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German Embassies

German Embassies

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Today we made ourselves known to the German Embassy in Rome. As expected we were at first thought of as being fanatics with a wild story of what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was enduring. On March 11th he was made aware Christ is back, that is myself Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. I am the genetic king of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth has been served and is acquiescent.
Today we made ourselves known to the German Embassy in Rome. As expected we were at first thought of as being fanatics with a wild story of what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was enduring. On March 11th he was made aware Christ is back, that is myself Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. I am the genetic king of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth has been served and is acquiescent.

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Published by: Christ Is Back on May 16, 2013
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Embassies of Germany. Consul – Ambassador, Gentlemen this communication is being sent to all German Embassies.

Today we made ourselves known to the German Embassy in Rome. As expected we were at first thought of as being fanatics with a wild story of what Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was enduring. On March 11th he was made aware Christ is back, that is myself Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. I am the genetic king of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth has been served and is acquiescent. Francis arrested Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI on April 3rd 2013. His staff Father Giuseppe Civello, biographer Sister Maria Della Rosa have been sent out of the country. Father Giuseppe is no longer a priest. Mont Seignior has been demoted for publishing … I will get straight to the point, he is no longer Pope and now simply a German citizen in prison in the Vatican and as such I demand your officials contact the Vatican Papal Office and an audience with his Holiness. This will certainly not be granted for what he intends to reveal will destroy Francis and the Vatican. His Holiness wrote an Apostolic Letter March 25th 2013 stating categorically he has been communicating with the returned Christ that he refers to as Salvator Mundi, Saviour of the world. The Jews who control not only Germany but the entire western world, is aware of it as all emails and Facebook communication between he and I are monitored. The Jews were made aware of my presence directly by myself in Canada 1993 by a telephone call to the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa and Fax. I also sent communications to all Israeli Embassies. They responded with assassins which all failed making them acutely aware who I am. My presence was made known the His Holiness via a lady in Germany who has compiled my genetic lineage to the kings of Europe and via communications with Father George Ratzinger and Archbishop Ganswein. He Father Ratzinger has been advised to say nothing. My problem in our communications is that prophecy must be allowed to play out as its outcome cannot be altered and as such the enthusiasm of His Holiness his actions was predictable wanting to make my presence known to Francis who was illegally elected pope 5 days after His Holiness was aware of my presence, however what the conclave achieved was the flushing out of the Antichrist, the Jewish choice manipulated into position after many years of planning. I could not advise his Holiness what to do concerning what he had concluded was true; Christ was back on the earth. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI made contact with me via Facebook and emails beginning March 11th 2013. Our disciple in Germany sent information to his Holiness which prompted him to make diligent investigation and he concluded that I am indeed the Christ. I understand perfectly your reluctance to accept this as true but I remind you his Holiness is the leading biblical scholar in Europe and for many years a professor at Regensburg. It is therefore the judgment of his Holiness that should overcome any obstacle to ones own personal prejudice or religious inclination. Benedicts retirement was due to a fall in Mexico breaking his wrist and arthritic pains in his joints making his task as Pope a physical burden. In our first communication he asked me if I still do miracles and I replied of course. His request to be made well was immediately granted and his health restored. Had he been in good physical health he would not have retired so it was I who caused his illnesses and it is I who cured him. He being still very bright of mind although physically in pain his thoughts were as he was unable to rid the church of filth, disgruntled and he being a prolific writer, felt he could better serve the church in that endeavour.

He began his communications in two ways: 1) His personal friend and computer expert Father Giuseppe had established a Facebook page in honour of His Holiness, late last year. This medium he chose to communicate with me in Australia. He then made a request to communicate directly with myself via emails. 2) His Facebook was used to set up times when his Holiness could be at his computer so we could communicate directly. In this way a record of all communication from and to his Holiness with times duly recorded for posterity, as this was a very historic occasion when a Pope could ask Christ questions directly. This began prior to the conclave. On March 23rd the elected pontiff Francis and his Holiness Emeritus Benedict XVI had a 45 minute secret meeting, i.e. no press, whereby Benedict informed Francis Christ had returned and sent him Vatican III as requested by Benedict XVI. I had been asked by His Holiness my opinion of Vatican II, which I reviewed and informed him it was an abomination removing the narrow way to God by allowing all religions to be a passage to the Almighty, myself. The work is entirely Jewish Talmud in principle and if you are not aware of the Talmud there are many pages written of its abominations on the internet. Francis predictably rejected what was revealed disappointing His Holiness who later apologised for failing me, as said he unaware I already knew the outcome as the depth of Jewish domination of the Church is beyond the mind set of His Holiness. On the 25th of March his Holiness uploaded to his Facebook the Apostolic Letter announcing to the world the Christ had returned and referred to myself as Salvator Mundi, the image in the Shroud of Turin. A mute point of church law, an Apostolic Letter written by a pope is final; no other person in the church can do so. Therefore as this is a fact then Francis cannot alter, remove or destroy it. It is simply this, the most important piece of literature ever written as it announced Christ. This will go down in history as a once only occasion a historic fact. On April 3rd 2013 men entered the Pontifical Office arrested Father Giuseppe and Sister Marie Della Rosa sending her out of the country, Georg Ganswein had been assistant to Benedict for all of his eight years as pope and had been moved to occupy the same position to Francis. Francis ordered him never to mention my name or study anything I wrote or to communicate with me, and all communication with His Holiness was cut off. Emails from the men working for Francis, calling themselves Investigators , took over Pope Benedict’s computer and email account sending myself several emails which I recorded and stored in my off line hard drive. The assistants to Pope Francis informed me they were not priests and were tending the needs of Francis along with a few Nuns. Pope Benedict XVI had arranged a public showing of the Shroud of Turin, a parting gift to the world as the last showing was 30 years ago. He has always had an interest in the Shroud, and since he was talking to a man who said he was Christ, he requested my people send him a photograph of myself. He later told me he looked at that picture for three days and based on my face being identical to the facial and bone structure along with the many facts I was teaching him, he concluded I was indeed the Christ. Although he was convinced I pointed out that what he had learned in those few weeks are just the tip of the iceberg as I have been compiling evidence of a miraculous nature and unbiased intelligent man can not deny I am he. The evidence is revealed in measuring the earth from solar eclipse locations to my place of birth which are read via the numerical order of the Holy Bible’s concordance and Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English gematria, the Great Pyramid in Egypt Isaiah 19:19 – 19:20. The showing of the Shroud was due to be aired on 30th of March by RAI TV and as a surprise he had a video made announcing Christ was back. However Jewish surveillance of my movements and my communication with His

Holiness being monitored for decades, were informing their agents to order Francis to cancel the announcement, and the documentary went ahead with a substitution by Francis. I and my people had investigated the proposed showing and informed His Holiness there was a problem. He immediately telephoned RAI TV and was informed Francis had removed the speech by His Holiness. He related this to me saying it was monstrous and at that point he became aware of the domination of Francis and the Jews behind it. A man as good natured and forgiving as he had a false perspective of the depth of evil that surrounded him and unaware of the Jews depths of evil and their influence in the church and all politics world wide. He is unaware that President Obama staff is entirely Jewish, and as such these Jews are duel citizen being Israeli first loyal only to the Jewish cause yet most are born in the United States. This duel citizenship is entirely how the mentality of this biblical beast operates. It is worse today than it was at the time I walked the Earth as Jesus for today it is an insane movement that has influenced the USA to make war on 5 nation subjugating them to US might and dictatorship, presently in Syria and the final target Iran. The covert aim for Talmudic Jews is to start WW3 which I add, WW3 and WW1 were also caused by the Jews. Francis ordered RAI TV not to show the program with the announcement made by Benedict and instead he made an address before the documentary of the Shroud. The announcement by Benedict, in his mind, was to be a surprise for me. However I was unable to mention certain prophecies that he was not aware of, and I must allow prophecy to be fulfilled. These are as follow:- Revelation 17:11 in this verse 7 kings are heads of the Beast, the Beast is collectively the Vatican, a vast believe system that has been totally corrupted over the years, it died on February 11th 2013, 84years after it was formed on the same date in 1929. Of the seven kings, the last being the man still alive, will become the 8th pope. Logically only one man is still alive therefore Benedict. You will notice I said kings; this is because the Vatican head is king of a city state and also the same is the pope. It reads as follows, keep in mind this is from the 1611 KJV and as there are 162 bibles all are basically the same in translation:- And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. What I meant by this is straight forward. The prophecy was given John by my angel Michael who appeared to John on the island of Patmos on April 5th 96 AD. The beast Vatican under Jewish domination, will be destroyed and aligns with the Malachi prophecy. The Malachi prophecy was a vision where an Irish bishop while visiting Rome saw all 111 popes and named them ending with Benedict and then what was thought to be the 112 th is the same 111th with a new name Petrus Romanus, being Peter the Roman and you will notice Pope Benedict added his new name to his Apostolic Letter Peter II. The Vatican was established on February 11th 1929 and on the same date, His Holiness announced his intended retirement of the same date in 2013 precisely an 84 years period. On the evening of February 11th 2013 5 hours and 55 minutes after 12 when His Holiness announced his retirement, the spire of Saint Peters Basilica was struck by lightening for the first time, 555 occasions the word Christ is found in the New Testament. He will be recognised by the world he will be my pope under a new location. I will remove the church to Germany, as under the Vatican are 24 or so rooms all dedicated to Lucifer. In Mexico the same applies, the demon god there was Chuc Mool a basin type utensil which held the beating hearts of sacrificed victims. The election of Francis was illegal as once Benedict had become aware Christ had returned and his position as Pope being the Vicar of Christ was to pass on his position to Christ upon my return. In doing so the Vicar of Christ the Pope, hands over the Church to Christ and an election is of no consequence. Christ is the permanent head of the church as of March 12th 2013. The Cardinals who participated in the conclave were all aware I am here and that

His Holiness had announced it therefore as the church had its promised Messiah all actions after March 12 th were of no consequence, however the Jews were not about to allow Christ to thwart their plans for WW3. The Jews control all things and had set up a Jew in France to become a Catholic and elevated to position of Cardinal, he was being groomed to be the pope in the near future after Pope John Paul died, however the French cardinal died. When Pope John Paul died an election was called but time was against the Jews and in a narrow contest Benedict beat Francis. This eliminated any possibility of the prophecy of Revelation 17:11 coming to pass in favour of a Jewish puppet as Francis or the French cardinal would have to have been pope to qualify being one of the seven popes. Therefore Francis elected after Benedict was aware Christ was back, as were all of the Cardinals since we faxed them all, none were interested in seeking out Pope Benedict to ascertain his findings. His Holiness arrested on April 3rd 2013 was the stupidest move Francis could have made because all that remains is for Germany to contact the Vatican and ask to speak to Pope Benedict XVI and if refused the question remains why is he not permitted to talk to a German Ambassador to ascertain if he is being held against his will and forbidden to leave. Germany can issue him a diplomatic passport as a representative of Germany and he can walk out unmolested by Francis and then he can speak of how Francis and his thugs arrested him and his staff, there whereabouts unknown. This stupid move to keep him silent is due to the fact he can not be killed. The Spanish News reported he is in ill health and to expect a funeral very soon, when in fact the opposite is true he is fitter then ever because I cured him and told him what to do regarding maintaining good health. Francis and the Jews have a problem, their plans have backfired and Benedict is as healthy as he ever was and mentally as sharp as a young man. They have done all this and at the same time their Talmud demands they start war after war as in their insanity Christianity is their greatest threat with the true God Jesus returned. Protocol 14 states, “we will forbid Christ.” A very old doc ument discovered on a courier when struck dead by lightening. Forbid not an idea but an actual man. All is to prevent an announcement that the Christ has been identified since that would be the end of Jewry and the stranglehold not only on Germany but on the entire world. On that day Hitler will have won the war. Men of learning in Germany who have read Mein Kampf will be aware Hitler did not murder 6 million Jews, in fact there were only 3 million in Europe according to the Red Cross. The facts concerning the holocaust lie were ascertained by David Irving, he took the time to firstly learn German in Dresden, he learned from steel workers in a foundry where he worked that England had burned alive 130,000 German men women and children in 20 minutes in a fire bombing raid ordered by the Jew Churchill. Irving set about exposing the Jewish holocaust lie, by interviewing surviving camp commanders’ wives who had kept meticulous records of Jews and camp supplies. It was proven no death camp existed. Hitler knew full well the evils of the Talmud and their subterfuge language. He asked all nations to take the Jews but not one would, he considered sending them all to Madagascar after the war he was fighting. The war started after England declared war on Germany, the Jews in charge of England since before WW1 had made an agreement with Poland that if invaded by Germany the English would declare war on Germany. Unaware of this treaty, Hitler reacted to the atrocities on German people living in Poland carried out by Polish soldiers and appealed to have the democracies help, but was ignored, he went in to stop the atrocities and then England moved and declared war.

Putting that aside for the moment, I will assure you the truth will come out. The leaders of the west had set Hitler up as by then all governments were ‘Jewish’ Churchill a Jew as was Roosevelt . In 1917 November 2nd Lord Rothschild and Lord Balfour signed an agreement to release money for the United Kingdom to be financed bringing the USA into World War I and for that financial arrangement Palestine would be handed over to the Jews, not withstanding Palestine was at that time part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1927 the British set the stage for the defeat of Germany in World War 2 as the war against Germany was planned shortly after WW 1. The British had invented a code machine and sold it to Germany. Hitler and his staff unaware this was so, used the Enigma Code machine to send messages from U boats and the Luftwaffe and this made every move of the German armed forces known to the allies. To keep this secret the British establish a think tank at Bletchley Park gathering mathematicians, code breakers, scientists of all fields to break the code, all unaware the Enigma Code Machine was invented by the British and sold to Germany. So it comes down to this, all Ambassadors must be made aware of these facts, the Jews are masters of deceit, they of all people are fully aware who Christ is and have made many attempts on my life to no avail. In fact I have been goading them to kill me for decades and all western nations in the English speaking world dominated by Zionism have made attempts on my life. My experience with Germany while in the nation made me aware that the Nationalist Party has passed laws, printing books to be given to children in schools so that parents are encouraged to masturbate them on the pretence it makes the child aware of his or her sexuality. I can assure you these will be removed and those responsible will dealt with. In the Talmud the laws are so disgusting, one is the following and I suggest you do the due diligence as these are exposed on the Internet. A Rabbi is permitted to have sexual intercourse with a child of either sex provided the child is 3 years and one month old. The wound will heal. In the 24 Protocols of Zion number 14, as said it states ‘‘we will forbid Christ’’. Hitler in Mein Kampf stated that “If one was to shine a flash light on a maggot inside a putrescent body, one would find a Jew hiding from the light”. He discerned that the problems in Germany were due to the banks, he stated that of the 160 banks in Germany 150 were run by Jews and this was the cause of the suffering of the German people. He also revealed that homosexuality and pornography were introduced into German Christian Society. We see today these horrors have been spread throughout the western nations and the target is Christian morality. Today it is world wide. I assure you all, I am not the portrait painted of me turning the other cheek, I was then as I am today, in your face, aggressive and call a spade a spade, and the Jews know it, and they know that Judaism is an abomination and will be utterly destroyed from off the face of the earth and the earth will be based upon the moral standards Hitler so passionately defended. This is what Armageddon is all about, totally aimed at those who perpetuate the Jewish agenda. The war against Christianity by the Jews goes back to the cross. I have witnessed the decay within the German society, young people feeling hopeless; your streets are covered with graffiti a sure sign of despair within the young. I have followers from Germany, who themselves have learned from me exposing the Jewish Holocaust lie as well as many others who have paid with their lives to tell the Truth that will set all Germans free.

Germany is guilty of allowing the myth of the cruel Hitler who was alleged to murder millions of Jews that never existed, the politicians bowing down to the reparations racket of the Jews are guilty of treason to the German Empire which continues to exist hidden from the people by the oppression of this government led by the Zionist Jew controlled media not reporting the Truth to the German people and so they are the ones to pay the price of the lie of the Holocaust. Official Red Cross figures for deaths within all of the camps throughout the course of the war was 273,000 who died from starvation and typhus and natural causes and since all of Germany was starving thanks to Churchill those in the camps were suffering no more than the rest of Germany was. Look at the constant propaganda with the same photos of men and women starving behind wire fences, the reality is if Hitler wanted then dead, why not unload the train like Stalin did to Christians and kill them immediately, not have them in camps for half a decade attempting to keep them alive. There are more than 50,000 video recorded interviews available now to the world of “Holocaust Survivors” telling the world truthfully their experiences, at no time do they talk of death camps, they talk more of the times they had while being able to write home twice a month with stationery and stamps supplied, perform theatre productions, eat good food when available at tables set with white cloths, play sport, swim in pools and that last act of the Germans before the war was over was a theatre built showing German films for the camp population. As for the lie of the ovens burning masses of bodies, the coal used throughout the entire war was only enough to run the ovens for the normal cremation of the daily number of deaths as expected in a wartime situation of natural causes. What happened to Germany is destruction by the Jews through introducing moral filth and degradation and then from there they know it is but a short time until they are in complete control over a morally conquered people dependent upon the Jew for money at all levels of society. It is time for Germany to rise up and shake off the shackles of the Jew, the one thing they fear most is the announcement that Benedict tried to make on Rai TV, the Christ returned Salvator Mundi, me Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall it will be their end and they know it, I condemned them before I went to the cross and my judgment against them stands.

Your servant, Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Mobile phone number :+ 39 366 376 0276 Email: asherah@linuxmail.org YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SwordOfTruth888 www.scribd.com/rising_spirit_1/documents

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