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Try this oneOnly 2 Players at a time2 A4 papersStop watchone player will be the runner & one player will be the person who will move the A4 paperRules1) Every step the runner takes has to be on the A4 Paper2) If he fall out of the A4 paper the team looses3) If the Paper tears the team loses4) The runner has to complete a specific distance within a specific time5) You can have 6 -7 teams competing & the team that takes the least time to conver the specific distance wins. One one team finishes the other startsDisadvantage : the player changing the paper ends up with a backakeBut this game brings in high entu & motivation to complete the task in a short spanof time. 2. Team Drawing( One sheet of paper given to each team and each partcipant given 20 seconds to draw and pass on the paper to the next team member, next member should continue from ther and so on for 3 minutes)

3. "Tapping the nos." Spread the nos. from 1-50 [you may increase or decrease] on the floor in a random manner. Divide the group in team size of 3-5. In agiven time they have to tap on all the nos. with their foot in a ascending no. order. The rules are: 1- They cannot speak. Sign lang. also not allowed. 2- After tapping, should remove their foot immediately from the no. 3- In case the sequence goes wrong say after 5 they tap on 7 instead of 6, the team is disqualified. Per team may be given 1-2 min to complete the exercise. 4.