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Scalar Weapons

Scalar Weapons

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scalar weapon design
scalar weapon design

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Published by: zbhabha on May 17, 2013
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Bearden writes that anomalous ‘laser blinding’ of US satellites over the Soviet Union has
occurred on several occasions.

On one occasion, a satellite was blinded for up to four hours. He claims it is simple for a scalar
EM interferometer or a ground-based scalar EM laser to accomplish, since the amount of energy
deposited upon and within the satellite could be precisely controlled and even directly
monitored. A possibly related anomalous temporary disabling of two or three power supplies has
been demonstrated upon the British satellite Ariel 6 when passing over British Columbia or the
Caspian Sea.

The Russians shot down many U.S. satellites from 1977-1982, with their own ‘killer satellites’
and cosmospheres using beam weapons. Many kinds of beam weapons can be put on
satellites. Just recently in Oct/Nov 2003, two Japanese spy satellites (recently put up in space
leaving from Russia) were disabled, during the solar storm.

Japan has scalar weapons - were they also on these satellites?

The Chinese have been developing beam weapons to disable satellites, so it’s unknown if they
were target practice. Brazil has also had a lot of trouble getting her satellites up into space and
one wonders if they have any weapons on them because Brazil has scalar weapons and
quantum potential weapons. There is much going wrong with Brazils’ space program which is
covered later in this chapter.

Brazil has made a lot of alliances with other countries which include Ukraine, Russia, China,
America and France, to get satellites into space. U.S. has scalar weapons on her satellites
according to the book ‘Anti-Gravity and The World Grid’ edited by D.H Childress.

An article in the book claims Tesla was the father of the Star Wars satellite defense system
which works in conjunction with HAARP transmitters to make a shield in space as a deterrent
against nuclear attacks. The article claims that the Star Wars satellites would be a literal ‘Death
Star’ being able to achieve population control, extermination and military control of an entire

In the book the Russian press claimed in 1986 that it can neutralize the U.S. Star Wars as it is
easy for them to neutralize the satellites and even went so far as to call Star Wars "useless

They said they had another surprise response to Star Wars which would find Washington
scurrying to find another space-based system. Preston Nichols claims that the Star War
satellites have particle beam weapons.

As they have multiple satellites for this it is good for the protection of America by being able to
make a Tesla Dome to destroy incoming missiles but one would hope it isn’t used for mass mind
control. It may be that the next war is fought by satellite even using beams through the earth.

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