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MHS in Italy April 2013

MHS in Italy April 2013

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MHS in Italy April 2013
MHS in Italy April 2013

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APRIL 2013

Right off the plane we visited the Istituto Galileo Galilei, a high school in Rome. This is one of their labs.

We climbed lots of steps to get to a private home in Rome from whose terrace we admired spectacular views of the city.

The terrace in Rome

The group on a private family terrace

View from the terrace

The group at Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican

Climbing on top of the Volcano, Mount Vesuvius

Visiting the excavations of Pompeii

Walking through the ancient streets of Pompeii.

On our way to Florence we stopped for a lesson on gelato (ice cream) making.

Is everyone paying attention?

Learning from a master gelataio

Cracking the eggs for the gelato.

Adding milk and sugar…

We need some more milk…

… and here it is ready to be enjoyed.

Shopping for leather in Florence

Ready for a night on the town… to a discotheque in Florence

On the ferry in Venice

Approaching the Rialto Bridge in Venice from a gondola

Having fun with pigeons in Piazza San Marco, Venice

… very friendly pigeons in Piazza San Marco

Is Lauren laughing at Mr. Skorker or the pigeons?

Gelato in Piazza San Marco

The terrace from one of our hotel rooms in Venice

A slumber party on the terrace

Slumber party

Our chaperones too!

On the terrace our last evening

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