Biology 10 Mr.


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Grade: _______ Individual Research Question Rubric

Mechanics and Effort (35%)
Exceeds expectations 3 Question addressed Sub questions Thoughtfulness
Question is thoughtful, reflective, & interesting Relevant, thoughtful, & appropriate Paper is thoughtful, reflective, & interesting Paper is thorough & complete

Meets expectations 2
Question is thoughtful

Approaching expectations 1
Question is somewhat thoughtful Mostly relevant and appropriate Paper is somewhat thoughtful Paper is incomplete or missing important information Illogically organized & difficult to follow DNA At least 3 citations, improper format

Doesn’t meet expectations 0
Question is not thoughtful

Relevant and appropriate Paper is thoughtful

Not present or completely irrelevant Paper is not thoughtful

Paper is detailed


Paper is missing critical information and seems rushed

Clarity Length Citations

Clear, detailed, easy to follow Paper is at least 3 pages At least 3 citations in MLA format

Detailed and mostly easy to follow DNA DNA

Disorganized Paper is less than 3 pages Not present

Total: ______/21


Information and Answer (35%)
Exceeds expectations 3 Information
Clear, detailed, precise, accurate, & relevant Accurate explanation of question Answer is supported, logical, & thoughtful

Meets expectations 2
Clear, detailed, accurate, & relevant Mostly accurate explanation of question Answer is supported & mostly thoughtful

Approaching expectations 1
Mostly accurate & somewhat relevant Incomplete or mostly inaccurate explanation Answer is not well supported or illogical

Doesn’t meet expectations 0
Irrelevant, unclear, incorrect Completely inaccurate or unacceptable explanation Answer is inappropriately supported & not thoughtful

Answer (accuracy) Answer

Total: ______/9

Conclusions (30%)
Exceeds expectations 3 Human impacts & mitigation Future questions Conclusions
Supported, logical, and thoughtful Appropriate, thoughtful, and logical Well supported, appropriate, & reasonable

Meets expectations 2
Supported and mostly thoughtful Appropriate & logical Supported & reasonable

Approaching expectations 1
Not well supported or illogical Inappropriate & illogical Not well supported or unreasonable

Doesn’t meet expectations 0
Not present

Not present

Not present

Total: ______/9

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