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Published by: sajeerala on May 16, 2013
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attached plan for a Resort. The project consists of bridges, canals, roads and a golf link with other necessary infrastructure. A necessity has therefore arisen to carry out Geo-Technical investigation to ascertain the subsoil conditions and determine the parameters for the foundation design of the proposed structures. The client has decided to call for quotations from those who have necessary experience to carry out Geo-Technical investigations and you are hereby invited to participate in this tender. The Geo-Technical investigations will consist of For Bridges (i) Surveying and locating the position of the boreholes as per the attached plan. Execution of 4 boreholes (BH 2,3,4 & 5) up to 10m from ground level and execution of 02 boreholes (BH 1 and 6) through the bed rock to a 1m depth and if the bedrock is not encountered beyond a depth of 30m then terminate further advancement of drilling. Carrying out SPT test continuously at first 3m depth from existing G.L and thereafter at 1 m intervals on overburden at each borehole to establish continuous strength profile of the subsoil. Collecting sufficient number of disturbed and undisturbed soil samples required for the laboratory tests. Diamond coring through the bedrock, storing the core samples in core boxes and photographing them.(Approximately 1m depth through the hard rock at each specified borehole) Carry out necessary laboratory tests [Natural Moisture content, Particle size distribution(Sieve Analysis, Hydrometer), Bulk density, Specific Gravity, Consolidation, Chemical analysis of ground water & Microbiological analysis of ground water] Complete Geo-Technical report with the following: (a) Borehole logs with SPT-N values and other remarks. (b) Subsoil profile across the boreholes. (c) Description of subsoil condition. (d) All the results of laboratory analysis and tests. (e) Design recommendation for foundation system including bearing capacities and possible settlement due to the bridge loads. In case of recommending pile foundations, bearing capacities at the recommended pile termination depth and skin friction values for each type of soil layer should be indicated. (f) The report should be prepared by an experienced foundation engineer whose name and qualification and should be given with the offer.

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(e) Design recommendation for stability of the existing formation & new formation. Atterberg limits. 3. Client’s decision regarding the rates of extra works shall be final. Sri Lanka. (d) All the results of laboratory analysis and tests. The specification for site investigation and laboratory testing and analysis shall be as per relevant British Standards. 4. Client shall not be liable for any damages caused in this regard The period of completion of works including the submission of reports will be 30 days from the date of issue of letter of Award.For the Golf Links (i) (iii) (iv) Advance 4 boreholes(BH 7 to 10) of 8m deep with Standard Penetration testing at 1m intervals. 5.Hambantota. the Contractor shall take adequate precautions so that no damages will be caused to the adjacent buildings or properties. 2. a day work schedules and the overhead component that will be adopted in such rates should be indicated in your offer. Standard Proctor compaction test. Client reserves the right to reject any or all tenders received and the decision of the Client shall be final as regards award of Tender. Hydrometer). Whilst attending to the work. 8. Such rates are to be negotiated by Client for such items. The Tender will not necessarily be awarded to the lowest bidder. Field density] Complete Geo-Technical report with the following: (a) Borehole logs with SPT-N values and other remarks. Any damage caused shall be made good at the Contractor’s expenses. Oct2012   . It is the responsibility of the Contractor to take all precautions regarding the safety of the personnel working under this contract and workman should be adequately insured against any injuries etc. (b) Subsoil profile across the boreholes. whilst attending to works. No claim whatsoever would be entertained by the Client for the tenderer’s failure to inspect prior to tendering and obtain whatsoever information required for submitting the quotations. The above work has to be done as per the details given in this document: 1. . Natural Moisture content. (for stability analysis) Carry our necessary laboratory tests [Particle size distribution (Sieve Analysis. A completed quotation for the above described work to be forwarded to by 7th December 2012. 6 7. (c) Description of subsoil condition. where rates are not available in the quotation. Certificates of work carried in the recent past shall be submitted along with the Tender. No extra work shall be done without the approval of the Client for any extra work items. The Tenderers are advised to inspect the site and acquaint themselves with the scope and conditions under which this investigation work has to be executed under this Contract. Page 2 of 2 Geotechnical Investigation (Golf Link)–Shangri–La.

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