types of companies Public / Guarantee company having share capital All types of companies Public Company & Private Company which is subsidiary of Public Company Public Company & Private Company which is subsidiary of Public Company All types of companies 27 184 List of persons consenting to act as directors.

etc List of places of business established in Pakistan and submission of accounts Within 45 days from the date of declaration of the dividend for a listed company and within 30 days for other companies. Address of principal place(s) of business in Pakistan Return of alteration of charter. etc) Delivered for registration by a foreign company Return showing address of the registered or principal office or of any change therein Return showing particulars of Directors. which ever is earlier. 1984. within 60 days after expiry of 120 days which were given for approval of transfer of shares Registrar concerned Registrar concerned 37 289(5) Whenever company directors recommend acceptance Registrar concerned Transferor company 38 451(1)(a) Within 30 days of establishment of place of business in Pakistan Registrar concerned Foreign company Foreign company Foreign company Foreign company Foreign company 39 451(1)(b) & 452(b) 451(1)(c) & 452(c) 451(1)(d) & 452(d) 451(1)(e) & 452(e) 40 41 42 Within 30 days of establishment of place of business in Pakistan or any change therein Within 30 days of establishment of place of business in Pakistan or any change therein Within 30 days of establishment of place of business in Pakistan or any change therein Within 30 days of establishment of place of business in Pakistan or any change therein Within 30 days of establishment of place of business in Pakistan or any change therein within 30 days of such alteration Within 45 days from the date of submission of the documents to the public authority of the country of incorporation or within 6 months of the date upto which the relevant accounts are made up. Description Filing time Filed with Applicable on company) which is a subsidiary of public company Companies having share capital Transferee company 35 251(2) Application for extension in period of payment of Dividend. Particulars of person(s) resident in Pakistan authorized to accept service on behalf of the Foreign Company or of any change therein.Schedule of Filing of Statutory Returns “Annexure 3” Forms prescribed under Companies (General Provisions and Forms) Rules. at least 30 days before it intends to cease to have any place of business in Pakistan Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned 43 451(I) & 452(f) 452(a) 453(a) Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Registrar concerned Foreign company Foreign company Foreign company 44 45 46 458 Notice by a Foreign Company on Ceasing to have any place of business in Pakistan Registrar concerned Foreign company . CEO and Secretaries or of any alteration therein Particulars of principal officer or any change therein. Information to be furnished in relation to any offer of a Scheme or contract involving the Transfer of Shares or any Class of shares in the Transferor company to the Transferee company Documents (Charter / Statute / Memorandum and Articles. 36 289 Notice to Dissenting Shareholders. 1985 Form Relevant Section of Companies Ordinance. whenever a Transferee company desires to acquire shares of any dissenting shareholders.

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